Wily Consort, Don't Run


"If word of this got out, would she be able to stay in this damned place?" "Muhou, don't make things difficult for sister-in-law. Big bro has always …" Xuanyuan Ye wanted to say something but hesitated. He could only use a smile to cover his embarrassment.

"Forget it!" You can go back! "It's best to avoid this place as much as possible, so that your mufei won't be unhappy." The empress's words were cold, even a fool could understand the meaning behind them.

Xiaoxiao bowed slightly as she watched the woman leave. In his heart, he couldn't help but ponder how to survive in such a place as deep as the sea. Xuanyuan Ye understood his mother's meaning, but to this woman who had just stepped into the palace, could she withstand the internal strife within the palace? Would she be able to subdue his notorious brother? I believe that in the palace, other than myself, there are other brothers who are also waiting to see this show. It was a pity that the female lead of this play was actually a pure and pure woman. He truly was somewhat innocent.

"Thank you for your reminder, Third Brother. Xiaoxiao will be returning to the courtyard now." She made a small bow, forcing herself to change her so-called familiarity into strangers.

"Sister-in-law is walking straight to the right of the hallway, which is the main hall of royal brother." Xuanyuan Ye was wondering about the background of this little girl in his heart. Even though it was said that she was the Holy Maiden, based on his observations today, she seemed to be very different from those immortals.

He did not look straight at Xuanyuan Ye and had already felt that burning gaze. Somehow, his shyness made her blush, and he buried his head in his hands as he turned around and walked towards the door.

As he walked back, his mind was filled with beautiful things. He couldn't help but smile slyly, and in a few moments, he was back at the door of the Hall of Soaring Dragon.

"Greetings to master, Ling'er!" A familiar gentle female voice suddenly sounded from behind him, startling him.

Calming herself down, she turned around and saw that the little girl was the same girl who had been married to the crown prince the night before. Only then did she remember that she had asked the crown prince for her to be his little girl. Looking from head to toe, she discovered that even if this girl changed into the girl's clothes, she still couldn't conceal her elegance. Her delicate and pretty face had a gentleness that she didn't see yesterday.

"Crown Princess, I … "Your servant …" Being stared at in panic, Ling'er stuttered as she spoke.

"Sigh!" "A natural born beauty is truly different. Even with the coarse clothes, it's still impossible to conceal the innate beauty of her temperament." A small, emotional sigh, with a tone of praise and a hint of sour jealousy.

Hearing that, Ling'er immediately knelt on the ground, her body trembling as she kowtowed again and again, "This servant doesn't dare! Your servant doesn't dare! What happened last night was all in accordance to the crown prince's order. This servant didn't dare to disobey, which was why I offended the crown prince's wife. Please forgive me! " The timid lass hadn't even used her trump card, yet she was already frightened to such an extent. It was no wonder that man didn't even spare her a glance after the performance.

Forget it! Since he asked her to be his daughter, he couldn't be bothered to care too much about it.

"Get up! "Just wait on him in the future." He raised his hand and casually walked through the door.

It just so happened that Xuanyuan Qi was walking out of the inner court with a frown on his face. He was worrying about how to deal with his royal father and ministers since he had chased Xiao Min out early in the morning. Moreover, if he didn't appear in the great hall today, perhaps the mufei wouldn't be able to explain herself.

In this way, the two collided head on with fury in their hearts.

"A servant without eyes!" Xuanyuan Qi touched his chest, which was in pain from the impact, and the words left his mouth.

"Hmph!" "Humph!" It was unknown if this was a natural reaction or not, but the two of them habitually retreated a few steps and assumed a stance of wanting to attack, scaring Ling'er who was behind them all the way down to the ground with a plop.

"Calm down, masters!" The emperor and the officials were all waiting for their masters. Eunuch has already come several times to urge them on. " It turned out that after Xiaoxiao left, the eunuch at the emperor's side had already called out several times. Seeing that the crown prince was furious, the eunuch didn't dare to enter the room and could only urge Ling'er, who happened to come over to greet his master, to enter.

She suddenly remembered what the Queen had said, and the anger on her face slowly disappeared.

Xuanyuan Qi patted his head, thinking that he had almost forgotten about the important matter at hand. Putting down his posture, he did not wait for too many responses before rushing into the house. Then, from the next room, he heard the sound of something being thrown down and the sharp cry of a woman.

Roughly half an hour later, Xiaoxiao was carried out of the main entrance of the hall by Xuanyuan Qi. Her originally pale face was covered by pink rouge, her hair was pinned up with a pearl hairpin so heavy it made it impossible for her to lift her head, and her gorgeous clothes accentuated her natural temperament. As soon as he showed his face, the servant girl who was about to come in and serve him was stunned.

"Let me down, you bastard!" She was struggling with all her might, but she was still a weak girl after all. No matter what, she couldn't defeat the stubbornness of a certain man.

Helpless, they could only pretend to be intimate with each other in front of everyone's eyes, attracting quite a bit of discussion from the servants along the way.

Some said that the new princess was strong and had subdued a man who could not be subdued by a thousand women in one night; others said that the Holy Maiden must have some kind of spell that would keep Wild Horse in the pen for the time being; others said that the princess was only a pawn of the Emperor, and that the Crown Prince was making a show of dealing with the Emperor.

Of course, this was only the superficial knowledge of the servants. On the other hand, Second Brother Xuanyuan Jie who was standing at the entrance of the hall waiting for them did not think that way.

As he watched them walk out of the door intimately, his heart burned with a mixture of jealousy and schadenfreude. He followed them with an expression as if he was watching a good show.

In the main hall, the emperor Xuanyuan Zhenhua was full of spirit and vigor. From today until now, when the girls had been beaming red, the smile on his face had never ceased. In his heart, he had begun to dream of hugging his grandson.

At this moment, there were two women sitting beside him. On his left was the noble queen, and on his right was the beautiful and enchanting Imperial Concubine Mei.

He looked to both sides and saw the Second Prince, Xuanyuan Jie, and the Third Prince, Xuanyuan Ye, following their mother. The current empress was standing on the left, while the youngest prince, Xuanyuan Yu, was standing on the right.

At the entrance, the main character of the day, the First Prince, the current Crown Prince, came in holding a small hand. Everyone's attention was drawn to him as soon as he entered the hall.

"This son greets royal father, empress and mother!" This humble one pays respects to royal father, mother empress and mother concubine! " After entering the hall, Xiao Xiao could only rush the ducks to get on the shelf. She slightly bowed, as if she was greeting a wife. However, her heart was set on fire. Since she had nowhere to vent her anger, she secretly pinched Xuanyuan Qi's arm with all her might.

Xuanyuan Qi bit his lips and glanced at the little girl, thinking to take care of her slowly when he got back.

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