Wily Consort, Don't Run


In the yard, master and servant looked at each other in tacit understanding, and Ling'er ran to the door to take a look. Seeing the backs of the two sluts leave, he said with great joy, "Empress, they were angered to the point of leaving."

"From today onwards, our lives will return to normal. Haha!" Ye Zichen clapped his hands, then put his hands on his hips and smiled proudly.

To sum it up, although she had eaten tofu, she had also gained a lot of benefits. After chasing away the beasts and scaring away the woman, he did not waste any effort to solve the problem of eating the meat.

Hm! That's right, if the secret of the rouge hall were as easily solved as these chores! Look, I've been starving for the past two days. He had almost forgotten about the incident at the rouge hall. He wondered if Pingfei would think too much if she didn't go to see her for the past two days.

Yes, it had been two days. Tonight, she would cultivate and visit the rouge hall tomorrow morning. In any case, with royal father's permission, there was no need for her to barge into that sinister place in the dark.

One day she would find the person who had been following her in the dark, and he would probably be the one to unravel the secret.

"Empress, are you that confident that the matter of our eating meat will be resolved?" Ling'er was a little doubtful. Lan Yuyan wasn't an easy opponent to deal with. She was so scared that she ran away. Why did it not seem like her style at all?

"That Lan Yuyan might be arrogant, but her status is still low. She only did this to me because she saw that I wasn't favored by my lord, and thought that one day she could stand on my head. " A little sneer. Sometimes people are smart against being smart. On the other hand, Blue Rain Smoke was one of them.

"That woman just saw me walk out of Master's room and thought that I wanted to pamper her back. With our conversation, she felt a little scared." Following Master's speculations, Ling'er continued.

"I am the dignified princess consort. She is merely a concubine who cannot be ranked, and the title would be enough to crush her to death. So what if master dotes on her? I am the crown prince, not the emperor. As long as I don't sit in the position of Crown Prince's consort, I can only do it. "Blue Rain Smoke is an extremely smart woman. A smart woman wouldn't make such a low-level mistake." The little girl was able to accurately guess Blue Rain's thoughts. It was the result of her love of palace novels.

However, this was the harem. To deal with such a woman, he had to use the tactics of the harem to slowly dig holes, slowly fill in the holes, and slowly bury those vicious women.

F * ck you! Being a woman is so tiring! Being a harem woman is even more tiring! To be a woman of the harem of Xuanyuan Qi, that was even more tiring! However, since she was still alive, she didn't plan on living under someone else's feet, especially a lowly woman like Lan Yuyan. He would be able to open the dye vat just by giving a little color, and he wouldn't retaliate; he would die one day at the hands of a lowly woman.

Ling'er thought about it for a moment and felt that Master was absolutely right. There were too many deceitful women like Lan Yuyan in the palace. If the huge tree behind them fell, they would all die miserably in the end. In today's situation, if it were any other woman, she would only be a joke to Lan Yuyan.

However, her master had turned the tables on her and even made her enemies retreat temporarily. She couldn't help but admire this kind of slyness, it wasn't something that could be cultivated overnight.

"Ling'er, who did you say was following me?" She gave Ling'er a probing glance, then thought back to Lady Pingfei's words. She couldn't help but be on her guard against this girl.

Sometimes, Master's thoughts would move too quickly, and Ling'er would always feel caught unprepared. Stunned, she thoughtfully replied, "Maybe, maybe it's the empress's man." The empress's people? " She repeated Ling'er's words and thought back to when her father had promised her he would serve Pingfei. The empress's expression was extremely ugly. On the surface, it seemed like he was competing with mufei for the merit, but in reality, there was another story hidden from him.

Empress? Just what kind of woman was the empress? Every time she saw her, she would feel a tinge of fear. It was hard to say why, but it felt weird.

"So, Empress, it would be best if you did not touch that rouge hall as much as possible, so as to not bring about a fatal disaster at that time." Ling'er looked at the burnt house, not wanting to see the only good people in the palace hurt.

Xiaoxiao stared fixedly at Ling'er's face. Her instincts told her that this girl definitely knew something about the empress. However, she did not ask him about it. She knew that even if she asked him about it, it would not result in anything. So, why did she have to ruin his friendliness? " "What's there to be afraid of? In any case, my life is big!" With a smile on her face, her tone sounded indifferent. She stomped her feet a few times and then said to Ling'er, "Go to the imperial kitchens and have someone prepare some snacks. Tomorrow, we'll go visit Pingfei." The Empress really is going! " Ling'er asked nervously.

"Go!" If she were to be seriously injured, how would royal father explain himself when he comes back? " Imperial Father's decree was a lifesaver, and even if they found out about the empress, no one would dare to do anything to her blatantly.

Ever since that day, Blue Rain had never appeared in front of Little Treasure's eyes again. Little Treasure was also wondering if this woman had already restrained herself.

However, everything was not as simple as she thought.

The scene before him was nothing more than the calm before the storm!

Today, Little Ping prepared some pastries that Princess Pingfan would eat in detail before bringing Ling'er to the rouge hall in a happy mood. Just as she arrived at the entrance of the rouge hall, she discovered that the door was tightly shut. She pressed her ear against the door and heard nothing from within.

"Strange, what happened today?" Little did I remember that ever since royal father agreed to it last time, the main doors of the rouge hall had been opened during the day, why was the door so tightly shut today?

Just as she was hesitating and about to reach out to open the door, a familiar figure appeared in front of her. That person looked at her with a smile that was not a smile, causing her to be stunned for a long time before she came back to her senses.

"How dare you!" You're still not going to kneel when you see the empress? "

Lan Yuyan let out a loud roar and stared at the little servant with an expression as if she was watching a joke.

"Xiaoxiao pays respects to the Empress!"

"Greetings to the Empress from Ling'er!"

Xiaoxiao and Ling'er bowed repeatedly, looking extremely unwilling to pay their respects. In their hearts, they were guessing what kind of ambitious leopard Lan Yuyan had eaten that dared to brazenly appear at the same time as the empress.

"Stand up!"

The empress raised her hand lazily and noticed the expression on her face. A proud expression circled Xiaoxiao as a strange expression appeared on her face.

Not long later, she suddenly stopped and asked in a particularly gentle tone, "I heard that you've taken great care of me these past few days. I wonder if I'm doing well?"

"To reply esteemed empress, I've come to see esteemed wangfei a few times. She's always been crazy. Sometimes I don't even know what she's talking about?" Seeing the expression on Lan Yuyan's face, Little Jun had already started to be cautious.

However, she couldn't understand what was going on. She had seen stupid people before, but she had never seen someone this stupid. Would Xuanyuan Qi not be afraid if he knew what Lan Yuyan had done?

All sorts of questions popped up in her mind as she cautiously glanced at the empress's eyes. Seeing that she didn't have any terrifying killing intent, she felt slightly at ease.

"What did she say she didn't understand?" The empress suddenly asked nervously.

Xiaoxiao didn't hesitate too much. She made an excuse and said, "That day, Esteemed Pingfei vaguely said there was a ghost in the well. This place is not clean. She even said how did the full moon come?" "Hmm …" I got goosebumps and I didn't dare come here for days. "

The empress was skeptical, but this girl hadn't come for the past few days. Glancing at the silent Blue Rain Smoke next to her, she signaled with her eyes.

Lan Yuyan walked forward and pushed open the main door of the rouge hall. She gestured for the empress to enter first. Little Qiao quickly followed, but was pushed back by Blue Rain. Xiaoxiao and Ling'er looked at each other, and their hearts rose.

Upon entering the rouge hall, a ghastly aura greeted them, causing the empress, who was walking at the front, to shudder. Her pale face revealed a strange expression as she clutched the silk scarf tightly.


Why didn't he see Pingfei?

If it was a normal day, she would have come out to dance whenever the door was wide open. What was wrong with her today?

Is he sick?

The unease in her little heart grew even stronger when she didn't see Pingfei's figure.

"Where did my Sister Ping go?" The empress glanced at him, her eyes blaming him as if she already knew something.

"Yes sir!"

With an uneasy feeling, Xiaoxiao searched inwards all the way, shouting, "Concubine Pingfei, the empress and Xiaoxiao have come to see you. Come out!"

While shouting, Xiaoxiao brought Ling'er to quicken her pace to search the inner courtyard, intentionally leaving the Queen and Blue Rain Smoke behind. However, the deeper they went, the more intense the feeling became.

Ling'er followed behind, and the goosebumps all over her body were extremely severe. When she reached the corner, she suddenly stopped and stared at a corner not far away with her eyes wide open. She didn't say anything for a long time.

"Why aren't you leaving?"

He shouted for a while, but his throat felt a bit uncomfortable. He didn't hear Ling'er's response, so he wanted to say a few words to her. When he turned around, he saw that the girl had a strange expression on her face. Thus, she followed the little girl's gaze.


A pool of blackened blood was smeared like an abstract painting in a corner not far away. It looked like a code word from hell.

She rushed over, her hand touching the blood on the wall, smelling it again. The stench was not that strong, and its color was also black. It seemed like it had been a few days, and according to the records in the novels, most of the time, the black bloodstains were due to poisoning.

"Go!" "Let's go inside and take a look!" Standing up, she gave Ling'er a commanding look.

With that, the two master and servant rushed into the yard like crazy. When they arrived at Pingfei's courtyard, Xiaoxiao cautiously made her way to her room.

A gust of wind blew over, and a disgusting smell drifted over from the room. If you looked closely, the door was ajar, and you could clearly see that there was no one inside.

A little scared, but more worried, a powerful force that made Little Jun desperately rush into the room.

He saw that there were quite a few bloodstains on the floor. It was similar to what he had seen on the wall earlier. The room was a mess. There must have been a struggle before the door.

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