Wily Consort, Don't Run



I hope she's just a simple little girl with a bad temper.

"Master …" What's wrong with you? "

It was unknown when Lan Yuyan had appeared beside Xuanyuan Zhi. She looked at him with great concern. She had seen everything that happened just now and hoped that her appearance would give him some comfort.

Even though he had only wanted to take revenge on Xiaoxiao in the beginning, and Lan Yuyan was just a chess piece, she was still very angry. But when he saw her, he was even angrier.

Glancing at her, he got up and walked toward the house. Right now, he only wanted to have a good sleep. As for everything else, he would slowly think about it after waking up.

"Grandpa, grandpa …!" Lan Yuyan chased after him without giving up, but she heard Xuanyuan Zhi shout in a very displeased tone, "Scram! "Don't let me see you in three days!"

Lan Yuyan stood in her original spot with a baffled look on her face. It was clearly that damnable little guy who angered him, why did she have to vent her anger on her? The more she thought about it, the more she felt like a thorn in her side and a thorn in her side.

Previously, he wanted to use the matter of Pingfei to punish that woman. He didn't expect that not only did he not torment that woman, but he also increased the emperor's favorable impression of her. With his current status, there was no way he could fight against that woman. He'd also seen just now that the emperor was more partial towards that woman.

What should he do?

She pulled at her handkerchief with a frown, her eyes already completely filled with hatred.

"Mistress, don't be too impatient. "Although that woman was doted on by the Emperor, it seems that Master hates her more and more." At the side, Xiao Yun couldn't help but speak up when she saw her master's gloomy expression.

"So what if this lord hates her? It's not like you didn't see the attitude of the emperor just now." Now, it's even harder to pull her out. " While speaking, Lan Yuyan sat down on the stone chair, and subconsciously took a big gulp from the teacup that Xuanyuan Qi had just drunk.

"Then we can just let the emperor hate her as well." Xiao Yun smiled evilly, looking like she already had an idea in mind.

Lan Yuyan moved her ear forward and Xiao Yun whispered something into her ear. When she saw her face, she immediately revealed a sinister smile like Xiao Yun's.

A cloud passed by in the sky, and then he saw the dark clouds densely covering the sky, just like people's minds. For some reason, thunder started to rumble, and a heavy rain fell, drenching the master and servant who were still in the middle of their calculations, causing them to run to the neighboring courtyard in a sorry state.

She fiddled with her hair and stood by the window looking at the dark sky. It was just like her current mood. It was pitch black.

Sigh … He had just cleared ten thousand miles, but now it was stormy. It was truly a fortuitous occurrence for Fang Yun. He did not know what kind of tricks Imperial Concubine Mei and that brat would come up with to make him suffer today.

"Mistress, Big Wind, don't stand by the window for too long. The imperial physician said that you should rest well before your wounds heal very quickly. " Ling'er was grateful that her master hadn't mentioned the matter of the bridal ceremony earlier. This was because she knew very well that if the Emperor knew about this matter, Long Yan would definitely be furious.

"Thank you!" Xiaoxiao smiled lightly, more and more can understand how difficult life in the harem is. He didn't know what kind of heavy responsibility Pingfei carried in order to endure humiliation and live for so many years.

Poor woman, poor woman!

"Mistress, you have offended Imperial Concubine Mei today. She has always been extremely protective of her two sons. Ling'er looked at her master with concern, her brows knitted together.

"Are you careful? I have no relatives in this palace compound. Even though the emperor is extremely biased, you can see the jealousy in the eyes of the empress and Imperial Concubine Mei. I believe that they will soon think of a way to make me jump. " Xiaoxiao was very clear about this. In any case, extending one's head was a blade, and shrinking the other's head was also a blade. Let's see how one dies then!

The harem was filled with schemes and traps. Those with a weak life might not live past three days. No matter how hard he struggled, he wouldn't die.

Ling'er shook her head and comforted Xiaoxiao, "Although Imperial Concubine Mei is angry, you are still her daughter-in-law. At most, she would try some tricks for a while, but when her tone had calmed down, everything would naturally be fine. "But esteemed empress, last time, I didn't manage to get rid of you with what happened with Concubine Ping, and saw how the emperor doted on you as well, so I'm afraid he'll have more tricks up his sleeves in the future."

"Do you think that Blue Rain Smoke is the empress's spy?" For some reason, Xiaoxiao suddenly spoke up.

Ling'er was stunned for a moment as she thought about all of Lan Yuyan's conjectures. She felt that her master was right, but after a moment of hesitation, she slowly spoke up, "I heard that Lan Yuyan was born in a brothel. However, although that woman was shrewd, she was someone who didn't know how to consider everything. "The empress has always been cautious with her work. Even if you use a woman like that, she'll just be a little pawn!"

"That's true!" As she spoke, her heart was filled with doubt. Why did Ling'er understand the empress's personality so well? Was she the Empress's man?

Ling'er saw the suspicious look in Master's eyes and hurriedly said, "These are just Ling'er's servants who told me about the empress. Perhaps this is just their speculation of the empress." As long as Master does not provoke him, he should be fine. "

Little Treasure let out a long sigh. In his heart, he felt that his life was in danger. There was a wolf in front and a tiger in the back. There was also a monster that ate people without spitting out their bones. Unless they really escaped from this large birdcage, they really didn't know how they would survive the rest of their lives.

Taking a step forward, she walked to the coffee table and sat down, taking a sip of her favorite rose tea. She beckoned Ling'er to sit down.

"Ling'er doesn't dare!" Ling'er bowed.

"What's there to be afraid of? There's no one else right now." As she spoke, she pulled Ling'er down and sat her down, saying with a face full of smiles: "I don't have any relatives here, you have been taking care of me these past few days. When there is no one else, we will call each other sisters. "

"Master, you absolutely cannot! Ling'er's status was low, so how could she dare to call out to her master and her sister? No! "No way!" When Ling'er heard this, her hair turned white, and she lowered her head. A guilty and guilty look appeared on her face.

However, this expression only stayed for a moment. When she raised her head again, her face was already very calm.

"What bullsh * t status? I'm the boss now, you have to listen to me." Xiaoxiao said very domineeringly, looking at Ling'er, "You should be younger than me. You should call me elder sister."

"Sis …" "Elder sister!" Ling'er spoke with a somewhat stiff tone.

"Good!" "Alright!" With a small, happy smile, Xiao Xiao Ling Chen pulled Ling'er to sit down, and then directly went to the main topic at hand, "Ling'er, big sister is asking you how you are going to be able to walk out of the palace."

"Out of the palace?" Ling'er felt a deep sense of unease. If she were to be discovered, it would be a matter of life and death.

"Yes!" Xiaoxiao nodded her head vigorously.

In the past, many of the princesses and princesses in those novels had disguised themselves as eunuchs, maidservants, or other people to seek pleasure outside the palace. Having been here for so long, she really wanted to enjoy the sunlight outside, except for the darkness of the harem.

"No way!" Master, if we were to find out about this, the punishment will be heavy. " Ling'er waved her hand with all her might, but when she saw the expression on her master's face, she knew that resistance was futile.

Xiaoxiao held her breath as she looked at Ling'er with a determined expression.

Silence, silence, the pouring rain outside the window, and the rumbling of thunder. Inside the room, the candlelight was dim. The master and his servant looked at each other. One of them looked slightly angry while the other was in a difficult situation.

Take your leave!

Who let her meet such a mischievous master?

Ling'er helplessly shook her head and heavily nodded.

"Haha!" We can finally go out and play. We must bring a lot of silver. I want to buy a lot of fun things. " Little hops and jumps and forgets that he is now a sick and wounded man.

"Mistress, even if you want to go out, you have to heal your injuries." As Ling'er spoke, she began to think about what she should do to get out. Only then would she be absolutely safe.

Xiaoxiao nodded her head very seriously, and rubbed her head. In her mind, the lowly look of Xuanyuan Zhi appeared once again, and a wave of disgust flashed across her face.

"You should rest for a while. I'll go to the front yard to take a look, so that that bitch won't cause any more trouble." Seeing that her master had agreed, Ling'er got up to go see the crown prince and arrange for the other servants to tidy up the courtyard that had been ruined for too long.

"Such a heavy thunderstorm, it's still a bit late. Alright! I'm going to lie down and fight with that damned thing. " He yawned, walked over to the bed and laid down.

Ling'er smiled faintly and covered her master with a blanket. Only after seeing her master slowly close his eyes and hear his sweet snoring did she feel at ease to stand up and leave.

Closing the door, Ling'er hurriedly walked out along the long corridor. However, that direction was not the direction of Xuanyuan Zhi's current residence.

At the window, the man kept shaking his head as he watched Ling'er leave. After a long while, he looked at Xiaoxiao who was sound asleep on the bed. A relieved smile appeared on his face.

Stealthily he entered the room and cautiously approached the bed. He sat down and fondled the hair in front of her forehead. Looking at her, he felt a pang in his heart.

If you weren't the Holy Maiden, if you hadn't married my eldest brother, perhaps …" "But if you don't marry my brother, we may not know each other. "Maybe God has set me up to be happy as long as you are well.

He was Xuanyuan Ye. When he saw the wound on the little head earlier, he was worried and worried. After everyone had left, he had been wandering around nearby.


A small sound came from his nose, as if responding to him. However, she flipped over and a sweet smile appeared on her face.

Xuanyuan Ye was shocked and hurriedly stood up. Only after seeing Xiaoxiao still sleeping did he slowly sit down. Holding her hand, he smiled.

"If I can try again, will you give me a chance?" He was unwilling to give up, so he spoke softly by the bedside.

"Hehe!" "Yes!" He turned around and faced Xuanyuan Ye, licking the saliva at the corner of his mouth like a greedy little cat.


Xuanyuan Ye was so frightened that he stood up once again.

After Xiaoxiao licked her lips, she pursed her lips and began to quietly snore.

"Ai …" You can't be honest even when you're asleep. " Xuanyuan Ye helplessly shook his head before sitting back down on the bed. This time, he just looked at her quietly, not daring to speak again.

On the other side, Ling'er walked out of the small courtyard and arrived behind the rouge hall. Standing in front of a screen in the long hallway, she bowed and said, "Reporting to my lord, the little girl's injuries have recovered, she …" She wants to leave the palace! "

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