Wily Consort, Don't Run


"Your princess consort is lying there. Why didn't you even look at her? What a heartless wolf! "

In a courtyard inside the Dragon Cry Hall, the two men drank wine with great interest despite the poor moonlight tonight. Feng Shaoyun was leisurely tasting the fine wine, and he didn't forget to tease his a bit.

Xuanyuan Qi was drinking his wine and reading the account book in his hands. He simply couldn't make out what Feng Shaoyun was saying.

"Hey!" I say, do you have any humanity? Your woman is so sick, and you still have the mood to drink here? " When Feng Shaoyun saw that Xuanyuan Qi hadn't used force, he picked up the bunch of grapes on the table and threw them over.


Immediately, Xuanyuan Qi closed the account book, picked up the grapes that he threw over and took a bite. Unhappily, he yelled out, "What the hell? This thing is broken! You'll suffer if you go back!"

"Is the item more important, or is the person more important?" Feng Shaoyun stood up and walked over to Xuanyuan Zhi before sitting down. Reaching his hand out, he grabbed that bunch of grapes from a while ago, staring at those grapes one by one, and stuffed them into Xuanyuan Qi's mouth.

Xuanyuan Qi gave him a big supercilious look before speaking slowly, "She's not mine. As long ashe doesn't die, she won't have much of an impact on me."

"And if she dies?" Feng Shaoyun paused for a moment, then continued, "Even if she's not your woman now, do you dare to guarantee that she won't be in the future? Moreover, your royal father seems to think that she is more important than you. If you don't act, you better watch out for the people who are eyeing your position. "

Xuanyuan Qi shook his head helplessly. He didn't understand why this kid was standing outside the palace and knew everything. He didn't even let go of his hidden family humiliation. Staring at Feng Shaoyun, she said, "Is she interested in you?"

If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't want to damage his good demeanor, Feng Shaoyun would definitely have taken off his shoes and thrown it at him. He could even say such words. He truly deserved to be called a bad friend.

Feng Shaoyun rolled his eyes and said with deep dissatisfaction, "As a good friend, I'll help you solve some unsolvable problems. You should say thank you, how can you doubt me?"

"I don't doubt it. It's you who don't believe in yourself. If you didn't go out and ask, who in the martial arts world wouldn't know that you, Feng Shaoyun, knew everyone in the world? "This time, I've found joy in my place, and I've found my way to my Dragon Cascade Palace." Xuanyuan Qi felt a sour taste in his mouth, but it was not because he was dissatisfied with this boy's small concern, but because he was thoroughly jealous of this boy's beauty.

"Humph!" Think what you want. If you won't go, I'll go! The mediocre doctor in your palace can cure a minor illness for half a month. If this goes on, your clever princess consort will sooner or later become an idiot's sister. " As he spoke, Feng Shaoyun finished the last grape and stood up.

Step, step. He really walked towards the door. After walking a few steps, he turned his head around abruptly and found that Xuanyuan Zhi was still sitting in his original spot as if he had been nailed down, with no intention of moving his butt.

"Are you sure you don't want to go?" He didn't give up and asked again, hoping for a turning point.

"Scram!" Xuanyuan Qi spat out a few words, drank a mouthful of wine and then once again opened his account book. He carefully checked the numbers inside and completely ignored Feng Shaoyun.

Helplessness! Who let that woman meet such a heartless man?

Feng Shaoyun shook his head, and with a light leap, he jumped onto the rafters. Using his fastest lightness skill, he jumped on the gorgeous roof, and his body was like a crane flying in the wind. He moved quickly, and arrived at a small house.

It was almost midnight, and the girl in the small courtyard was going in and out of the house, carrying things to and from the house. Seeing this, Feng Shaoyun thought it would not be easy to go in, so he patiently waited on the roof.

In fact, he had already seen the little girl before, the night she was bought by the traffickers, for a fresh look. Halfway to the wedding, she quietly lifted her head. Later, not only did he look pleasing to the eye, but he also had a personality. Thus, even if Xuanyuan Qi didn't take her seriously, he still wanted to make friends with her.

He quietly observed from the rooftop as the girls came out of the small house one after another. Most of them had already retreated to the entrance of the courtyard. Ling'er had a little girl in her room, and a little girl in her little room. There was no one else in the corridor.

Lifting himself into the air, he softly landed on the ground, leaned against a small window, and used his fingers to pinch a hole into the room.

He saw that the room was lit by a candle that was not very bright. Through the hole, he could clearly see Xiu-Er sitting in the tub with her eyes closed. Xiu-Er was bathing her. White smoke was rising from the steaming water, and you could clearly see the white shoulders and the rouge birthmark on her chest. A faint scent of rouge and flowers permeated the room, causing Feng Shaoyun, who was standing at the window, to feel slightly dazed.


He swore it wasn't intentional.

Covering his face with his hands, he still couldn't help but separate his fingers. His gaze landed on the rouge birthmark on his small chest.

This... This birthmark was really special. Unfortunately, that damned fellow couldn't see it.

"Empress, you've sweated so much that tomorrow you'll be comfortable." Xiu-Er patiently scrubbed Xiaoxiao's body. She spoke softly to herself, hoping that she could hear her.

He listened to the buzzing in his ears in a daze. His eyes were half open, and his body felt much more relaxed as he immersed himself in the hot water.

"Lady, can you hear Xiu-Er?" Xiu-Er was surprised and her eyes were half open. She nearly jumped up in excitement.

Little Jun nodded slightly, then closed her eyes in comfort, allowing her to continue serving him.

"My lady, I am Xiu-Er. I have been serving your meals." Normally, big sister Ling'er would bring it to you. Today, when I saw that big sister Ling'er had yet to arrive, I followed Eunuch Lin to take a look. "I didn't expect you all to be so sick …" Xiu-Er introduced himself and told him what he saw today.

"Ling'er, how is Ling'er?" Xiaoxiao asked anxiously as she opened her eyes.

"Empress, don't worry. The imperial doctors have already treated big sister Ling'er, and she's already passed out from the fever. She'll wake up tomorrow morning." Xiu-Er gave him a comforting smile. She tilted her head and acted innocent.

"Yes!" Xiaoxiao closed her eyes in reassurance.

"Empress, you should be a bit more careful with the wound on your head. The imperial physician said that the wound has been cut too many times. If there's a next time, it will leave behind a very large scar. It won't grow any hair." Xiu-Er told him what the doctor told him. She was still worried about it.

"Hm!" "Thank you!" Xiaoxiao calmly replied.

"I've always heard those servants say that you are not very amiable, but I feel that you are the best master of this palace." [It is a blessing of three lifetimes to be able to serve you, Xiu-Er.] Xiu-Er's mouth was wide open as she spoke. Her heart was full of joy.


With a silly smile, she gave a small response, "Is it that the rumours outside say that I'm a shrew and can only curse the servants?"

"Mother …" "Empress!" Xiu-Er was hesitating. She didn't dare to tell him the truth.

"Actually, I really am a shrew. It just depends on who I hit." She stood up and stretched out her arms, holding the bucket.

Outside the door, Feng Shaoyun quickly covered his eyes with his hands. Although his beauty was tempting, he wasn't a lecher after all. No matter what, this puny little girl was still Xuanyuan Zhi's concubine. He could not go overboard.

"Esteemed wangfei, don't be angry. Xiu-Er knows she was wrong." Xiu-Er knew she said the wrong thing and lowered her head.

"Silly girl, you're right about everything, come! "Put on your clothes for me." Xiu-Er smiled weakly. Her legs felt weak. She held Xiu-Er's hand to keep her steady.

Xiu-Er hurriedly dried Xiaoxiao's body and put her clothes back on. She carefully helped her to the bed.

"You've been busy all day and are tired. Go back and rest!" I just got a fever and sweated and took a shower. It's all right. " Xiao Xiao waved his hand and laid on the bed.

Xiu-Er didn't make a sound. She covered Xiaoxiao with a blanket and held her hand. She smiled and said, "Lady, Xiu-Er will leave when you are asleep."

"You're really a caring girl. You don't need to go to the imperial kitchens anymore, just serve me with Ling'er!" She spoke with satisfaction, enjoying the comfort of the massage.

"Esteemed wangfei, Xiu-Er will definitely learn more from sister Ling'er in the future." Xiu-Er smiled happily. She didn't need to watch the boiler or be bullied by the stewards anymore. She told herself that she must treat her master well in the future.

It reminded him a little of the time when a man, in order to coax himself to sleep, would clench his hands before going to sleep.

Over time, she got used to it. Unfortunately, just when she got used to it, that man appeared in front of her on her birthday, holding a rose and holding the hands of another woman.

In her fury, she walked up to the man and gave him two resounding slaps, never to be seen again.

It was so nostalgic!

Memories, though bitter, had a lot of sweetness. In her memories, she quickly fell asleep.

Xiu-Er looked at the blissful look on her face as she slept soundly. She carefully ruffled the hair on her forehead. When she was sure that her master was asleep, she decided to go back and pack up. Tomorrow morning, she would better serve her master.

She went out and closed the door behind her, hopping toward the kitchen.

At this time, Feng Shaoyun had already finished visiting Ling'er's house. He casually walked into the house through the front door, and strode towards the bedside. He sat down and helped Xiaoxiao up, then skillfully undid the gauze covering her head. He took out the medicinal powder he had prepared and sprinkled it on the wound.

A slight chill went through his head, and he came to his senses. He asked straightforwardly, "Are you going to kill me?"


Feng Shaoyun stared blankly for a moment. He thought that Xiaoxiao was already completely asleep, and with the high fever that had just retreated, it wouldn't be easy for her to wake up, so he decided to quickly change the medicine for her before leaving. Unexpectedly, she had woken up, and was still staring at him with her big round eyes.


Feng Shaoyun was at a loss for words as he looked at the woman in his arms with wide eyes. He didn't know what to say.

"Did they send you to poison him? Was it the Red Crane Head, or was it some random Tang Sect poison? Bring it on! " As she looked at Feng Shaoyun's cute expression, she suddenly had the urge to tease him.

Reaching out, she lifted his chin and looked at him lecherously.

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