Wily Consort, Don't Run


Ling'er turned around and glanced at Lan Yuyan and Xuanyuan Zhi. The two of them had the expressions of adulterers, causing her to laugh while covering her mouth with her hands.

Seeing the two of them walking out of the gate, Xuanyuan Qi pushed Lan Yuyan, who was standing right in front of him, hard without any hesitation. With a clatter, the bowl of wine was smashed to pieces, and the blue smoke from the rain also scratched his face.

Covering her face, she looked up at Xuanyuan Zhi with teary eyes, hoping that this man would reach out his hands and pull her up. Unfortunately, at this moment, Xuanyuan Zhi had been completely humiliated, and he rushed towards the door without turning his head back. When he reached the door, he realized that he wasn't wearing any clothes. He hurriedly went back to put on some clothes, wrapped his waist around his waist, and walked out.


Lan Yuyan covered her still bleeding face and cried out. Thinking back to today's plan that she had already thought was foolproof, and now that she had been messed up by that damnable woman, she couldn't help but shout out loud.

Outside the door, the little girl, Xiaoyun, saw that Xuanyuan Zhi had already left. She sneakily took a glance at her master who was in a sorry state, and cunningly covered her mouth while laughing.

Xiaoxiao walked out of the door, kicking down quite a number of Violet Roland along the way. Thinking back to Xuanyuan Zhi and Lan Yuyan's miserable state just now, she laughed out loud.

"Master, master …" Ling'er ran forward and called out.

"You're afraid that that brat will come and cause trouble for me again?" Xiaoxiao lazily replied, but now that she thought about it, looking at her man being with another woman was really annoying.

Forget it!

In any case, this wasn't his final target, so he would just treat it as a bridge that he had to cross. Once he crossed the river, he would see how she would break this bridge. Now, he had to think of a way to leave this birdcage. Perhaps, the martial arts world would be more suited to him.

"Master, where are we going now?" Ling'er swept her gaze across the courtyard, feeling that the smell of blue rain was filling the entire courtyard.

Xiao Yan moved his nose a little as he looked around angrily. He had an idea in his heart. Stopping in her tracks, she pointed in the direction of her room.

"But …" Ling'er glanced around the room, looking at her in confusion.

"There are no buts. You've guessed correctly. I want to move into the rouge palace, so this place will be left for this dog-couple." Xiao Xiaoxiao coldly smiled. He believed that this action would definitely disturb his father. At that time, when the old man asked, the dog-couple would definitely not be able to finish their business.

"rouge hall!" Ling'er repeated the two words as her entire face darkened.

"What are you afraid of!" There are no ghosts in that place, only the guilty will be uneasy. " As she spoke, her gaze shifted to little Ling'er as she thought back to what Pingfei had said.

However, the more it was like this, the more she wanted to see Ling'er reveal her abilities and words in case she really did harm herself one day.

However, it seemed that God didn't want to give her the chance to fulfill this wish too early. Just as she was about to leave, a familiar figure appeared in front of them like a wall. In addition, that wall was extremely alluring, making Ling'er shriek again, leaving her completely dumbstruck.

"Haven't you seen a man before?!" Xiaoxiao was frightened by Ling'er's scream, and she clutched at her chest, wanting to slap her.

There was no helping it, this was ancient times, even OUT was normal. She had no choice but to convince herself that her hand, which had been held up in the air, had finally come down. Turning around, she faced the human wall in front of her.

Deep breath, deep breath!

After taking a few deep breaths, she was unable to tear her gaze away from the human wall. Because this body was simply too alluring. It was tall, strong, and even its abdominal muscles made her eyes feel comfortable. It was so alluring that she even had the urge to bleed out of her nose.

"You are my princess consort. You can forget about going anywhere except to the Dragon Cry Hall. Ling'er, go and bring the princess' princess' clothes to the backyard. " Xuanyuan Qi tyrannically forced the words out of his mouth word by word, forcefully pulling Xiaoxiao into his chest, which was still dripping with sweat.

"Ugh …"


He was overwhelmed by the favor!

Little Jun took a deep breath of the peculiar smell that emanated from him. It was a strange, yet attractive, odor of a man.

However, when a gust of cold wind blew by, she suddenly came to her senses.

Pushing Xuanyuan Zhi away, she pointed at him and stuttered, "You … You damned lecher! "


Instead of getting angry, Xuanyuan Qi laughed and pulled his into his embrace once more, then used his hand to tousle her chin in a provocative manner. Lowering his head, he kissed her forehead.

At such a distance, looking at her beautiful and tender face, sticking close to her body, his body was heating up, and his heart was beating even faster.


The thought of this pig's mouth kissing that bitch and then kissing her made her feel sick, and she tried to push him away. Unfortunately, he was a woman after all, how could he be a match for this tall and strong man?

"I am the crown prince and you are the crown prince's consort. Even if I am going to kill you, you are still a humane man. What are you still standing there for, go quickly! " Xuanyuan Qi said as if it was a matter of course. The domineering expression on his face was like a completely different person. It was completely different from the indifferent attitude from before.

After hesitating for a long time, Ling'er looked at her mistress and then looked at the fierce-looking face of Xuanyuan Zhi, thinking that it would be better for her to leave. As a result, he turned around and ran off without turning back.

"Ling'er!" "Ling'er, come back here!"

Slightly craning his neck, he shouted in a loud voice. Unfortunately, other than the echoes of her voice, the only thing in the corridor was devilish laughter.

Anger! Very angry!

She stepped hard on his foot and slapped him in the face.

At this moment, an even more shocking scene appeared.

Xuanyuan Qi raised his hand in an attempt to subdue Xiaoxiao, but due to the excessive movement, the clothes wrapped around his body fell down with a 'swish'. What was spring light? It was the type that lacked spirit.

Little Eye looked down from where he stood and blinked his eyes. Seeing that it had no more strength left in it, he laughed at it loudly without any trace of politeness. If you can't even deal with a crappy woman, how can you still call yourself a crown prince? So what if it was the crown prince? "Isn't he just a mortal? Let that slut serve you."


Xuanyuan Qi's finger was pointing at a small spot, but when his hand loosened its grip and the spring light was revealed, he quickly returned his hand back to its original position, covering the place he did not want her to see.

"Ai …" Rest assured, I will not reveal your incompetence. " Xiaoxiao glanced at him with a contemptuous gaze. With a mocking smile on her face, she walked out of the hateful courtyard with her head held high.

In the courtyard, only Xuanyuan Zhi was left, his pride severely injured. Looking at Xiao Budian's disappearing back, he failed to say to himself: If I don't practice for a while, the difference in effect is too great.


From today onwards, if he wanted to regain his confident self, not only would he be able to deal with women, but he would also have to deal with even stronger enemies.

Sou sou sou sou!

At this moment, the abnormal sound of the leaves shaking woke him from his loss. He quickly picked up the clothes on the ground and put them on. His previously lifeless eyes emitted a sharp light as he stared at the spot where the leaves were shaking.

"Ai …" He didn't expect that the usually cold Asura would be humiliated by a woman, tsk tsk tsk! "If this gets out …"

Before he showed his face, that loathsome and humiliating voice of his had already made Xuanyuan Zhi fly into a rage.

"It's best for you to sew that broken mouth of yours with thread as soon as possible, otherwise I'll make it so that you'll never be able to speak!" Xuanyuan Qi was trying his best to hold back the raging anger in his chest, his face flushed red.

The leaves on the tree swayed for a while before they stopped moving. However, that person had appeared behind Xuanyuan Zhi.

He was dressed in a long white robe with a long and thin sword at his waist. His long hair was tied up and the white paper fan in his hand was extremely fitting for his outfit.

He courteously bowed to Xuanyuan Qi and said with a smile, "If I can't speak, then the world will probably be thrown into chaos."

"You are praising yourself too much. Why don't you go and look in the mirror and see what you are capable of?" With a backhand wave of his hand, he had actually taken off the clothes of a human being and put them on his own body.

"I am a person who loves beauty, so I look in the mirror every day. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. Sigh … "It's just that this young master didn't think too much about it. This magnificent palace actually has a crown prince that doesn't even have clothes on, hehe!" The person who had come was first-rate in terms of words. He quickly dealt with Xuanyuan Zhi's sharp words and bluntly refuted them.


Xuanyuan Qi had just been humiliated by that damned girl, and now, he was caught red-handed by his good friend. In his anger, he started to smoke from his seven orifices.

He swung his arm and gave the person a big white eye. He paced back and forth in anger. The more he looked at the kid, the angrier he got.

However, the more it was like this, the more it proved a person's mental fortitude. He lowered his head, turned around, and changed to his usual stern look, as he said to the man: "No, no, I'm not angry at all. I'm the cold faced King of Hell, if I can't even subdue you, do I need to stay in the martial arts world?"

The person smiled, waved his fan, and walked to the pavilion to sit down. He took a quick glance at the violets blooming in the yard and began to recite a poem. "The autumn wind is blowing, and the faint fragrance of flowers permeates my heart. I don't hear the sound of the zither playing around me, but the garden is full of spring."

Damn thing!

He was still in the mood to recite a poem. Wasn't this clearly aimed at him? If eyes could kill, Xuanyuan Zhi would have already killed this person countless times over.

Unfortunately, he couldn't kill this person!

After sitting down opposite of the person who just arrived, his tone was extremely bad as he said, "Feng Shaoyun, why are you not staying at the Wind Cloud Villa? "Do you think that the palace is your house? I presume you can come here just like that. I wonder how the royal food raised so many pieces of trash!"

"I don't know about that. Go and ask your royal father. "Perhaps …" The man named Feng Shaoyun glanced at Xuanyuan Zhi, then lazily said, "Maybe Blue Dragon Nation is too rich."


Xuanyuan Zhi roared out a single word in a disgruntled manner, he really wanted to tear that mouth apart.

"I'm so skinny, why did I get rolled over here?" Feng Shaoyun's skin was not as thick as it should be. He waved his fan and snatched away the snacks that Xuanyuan Qi wanted to stuff into his mouth.

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