Wily Consort, Don't Run


What a sharp tongued lass. Originally, she could have had the upper hand, but unexpectedly, this lass easily reversed the situation.

Hearing the battle of words, the empress couldn't help but feel admiration for this tiny bit of eloquence. At the same time, she was also worried that the topic would be brought back to the Ghost Face.

"It makes sense!" Hearing Xiaoxiao's words, Xuanyuan Zhenhua also felt that it was reasonable. Pingfei had always liked peace and quiet, even if there were many girls who didn't like her. This girl was truly considerate to be able to think so carefully about such small matters.

"Also, do not worry, Master San. Although Xiao met that ghost-masked man several times, it was at night all the time. At first, when he heard that the rouge of the rouge hall was too heavy and that too many ghosts had been wronged, Little Qiao thought that she had come across something unclean. She feared that the Imperial Palace would be flooded by rumors, so she naturally did not dare to announce it. He didn't expect that the person wearing the mask was just a person. Since he was human, there was no need for Xiaoxiao to be afraid. It was him! It was him! This little one is sure that if you say that you've already executed this person, this little one has to go and identify his corpse so that some people won't find a scapegoat just to make up for it. He had brazenly showed up at the empress's palace in broad daylight. If there really was a fish that escaped the net, then the empress's life would be in danger. Third Master, are you able to stand up? " With a small sigh, the topic of conversation reverted back to its original topic. Xuanyuan Jie was momentarily unable to reply, leaving the entire audience completely dumbstruck.

Seeing the empress's face turn from green to white, seeing the Emperor's face furrow, seeing the light of admiration from Xuanyuan Qi. That happiness, that excitement, that pride that was filled with satisfaction! It made her feel like she was floating.

These words had allowed everyone to experience the small skill of talking, and made Xuanyuan Jie have no choice but to view this little girl in a new light.

Similarly, Xuanyuan Zhenhua was deeply happy. This was because he had always been worried that Xuanyuan Qi's power was too weak. Since Xuanyuan Yu was still small, he didn't really understand why so many powers were being fought over. Now, Qi'er had a clever little thing by his side, which gave his an invisible guarantee of the position of Crown Prince.

It was a pity that Imperial Concubine Mei was not present. Otherwise, she would definitely be better treated in the future.

"Someone come!" "Carry the body to the door!" Without giving everyone a chance to rest, Xiao Budian suddenly became more and more domineering. Regardless of the presence of his senior, he shouted towards the door.

Xuanyuan Jie was frightened speechless, for the first time, for the first time, he was forced speechless by a woman. To tell the truth, he felt very embarrassed.

As soon as he finished, someone ran in through the door. It was the guard who was leading the group. He heard the Crown Princess's shout and rushed in. He looked very worried.

After he entered the room, he knelt down to pay his respects and then replied in a low voice, "Crown Princess, the corpse has completely changed. I am afraid you will have nightmares if I see it."

"Bullshit!" [I am not even afraid of ghosts, how can I be afraid of a corpse that is completely different from its original appearance!] Bring the body to the yard! I would like to see if he can open his eyes and speak? " Little Ping shouted angrily. As he spoke, he unconsciously shifted his gaze to Ran Er, who was standing by the door. A cold wind came from Ran'er's eyes and she shivered.

Not afraid of ghosts?

What was this woman afraid of?

Xuanyuan Qi stared at this fiery woman with great interest, feeling that she was becoming more and more interesting.

When the guard leading the group heard this, his body swayed a little, and he sneaked a peek at Xuanyuan Jie. Xuanyuan Jie gave him a meaningful glance before he backed out of the room uneasily.

The eyes of the guard and Xuanyuan Jie locked onto each other, Xuanyuan Zhi had witnessed it himself. However, with such a small, cruel woman in his arms, he believed that they would definitely not have a good ending in the end.

Xiao Xiaoxiao turned around and glanced at the empress with an ugly expression, feigning concern. "Esteemed empress, you're not feeling well. Don't look at it again later, lest you get scared again. Imperial Father will feel heartache."

This girl is still as meticulous as ever. Empress, take a good rest. I want to go with you and see if this masked man is a real killer." Xuanyuan Zhenhua was not muddleheaded and could also see the guilt in Xuanyuan Jie's heart. "He had a general idea of the Ghost Face's identity, so his words were a warning in secret.

"I thank the emperor for his concern. Since Xiaoxiao is so concerned about chenqie's body, then chenqie should return at this place." The empress's heart was filled with reluctance, but hearing the emperor's words, she could only resign herself to her fate and lie on the bed, as if she could do whatever she wanted.

However, this mood quickly changed. Because, when she looked disappointedly at Ran'er who was standing at the door, she was no longer worried.

Ran'er nodded slightly at the empress. Her gaze had already shifted to the corpses the guards had brought up, and she purposefully reported in a loud voice, "Your majesty, the corpses have been brought over."

"It's here!" Go! "Let's go take a look!" For a short while, Xiaoxiao forgot to be afraid, and grabbed Xuanyuan Qi's hand, running out of the door impatiently.

Immediately afterwards, the Emperor and Xuanyuan Jie followed him out the door. At this moment, everyone's eyes were on the body covered by a white cloth. They were waiting for the princess consort to explain something to them.

Small eyes, but a famous dog's nose. As soon as they got close, they could smell a disgusting stench coming from the corpse. This sort of stench was not something that a normal corpse should be able to smell. It was either that it had already been placed there for several days, or that it was …

Taking a closer look, she saw a finger sticking out from under the white cloth. His nails were black, and the top of his nails were falling off. Obviously, he had been poisoned.

According to many detective stories, there was only one possibility for people to be poisoned in this kind of situation, and that was that the corpse in front of him was a criminal unlucky fellow. Moreover, the face had already been transformed into a flower, making the facial features unclear. In this way, it was impossible to immediately distinguish between the true and the false? In addition, the poisonous gas was spreading and the smell was strong and disgusting. People would feel afraid and not dare to get close to it.

The leader of the guards was about to lift up the white cloth for everyone to see, when Xiaoxiao shouted, "Wait!"

"Xiaoxiao, what's wrong now?" Xuanyuan Zhenhua couldn't wait to see what the corpse looked like, but when he heard Xiaoxiao's shout, he curiously turned his gaze towards her.

Father, let's make a bet. If we lose, we won't eat meat for a month. If Xiaoxiao wins, will the Emperor be able to grant a small request? " Xiaoxiao gave a mysterious smile, walked around the corpse with full confidence, and stopped in front of royal father.

Her royal father's great kindness was growing greater and greater in her little heart, making her feel more and more that having a father was a very happy thing.

Xuanyuan Zhenhua saw how confident and mysterious he was and didn't want to ruin her mood. He stroked his beard and nodded benevolently, "Okay!"

Xuanyuan Qi and Xuanyuan Jie, on the other hand, could not figure out what was going on in that small gourd, so they both tried their best to stay alert. Especially Xuanyuan Jie, he was already breaking out in a cold sweat.

"Then this little one will first thank royal father." Xiaoxiao happily bowed, and looked at the expressionless Ran'er who stood at the side. That cold gust of wind came from her eyes just now.


In her heart, she told herself that with such a beautiful jade pendant hanging on her body, even if Ran'er really wasn't human, she shouldn't be afraid!

I believe that the heavens will definitely bless the good. If it was really like that, then she would have to be the current Zhong Kui and find the Demon Slaying Treasured Sword and see the evildoer right on the spot.

"Speak!" Xuanyuan Zhenhua raised his head and looked at Xiaoxiao with great interest.

"Even if it's just a small bet, the person lying in front of you is a scapegoat!" Xiaoxiao's face was filled with confidence again. She no longer looked at the corpse on the ground, and instead looked at the leading guard with a stern gaze.

The leader of the guards naturally had a guilty conscience. Although he was under the Second Master's protection, the ones he had to face now were the emperor, the crown prince, and this sharp mouthed princess. He didn't have any confidence at all.

Cold sweat! Cold sweat broke out all over his body.

"What evidence do you have?" Xuanyuan Jie asked curiously.

"Second Master, I wonder if your previous teachers have taught you how to differentiate between the truth and the falsehood?" Xiaoxiao knew that Xuanyuan Jie would definitely be the first to speak, so she very straightforwardly glanced at him once more and said in disappointment, "Sigh … I knew it. "In the future, my son will definitely learn how to discern truth from falsehood in primary school, and how to differentiate good from bad!"

"I've heard of your guidance!" Xuanyuan Jie was at a loss as to how to respond, so he could only respectfully bow his hands and admit defeat. He peeked at the small victory in her hands and carefully savored the other side of her body.

"Father, do you smell a disgusting stench?" Xiaoxiao looked at her father with a smile, and asked gently.

With that said, Xuanyuan Zhenhua rubbed his nose. He realized that the stench was definitely not ordinary. Needless to say, it must have come from the corpse. Thus, his gaze fell on the corpse.

"This is only a corpse that has been dead for less than four hours. How can it emit such a stench?" Xiaoxiao looked at Xuanyuan Jie in response, her eyes exuding a proud light. However, she did not see the panic in his eyes.

Xuanyuan Jie frowned, but also realized that the stench emitted from the corpse was not ordinary. Obviously, he had been busy dealing with the corpses and did not expect so much.

"You mean the body was poisoned?" Naturally, Xuanyuan Zhi had also thought of the murderer's intention, and thus he also echoed in agreement.

"Not only was I poisoned, the corpse is completely different from before." While he was talking, he lifted the white cloth with a straight face.

Examining the corpse from head to toe, they saw that it was indeed a completely different corpse. Moreover, some people were so stupid that even the wounds on the corpses' faces were scratched in the wrong places. She remembered that the ghost mask seemed to be on the left side of his face, not the whole mask.

Poor man!

Even if he died, he wouldn't be at peace. He still wanted to be someone else's scapegoat.

In her heart, she prayed for the dead, and in the same way, she turned her gaze to the lead guard.

Obviously, the facts had proven that this little speculation was correct, and Xuanyuan Jie was speechless.

"Hahaha!" Hahaha! I never thought that our Azure Dragon Country would actually have such luck, to have such a clever princess consort. Qi'er, you must cherish your blessings! " Although he didn't find the real assassin, Xuanyuan Zhenhua was also very happy.

"I got it!" Xuanyuan Qi gave Ji Hao a small look of admiration as well. In the previous few days, everyone had been living in the same situation.

Today, he finally realized how amazing the woman beside him was. It was no wonder that Feng Shaoyun liked to talk to her, and he even praised her endlessly. It seemed like that boy had a better eye than her.

Sensing the small burning gaze, the guard's legs softened and he kneeled on the ground with a 'plop'. He kowtowed and said, "Your Majesty, please spare my life!" Your Majesty, spare me! "

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