Wily Consort, Don't Run


Dream on! Illusion!

Xiaoxiao looked at her dislocated hand in disbelief, and gently shook it. Good boy! The people here weren't simple. It was no longer painful to play with them.

She sized up Xuanyuan Qi from top to bottom with a worshipful look in her eyes and dared to conclude that he was another well-hidden martial arts expert. In addition, her martial arts were much more powerful than that Ling'er.

"You … Are you okay? " Xuanyuan Qi squatted down, and his tiny eyes turned gentle once again.

He knew that no matter how strong a woman was, she had to endure the pain of having her arm dislocated and not make a sound. It was definitely not something an ordinary woman could do. Apparently, his princess consort was very strong in self-control and tolerance.

If that was the case, then her usual arrogant, domineering, carefree, and even irritable temperament was just a facade. This woman was like an unsolvable mystery. The closer they got, the more profound the mystery became.

"What do you think?" Little Cold asked back.

"Does it still hurt?" Xuanyuan Qi asked again with concern.

'Bang! '

After the slap, Xiaoxiao slowly said, "The facts are, it doesn't hurt anymore."

Only she could come up with such a way to prove herself. Feeling infuriated, Xuanyuan Zhi rubbed his face and recalled the pain she had endured just now and suppressed his anger.

He stretched out his hand and blinked his big eyes. The corner of his mouth pulled out a trace of a forced smirk.

Xuanyuan Qi grabbed her hand and helped her walk to the door. Then, he carried his into the house and put his on the bed. After covering his with the blanket, he turned around and left the room, intending to have a good talk with her.

However, when he walked out of the house, he realized that not even the shadow of a bird could be seen in the yard. The door to the courtyard was wide open, and a gust of cold wind sent goosebumps all over his body.

"Damn it!" Where did this woman go? " While muttering to himself, Xuanyuan Qi still chased after him.

Not long after she left, a small crack appeared on the door of the room next door to Pingfei's. The little thief looked around the courtyard, and after confirming that Xuanyuan Zhi had left, he came out from the yard.

"Idiot!" Idiot! "Pig head!" After giving Xuanyuan Qi three very suitable greetings, she walked into Pingfei's room with a loud and carefree gait.

At this moment, Pingfei was comfortably sitting on the bed as she watched Xiaoxiao walk in through the front door.

She knew Xiaoxiao had definitely not left as she had expected. Furthermore, from the way Xiaoxiao had interacted with Xuanyuan Zhi just now, she knew that this precious daughter of hers would definitely eat the current crown prince.

"Mother!" "How do you know I didn't leave?" Xiaoxiao saw through the expression in Pingfei's eyes and hopped over to the bedside to sit down.

"You ghost, that brat was completely eaten by you." Pingfei pinched her forehead lovingly with her fingers.

He stuck out his tongue and bit his lips. Recalling that Xuanyuan Qi was usually cold and fierce, yet every time, he would never get a good result in his hands, he couldn't help but laugh while covering his mouth.

"You! Don't always bully people, if he really treats you well, cherish it. However, the Residence of the Emperor is unable to avoid having three wives and four concubines. " At this point, a trace of sadness appeared in her eyes. Remembering everything that had happened before was the best example.

"Mother, don't worry!" "Xiaoxiao will not like this kind of stallion. What she wants is a unique love, this man can't afford it!" To use the most popular language in history to describe Xuanyuan Qi's debauchery in such an impolite manner, it could be considered as showing off in front of him!

"A stallion?" As she repeated these two words, her brows creased into a frown. She said in a reproachful tone, "How can you say such words in my house? If your mother-in-law heard this, I'm afraid …"

"Afraid! What was there to be afraid of! "My grandaunt was released from the bull pen. No one is as awesome as me!" On the contrary, she patted her chest in a very proud manner, just like a gangster boss in the martial arts world.

Pingfei shook her head helplessly. It was better for Xiaoxiao to be strong than to be bullied. However, as a mother, she still had to remind him, "In the future, remember to restrain it a bit in front of the Emperor."

"Mom, don't worry. I know." Xiaoxiao nodded her head heavily. She had wanted to ask Pingfei more about the jade pendant. However, seeing that she was very tired, she decided to come back in a few days. As long as she didn't leave the courtyard, she had no other choice.

"It's getting late, let's go back! Otherwise, that kid will definitely be back quickly. " Pingfei waved a hand. She didn't want Xuanyuan Qi to stay in this place for too long. That kid wasn't a simple character. Moreover, the fewer people here, the safer it would be for her.

"Yes!" "I have to go. I saw him looking at the two trees outside the house, so I didn't want to show him anything." Moreover, she thought that the further she was away from Pingfei, the safer Pingfei would be. If she couldn't find the jade pendant, Pingfei would be able to ensure her safety for the time being.

After getting up, Xiaoxiao gave a slight bow to Princess Pingping before reluctantly turning back three times a step. The short distance between them forced her to walk for a long time before she finally walked out of the door.

Pingfei looked at Little Qiao's departing figure with reluctance as a relieved smile appeared on her face. Closing her eyes, she prayed in her heart: Elder sister, you must bless Xiaoxiao by finding another jade pendant and protect her safe and sound!

She turned around and walked out of the main entrance of the rouge hall, closing the door behind her. She kissed the ground again and was sent tumbling upside down. It was so painful that she started to cry out loud.

"I've only waited for an hour, so you don't need to be so agitated. My dear wangfei, quickly get up!" Looking at how small and pathetic he looked, Xuanyuan Qi had a look of glee on his face.

"You … Didn't you leave already? " Xiaoxiao looked at Xuanyuan Zhi with a panicked expression. She was truly afraid that he might have heard her conversation with Princess Pingping from the entrance just now.

Xuanyuan Qi did not answer right away. He bent down and picked up Xiaoxiao, blinking those charming eyes of hers. As he walked back, he slowly said, "I left, but …" When I reached the door and didn't see you, I knew you were still inside. royal father had said before, that I must protect you well. As your husband, I will naturally wait for you to come out obediently. "

"Then... "Then don't you understand to look for me inside?" She was a little worried that he wasn't telling the truth, so she intentionally tried to trick him.

"Pingfei doesn't like strangers, and even more so, doesn't like men entering the rouge palace. You have been inside playing every few days, so you shouldn't be getting lost. At most, you will see something interesting, and you can stay here for a while. As Xuanyuan Qi spoke, he seemed extremely old-fashioned. However, he did not know that Xiaoxiao was secretly cursing him as a fool.

"Then …"

Little by little, she kept asking questions, questions and questions, questions and questions, questions and questions, questions and questions, questions and questions, questions and questions, questions and questions, questions and questions, questions and questions, questions and questions, questions and questions. In the end, she was so tired that she closed her eyes and kept asking questions.

However, Xuanyuan Qi answered every question without the slightest bit of annoyance. Looking at every expression on her face, he realized that in addition to being a shrew, she was also a very cute little woman.

The silence of the night enveloped the entire courtyard.

Laughter and scolding were coming from the house. Ling Er and Xiu-Er didn't dare to get close to them.

When it was almost daybreak, Xuanyuan Qi gave her a quick kiss on his sleeping face and carefully covered her with a blanket. Only then did he reluctantly walk out of the room.

The next afternoon, Xiaoxiao woke up from her beautiful dream. When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to find Xuanyuan Zhi's figure.

"Mistress, what are you looking for?"

Ling'er walked in with a splash of water. This was the third time she had entered today. The last two times she saw her master was still asleep, so she carried the water and walked out again. This time, she finally woke up after coming in.

"Find …" Xiaoxiao swallowed her words as they reached her mouth.


Why was she looking for that bastard the moment Mao got out of bed? What poison did he poison her with last night? She still hadn't recovered from the poison until now.

Disgusted with her lack of self-restraint, she used her hand to pat her face that was not wide awake.

"Nothing, I'm hungry. What did you get to eat today?" Xiaoxiao immediately changed the topic, rubbed her stomach that was already growling, and lazily got out of bed.

"Mistress, Xiu-Er has prepared something to eat for you. She is waiting for you to wake up." Come! "Wash first!" As Ling'er spoke, she handed over the silk towel used to wash her face.

Then she went back to the closet. Opening the cabinet, he took a glance at the clothes inside and skillfully picked out two colors that the owner preferred. As she thought about it, she brought the clothes to her master's side.

"Where is Xiu-Er? Why didn't I see her with you?" He washed his face and ruffled his hair. Suddenly, he remembered Xiu-Er.

"Xiu-Er is preparing some food for you. Mistress, it will be delicious in a while." Ling'er chuckled as she looked at her mistress, lowering her head to look at the clothes in her hands.

"Really! "Then let's move faster." Xiao-Xiao couldn't wait.

"Mistress, which one do you want to wear today?" Ling'er asked softly.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter what we wear here." Ye Zichen didn't even look at it. No matter how beautiful the clothes were, there wasn't any handsome guy to look at this damn place.

"Master, Eunuch Lin came by just now. He said that the emperor was trying to suppress the emperor's fear by inviting the four princes and the first princess to the Phoenix Nest Palace tonight." While Ling'er was picking out the clothes for Master to wear today, he was also recounting the words that Eunuch Lin had passed down to his this morning.

"Eldest Princess?"

He was stunned for a moment and almost forgot that there was such a person in the royal family. No wonder even after spending so much time with these people, the women who got married and the water they poured never heard them mention a single word. Especially that kid, Xuanyuan Jie, in his eyes, aside from power, it was also power.

"Yes!" Ling'er showed the clothes to Master, who quickly picked one of them up and placed the other in the cupboard.

Xiaoxiao sat in front of the dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror. She discovered that her skin was very rough, as if she had been working all night.

However, she clearly remembered that she hadn't slept too late recently. She was a lot better than she used to be when she went to bed at two in the morning.

Sigh … It was probably because he had been scared these past few days.

Climbing up on the dresser like a pile of mud, she couldn't think of anything in this place that could make her skin better.


Right! Mask.

"Mistress, what happened to you?" Ling'er tidied up her clothes, walked up to her master and began combing her hair. However, she saw that she had gotten angry for no reason.

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