Wily Consort, Don't Run


Faced with Xuanyuan Jie's disrespect, Xiaoxiao clenched her fists in anger. However, just as she was about to use her military strength to warn the hooligan, a familiar figure appeared in front of them.

Confronted by Xuanyuan Jie's rudeness, Xiaoxiao clenched her fists in anger. However, just as she was about to use her military strength to warn the hooligan, a familiar figure appeared in front of them.

With a cold stare at each other, that sudden aura was somewhat shocking. Even without turning around, Xiaoxiao could still feel that powerful force behind her, causing her to feel a chill down her spine as she did not dare to turn around.

Suddenly, she felt her wrist being pulled backwards by a force of gravity. Before she could regain her senses, she was already leaning into the strong crook of her arm.

Moreover, the aura that came straight at her made her feel disgust in her heart. Raising her head, she saw the murderous intent that permeated the cold eyes of the person who had just arrived, causing her body to involuntarily tremble.

"I didn't expect my beloved wangfei to be so charming that even my second brother, who has always been disdainful towards women, would want to make a move." Raising his head, Xuanyuan Qi had already put on a calm smile on his face, and the anger in his eyes earlier had disappeared completely. However, under this seemingly good-natured expression, his tone sounded rather ear-piercing. Anyone could understand the provocation in his words.

Is he jealous? Xiaoxiao tilted her head and looked at Xuanyuan Qi, uncontrollably cursing out two words, "Brainless!" Both Xuanyuan Jie and Xuanyuan Zhi had smiles plastered all over their faces. However, their smiles were completely different. Anyone could see that they were all sneering at him.

For Xuanyuan Jie, this was not the first time he had competed. Ever since he was young, he had tried to snatch whatever Xuanyuan Qi wanted. If he failed to do so, he would try his best to destroy it. Even if it caused him to be covered with injuries in the end, he would not care in the slightest.

"Hng hng!" With a cold snort, he took out a folding fan from his waist, glanced sideways at Xiaoxiao, then shifted his gaze to the rouge palace and said: "Royal brother is too serious, Second Brother just saw how Sister-in-law came here, and is afraid of getting lost in the wrong place. If Royal Father went to the wrong place and blamed Father, I'm afraid … I'm afraid that even royal brother won't be able to explain himself? " Xuanyuan Qi followed Xuanyuan Jie's gaze to the rouge hall and clenched his teeth as a look of hesitation flashed across his face. However, this was only for an instant. He quickly returned to his original expression and pretended to be grateful. "Then I will have to thank second brother for his kind intentions." This is what second brother should do. I just hope royal brother won't take it to heart. " Xuanyuan Jie naturally became courteous upon hearing this. However, his gaze once again stopped on Xiaoxiao, and he sized her up from head to toe in an extremely straightforward manner, with a man's allure for women in his gaze.

Seeing this, Xuanyuan Qi's eyes blazed as he forcefully swallowed his anger back down. He turned around and walked back to his own house, holding his hand.

Behind him, Xuanyuan Jie's face was covered in dark clouds, his fists clenched tightly as if he wanted to crush everything. The gaze on his back as he watched his departing figure was drowned in jealousy.

"Second Master, are you really interested in that woman?" The eunuch by the side asked in a low voice.

Xuanyuan Jie laughed coldly before casting a sidelong glance at the eunuch and replied, "As long as it is something that belongs to him, Second Elder will be interested in it." The day after their wedding, they had been so sticky and had aroused quite a few jealous gazes along the way. As they passed by their concubine's room, they could faintly hear the weeping of women.

Xiaoxiao, who was only concerned with pulling on Xuanyuan Qi, naturally did not notice it. Ling'er, who was behind her, walked past those women's rooms as a look of sadness flashed across his face. He saw her glance at him for a moment, then follow him expressionlessly. When they arrived at the entrance of the inner courtyard, Xuanyuan Zhi and Xiaoxiao walked in and waited there obediently.

Entering the room, he shook off Xuanyuan Qi's hand with a little strength, rubbed the back of his hand that was hurting and angrily sat down on the mahogany rocking chair.

"Listen up, the rouge hall is a forbidden area. If you want to die, then this prince won't stop you!" The more Xuanyuan Qi looked at that tiny face, the angrier he became. He pointed at her and loudly warned her.

Xiaoxiao looked at him coldly before closing her eyes to rest. She was too lazy to care about this damnable man.

How could Xuanyuan Qi let this go? Usually, women could only listen to his commands, but now, this woman had completely disregarded his anger. Stepping forward, he lifted up the tiny thing with one hand and threw it with all his might onto the ground.

F * ck! My aunt's bones are about to break.

Xiaoxiao was in so much pain that she rolled back and forth on the ground. Despite her stubbornness, her eyes were still wide open as she stared at the cold-blooded man in front of her.

"Regardless of your origins, once you enter my, Xuanyuan Qi's, gate, you must listen to everything you say. Else, you will never have a good day to live." Xuanyuan Yubing's anger had not yet subsided. He bent down and grabbed onto his small collar, fiercely continuing, "Also, in the future, you'd better stay away from Xuanyuan Jie. If any rumors spread out, this prince will let you know what it means to wish you were dead!" The pain was so small that it made his want to cry. Even though he knew that one finger of this man could take her life, the stubbornness in her heart was unable to make her yield. Her eyes were wide with tears, his lovely little mouth was pursed, and the breath in her nose was a hundred and eighty degrees. Hot tears rolled down his face and dripped down from his chin onto Xuanyuan Zhi's palm.

Strange? How could the tears of this woman make him feel a flash in his heart?

Slowly, his hand relaxed, he unconsciously wiped the tears from her face with his sleeve and looked at Xiaoxiao as if she were possessed by an enchantment.

Pow! A loud slap rang out, and Little Jun nimbly broke free of his restraints and stood firm.

She wasn't someone who could be easily bullied. If someone punched her, she would admit defeat. This slap could only be considered as interest.

As if he had just awoken from a dream, Xuanyuan Qi rubbed his aching face and stood still for a long time, staring at Xiaoxiao who was smiling in disbelief.

Shock! The man's eyes were cold enough to cool the room and everyone's hearts.

However, this did not mean that she was afraid. Patting the dust on her body, she threw a sideways glance at Xuanyuan Zhi and said, "Let me tell you, grandaunt isn't someone who can be easily dealt with. "If you dare to be rude to me again, I will let you know how beautiful the green hat is!" "How dare you!" "Why would I not dare!" If you touch me, your future days... "Hehe …" Xiaoxiao sneered coldly, not giving a good impression to a certain man.

Xuanyuan Qi stood on the spot, a conflicted expression on his face as he sized up this audacious woman from top to bottom. He thought that it was probably because she had something on him that she dared to spout such arrogant words.

Since that was the case, he would have to think about it later.

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