Wily Consort, Don't Run


Xuanyuan Qi threw a doubtful glance at Feng Shaoyun. No matter what, he would not let anything happen to this little girl, otherwise, it would only bring him big trouble.

Reluctantly, he picked Xiaoxiao up and carried her into the room where they had been having fun together. Then he threw her onto the bed where their scent still lingered.

Feng Shaoyun watched Xuanyuan Zhi's huge movements, and cold sweat started to form in his heart. Fortunately, this woman still had some use, otherwise, she would have been found dead today.

But then again, after knowing Xuanyuan Qi for so long, there had never been a woman who had dared to make a move on this kid. This little girl in front of him was really reckless.

"You'd better find someone to watch, or I can't guarantee that this woman will open her eyes tomorrow." Feng Shaoyun warned Xuanyuan Qi while standing beside his ear, not forgetting to cast a glance at Xiaoxiao.

Waking up is very abominable, sleep is pretty cute, just don't know if can wake up tomorrow can speak normally?

"Got it, you really are long-winded. In another hour, the two women outside will wake up. Hurry up and tell me why you have come to find me. " Xuanyuan Qi asked very straightforwardly. He did not want to continue walking in circles. Moreover, although he trusted Feng Shaoyun's medical skills, he was still worried about the little girl's life.

Feng Shaoyun turned around, and immediately switched his expression back to his own. There was no longer any expression of cynicism on his face, and he solemnly stated his purpose for coming here today.

In an hour, he told them everything that had happened in the past month. He also explained in detail about the dangerous situation that had occurred, hoping to hear Xuanyuan Zhi's suggestion.

"NO!" Now is not the time to act. I don't want to … " Hearing this, a look of awkwardness appeared on Xuanyuan Zhi's face.

"I know you don't want to hurt your royal father, but when the dust has settled, it will be too late." Feng Shaoyun knew that Xuanyuan Zhi was in a difficult situation, but he did not move. Someone had already started to take action. If his movements were a little slower, how much money and material resources would he have to spend?

"I …" Xuanyuan Qi hesitated before he closed his eyes in embarrassment and pondered on what he should do next.

"Think about it and give me an answer as soon as possible. It's about time, I should leave as well." Feng Shaoyun patted Xuanyuan Qi, who had a helpless look on his face, then turned around, intending to leave.

"Be careful when I trouble you to come next time. I don't want to keep my mouth shut too much because of you." Xuanyuan Qi warned Feng Shaoyun from behind. Especially when facing against a woman like Xiaoxiao, it would be even more troublesome if he didn't even dare to kill her.

"Got it!" Feng Shaoyun lazily replied, and then quickly disappeared like a wave of smoke.

If this woman could be as obedient as Lan Yuyan and as obedient as Ling'er, perhaps he would consider letting her live a good life. But, she was different. If she wasn't going to provoke that scoundrel Xuanyuan Jie, then she was going to provoke Old Third, who was simple and honest.


People said that beauties were the bane of trouble, but this woman's appearance wasn't that gorgeous. However, there was always a faint attraction that many men couldn't resist.

"Master, master …" Lan Yuyan and Xiao Yun had already woken up, dizzy. Xiao Yun walked in step by step while supporting Lan Yuyan with arms, a wronged look on her face as she tried to obtain Xuanyuan Zhi's affection.

Xuanyuan Qi's head shook for a moment as he recovered his wits from his thoughts. Letting go of that tiny hand, he stared at Xiaoxiao on the bed with a slow and calm look of hatred.

"Master …" "Oh my god!" As soon as Lan Yuyan saw Xuanyuan Zhi, she cried out loud. That could be considered to be crying to death.

"Cry, what are you crying for!" Xuanyuan Qi roared out in disgust and coldly glared at Lan Yuyan.

Blue Rain was scared stiff. When he looked up, he discovered that Xiaoxiao was actually lying on his bed. Suddenly, she couldn't help but burst into tears again.

"If you cry again, then scram!" Xuanyuan Qi truly could not stand a woman's crying, especially a resentful woman like Lan Yuyan. He truly wanted to pull out his fist and knock her out.

With this roar, Lan Yuyan was once again frightened to death. Her body trembled as she knelt down in front of Xuanyuan Zhi. With her face on his knee, she gently said, "Master, don't be angry. As long as you don't leave, I'll let Yu Yan do whatever she wants."

"Go find Ling'er and have her look at this crazy girl. If anything happens to his, no one will live a good life." Xiao Yun, go get the imperial physician, don't let her die here. " Xuanyuan Qi had already been tormented to the point he had no strength left in his entire body, and he did not want to say anything more. At the moment, all he wanted to do was find a bed and lie down. He wanted to think about how he was going to live his life in the future.

Lan Yuyan and Xiao Yun looked at each other, their hearts full of unwillingness. However, seeing Xuanyuan Qi's dark face, how could he dare to ask another question?

Thus, the master and the servant walked out of the courtyard with their heads lowered, slowly walking to the other courtyards.

Finally, the buzzing sound in his ears was driven away, and Xuanyuan Zhi closed his eyes tiredly. Standing up, he carefully moved his small body forward and laid on the bed.

So tired!

His eyelids did not listen to him at all. Exhausted, he quickly carried Xiaoxiao into his dreams.

Perhaps it was because the action was too big, but Xiaoxiao opened her eyes in a daze. But a voice kept calling in her head, so she was still struggling.

After a long while, she finally opened her eyes completely. She also clearly saw that on the bed, in addition to herself, was the repulsive Xuanyuan Zhi.

She had only been knocked unconscious, but her head was still intact.

Raising her stick in the sun, she gathered all the strength in her body and found the most accurate position. She exerted all her strength and kicked the sleeping Xuanyuan Qi out of the bed.

'Bam! '

Xuanyuan Qi's body was heavily pushed to the ground, causing him to leap up from the ground in pain, "Damned woman, I only gave you a few colors and you want to open the dye vat? Look at me!"

Little Rascal couldn't be bothered with him and yawned loudly. It licked the corner of its mouth and pretended to be dreaming. The back of its head was injured from the flip of its body, causing it to almost cry.

"You!" Xuanyuan Zhi approached her and wanted to pull her up from the bed, but he heard the imperial physician's voice coming from the front gate.

"Greetings to the crown prince!" The old imperial physician arched his back and looked at the tiny figure lying on the bed.

"Woo woo …"

The little half-closed eyes had already seen the arrival of the imperial physician. His mouth was mumbling and he really wanted to get up from this broken bed.

That's right!

This bed?


With a scream, she jumped off the bed and dropped to the ground with a plop. The wound on the back of her head shook and blood started to flow out. Lying on the floor, she fainted yet again.

The imperial physician didn't know why Xiaoxiao was so impulsive, but he immediately stood dumbly by the side, not moving for a long time.

"Did I tell you to come and watch the show?" Xuanyuan Zhi also did not understand why Xiaoxiao jumped down from the bed in such an agitated manner. From her furious face, one could tell that this was definitely not an act.

"I don't dare!" "I don't dare!"

Hearing this, the imperial physician's foot slipped and he fell flat on his face. A gash was created on his forehead, and as he scrambled to the side of Xiaoxiao, he gently touched the wound with his trembling hand.

"Howl …" Xiaoxiao woke up completely out of the pain. She narrowed her eyes and stared at Xuanyuan Qi. From a straight line, her eyes had almost popped out, just like a lantern.

"Crown Princess, your wound?" The imperial physician had wanted to ask Xiaoxiao how the wound had appeared, but Xuanyuan Qi glared at him before quickly changing the topic. "Your wound should have been exposed. You mustn't get wet during this period of time."

A quack! Trash!

Xiaoxiao cursed in her heart. However, when she looked at Xuanyuan Qi, she instantly understood the reason. After lying on the ground for a long time without being able to get up, she struggled to move her body forward.

Seeing Xiaoxiao in such a sorry state yet still being stubborn, Xuanyuan Qi was filled with admiration in his heart. However, in order not to cause any more trouble for himself, he still carried her to bed.

"Put..." Let me go, I don't want to lie on this sick bed. You've rolled around with that bitch, do you want me to roll with you? " Xiaoxiao struggled with all her might and cursed continuously. She wished that she could immediately break free from the restraints.

So that was the reason. He had nearly forgotten the matter from before. However, after thinking about how arrogant this woman was, he decided to ignore her.

"Then you can die in this bed." He threw Xiaoxiao onto the bed.

Xiaoxiao suddenly stopped struggling. Her large eyes that were filled with tears blinked as she sobbed in grievance. She really hoped that a moving superhuman would appear soon and use the moving light waves to hack this damn man to death.

Unfortunately, under the roof of a house, who wouldn't bow their heads? Other than crying like a little woman, she could only lie on the bed and let the quack doctor treat her.

Unable to bear with those small teary eyes, Xuanyuan Zhi hurriedly rushed out of the room and headed towards the backyard.


Ah!" Pain... "Ahhh!

"Damn that damned Xuanyuan Qi, I will definitely let my royal father escape back to justice!"

A small, heart-wrenching oath came from inside the room. Xuanyuan Qi frowned his brows so deeply that he could not look any further, and his footsteps quickened his pace.

Little Jun shouted until her voice was on fire and her head was covered with sweat. She lay by the bed, on her deathbed, weakly staring in the direction of the door. However, that quack doctor still shook both of his hands, and every touch would make her entire body tense.

Finally, after struggling for more than half an hour, her small wound was wrapped in gauze. She was also helped to sit up and looked at the quack doctor in a complete daze.

"Too... Crown Princess, you … As long as there is no water, your wound should be fine. " The imperial physician's cupped hands trembled, and even his voice was shaking.

'Weak! 'Little Jun rolled his eyes with effort. He kept saying that again and again, but he didn't know that Ye Zichen had blindly invited this kind of trash in.

He really wanted to glare furiously at the quack. But right now, she really didn't have the strength to do so. Waving her hand, she said in a Microsoft voice, "Go get the mirror."

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