Wily Consort, Don't Run


"Get up! "Get up!" Xuanyuan Zhenhua beamed as he raised his hand.

Other than the emperor, only Imperial Concubine Mei felt this way. On her beautiful face, her phoenix eyes had never left the Queen's fake smile.

Coincidentally, the empress rolled her eyes and turned to face the triumphant Imperial Concubine Mei. It was better not to look, because the more she looked at the proud Imperial Concubine Mei, the angrier the empress became. If it weren't for the fact that he was too weak and that he had given birth to a daughter in the first place, he would not have allowed this son of a side chamber to ascend to the position of crown prince.

Although he gave birth to twin princes later on, the Emperor didn't change the Crown Prince's love because of the birth of his two sons. She had endured it for so many years, waiting for the day when she could get rid of this thorn in her side and allow her son to ascend to the throne of the crown prince.

Turning away, she put on a hypocritical face and spoke gently. "Your Majesty, look at this beautiful daughter-in-law of yours. He is indeed from Tianshan Mountains. His reputation is well-deserved!" Hm! "Yes!" Xuanyuan Zhenhua nodded his head as if he suddenly remembered something. With a benevolent smile, he said, "Qi'er, I still don't know the name of this daughter-in-law of mine." Ah! Xuanyuan Qi's eyes widened as he looked at Xiaoxiao. Then he looked at mufei, whose complexion was not well, and stammered for a long time without uttering a single word.

It was rather eye-catching as he bowed and replied, "Father, my wife's surname is Mi and her name is Xiaoxiao." Xiaoxiao simply introduced her name. She didn't mention the origins behind it, fearing that she would be fooled.

"Good!" Small! "From now on, you are the princess consort of my Azure Dragon Country. You must bring the spirit energy of Heavenly Maiden Mountain to Qi'er so that the descendents of Blue Dragon Nation can receive the protection of Heavenly Maiden Mountain and have peace for generations!" "Yes, my lord!" Little Jun didn't understand what the so-called Heavenly Maiden Mountain was, she only remembered to lie in the ice coffin when she woke up. The surroundings were completely white, and those traffickers used some flowery words to sell her for a high price.

However, it was fortunate that she managed to sell it to the Imperial Palace. If she sold it to a brothel, how would an ignorant girl like her know how to live her life? Good! Announce our imperial decree: It is the fortune of our nation that the Holy Maiden marries into the Azure Dragon Country, and there is an additional three days of joy from our nation. The land tax will be reduced by thirty percent, and the news will be passed on to the other three nations to express our nation's might. " Seeing that Xuanyuan Qi was no longer resisting like he was a few days ago, and seeing that his wife was still as clever and smart as she was now, Xuanyuan Zhenhua kept praising her.

Thereafter, he was overjoyed as he introduced the other three sons in front of the court officials one by one. Following the imperial etiquette, Xiaoxiao kowtowed to the Empress and Imperial Concubine Mei, and after a long struggle, it was already afternoon. After kowtowing to the elders, Xiaoxiao walked out of the great hall under the 'considerate care' of Xuanyuan Qi.

"Since you are now This Highness's woman, in the future, you will follow the rules of this palace. As long as you don't cause trouble for This Highness, you can do whatever you want!" Leaving the great hall, Xuanyuan Qi flung his hand with a look of disgust, released a warning and turned around to leave.

Xiaoxiao angrily stood at the entrance of the great hall, suppressing the displeasure in her heart. Since they were already here, they should quickly get to know this great palace. They gave a look to Ling'er, who was beside them, then aimlessly walked towards the backyard.

From Ling'er, she found out that the backyard was divided into East Palace, West Palace and rouge palace. The East Palace had the current empress, and the West Palace had Imperial Concubine Mei. The two palaces were on par with each other. Although the West Palace was favored, the East Palace was the main palace, and it was as imposing as the West Palace. As for the rouge hall, it was a cold palace that was always cold. It was inhabited by concubines that had been left cold throughout the generations, which was also the cold palace of legends.

Standing on the garden path that led to the three palaces, Xiao Yan stroked his chin in hesitation and stopped. "Which way do you think this consort should go?" The spirit energy paused for a moment, then glanced at the simplest place, and replied with a pensive expression: "You can go to any of the western palace's princesses, only the rouge hall is not allowed." "Why?" This was the first time he had ever been confused about something like this.

"All the concubines there have been spoiled for generations. I'm afraid that her identity as the Crown Prince's consort …" Ling'er lowered her head, not wanting Xiaoxiao to see the tears in her eyes.

But, who is Xiaoxiao? How can she not have this kind of insight? She didn't ask any further, but she memorized this place in her heart. She believed that there would be a day when she would have the opportunity to satisfy her curiosity. However, just as they were walking past the entrance of the rouge hall, a pair of bright eyes met her gaze, causing them to stop in their tracks, unable to control themselves.

"Crown Princess!" "No way!" Xiaoxiao was in the middle of taking a step forward when Ling'er shot an arrow in front of her. She was so nervous that she was frowning.

Strange? Logically speaking, this girl should have taken his place. Even if she wasn't interested in the position of Crown Prince's consort, she shouldn't have acted as his bodyguard. Looking at her expression, it was as if she was worried about something. What was she worried about? Pulling Ling'er away, they stared into each other's eyes at the entrance of the rouge hall. That pair of bright eyes were filled with anticipation, the anticipation of wanting to get close. Looking again, the woman saw that she had been stopped and showed anxiety again. She was so scared that she didn't dare to step out the door even half a step.

"Sister-in-law is really in a good mood. She even comes to such a low status place." A lazy voice rang out by his ear. The person who spoke wore scholarly attire. Next to him was a man dressed like a eunuch, walking over together.

At this moment, the woman inside the door looked panicked. She grabbed her long hair crazily as she screamed and rushed back into the room. When she turned around to look, the woman was already gone.

Turning his head, he felt a little unhappy. Staring at the man with a charming smile, she rolled her eyes at him and turned to leave.

"What is it? Sister-in-law forgot about Second Brother so quickly? " After pausing for a moment, the man continued, "Sister-in-law only views us as superior royal brothers, not us." Xiaoxiao stopped in her tracks. Her royal father had already introduced her earlier in the hall so she naturally knew who this brat was.

At first glance, she saw a rebellion completely different from that of Xuanyuan Zhi. Although it was inferior to her beloved husband, it was definitely not an easy opponent for him. The difference between him and the gentle Xuanyuan Ye this morning was just too great.

Turning around, she gave a deep sigh. "Sigh …" "How can a baby born of a mother be so different?" Hahaha! The Holy Maiden really does have guts. In the entire Imperial Palace, only you dare to speak to me like that. " With a look of admiration in his eyes, Xuanyuan Jie took a few steps closer to Xiaoxiao. He placed a hand on her shoulder and whispered ambiguously into her ear.

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