Wily Consort, Don't Run


"You clearly know that I'm an impatient person, why didn't you quickly tell me the whole story?" The empress took the hot tea from the man's hands, not in the mood to taste it. She had an impatient expression on her face, and there was even a hint of complaint in her tone.

The man only smiled without saying a word. He poured himself a cup of scented tea and took a sip. With a look of enjoyment, he made the empress in front of him angry and helpless.

Seeing that the empress's face was gradually calming down, he finally said, "I've already checked, that Mi Xiaoxiao is not the Heavenly Mountain Saintess, she's only a woman found in a coffin by the thieves who went to find treasures in Heavenly Maiden Mountain!"

"But, even the people were saying that this was the reason why the emperor convinced her of her small status and recruited her into the palace to be the crown prince's consort." The empress looked suspiciously at the man. She didn't believe in the Ghost Holy Maiden either.

However, she had sent her servant to the palace to inquire about all of this. How could a Golden Silk Bird like her, who was locked up deep in the palace, know that there were too many things happening outside the palace? In the past, if he had not been always standing guard by her side, she would not have been able to make Xuanyuan Jie fight with Xuanyuan Qi.

"Rumors can spread like wildfire, but there is only one truth. When the bandits saw that the girl was pretty, they wanted to sell her to a brothel, but they were afraid of the heavens' retribution. After all, she was found on Heavenly Maiden Mountain. Thus, when they saw the notice on the street saying that the Emperor was going to elect a consort for the Crown Prince, they had the thought of sending her to the palace. " The man shook his head as he tried to make sense of what had happened.

"So that's how it is! "Since that's the case, then let's go to the emperor and expose her true colors. When the time comes, let's see if Imperial Concubine Mei can still act so arrogantly." When the empress heard the news, she stood up excitedly and really wanted to tell the emperor.

Then, seeing that the man was indifferent, she suddenly thought of something and sat down obediently, as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over her.

"You've figured it out?" The man seemed to have already predicted that the empress would have such an impulse. He calmly sipped his tea, waiting for the moment she would comprehend.

"But …" The queen looked at him quizzically.

"But there is no 'but'. Perhaps this is a deliberate arrangement by the heavens. Did the empress not notice that Jie'er also had a crush on that little girl? If you really don't kill her, I'm afraid that it will hurt your relationship as mother and son. " The man saw through the empress's thoughts and told her everything he'd observed these past few days. He also hoped that she'd be mentally prepared.

The queen closed her eyes and thought about Jell's small eyes. It seemed like the truth. However, if Jie'er really could make that little girl fall in love with him, it would be of great help to her future hegemony.

Opening her eyes, she decided to first take a look before deciding on anything else. In any case, a little girl wouldn't be able to change the entire atmosphere. Therefore, she stopped discussing this question. "Then, what should we do next?"

"I have asked my student to recruit some experts from the martial arts world. We can proceed according to the plan in a few days." The man spoke confidently, as if his great achievement was just around the corner, just waiting for the east wind to blow and the day when his left hand would reap the rewards.

"But …" The empress looked hesitantly at the man, unable to say anything.

"Where did all these people come from? But, if you want to see Jie'er achieve great things, then you must be vicious." The man suddenly stood up and put on a stern face. His eyes were completely filled with killing intent.

Seeing this, the Queen got up and hugged the man's waist from behind. He pressed his face tightly against his back and softly said with incomparable gentleness, "I will listen to you."

What to do

Seeing this, the Queen got up and hugged the man's waist from behind. He pressed his face tightly against his back and softly said with incomparable gentleness, "I will listen to you."

The empress's gentle words made the killing intent in the man's eyes disappear. He turned around and tightly embraced her. Lowering his head, he kissed her face. The desire he hadn't felt in a long time had been peeled away.

However, the heavens did not give him the chance to continue. Just as the empress took off her clothes with affection, Ball's shout immediately made them push each other aside with great tacit understanding.

"Second Master, you can't go in! Second Elder! " The voice at the door was loud and loud, shouting at the door.

Xuanyuan Jie shot a glance at his and noticed the nervous expression on her face but suddenly stopped in his tracks. Turning around, he leaned forward, a terrifying and sinister look appearing on his face.

"Two …" Second Elder! " Balls was frightened by the sight. His body trembled as he shrank back, lowering his head to avoid Xuanyuan Jie's sharp eyes.

Xuanyuan Jie kept the same posture as he stared at Ball for a while. When he heard the clear voice of her mother coming from inside the house, he gave her a warning look before turning around and walking into the house.

After listening to the footsteps leave, Ball clutched her chest in fear. Just as she was about to catch her breath, she heard other footsteps behind her, causing her to not dare to turn back.

"Is the Queen Mother in there?"

Xuanyuan Ye had been leisurely fanning himself and appeared next to Sweetheart. When he saw the nervous expression on her face, he immediately turned his gaze towards the door. He quickly strode in without waiting for the ball to recover.

"Lord San, Lord San, please wait!" "Hold on!"

By the time Ball had caught up, Xuanyuan Jie was already in front of the empress. Ball saw the Queen's angry eyes and knew he had stirred up trouble again, so he dropped to his knees.

"Get out!"

The queen didn't give Ball a chance to beg for mercy. She shouted at him angrily, and he crawled out of the room, closing the door carefully behind him.

Inside the room, the two brothers looked at each other in tacit understanding before turning to look at their mother who was not satisfied with their request. They were secretly guessing at what was on her mind.

On the other hand, the man seemed to be deliberately trying to conceal something. Even though he wore a mask on his face, his eyes couldn't conceal the desire that had just been aroused. So as not to be seen by the brothers, he had to turn his back on them.

Yet, such a small movement had been noticed by the meticulous Xuanyuan Ye. He frowned slightly. For some reason, he had never liked this man, especially when he saw how intimate the man was with his mother. It made him feel extremely disgusted.

"Why is Imperial Mother so angry?" Xuanyuan Jie asked with concern.

"Humph!" What do you think! "

The empress stared wide-eyed at Xuanyuan Jie, her tone full of blame. She couldn't understand when this son who treated women like his own clothes would be so interested in that furry and undergrown Mi Xiaoxiao. And, more than that, she found that even her youngest son had not escaped her little charm.

Sigh … He should not stay at his age!

Xuanyuan Jie naturally understood the meaning behind his mother's words. He somewhat unwillingly looked at the man who had already adjusted his posture and turned around, hoping that the man would speak up to help him.

The man gave him a look of peace of mind, then cleared his throat and said, "Empress, it is best to place great importance on this matter."

The empress's gaze softened as she met the man's gaze. Stepping forward, she walked in front of the chair and sat down, sizing up Xuanyuan Ye, whom she had not seen for quite some time.

Xuanyuan Ye had only just returned to the Imperial Palace and had heard about the news the moment he entered the door. He had originally wanted to rush over to take a look at the situation. However, just as he was about to walk towards the small courtyard, he happened to see his imperial brother angrily walking towards him from the other courtyards. He was worried that something would happen to his mother as well, so he rushed over, not expecting to bump into this man.

"Is the Queen Mother safe?" Realizing that his mother's eyes were already on him, he put on his usual gentle smile.

"Not bad!" "I wasn't angered to death by you two brothers." The empress's anger couldn't be quelled immediately, but when she saw the man's expression, she had no choice but to repress it.

The man rolled his eyes and suddenly thought of something. "I heard that Pingfei has returned to the rouge hall. I wonder what that woman wants to do?"


The three of them said almost in unison. They looked at each other and frowned.

"Just now, someone came to report and saw that Pang Fei had returned to the rouge hall early in the morning." Pingfei's actions also caused the man to be extremely shocked. He still hadn't figured out what was so important about such an ice-cold palace that was worthy of that woman's love.

When the empress heard this, she suddenly let out a cold laugh and glanced at Xuanyuan Jie. With a dull expression, she said slowly, "It'll be better if we go back. It'll save the emperor the worry of getting that bitch out of the palace."

Xuanyuan Jie's brow did not twitch. After a moment of silence, he looked at the man and asked, "Master, what do you think Pingfei's intentions are?"

The man shook his head, and the unmasked side of his face looked even gloomier.

A feeling, a very strange feeling, that Mi Xiaoxiao had been stunned since the day she entered the palace. However, she was unable to find any clues related to Madam Ping. All of this could only be guessed at in her heart.

Xuanyuan Ye observed the situation from the sidelines. Although he did not know what her mother's future plans were, he still hoped that she would not be harmed in this matter. After sneakily glancing at the man who had always been sinister, he suddenly opened his mouth. "Perhaps, Pingfei only thinks that she's old. As long as there's a sense of peace, she'll be able to safely pass her last years!"

Xuanyuan Jie looked at his brother but did not say anything. He understood what his brother meant and hoped that his mother would make this matter easier.

However, this was not the case.

How could a woman who was nurtured by fame and fortune let go of the emperor's beloved, Madame Ping? As long as Pingfei didn't die, she would live in nightmares from many years ago. Every time she woke up from a dream, she would lie trembling on the bed for a long time without recovering.

"Humph!" The empress snorted coldly in dissatisfaction, giving her two sons a warning.

The man saw that the empress's anger was increasing with the words of his two sons, and decided not to change the subject.

Shifting his gaze to Xuanyuan Jie, he solemnly asked, "How are their preparations for this lowly servant?"

"I have trained a group of assassins and they are waiting for us. Furthermore, a place called the Wind Cloud Villa has recently appeared in the martial arts world. The owner's family is rich beyond compare and can't be compared to a nation with money. Xuanyuan Jie had only received the news in the past two days because several powerful assassins had died at the hands of the Storm Villa.

"Sigh …" When the empress heard this, she let out a long sigh. At the corner of her eyes, she could clearly see the traces of worry.

The man stepped forward to pour the empress a cup of hot tea and offered it with both hands. He looked at Xuanyuan Jie and said, "There is no need for the empress to be so worried. No matter how strong Storm Villa is, it still belongs to the martial arts world. In the palace, it still depends on the military power we have. "Right now, the Emperor is wholeheartedly planning to let Xuanyuan Qi take over the throne. We should put more effort into making him change his mind, that's the best plan."

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