Wily Consort, Don't Run


They passed through dense forests and dangerous valleys. He dashed forward, and the further he went, the more he couldn't see the road in front of him. He could only feel the roars of battle gradually receding from behind him. The silence in the forest made him feel terrified.

Silence. The only sound that could be heard in the quiet night was the sound of the wind, while the speed at which the tiger was running increased. In a trance, he closed his eyes and reopened them. A huge waterfall entered his vision.

The tiger stopped under the waterfall, crouched down, and meekly let him down from the tiger's back. Standing under the waterfall and looking at the rushing water flow, the moonlight under the waterfall was like a beautiful white painting, but it was a pity that the painting was missing a few gorgeous decorations.

Duan Ling Tian looked at him absentmindedly, as he didn't notice in the slightest that the large tiger behind him had transformed into a streak of white light and disappeared. However, just as the tiger disappeared, a drop of blood fell from the sky, fusing with the waterfall and causing a splash of blood. Blood gradually spread out, and before long, the entire waterfall was dyed blood-red. A thick stench assaulted his nose, causing him to uncontrollably retreat a few steps back.

However, before he could get used to the stench, a stream of water gushed up from the waterfall. He ran as fast as he could toward the woods, where he couldn't see the road.

Behind him, the woods were submerged in a sea of blood. The sound of rolling waves could be heard from the distance. After running for an unknown amount of time, he reached a separate cliff.

Step Back... He took another step back and turned around on the edge of the cliff. The red waterfall had turned into a hideous face. It was a face that he was familiar with, and the evil on that face was just like that person's. It was sinister, terrifying, and extremely terrifying.

"Jump, quickly jump." At this moment, a woman's voice suddenly reverberated in the night sky. However, when one looked around, they would not see anyone. On the other hand, a trace of fear appeared on that ferocious face.

For some reason, he felt like he was being pulled by a force. He closed his eyes and jumped, his body plummeting down the cliff.

A pair of hands, covered with warm hands, covered with gentle lips. His body floated in the air. When he opened his eyes, a masked woman was smiling at him. Dreamlike, their bodies spun in midair, and just as he was about to open his mouth to ask something …

However, it was already too late.

He had thought that the waterfall would stop there, but just as he was beginning to become obsessed with the girl's laughter, the waterfall came rushing down from the cliff like a demon. The current was so strong that it washed away their clenched hands, and in the blood he looked everywhere, not knowing where to look.

The last thing he saw was the woman opening her arms and being swallowed by the sea of blood with a smile. Soon after, a huge wave flipped over and submerged him within the sea of blood.

As he was dreaming up to here, he was suddenly scared awake. He was scared awake by that terrifying waterfall of blood.

"Master … Master …" "Woo woo!" Lan Yuyan walked in through the door, and before she even finished her sentence, she had already replaced her emotions with tears, which added a hint of disgust to the previously agitated Xuanyuan Qi's face.

"What are you crying for? "Did someone die so early in the morning?" Xuanyuan Qi gave a harsh response.

Lan Yuyan immediately retracted her pitiful tears. Even a fool would know that Xuanyuan Zhi was in a terrible mood and thus, he would definitely not be able to use the skill of Weeping Two. She wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Master, didn't you say that the violets from the rain are the most beautiful flowers in the world?" She changed the attack to gentleness, rubbed his shoulders, and spoke softly.

"Yes!" How could Xuanyuan Zhi be in the mood to care about some Violet Roland? He was speculating on whether this dream was a kind of omen or not. If so, would that woman always be around? Who was it? Blue Rain Smoke? No! Her kiss was not so gentle, nor so pure.

Could it be her? No, that was even more impossible! He was annoyed to see that stupid woman, and she wasn't that kind to him. If he didn't step on her, he would probably end up like Amitabha.

"Master, it's very strange. A violet-colored cloud of smoke fell from the sky overnight." It's actually completely crippled. Say, could there really be a ghost within the palace? " While Lan Yuyan looked at Xuanyuan Zhi absent-mindedly, she had instead explained the matter in a very simple and plain manner.

"Crippled? Didn't it look pretty good last night? " Xuanyuan Qi finally shifted his gaze onto Lan Yuyan. He did not understand what this woman was trying to say. Seeing that this grandpa had pulled his soul back, Lan Yuyan began to let go of her Teardrop Attack. She threw herself into his arms and burst into tears.

"Speak!" Xuanyuan Qi did not have that kind of patience.

"For some reason, the rain smokes, overnight, the violets are crawling with caterpillars, the flowerbeds are a mess of pressed flowers. Master, you have to avenge Yu Yan, the Violet Roland from that courtyard died a tragic death! " Lan Yuyan's tone of voice sounded as if she was incriminating someone's life; it sounded desolate and miserable.

Xiao Yun felt a chill in her heart. If there was a day when she was punished by her lord, her master probably wouldn't spare no effort in raising the blame for her. A lowly life is a lowly life.

"Caterpillar? "Overnight?" He got up and put the clothes back on. He planned to go and see what was going on, or else it would be very difficult for him to believe such a truth.

With Lan Yuyan supporting Xuanyuan Qi, Xiao Yun leading the way, the three of them arrived at the violet flower garden in the backyard.

The caterpillars' fighting capabilities were truly formidable. In just a short while, the previously perfect flowers had become extremely incomplete. Under the sunlight, there was a large patch of fur that was reflecting the light. It was constantly moving, and it looked very spectacular.

Taking a deep breath, Xuanyuan Qi stared at those caterpillars, all the hairs on his body standing up. "Even if someone did it on purpose, where did all these caterpillars come from?" Master, look! " In order to prove that someone had deliberately killed their beloved flower, the blue smoke actually ignored the danger of being covered by caterpillars and tiptoed to grab a withered flower branch from the flower bed. Although the violet had withered, the petals were still preserved.

Although Xuanyuan Qi also liked violets, he did not have a thorough understanding like Lan Yuyan, so he naturally could not see any difference. However, it could be seen that these flowers had been moved from other places.

"Master, look at the color of these flowers." Blue Rain Smoke placed the petal on his finger, clearly presenting the color of the petal in front of his eyes.

Xuanyuan Zhi looked at it seriously but still shook his head in the end. "Even these flowers have been blocked by the sun. What else can you tell?" "Master, do you remember that the original flowers planted by the Rain Smoke were brightly colored? Even if they were to wither now, you can still see that the color of the flowers is much heavier than the ones we have now." Blue Rain very patiently explained, as they focused their thoughts on a certain someone.

"You're saying …" If that's the case, you don't even need to check to know who the culprit is? That damned woman was really reckless. Was it that interesting to do such a childish thing? Could it be that she was resisting his disregard for her? He was angry, but he didn't know why, but a hint of surprise arose in his heart. This was the innate narcissism of a man, and even more so, he wasn't an ordinary man. As long as there were women who liked it, they would have a sense of pride.

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