Wily Consort, Don't Run


"What?" You said that damned woman is a Holy Maiden? " The empress was now no less surprised than she was a moment ago, thinking of how an ordinary woman could be so attractive to the empress. So it turned out that she was actually the Holy Maiden of the Heavenly Maiden Mountain.


When he had tried to kill her, as her junior sister, how could Ran Er forgive him? She took a few steps back, her eyes filled with panic.

"That's right!" If I'm not wrong, then back then, my Senior Sister died in your hands, right? " Ran Er glared at the empress. Seeing the panic in her eyes, she felt a surge of joy in her heart.


How could she even know that?

When the empress heard this, she dropped to her knees and kowtowed again and again, "I didn't mean to harm her. She bewitched the emperor and almost sent me into a cold palace. Holy Maiden, spare me! Holy Maiden, spare me! "

"Stand up!" Ran Er arrogantly raised her hand and arrogantly sat on her phoenix throne, looking down at the humble Queen.

The empress raised her head, trembling, and shakily supported the chair by her side as she stood up.

"That slut went against the Holy Maiden's words and actually betrayed a mortal man, causing a vile child to be born. This caused the clan members to be shamed. According to the rules of the Holy Maiden Country, losing her innocence was tantamount to insulting the clan's wind. As a result, she was imprisoned by her clansmen. Who would have thought, that on the night of the full moon, she would steal the treasures of Heavenly Maiden Mountain and disappear. "Later on, I discovered that she was actually so brazen as to seduce the current emperor and hide inside the rouge shop." She gritted her teeth at Luo Susu's accusation.

Her eyes were filled with hatred that she had not been able to vent over the years. She frantically flipped over the tea set on the table.

She hated that slut for being so much stronger than her in everything. Her mana, martial arts, and even the ability to confuse men greatly exceeded her own. If, back then, that slut didn't stir things up, that man would have loved her and married her.

It was that slut, it was that slut. It was that slut that took away everything she should have. She hated him with all her heart and soul!

With hatred in her heart, she searched the mortal world for many years, hoping that one day she would really surpass that slut and become the Holy Maiden of Heavenly Maiden Mountain.

However, when she found Luo Susu again, that woman had lost all her power and the child beside her was also gone. She looked like a mortal. So, she borrowed the mortal's hand, making Luo Susu unable to rest in peace.

"When the Emperor brought her back to the palace, I saw that something was wrong with her. However, she was befuddled by the emperor. How could he listen to my words? For this, the Emperor also punished me with three days of not leaving the palace. " The Queen remembered when Luo Susu first stepped into the palace, but she didn't remember that b * tch bringing her child in. She said, "I heard the emperor said that when he picked her up, she was alone at the bottom of the cliff and saved her. There was no child."

"She told me the child was dead, dead... Hahaha! Retribution! Retribution! " When she thought about Luo Susu's tears from losing her daughter, she felt excited. Unfortunately, after the slut died, the two jade pendants disappeared.

"So that's how it is. If I were to bring a child with me, I'm afraid that the Emperor wouldn't be so befuddled. I never thought that a woman who seems kind and gentle on the surface would be so venomous. In order to enter the palace to confuse the Emperor, he doesn't even want his own child. " The empress snorted coldly. What an unexpected past. If the Emperor were to know of her past, who knew how injured he would be?

Sigh …

The poor Emperor, the woman who loved him from the bottom of her heart, did not want to. He fell in love with a hypocritical slut.

"Do you sympathize with the Emperor?"

Ran Er stopped laughing crazily, at the same time, she thought of the man she once loved, and she mumbled to herself: "I also pity that man who had an affair with a bitch. If the one I fell in love with was me, he would probably be very happy right now. And yet … "Humph!"

So that's how it was. No wonder Ran Er hated Luo Susu so much. They were really connected by the same fate. As she thought of this, she pretended to cry sorrowfully, "That slut is dead, but the Emperor's heart is still with her." I wish I could burn the rouge hall in my dreams, but, the emperor actually wants to rebuild the rouge hall. "

All these years, she had used up all of her mana to search for the man's whereabouts. She wanted to see if he was as good as dead. However, there was nothing.

Perhaps that man had already died and gone through reincarnation, which was why she couldn't find him.

Calming her heart, Ran'er lightly said, "We can't burn the rouge hall for the time being. The person that that slut cared about the most back then was Pingfei. Since she's dead, she must have left behind some last words for her to complete. Otherwise, why would she be willing to continue living in seclusion in that rouge hall filled with dark energy? "

"That's true! But Pingfei is crazy, what can she possibly know? " The empress thought about it and felt that it made sense. If she had to live in a place like the rouge hall, she would rather hang herself.

"We'll know soon enough if he's really crazy. "Remember, don't mess with that Mi Xiaoxiao anymore. Perhaps, you will only be able to find a true breakthrough in her." As she spoke, another thought rose in her mind. This thought made her expression, which was originally confident of victory, completely darken in an instant.

Pulling her fist with one hand, she gave the empress a mysterious look. The Queen leaned forward timidly and listened carefully to her instructions.

Pulling her fist with one hand, she gave the empress a mysterious look. The Queen leaned forward timidly and listened carefully to her instructions.

After muttering to themselves for a while, a weird smile appeared on both of their faces. It didn't take long for Ran Er to return to her usual calm expression. When she left, she intentionally bowed and said loudly, "Ran Er will be leaving now!"


The empress waved her hand pretentiously, and when Rene stepped out of the door, she was still uneasy about the plan she had just discussed.

At the moment, the most important thing for her to think about was tonight's dinner. If he were to ask about the reason, he was afraid that Xuanyuan Zhi would be merciless on the surface. What kind of excuse should he use to make the Emperor not be angry?

"Empress!" "Empress!"

Ball, who had just been sent to inquire, ran into the house panting, forgetting to report. When they entered the door and saw the empress frowning, they quickly kneeled down.

"When did you learn to not act recklessly? If you tell anyone that you're my girl, you will make me feel ashamed. Rise!" The empress was thinking about other important matters and wasn't in the mood to bother about her at all.


Has the empress's personality changed today?

Balls looked at his master in confusion, completely forgetting what he needed to report.

"Speak!" The empress wasn't so patient. She gave the ball a casual glance and saw Balls kneeling on the ground in a daze. She didn't know where her soul had gone to.


Ball's soul was immediately stared back at by her master. She stuttered as she laid on the ground, "Reporting to Master, Ball heard that that bitch went to the rouge hall again. There are a lot of guards outside the rouge hall."

"rouge hall?"

The empress repeated the two words and thought to herself, "I really have a divine foresight. It seems like only that woman can find those two jade pendants for me."

Good! Very good!

It was all part of Rennes' plan.

Turning around, she asked anxiously, "What else did you find out?"

"Everything else is gone. I saw that woman entering the rouge hall. There are too many guards at the door. Bian'er was worried that someone would notice her, so she came back to report." Ball scratched his head, but didn't seem to notice anything unusual.

However, she found it strange that every time the princess consort was severely injured, she would recover quickly. Sometimes, she really doubted whether the Crown Princess was a person or not.

She had also snuck into the rouge hall before. The place was filled with dark energy, and even a single leaf flying through the air would cause one to break out in a cold sweat. Every time she got close to the Crown Princess, she would feel the same. She didn't dare to get too close to her.

"Go!" The empress waved her hand, thinking that this silly girl couldn't explain herself, so she didn't bother to ask any further questions.

However, she thought of something else in her heart. After concentrating for a moment, she continued, "Watch every movement over there and report back immediately."

"Yes sir!"

Balls was about to leave the door when he suddenly thought of something. He turned around and kneeled on the ground, adding, "When Bian'er came, she saw that the crown prince was here too. I think she went to see the emperor."

"To see the Emperor?"

The queen rushed out of the room and made straight for the emperor's sleeping quarters.

At this moment, the aroma filled the air in the courtyard of the Phoenix Nest Palace. In a pavilion filled with the fragrance of flowers sat two people. They were looking at each other with worried expressions, as if they were doing something very important.

Xuanyuan Zhenghua's brows were furrowed and his fingers remained in the air for a while, but he was still unable to put them down. Hesitation, hesitation, a flash of helplessness on his face, his hand always lightly fell down.

"Hahaha!" royal father is powerful indeed, this son is willing to admit defeat! " While speaking, Xuanyuan Qi cupped his hands together and gave a great bow to his father.

"After several months of not playing chess, Qi'er's skills have improved a lot. Have you fought with Xiaoxiao recently? " Xuanyuan Zhenghua stroked his beard happily, believing that even a clever little fellow would be able to understand the art of music and calligraphy.

Only when royal father mentioned it like this did Xuanyuan Qi realize that apart from the strange tune that he had played that time, it had taken him a long time to realize. Ever since then, he never saw that little girl caress the zither, let alone use painting as a chess piece.

"What is it? You got a little angry again? " Seeing his son's absent-minded look, Xuanyuan Zhenhua could not help but open his mouth to speak again, "Sometimes, women are used to coax. Although we are high above, but not high above is sure to get true love. Sometimes women need only vanity, need power, need a sense of superiority. To love, or not to love, is numb to them. "

"royal father is right! Rights are the favorite of many women. It is sometimes even harder for a man with power to find a woman who truly loves him than it is to ascend to heaven. " Xuanyuan Qi nodded his head in understanding, remembering that the girls around him were the best examples.

Perhaps, only a little girl like this would be so free and easy, as long as she was happy. He would be satisfied if he could see the people he liked having a happy life.

"You miss that little girl?" Xuanyuan Zhenhua placed a chess piece in front of his son's eyes, then lifted his head to look at his son with a look of happiness.

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