Wily Consort, Don't Run


Pushing Xuanyuan Zhi aside, she strode towards the door of Pingfei's room. Pushing the door open, she quickly walked in.


He saw that her hair was messy and full of rouge petals. Her small eyes were filled with fear, as if she had been stimulated and was hiding in a corner.

"Mother!" With a loud scream, Xiaoxiao rushed over and tightly hugged Pingfei in her embrace.

Pang Fei trembled as she looked at the door in terror. Clutching her tiny hand tightly, she shouted excitedly, "She's here, she's here!"

"Who …" "Who's here?"

He gently pushed aside the messy hair on her face and saw that the fear in her eyes was being surrounded by a terrifying aura. This kind of aura could be completely understood, but even he could still feel that heart-wrenching pain.

Closing her eyes, she recalled the scene from that night in the corridor. Her eyes turned red, causing her to immediately open her eyes in fright. She shook her head vigorously to chase away that terrifying shadow.

"Mother!" "Who is it?" An ominous premonition flooded his mind as he gently looked at Madam Ping once again.

Pingfei looked at the door with fear and pointed at it. Tears rolled down her pale cheeks. She held her chest in pain for a long time without saying a word.

Xiaoxiao saw that Pingfei was already frightened to such an extent and decided to pacify her first. She carefully helped Princess Ping up and helped her up onto the bed.

"NO!" No! "Don't go out!" Pingfei struggled in terror as she fell and sat on the ground, unwilling to get up.

Squatting down, the little girl's eyes were filled with tears from her heartache. She wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and watched as Pingfei was tormented. Her heart was crushed.

Could it really be that Ran Er? Why did this evil woman come to threaten Pingfei? Could it be that the death of that 'her' was related to Ran Er?


At most, Ran'er looked like she was in her early twenties. It was unbelievable that this happened over twenty years ago.

"Mother, Xiaoxiao only wants you to lie down in bed. "It's okay, it's really okay now." Once again, he threw the princess into his arms and gently tried to persuade her.

The fear in Pingfei's eyes did not subside. She stared at Xiaoxiao with wide eyes. She slowly felt the friendliness exuding from her body and slowly grasped her hand.

"I am your daughter Xiao-Xiao, mother!" Xiaoxiao saw that the timidness in Pingfei's eyes had gradually faded. A knowing smile appeared on her face, and she gradually saw hope.

"Little! You're small! Small! "Howl …" The corners of her lips curled up as she finally smiled. She threw herself at Xiaoxiao, hugging her tightly and crying out all the grievances in her heart.

Xiaoxiao did not say a word as she helped Pingping Fei up and pulled her over to the bedside, step by step. However, after walking to the bedside for a while, she pulled Xiaoxiao over to the door step by step.

Outside the door, Xuanyuan Qi was still lying in a daze. A pile of fallen leaves were floating and swirling in the air. The leaves landed on Xuanyuan Qi's body and subtly covered his eyes.

"Mother, in the end …" Xiaoxiao wanted to speak, but she held back. She wanted to know what exactly had happened, but she was afraid that if she asked again, it would arouse Pingfei's fear.

Pingfei looked at Xuanyuan Zhi who was lying on the ground and decided not to run anymore. They dragged Xiaoxiao out of the door and slowly sat on the steps.

On the other side of the door, there were two huge incense trees. They looked more like the guardians of the entrance. They looked so mighty and magnificent.

"She's here, she's back!" Pingfei murmured softly. Her eyes couldn't hide the fear in her heart, and her hands were shaking.

"Who is she?" Xiaoxiao gripped Pingfei's hand tightly and gave her a calm look.

Pingfei took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and opened them again before slowly opening her mouth. "I don't know who she is, but I can feel her breath. The Qi was very powerful. The flowers in the yard withered in an instant, and the leaves of the bewitching tree in the room fell. I got up from the bed and cowered in the corner of the room. I felt her approach the yard, but I didn't know why she didn't come in. Perhaps if it wasn't for elder sister using the last bit of her true energy to set up this barrier, you wouldn't be able to see your mother today.

"Is it really that ordinary girl?" He raised his head to look at the two towering trees. Both trees were now bald, and the yard looked even more desolate.

"Girl? No, she is a beautiful and breathtaking woman, not an ordinary girl. "

Pingfei shook her head and continued, "Elder sister said that the woman is one of elder sister's junior brothers and sisters. She is exceptionally beautiful and has a captivating charm. They grew up together, practiced martial arts together, and her elder sister was always better than her. She was jealous, she hated, she always wanted to beat her sister. One day, they met a weak scholar at the same time. She had thought that she could subdue the scholar with money and a beauty trap. Unexpectedly, with a glance, the scholar fell in love with his kind-hearted elder sister. The two of them shared a mutual love, and the two of them privately decided to spend the rest of their lives together. "And that woman blamed all her hatred on big sister. Not only did she harm you time and time again, she even …"

"Does mother know who she was before she entered the palace?" Xiaoxiao was more interested in this because ordinary martial arts could be practiced everywhere. Those high level immortal arts and magic techniques must be cultivated in places with the spirit of the Earth realm.

And in this place, although the country was in pieces, the most powerful and mysterious place was Heavenly Maiden Mountain. He could see the ice and snow when she woke up, and she could feel that this place was not normal.

Pingfei shook her head and continued, "Elder sister said it's for the safety of my life so it's better if I don't know. However, I know that it's not a place where mortals can go after spending time with big sister. "

"Then, since that Junior Sister of hers is different, her ability to change her appearance definitely isn't bad." Mother, I have personally seen such an expert. When you turn your head, you will be able to change your face. " The little novel was written by Feng Shaoyun, so if Feng Shaoyun could do it, then that Ran'er definitely could too.

However, as expected, her strength was so great that even the 'her' mentioned by Pingfei couldn't deal with it. Wouldn't that make her a tofu then? If he were to run into them, he would only end up as a pile of dregs.

"It is also possible that she may not harm me for the time being. At that time, I felt the power and climbed up to the window to take a look. I saw a little girl standing at the entrance. Pingfei thought that maybe she was still useful, so that woman didn't make her move that quickly.

"She seems to be looking for something?" Little Qiao said without thinking.

"Looking for what?" "Don't let her see your jade pendant. Maybe she's here for this."

"Mother, don't worry. Xiaoxiao has always kept the jade pendant under her clothes. When there is no one around, she will take it out to take a look." This jade pendant is very beautiful, I liked it when I first saw it. It feels like it has been looking for its owner this whole time, am I right? " Xiaoxiao took the jade pendant off her body and looked at it carefully. Other than the light shining on the painting that day, there didn't seem to be anything else special about it.

Yes, it would heat up and warm up her fearful heart on the full moon night.

Pingfei took the jade pendant and looked at it from head to toe as well. She seemed a little annoyed as she shook her head and let out a long sigh, "This jade pendant was left behind by elder sister. She's very pretty and I heard that there's a story behind it. But my sister never wanted me to talk about it. I only know that such a treasure must have some special meaning. I've been wearing it ever since my sister left. "It's been decades. I've read it over a thousand times, but I still can't figure out what it means."

"Mother, are these pendants a pair?" Little Qiao asked curiously.

"Yes!" Pang Fei nodded, and then asked in surprise and excitement: "How do you know this jade pendant is a pair? Who told you, who told you? "

Seeing that she was so excited, Little Ping did not hide anything and told her about what happened that day in the Honorary Dragon Palace. She even specially described the appearance of the child she knew, hoping it would be of some help to her in remembering something.

After listening, Pingfei knitted her brows and looked in the direction of the door. After thinking for a while, she opened her mouth and said, "That's right, there is a pair of jade pendants. They are called Heavenly Immortal Pendants, and they are a rare item in the mortal world. Her master gave them to her. One was in her hand, the other in the scholar's hand. Together, they seemed to be able to unravel a secret. But, what is this secret that big sister didn't tell me? "She said that as long as one day you could come, she would ask you to find the scholar and obtain another piece of jade. The scholar would naturally tell you the answer."

Xiaoxiao pricked up her ears as she listened, thinking about the map that appeared when she saw the two jade pendants together. The map was densely packed, and even if he looked at it closely, he could not see it clearly. Could it be that what he wanted was the map? Was it the map that guided the treasure or something else?

Additionally, since the scholar was the lover of that 'her', then he might be able to find his own father. It was supposed to be a simple teleportation, but he didn't expect his background to be so famous. She must not let that girl bear such a deep grudge against her. She only needed to go to that terrifying Ran Er for revenge.

She looked at the jade pendant in her hands with a conflicted expression. Her heart was beating wildly as she clutched her chest. She felt a sharp pain in her heart.

"Mother, where is the scholar?" Xiaoxiao was very curious as to what kind of man could attract the attention of the beautiful woman in the painting.

Pingfei touched the jade pendant and thought for a while before replying, "At that time, elder sister was also looking for him, but she never found him."

"Ai …" Since she can't even find me, there's no need to talk about me, who doesn't know anything. " Xiaoxiao frowned in disappointment when she heard that, but when she saw the conflicted look on Pingfei's face, she couldn't help but console her, "Mother, don't think too much into it. Perhaps … "Maybe everything is a foregone conclusion."

Pang Fei was silent for a while before she suddenly thought of something her elder sister had said, "Elder sister said that these two jade pendants are different from ordinary jade pendants. They have an unimaginable sensitivity. If one of them is nearby, the other would light up and point them in the other's direction. "

This little one did believe him. Anything that had spiritual energy had an inexplicable sensitivity, and it was even more amazing than those that had modern technology.

However, the jade pendant had been in her hands for decades, and she couldn't even sense the other jade pendant. Could it be that he had to wait a few years for some miracle to happen?

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