Wily Consort, Don't Run


Daytime came in vain, daybreak came, the sun climbed the hill smilingly, shining warm sunlight on the land of the Azure Dragon Country.

In the imperial kitchens' courtyard, the little girl who usually prepared food for Ling'er had not seen her for a long time, and was pacing back and forth worriedly.

"What happened? Why are you so idle here? You're not preparing food for the Crown Princess this early in the morning?" It was unknown when the emperor's Eunuch Lin appeared in the courtyard next to him. He waved the whisk in his hand and looked at the little girl with a haughty gaze.

"Eunuch Lin!" The little girl obediently bowed.

"Get up and speak!" Eunuch Lin raised his hand, his voice piercing through the air. He was afraid that no one would know of his arrival.

"Thank you, Eunuch Lin!" The little girl stood up and looked at Eunuch Lin with a troubled expression. He trembled, not knowing whether he should say out his anxiety or not.

"Why are you so anxious? Tell me and maybe I can help you solve your problem." Eunuch Lin looked at the cute appearance of the little girl and said with good intentions.

"To report to Eunuch, it's been so long and I haven't seen Lady Ling'er bringing the Crown Princess breakfast yet. Xiu-Er is a little worried and was just thinking if she should go take a look, but she's also worried that she won't like strangers and would get scolded if she did." Xiu-Er lowered her head and spoke softly.

Since she had entered the palace, Xiu-Er had been taking care of her food and drinks. According to the rumors, the Crown Princess was a shrewd person with a strange temperament. She didn't like strangers, so she had never seen or dared to meet anyone for a long time.

"Why don't you report such an important matter!" Ouch! If anything happens to them, they won't be able to finish their food and will just leave! " Eunuch Lin was so anxious that he stomped on the ground. He turned around and walked quickly in the direction of the Dragon Ape Hall.

Xiu-Er knew things were not going well. She didn't wait for the punishment and followed Eunuch Lin to the Hall of Dragon.

The royal kitchen was just at the back door of the hall. Eunuch Lin and Xiu-Er entered the courtyard through the back door. Not far from the entrance, one could see the broken flower pot and the dying rouge flower.

Eunuch Lin felt that something was wrong as he ran towards the small house. Xiu-Er couldn't bear to see the rouge flower that was almost burnt to death. He went up to it and picked it up. Then, he chased after it.

Arriving at the front yard, Eunuch Lin rushed to the door of the house. Since he did not dare to enter due to his status, he could only knock on the door, "Crown Princess, Crown Princess, your servant requests an audience!"

Inside the house, Ling'er still had a high fever. Her entire body was covered with cold sweat as she pulled on the quilt and shook it over and over. She was still speaking in a daze.

On the ground, Xiaoxiao was lying quietly. Because her cold body was curled up into a ball, and the gauze on her head had some traces of blood seeping out, she seemed to be injured from last night's excessive movements.

Dong, dong, dong! Dong, dong, dong!

Eunuch Lin knocked on the door a few more times. Just like last night, he pressed his ear against the door and could faintly hear Ling'er's dream-like voice.

Xiu-Er hurriedly buried the rouge flower in the flower bed. She wiped the dirt off her hands and walked behind Eunuch Lin carefully. Upon seeing the anxious look on Eunuch Lin's face, Zhang Xuan glanced around, hoping that he could be of some help.

"Miss Ling'er, are you inside?" Eunuch Lin saw that there was no reply and asked loudly.

Xiu-Er's eyes fell on the window. She ran to the window and peeked inside.

The sight frightened her, and she cried out, waving her hands: "Ah! Eunuch Lin, something bad has happened to Eunuch Lin. Please come and take a look! "

Eunuch Lin panicked when he heard this. He hurriedly ran to the window and saw Xiaoxiao curled up on the floor. He immediately jumped up and ran into the house.

Xiu-Er didn't know that the one who was lying on the floor was the Crown Princess. She quickly went to look at Ling Er on the bed. When he looked up, he found that his palm was burning hot.

"This is what you call a princess consort, hurry!" Go get the doctor, for God's sake! "We mustn't let anything go wrong. His Majesty's health isn't too good these days. If he finds out, then his heart must ache so much that he'll die!" When Eunuch Lin thought of the emperor's body, he looked at the princess who was lying on the floor and frowned.

"Yes sir!"

Xiu-Er answered and ran to the door. With a bang, the door was knocked down. He saw her stumble to her feet and run to the entrance of the courtyard.

Eunuch Lin's hands trembled. He touched his forehead and realized that she too had a fever. He looked at the gauze again and saw blood coming out, his heart was in the air.

Putting down the horsetail whisk in his hand, he carefully lifted her up and carried her onto the bed, pulling the blanket over her. He then looked at Ling'er, whose mouth was still in a daze, and extended his hand to touch his forehead.

"Heavens!" What was going on? "Both of them were actually burned to this state. I wonder how the crown prince will take care of the crown prince's consort. No wonder the emperor was so angry." Wiping the cold sweat from their foreheads with a handkerchief, he spoke to himself, feeling especially sorry for the princess' situation.

"NO!" No! "No!"

Ling'er struggled in her nightmare as she stood up with all her strength. With a wave of her hand, she pushed away the little girl who had just been put on the bed.

"Crown Princess, Crown Princess, Ling'er, how can you do this?" Eunuch Lin scolded, his legs going soft from fright. Seeing such a small loss yet still unable to wake up, one could imagine how serious her injuries were.

He was in a panic for a long time before helplessly carrying Xiaoxiao onto the bed. He patted Ling'er's face, hoping that she would wake up faster.

It was a pity that Ling'er was burnt into a mess as she felt someone slapping her on the face. She only opened her eyes slightly, but could not clearly see who it was.

"Ling'er, it's Eunuch Lin. What happened to you two?" Eunuch Lin saw Ling'er's half-opened eyes and was wild with joy. He patted her face again and raised his voice.

"Forest..." Eunuch Lin, I … Master... "Master …" Ling'er spoke hesitantly, feeling that someone was lying beside his.

She twisted her neck stiffly. Although she couldn't see who was lying beside her, she could tell from the aura that it was her master. Reaching out her hand, she wanted to touch her master's face. However, her entire body was weak, and even raising her head was strenuous …

"Ai …" "You're already so ill and still thinking about your master. The Crown Princess has not loved you for nothing." Eunuch Lin shook his head helplessly as he anxiously looked at his master and servants, praying for them in his heart.

Xiu-Er moved fast. She called for the handsome royal doctor. She even asked the other girls to boil some water for her. She wanted to make sure the Crown Princess was sweating so she could get better quickly.

Upon entering, Eunuch Lin immediately came forward to greet his. "You're here, show it to the crown prince's wife. I'm so worried!"

The imperial physician put down the medical case and quickly walked to the bedside. Upon seeing the two of them being so ill, he immediately frowned.

He carefully undid the gauze on his little head and checked the wound with a very professional medical skill. When he saw the place where it had split open again, he could not help but shake his head.

"What happened to the Crown Princess?" Eunuch Lin's heart almost jumped out of his throat as he paced around the room.

"The Crown Princess's wound is broken again. Even if it is healed now, there will be an ugly scar on it. But luckily, the wound wasn't very serious. "On the other hand, the Crown Princess suffered from typhoid fever. If the fever didn't subside soon, I'm afraid …" The imperial physician awkwardly shook his head. He remembered that the master and the servant were both alive and kicking yesterday, so why was it that after two days, the two of them had become so ill?

"You have to save the princess consort. If the emperor finds out the princess was like this, his body definitely won't be able to take the excitement." Eunuch Lin was anxious.

She was already worried enough when she thought of the emperor's health these past few days. Last night, the emperor insisted on going to see Princess Pingping. In the end, he repeatedly persuaded her to let him take a look. After returning to report his safety, the emperor was willing to sleep. What should I do now that this has happened again?

"Eunuch Lin, don't be too anxious. We won't inform the emperor of this matter for now." The Crown Princess had a destiny. As long as the fever subsided as soon as possible, he would be able to recover quickly. As for the scar, let me look for the formula again. The imperial physician maintained his usual calm as he kindly comforted the anxious Eunuch Lin.

"Will there be no hair on the scar?" Eunuch Lin paid the most attention to this. If a woman had an empty space on her head without any hair, it would be very ugly. Besides, the Crown Princess was a princess. They had heard that the Crown Princess wasn't favored by them recently, so wouldn't that affect their relationship more?

The imperial physician shook his head. He didn't seem very confident.

"Then... We can only do this for now, and gather with the other imperial doctors tomorrow to discuss this matter. " Eunuch Lin shook his head helplessly.

"Yes!" The imperial physician nodded and continued to treat Xiaoxiao and Ling'er.

Suddenly, he remembered what he had to do at the royal kitchen today. He clapped his hands in realization, "Crap!" The Emperor wants me to see the ambassador's menu for tomorrow's banquet, but you see I've forgotten. I must go back and speak before the Emperor becomes suspicious. Xiu-Er, don't go anywhere else today. Stay by your side and wait for me. "

"Yes!" "Don't worry, my lord. Xiu-Er will serve you well. I will report it to you at any time." Xiu-Er nodded seriously. She sounded like she was promising something big.

"Eunuch Lin, please go back to the king first. I will stay behind to help Xiu-Er." In order to reassure Eunuch Lin, the imperial physician opened his mouth. Then he turned to Xiu-Er and said, "Xiu-Er, go find some men. Carry the Crown Princess and Lady Ling'er to the other rooms. This bed and the quilt have all been taken down and replaced with new ones. "

"Yes sir!" Xiu-Er nodded and ran to the door.

Meanwhile, Eunuch Lin gave the imperial physician a pleading look. He had no choice but to leave and run in the direction of the imperial kitchens.

Thus, Xiu-Er called for the helpers and carried Xiaoxiao and Ling'er to the other two rooms in the yard. The royal doctors prescribed the medicine for both of them and told Xiu-Er what to do with them. He busied himself until the sky was about to turn dark before he tiredly left the courtyard.

Night came quickly, and a terrifying chill was mixed in. Tonight, the air was cool, and a black fog hung over the sky. However, the rain never came. The moon and the stars were nowhere to be seen.

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