Young Master Officer’s Wife Pursuit

Young Master Officer’s Wife Pursuit

Author:shui guo dian de ping zi
Chapters:1801 | 3.8


This is a hot-blooded story. This is a story of growth. # Mo Shang Yun, reconnaissance battalion rare female company commander, beautiful as a vase. Rumor has it: this temperamental, cunning tactics, living a scoundrel! Yan Tian Xing, the captain of the mysterious special forces Yan Wang, handsome like a demon. Rumor has it: this master has a vicious temperament, brutal methods, a living tyrant! In fact - are advanced "face control"! The day we met, she hooked a king of Yan's shoulders, rogue temperament showed, but the mouth but bitter proposal, "Sir, want me this person, not impossible, but, have to sell sex to do! "Deal!" A hammer to settle the deal. So, the emotional journey of the old fox and the young rascal, in the hot blood of military life, thus began. # This is the story of two demons, when the demons meet head-on, want not to touch a death, then, only painful to eat dry! This is also a bloodthirsty military story, there is blood and tears, when the remorseless youth met the increasingly powerful country, what reason do we have not boiling blood? # The reason why we love our country is that we have no regrets to sacrifice the weakness with sweat; we love our country, that's why we guard the unfamiliar life with blood without compensation. --The first time they met, they flirted with each other! The first time they met, they flirted with each other! The second time we meet, offer a kiss! The third meeting, roll a ...... fork! As for the fourth meeting well, two comrades growing under the red flag, but in a bizarre way, in love and kill each other on the road further and further away. The first time I arrived at the reconnaissance battalion, she became a hated demoness. She said, "If you can't surpass me, you can't become a qualified scout!" When she first arrived at the training camp, she became a challenge for female soldiers. She said, "You are not only female soldiers, but also national warriors no different from the male soldiers!" When she first arrived at the special operations team, she became his first prickly soldier. She said, "I may be your soldier, but you cannot cruelly trample on my faith!" #--What is your faith? --You. [The actual battle] At dawn, the night is gloomy. A fierce battle, ready to start. "B1, vision 100 percent, over." "A3, ready, over." "C4, ready, over." ...... A calm voice rang out from the channel and silently reached the headset. After listening to the one-by-one report, Yan slightly locked his eyebrows, "Calling A1." "......" did not answer. Half a ring, the rumbling explosion sounded at the target location. The sound of the explosion was Mo Shangkun's reporting voice, "Report, A1 completed the mission!" "......" Collective silence! Shit, can you give a chance to take credit and receive a reward?! # [Hot-blooded military brigade] [Strong and strong] [Three views are correct] [Rest assured to jump into the pit] # Recommended [bottle] the same series of military text: "ace sniper of the hegemony spoiled mad wife" Link:

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