Wily Consort, Don't Run


"You are too kind-hearted to stay in this kind of place. Wandering in the martial arts world and doing chivalry is more suited for you. If you have time, go out more. Don't let others check your poison and not be unable to control yourself." Feng Shaoyun did not continue with the previous topic, and instead shifted the topic directly to Xuanyuan Ye.

In the battle of the royal palace, the victor was the king, while the loser was the bandit. He was a king, he was a thief. At most, he, Xuanyuan Ye, could only be a pawn that others could use to achieve their goals. The flesh of his palm, the flesh of the back of his hand, all of this hurt his fragile heart.

"Thank you, Villa Owner Feng!" Xuanyuan Ye gave Feng Shaoyun a respectful bow.

Feng Shaoyun felt that if it weren't for the fact that they each had their own master, he would have liked to drink with this boy, sing poems against each other and freely talk about the matters of the world. He took out a special coin from his chest pocket and handed it over to Xuanyuan Ye before saying with a serious expression, "If you have any difficulties, you can bring this to Storm Villa to find me."

"It's my first time seeing you give this thing to me. Aren't you afraid that one day, I will change my mind and end up harming second brother?" Xuanyuan Ye bluntly asked.

Feng Shaoyun only smiled and didn't speak. He waved the white fan in his hand, rose into the air, and disappeared into the dense palace with a few leaps.

Xuanyuan Ye stuffed the coins into his pocket. He was already tired of palace battles, so he kept thinking about what Feng Shaoyun had just said. He looked into the distance, looking forward to one day realizing his dream of travelling in the martial arts world.

However, birth could not be changed, blood could not be changed. Looking at the gorgeous palace, the bloody scene of the Queen Mother's hands being stained with blood appeared in his mind one by one.

No! No!

His head felt like it was about to burst. He covered his head with his hands, and with bloodshot eyes, staggered back to his own bedroom.

On the other side of the palace, the empress had just found a trace of warmth in Xuanyuan Zhenhua's arms when she was awakened by a shout from outside. In his heart, he was worried if the Ghost Face had accidentally been seen, and his heart was unable to calm down.

Xuanyuan Zhenhua was even more unable to relax. He let go of the Queen and walked out of the door, only to see Xiaoxiao standing in the corridor not too far away shouting at the top of her lungs. He had originally wanted to give chase and see for himself, but seeing that Xuanyuan Ye had already caught up, he got Ling'er to help Xiaoxiao into the house.

"Xiaoxiao, what did you see?" The Queen spoke first.

Ah!" Small Sight... See one... A terrifying face, a man with a long sword at his waist, wearing only half a mask, a pair of long eyes full of killing intent. When I saw him, I shouted loudly. He glared at me with murderous intent in his eyes. It was as if he wanted to kill me. Afraid! Little Jun was so scared! "So scared!" She covered her head with her hands as she put on a delicate act.

This was because she was certain that the terrifying masked man she had just seen was none other than the one who had always been in the rouge hall, Consort Ping. So, in order to attract royal father's attention, she purposely spoke of the situation a little more nervously.

"Mask wearer?" Xuanyuan Zhenhua muttered to himself as a familiar figure emerged in his mind. However, he quickly erased it. Because the person he suspected had already died many years ago.

"How... Why would there be someone wearing a mask, Huang … Your Majesty, do you think chenqie can still live in this palace? " The empress pretended to be afraid and took the opportunity to get into the emperor's arms. While she was getting pampered, she also cursed him for being careless.

"Don't be afraid! There are so many imperial palace guards, and so many outstanding children. They will protect you well. " Xuanyuan Zhenhua stroked the empress's face as he consoled her, his heart a little worried. Because she had just seen the masked man. If his identity wasn't simple, he wouldn't have let her off.

Suddenly, he recalled that Xuanyuan Ye had chased after him and yet no one had returned. With a nervous expression, he asked, "Your Majesty, I saw Third Master chasing after him just now and I wonder if it was dangerous?"

"You said that Ye'er has caught up?" The empress looked at Xiaoxiao with a conflicted expression, feeling much more at ease. The night was bright, and with so many secret passages in the yard, he was sure to be able to escape safely.

When Xuanyuan Zhenhua heard this, he immediately stood up. He had wanted to order his servants to find Xuanyuan Ye, but then he saw Xuanyuan Jie and Xuanyuan Zhi walk in through the main entrance at the same time.

"This son pays respects to royal father!"

The two respectfully cupped their hands and bowed, then very tacitly parted on both sides. Xuanyuan Jie walked to the empress's side while Xuanyuan Qi walked to Xiaoxiao's side.

Reaching out his hand, Xuanyuan Zhi deliberately and intimately embraced Xiaoxiao. Lowering his head and seeing Xiaoxiao's pale face, a pained and surprised expression emerged on his face as he lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

Being flattered!

Xiaoxiao was terrified again. If not for the presence of royal father and empress, she would have definitely given him two big slaps. However, for the sake of not letting anyone drop their jaws, she held it in.

"Qi'er, Xiaoxiao must have been frightened by the assassin just now. These days, don't go anywhere, you have to properly protect her safety. " Xuanyuan Zhenhua gave a heavy nod to Xuanyuan Zhi as he spoke in a commanding tone.

"Father, don't worry. This son will definitely protect my princess consort day and night, never leaving her side at all." Since his father had already spoken, even if Xuanyuan Zhi was unwilling, he still had to obediently bow his hands and promise. He told it to the empress, he told it to Xuanyuan Jie, and he even told it to Little Jun.

Day and night?

Good boy!

Didn't that mean that from today onwards, she would no longer have the least bit of freedom?

No! No!

Occasionally, if you want to vent your anger on a handsome guy, wash your eyes and you'll have to worry about being peeked at. Moreover, it was the person she hated the most. She would rather protect her own sissy, or at least they had something in common.

"Good!" Good! "Jie'er, where's Ye'er?" Hearing Xuanyuan Zhi's promise, Xuanyuan Zhenhua beamed as he changed the topic to Xuanyuan Ye.

"Reporting to Imperial Father, Third Brother has gone back." That thief just now only wanted to steal the palace's jewelry, but he has already been caught red-handed and his treasure has been recovered. " Xuanyuan Jie straightforwardly gave his father the answer he wanted to ask in one breath, so as to avoid anyone from causing trouble when the time came.

"How could that be? "That person definitely isn't a thief. I've bumped into him a few times already, I won't forget that mask even if I die." Xiaoxiao did not believe Xuanyuan Jie's lies at all, and at the same time, started to suspect that the Ghost-Masked was actually with them.

"Is that true?" Since Xiaoxiao had already started a conversation, he naturally would not stand idly by and watch.

The empress was taken aback, but the older the better. She remained calm on the surface and asked with feigned concern, "Little girl, did that person hurt you?"

"To return to the empress, little one will be fine. "It's just that I have bumped into that ghost mask a few times already …" Xiaoxiao stopped talking with a mysterious look on her face, then glanced at Xuanyuan Zhi, who was standing beside her. He hoped that this time, he could support her a little. Not only would this help protect her, it would also prevent some people from continuing to act arrogantly.

"Where are they?"

Xuanyuan Zhenhua closely asked. Looking at his slightly hesitant tone, he naturally also thought of the rouge hall. If that was really the case, then the appearance of the Ghost Face wouldn't be so simple. So maybe Jell was lying, too. What was his intention in lying?

"rouge hall!"

These three words caused everyone present to suck in a breath of cold air. Especially the Empress, whose face turned green on the spot. She turned to Xuanyuan Jie for help, hoping that she would not reveal too much of a flaw.

Xuanyuan Jie's reaction was fast and he quickly continued with a few small words to recuperate the previous lie. He first tried to change the topic, "Eldest Sister-in-law, are you so sure that person had once appeared in the rouge hall? 'Aren't you afraid that your eyes are playing tricks on me? If you're mistaken … '


Xiaoxiao wanted to know if Xuanyuan Jie would say anything to stop his, but she did not have the intention to. She wanted to see how good this brat's words would be.

"Sister-in-law, when did you see this bronze masked man today?" Xuanyuan Jie saw the perseverance in those tiny eyes, but when he saw the anger in his mother's eyes, he had no choice but to continue.


She thought for a moment and forced out these two words, but the moment she said it, she regretted it. She noticed that everyone was looking at her with strange gazes, and she guessed that they were all thinking about something even more frightening.

"Since you are going to the rouge hall at midnight and your big brother isn't going to accompany you, it isn't strange that your sister-in-law would be so frightened that she would even recognize someone wrongly in broad daylight. Brother, are you being careless about your princess consort? " As Xuanyuan Jie spoke up to this point, he simply turned his target towards Xuanyuan Zhi. In any case, he'd always disliked that kid's indifference towards small things. This time, he could borrow his father's dignity to suppress Xuanyuan Zhi.

However, he was still worried about Xiaoxiao. Fortunately, her master didn't have any intention of killing her. Otherwise, with that little girl's skill, she would have been thrown into the well who knows how many times already.

Xuanyuan Qi was left speechless. He wanted to retort, but he could not find an excuse to do so. Indeed, he occasionally bumped into someone entering and exiting the rouge hall in the middle of the night. However, he felt that this place was safer than any other small place.

He had long since seen the kind of friendliness that Pingfei had towards a tiny girl. So, even if he knew that Xiaoxiao went to the rouge palace, he only asked a few casual questions and he wouldn't be too worried.

"Qi'er, is this true?" Xuanyuan Zhenhua was furious when he heard this. He did not expect Xiaoxiao to not speak a single word after suffering such grievances. Qi'er, how can you treat such a lovely wife like this?

"Reporting to royal father, this son knows his wrongs. This son will definitely treat you well in the future." As if his tail had been grabbed, Xuanyuan Qi honestly admitted his mistakes. Glancing furtively at the gloating queen, he told himself that he must be careful what he said next.

It was rather small, but the more he listened, the more annoyed he became. Without waiting for the royal father to speak, she raised her voice and said loudly, "royal father, this one likes to be alone. Moreover, Pingfei likes to be quiet. As women, it was normal for them to accompany each other at night. If we allow the crown prince to go with Xiaoxiao, wouldn't it mean that men and women wouldn't be intimate? Royal father, don't you think that's inappropriate? "


What a sharp tongued lass. Originally, she could have had the upper hand, but unexpectedly, this lass easily reversed the situation.

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