Wily Consort, Don't Run


On the side, Xuanyuan Yu who had been silent the entire time also had his gaze fixed on Xiaoxiao. He felt that his eldest brother's tyranny must have caused his sister-in-law to receive serious injuries. He would only act when he could not take this lying down. Big brother is so bad! Last time, he had not allowed his sister-in-law to eat meat. Now, he had caused his sister-in-law to suffer injuries. He was truly becoming more and more disgusted with her.

However, how could he dare utter a single word when faced with the mufei who had always been protecting her brother? He could only glare at him in disgust, hinting at the injustice he felt towards his sister-in-law.

Xuanyuan Qi had noticed it, but he did not expect that Xiaoyu was also standing by that little girl's side. Clutching his forehead that was still bleeding, he couldn't help but take a small glance at it.

At this moment, Xiaoxiao was looking at him with hatred. She was in so much pain that her tears seeped into her heart.

Finally, unable to hold herself back, she threw herself into her royal father's embrace and started crying loudly.

"Mi Xiaoxiao, don't think that just because you're a Holy Maiden that you can lay your hands on Qi'er. He is the crown prince of the Azure Dragon Country, and as his concubine, you should have waited on him well. Seeing that Xuanyuan Zhenhua was getting more and more concerned about her, Imperial Concubine Mei's heart was filled with jealousy. He spoke of her words and actions in the hope that the emperor would know what he was doing.

Wuu!" "Wuwuwu!

Hearing Imperial Concubine Mei's words, the wronged little girl cried even louder. The bloodied rabbit's ears shook, and its body swayed, not letting the blood flow out from the back of its head.

"Silly girl, don't cry. Royal father will help you." Xuanyuan Zhenhua was worried that if Little Rascal was too willful, the wound on the back of the head would crack even faster.

Woo woo!" royal father is the best to me, it's him! It's him! " Pointing at Xuanyuan Zhi, Xiaoxiao complained angrily, "That day, the prince was having fun in the house with Lan Yuyan. I got angry and said a few words to her, and he beat me up. Look, I was injured like this.

Panting, she continued, "Wa! Wa! Wa! Heavens! I'm not related to anyone here, yet I'm easily bullied. Even if I'm injured, is that what I deserve? "Wow, wow …"

When Imperial Concubine Mei heard Xiaoxiao cry like this, she finally noticed the big rabbit on her head. She looked suspiciously at her son. She knew this kid could really do such a thing.

"Is the novel true?" As soon as Xuanyuan Zhenhua heard this, he was immediately enraged. If not for so many people present, he might have already started cursing loudly. Especially with the empress by his side, he couldn't let her down.

Xuanyuan Zhi had a guilty conscience to begin with, and with his mother speaking up for him just now, he felt that he had no idea how he should start the conversation.

After a moment of silence, he cupped his hands and respectfully paid his respects to his royal father, expressing deep remorse: "Royal Father, please forgive us! This son and subject did not take good care of such a small matter, and it will never happen again. "

"In the future …" Wow... royal father, look at him. Although Xiaoxiao had already gained the upper hand, she still felt unsatisfied in her heart. This time, she was truly too aggrieved, so aggrieved that she almost lost her life.

Imperial Concubine Mei was so angry that she wanted to go up and give him two big slaps. However, she didn't dare do so. She was still standing in front of the emperor, and the empress, who glared like a tiger waiting to watch a joke. She could only hold in her anger. However, she would never forget this incident that happened today. One day, she would let Little Ping know that a woman should marry and marry a husband!

"My little darling, royal father has made the decision for you. If Qi'er dares to bully you again in the future, you can tell royal father, royal father will not forgive him! " Xuanyuan Zhenhua felt a pang in his heart as he rubbed his small wound and swore solemnly. This desire to protect someone seemed to have returned to that moment once more.

However, the little girl in front of him was not her. She was not the woman that he missed every night, not the woman that he could repay his debt to. Everything was like this. Once it was over, he would never be able to come back.

At the same time, the empress and Imperial Concubine Mei noticed that Xuanyuan Zhenhua was looking at them with an unusual expression. There was a tinge of sadness and heartache in his eyes, as if … It was like that year when the rouge blossomed and the stars filled the garden. The emperor and the woman chatted and drank merrily, their eyes full of love and concern.


Impossible, that woman had already died for many years, and the one standing in front of him was her daughter-in-law. The Holy Maiden of Tianshan was a woman who illuminated her halo.

Imperial Concubine Mei kept telling herself to be cautious! Be careful!

Don't be fooled by the illusion in front of you. If it wasn't a small matter, perhaps he would completely reveal what happened that year. Suppressing the hatred in her heart, she felt a little more discontent.

The empress tugged at the silk handkerchief in her hands, the hatred in her eyes much stronger than Imperial Concubine Mei's. Fortunately, Xuanyuan Jie discovered that something was off. He used his hand to touch her and gave her a calm look.

Take a deep breath! Take a deep breath!

After taking a few deep breaths, the empress reminded herself: Don't ruin my plan for a little girl who looks like a certain woman.

"Thank you so much, royal father!" Seeing that he had gained the upper hand, Xiaoxiao came up with an ingenious plan, "Royal Father, I actually don't have any objections if I were to accept a small concubine. "But …"

"But what?" From a comprehensive perspective, Xuanyuan Zhenhua obviously wanted to have a grandson. He quickly asked.

It's just that Xiaoxiao is a woman after all, and she would be jealous." So, if grandfather wants a concubine, he can, but not live in the same side yard as Xiaoxiao. For fear that one day, you might really commit a mistake and leave me in the lurch! " Xiaoxiao spoke very straightforwardly as she stared at Xuanyuan Zhi with wide open eyes, giving him a great warning.

Originally, Xuanyuan Qi was still feeling somewhat guilty. However, when he saw how arrogant Xiaoxiao was, he immediately could not suppress the displeasure in his heart. Both his hands cupped as he loudly retorted, "Father, it's a proper matter for a man to have three wives and four concubines. In addition, the more wives and concubines there were, the faster the leaves would scatter. I have been married to Xiaoxiao for some time. As the princess consort, she has the responsibility of passing on her family line, but no good news has spread. I only wanted to have a few more concubines in order to become the next father! "

Qi! Fire! Anger!

"You!" If he had a kitchen knife in his hand right now, he would chop this brat into two without thinking.

"That's right!" Your majesty, no matter how much you favor your daughter-in-law, you still have to consider the matter of your son. When I first married her, other than strengthening Blue Dragon Nation's physique, the most important thing was still to let the imperial family have their own heirs. " When Imperial Concubine Mei saw that the time had come, she immediately echoed her son's sentiments. It was as if Xuanyuan Zhi had truly suffered some great loss, and as a mother, she had no choice but to stand up and come forward.

Upon hearing that, she recalled the good deed Xuanyuan Qi had done on the night of their wedding and pointed at him while shouting, "The day of the wedding! "You …!"

As the words reached her mouth, she looked at Ling'er, who was standing beside her with a guilty face. If this matter was exposed, Ling'er would definitely die. In the days that he had crossed over to this place, his life had been taken care of by this little girl. Wouldn't it be a bit strange if he did that?

"I know I made you wait too long because I drank too much on the day of the bridal ceremony. It was my fault. However, as the crown prince's consort, you should be more magnanimous. This is the imperial palace, and I am the crown prince. You … " Xuanyuan Zhi originally wanted to say that they were up to mischief, but the words were already on the tip of his tongue before he swallowed them back down. Because he saw Xuanyuan Jie and Xuanyuan Ye staring at him fiercely. They did not want to cause any more problems just because of him.

Xiaoxiao squinted her eyes and put her hands on her waist. Since this fellow didn't know how to be content, then don't blame her for not covering up. "I'm not careful, how am I not? I'm always in the yard, aren't you a man? If he couldn't even control his own woman, then what kind of man was he? She comes here every two or three days to harass my life. It is already merciful of her not to use a knife to chop her off! "

"You said that This Highness is not a man! "You …" This was a great shame and humiliation. The furious Xuanyuan Qi could no longer find the words to describe this woman.


Xuanyuan Zhenhua shouted. He did not want the situation to get even more chaotic.

Clearing his throat, he said very seriously, "From today onwards, if Su'er wishes to receive you, Imperial Father, she will not object. But, you have to respect your small status. Your concubine is not allowed to live in the same house as her. It's your woman, you have to control her well, and if royal father sees you guys fighting, he will definitely punish you severely. "

"Yes sir!" Xuanyuan Qi cupped his hands in response and kept glancing at Xiaoxiao.

"Yes sir!" She slightly bowed, her gaze never leaving Xuanyuan Zhi's face.

"Alright, get someone to clean up the courtyard and take good care of Xiaoxiao. Don't let her get hurt again." Xuanyuan Zhenhua said with a face full of annoyance, feeling a little angry in his heart. He then turned around and left.

"Your Majesty! "Your majesty!" When Imperial Concubine Mei saw that the emperor was angry, she hurried to chase after him.

The empress and her two sons cast a contemptuous glance at Xuanyuan Zhi and impolitely said, "You can't even control a woman, and you still want to rule the world? What a joke!"

Xuanyuan Jie and Xuanyuan Ye's gazes were fixated on Xiaoxiao and their eyes were filled with heartache. As they watched their mother leave, they had no choice but to leave as well.

Watching the Queen and her son leaving, Xuanyuan Zhi gasped for breath heavily. He sat down on a stone chair and picked up a cup of tea from the table to take a sip.


A strange smell made him spit it all out.

"Hahaha!" "Hahaha!" When Xiaoxiao saw this, she broke out into a hearty laugh. The most recent teapots were filled with Peach Blossom Powder, which was used to treat constipation. As a result, the taste was very strange.

Pull! I'll kill you, you bastard!

She cast him a sidelong glance and warned him in a serious tone, "In the future, no one will violate the waters of the river. If you dare to offend us again, don't blame me for not showing mercy."

After leaving that sentence, she humphed arrogantly and walked towards the innermost courtyard of the hall. Ling'er bowed to Xuanyuan Qi and followed him.


Why didn't this woman just tell him the truth about the night of the bridal ceremony? Looks like she really had a reason to lurk in the Azure Dragon Country. From the past, her interactions with the two brothers, Xuanyuan Jie and her, didn't seem to be on the same side. If that was the case, she should be a spy sent by other countries. Or...

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