Wily Consort, Don't Run



The Ghost-Mask repeated the word in pain, his eyes filled with tears. However, the stubborn him was holding back. He didn't want to cry in front of a junior, so he could only bear the pain and suffer as if he were being cut by a knife.

"Isn't it? My royal father is still alive, and although he doesn't have much love for my mother, he is still considered to be kind and caring. However, you have continuously instigated the relationship between my mother and my royal father, inciting my second brother to stare covetously at the throne, killing countless innocent people. You will appear as the devil with only power and status left in the eyes of the Queen Mother. She won't even recognize me, her son. " Xuanyuan Ye blabbered endlessly on and on about all the evils committed by the Ghost Face, the hatred in his tone had not diminished in the slightest.

Ghost Face shook his head and retorted, "Since young, I have taught Jie'er martial arts and you do not wish to learn it. I will support Jie'er and you will always cause trouble. But I've never blamed you, or punished you. No matter what I do to help Jell capture the queen, I just want to see you and your mother live well and well, and why you don't understand a thing about my efforts. "

"Pfft!" Your black heart! You chopstick wielder, on the surface, you said that you were fighting for the throne for your second brother, but in reality, you're eyeing it like a tiger eyeing its prey. You can fool your mother, but not me! " Xuanyuan Ye raised his head, not wanting to continue listening to the Ghost-Masked Man's nonsense. In a flash, his sword pierced into the Ghost-Masked Man's arm and fiercely twisted the sword, causing the tip of the sword to pierce through the arm.

The ghost mask did not dodge, but let the sword slice through the air and bleed. Looking at the blood dripping onto the roof tiles, he looked at Xuanyuan Ye with a heartbroken gaze. Today, he finally understood how evil he was in the eyes of this child, how ashamed and ashamed he was.

But even so, he had never hurt them. He had even lost a lot of things in order to make their lives better. Not before, not now, not in the future!

"Don't think that I won't kill you just like that. Let me tell you, for the sake of royal father, for the sake of mother and for the sake of our royal family's peace and harmony, I will definitely kill you today!" Xuanyuan Ye's men showed no mercy as they forcefully pulled out their treasured swords and fiercely stabbed forward once more.

Sou sou sou … Pow!

With a speed as fast as the wind, Xuanyuan Ye missed. He lost his weight and slipped before falling down from the roof.

He saw, just at that moment, Xuanyuan Jie fly forward and push his body up, allowing him to lie flat on the roof.

"Fortunately, I was in time, otherwise I would have committed a grave mistake. See how the Queen Mother will take care of you!" Xuanyuan Jie forcefully stomped his foot on Xuanyuan Ye's stomach. He fiercely stared at this unskilled fellow and forcefully swung out his stomped tight fist.

Xuanyuan Ye simply did not know the pain. Seeing his falling fist with his eyes wide open, he did not avoid it and raised his head.

"Stop! You must not mention this to your mother. " The ghost-mask covered his bleeding wound and acted to stop Xuanyuan Jie.

"Pui!" Don't be so merciful here! Second Brother, if you continue to be so obsessed, you will regret it one day. " Xuanyuan Ye rolled to the eaves and pulled at the beams. He gave the ghost mask a hateful look and jumped down.


Xuanyuan Jie bit his lip, wanting to chase him and teach him a good lesson, but he was stopped by the injured ghost mask. "Don't ever let Brother kill you. One day, he'll understand."

"Understood!" "It's been decades, so you should have known better. Something that doesn't progress will eventually anger your mother to death." Xuanyuan Jie was furious. Seeing the blood constantly flowing from his master's hands, he hurriedly tore off a piece of cloth from his clothes to bandage the wound.

The Imperial Palace had long been abuzz with news of this. There were suddenly many armored guards at the foot of the corridor, surrounding the courtyard from front to back. The two of them hurriedly climbed on top of the eaves, carefully observing the situation on the ground, looking for an opportunity to escape.

"Crap!" It alarmed the Embroidered Uniform Guard! Master, I will act as a cover and quickly go towards the secret passage! " After Xuanyuan Jie had finished speaking, he leapt up and deliberately ran in another direction. As he ran, he loudly shouted, "Quickly catch the assassin! The assassin is running towards the east."

As expected, the leader of the guards saw Second Master and led a large group of guards in hot pursuit towards the east. Ye Zichen took everyone in the backyard away, leaving a gap for the ghost face to take the opportunity to drill into a fake mountain and disappear just like that.

Xuanyuan Jie calculated the time. Thinking that his master should have left by now, he stopped his steps and waited for the guards to catch up.

"Second Master, the assassin is gone!" The lead guard cupped his hands together and waited for Second Master's command.

"Forget it!" That person's martial arts were average, but his qinggong was quite good. It's probably not an assassin, but a brilliant thief. " Xuanyuan Jie said what he had thought of long ago before giving another order. "Go check it out and see if anything has been lost."

"Yes sir!" The leader of the guards cupped his hands in greeting and turned around to have his men search the area.

"Wait!" Xuanyuan Jie was afraid that such a large group would shock royal father and similarly shock his mother. When the time came and his third brother was so rebellious, he was worried that his plan would be affected.

Eyebrows spreading, he beckoned mysteriously to the lead guard. The guard's ears moved closer to him, and he whispered, "Go back and remove all the guards, and secretly check if we lost anything." In the past two days, her mother had not been feeling well. If her mother found out that the harem had been stolen, she would definitely worry about him. If something goes wrong, all of you will have to move your heads. "

The head guard thought it was right. The emperor was still in his room in the palace. If he disturbed the emperor's carriage and didn't capture any thieves, it would definitely be the crime of the Embroidered Uniform Guard. Furthermore, he was the head of the Embroidered Uniform Guard, so it was certain that his brain would move. He rubbed his neck and nodded repeatedly, flattering the emperor with his words, "Second Master is still as meticulous as ever. This servant will withdraw all the guards now, but, the commotion just now was too great. This servant is afraid of disturbing the emperor."

"Don't worry!" If my father asks, I will say that he is a thief, and that the stolen goods have been recovered on the spot. You should know what to do with the rest. " Xuanyuan Jie shot a glance at the lead guard and said no more.

"This servant knows, this servant will take his leave!" After the lead guard cupped his hands in a greeting, he hurriedly ran back. He was worried that if he was too late, he would alarm the Emperor.

Xuanyuan Jie's face darkened as he cursed in a low voice. When he raised his head, he saw that not far away, Xuanyuan Ye was using an angry gaze to look at him. He was too lazy to bother with them. He was afraid that if he walked over, he would be unable to resist attacking his third brother. Thus, he chose to leave immediately.

Sneering coldly, he cursed under his breath.

Xuanyuan Ye stood in his original spot, his clenched fist fiercely pounding against the wall. Blood, flowing down the distance between his fingers.

Life! This was fate!

If he wasn't born in this complicated royal family, perhaps he could choose to roam the world like everyone else.

"Ai …" The difference between the two is just too great. "

On the rooftop, a beautiful man was casually sitting on top of a fan, seemingly unafraid that the guards would suddenly turn back.

Xuanyuan Ye pulled himself back from his thoughts and raised his head to look at the unfamiliar man on the roof. With a hint of hostility, he said, "A gentleman does not gossip behind people's backs, nor does he sit on the rooftop in the daytime and watch jokes with a fan."


The man spent his life jumping down and swaggered around Xuanyuan Ye. Then, he gently cupped his hands and greeted, "Greetings to Lord San! "My name is Feng Shaoyun!"

"You are Feng Shaoyun!"

Xuanyuan Ye was startled by this kind of self-introduction. He used an admiring gaze to size up the man from head to toe and couldn't help but shake his head.

Feng Shaoyun very calmly waved his fan, his big beautiful eyes blinked, and deliberately moved closer. He even bashfully made a gesture, which caused Xuanyuan Ye to almost mistake him for a man disguising himself as a woman.

Yes, I'm a man, but a bit of a mother!" Someone else said the same about me. " Feng Shaoyun did not conceal his style, in his mind, he recalled another adjective of a certain woman: "That's right, little novel, they call a man like me a 'fake mother'! Right! Just call her a fake mother!

As he spoke, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile. He mischievously threw a flirtatious glance at Xuanyuan Ye. Compared to the legendary figure, there was a world of difference. No one would be able to believe his true identity.

"You … You know Xiaoxiao too? " Xuanyuan Ye was already scared witless by Feng Shaoyun's appearance. When he heard that Feng Shaoyun actually knew someone so small, he became even more curious about this person.

"Yo!" How can you just call her that? She's your imperial sister-in-law. "It seems that girl's charm is quite good. Even you, a fool, are bewitched by her." Feng Shaoyun's eyes lit up when he saw Xuanyuan Ye mention this. He knew that this little brat definitely wasn't simple to deal with.

However, the fact that such a small character could appear in this place was indeed attracting the attention of men. She was open-minded, humorous, domineering, and feminine. Only that stupid donkey still hadn't found out about her good condition. Maybe one day when he found out that the little girl had been stolen, he would know that it was too late to regret.

Xuanyuan Ye's words had struck a dead end and the heat from his face to his neck made him lower his head in embarrassment, unsure of what to say.

"Men! He had to be thick-skinned, that was the only way that a special woman would like him. "If it were anyone else, they would have been tempted by such a tiny item. Only that donkey would have foolishly gone to look at those mediocre and common fans." Feng Shaoyun covered his mouth with a fan and chuckled like a woman.

Xuanyuan Ye felt that what Feng Shaoyun said was indeed very true. Listening to him saying that he knew his friends all over the world should be a statement of experience. However, the Wind Cloud Villa was already as wealthy as a nation, dominating an entire region. A few days ago, he heard that second brother and that man discuss how to make him submit to them. He didn't expect that they would meet again.

Feng Shaoyun's guessing skills were not simple, and Xuanyuan Ye was able to read this brat's thoughts. He was very willing to give him a simple explanation, "Is San Ye thinking that Second Master's sword spirit has been searching for me the entire time and I actually appeared here?"


Xuanyuan Ye had been diligently studying the Mind Reading technique, but up until now, he had only managed to understand the basics. Who would have thought that today, they would meet an expert in Mind Reading, moreover it was the famous Villa Master of Storm Villa.

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