Wily Consort, Don't Run


In this way, the scene turned into a huge mess. The originally quiet courtyard had become so lively that it had turned into a clamor. This time, not only the maidservants and eunuchs from the Dragon Cry Hall were attracted, but also the servants of the other courtyards.

However, Xiaoxiao did not care about that. After a few jars of wine, she could no longer control herself anymore. She treated the lively bonfire party like a KTV, and picked up a broom to stand on the stone stool and started singing again and again.

On the other hand, the half-drunk servants followed her melody, dancing up and down like dominant zombies.

Everyone was drunk, but he was the only one awake.

The usually sober Xuanyuan Ye saw everything and watched her happily sing in a loud voice. Listening to her somewhat intonated voice, the smile on the corner of his mouth was so satisfied.

Xuanyuan Yu had no idea what was going on. Under the heat of the alcohol, he danced with the people present and laughed wildly without a care for his status.

Ling'er drank two cups, her legs going soft, but her mind was still extremely clear. She carefully observed Xuanyuan Ye and Xuanyuan Yu without letting go of even the slightest trace of a gaze directed at her master.

Of course, there was a price to be paid for indulgence. Especially in such a complex palace, every single movement might not escape the eyes of some people.

The time for happiness was short. Under the envious gazes of countless people, they tiredly jumped up and fell asleep on the table. Those lucky servants also laid down on the ground in a large group.

Like this, at around midnight, Xuanyuan Ye and Ling'er helped Xiaoxiao into the house, dispersing the girls and servants who were watching the show while Xuanyuan Yu reluctantly left the hall with an intoxicated Xuanyuan Yu on his shoulder.

Finally, he fell asleep. The birds fell asleep, and even the spies who were secretly watching the show tonight had left. In the yard, there were still the servants and girls who were drunk as mud, and the bonfire.

The fire, sizzling at the remaining happiness, grew fiercer and fiercer amidst the grease of the barbecue. The green dragon spat out fire and water. He was happily thinking about the rest of his happiness, and amidst the oily grilled meat, he became even more violent, fierce to the point of … Early in the morning, when the first rays of sunlight shone into the great imperial palace of the Azure Dragon Country, the people who were sleeping were awakened, and a wisp of black smoke rose from a very conspicuous place.

"Fire, fire!" The yard had been thrown into chaos by the noise, the sound of the fire extinguishing, and the sound of the water buckets that had fallen to the ground due to the panic of the girls. On the other hand, the drunkards who had collapsed on the ground last night had long disappeared, leaving Xiaoxiao lying unconscious on the bed, snoring.

The noise was too loud, causing Ling'er, who was unconscious on the ground, to finally open her eyes in shock. Standing up, she looked at her master, who was still sound asleep, and sighed in relief.

"This way, and this way, hurry up!" "Hurry up!" Outside the door, a clamoring voice could be heard. Ling'er took a deep breath, and an unpleasant smell entered her nose, causing her to rush out of the room.

The sight before him was a complete mess. Taking a closer look, the beautiful courtyard was completely different from before. On the other hand, the place that had been burnt black was actually Lan Yuyan's bedroom.

Heavens! This time, his master was in big trouble.

Fortunately, they didn't burn their house, otherwise the cost would have been even greater.

She turned around. She wanted to rush into the house and wake Master up so that she wouldn't have to wait for the Crown Prince to come back.

However, when she turned around, she saw a face even darker than the one in front of her. Following which, the wolf-like wails entered her ears one after another, causing her to shiver uncontrollably.

"Don't tell me you don't know what's going on?" As soon as Xuanyuan Qi, who had accompanied his mufei back to the palace, stepped into the palace, he heard the news of what had happened in Dragon Cena Hall and hurried over.

His Hall of Dragon's Cascades had actually … He was actually burned to this state! Who is it? Who dared to make a move on the Emperor's head? Seeing Ling'er's guilty expression, he finally felt reassured.

"Damned woman, where did that damnable woman die to?" "Crown Prince, your servant …" Ling'er really didn't know how to respond. She remembered that everything was very normal last night before he got drunk. How did he become like this just by waking up? It was strange to say that the bonfire last night was not too close to Lan Yu Yan's residence, so why did he burn Lan Yu's house like this? Had someone done it on purpose? He had some doubts in his heart, but before she could think about it further, he heard Blue Rain, who had already gone mad, wail.

"Master, it must be …" It must be that I don't like your love for Yu Yan, so... Woo woo … * Master, you must seek justice for Yu Yan! " When he came back and saw that his nest had been burnt, Blue Rain was both angry and angry. However, the astute her immediately calmed down, because this was precisely the time when she was making use of this opportunity. How could she miss out on such a good opportunity? Tears rolled down her face as she threw herself pitifully into the crown prince's arms, crying and making a ruckus.

"No, not the Empress. She was drunk to the point of unconsciousness last night. How could she have done such a thing?" Ling'er's hands shook as she opened her mouth to try and explain.

"Insensible?" Xuanyuan Qi seemed to be more interested in these four words.

Upon hearing these words, Ling'er immediately shut her mouth and lowered her head.

"Where did that damn woman go?" Damn! Without even thinking about it, Xuanyuan Qi knew that this matter had something to do with Xiaoxiao. The bedroom that didn't burn at all, but instead burned with blue rain smoke. If he didn't teach her a lesson, how would he, the crown prince, survive in the future? Seeing that Ling'er was hesitating, he angrily pushed Ling'er away and rushed into the small bedroom.

The bedroom was a mess. There were clothes that had fallen off, and the blanket had fallen to the floor. As he got closer, the small part of the bed was still in his dream of being a beautiful man. Her limbs were open, and she was in her only remaining undergarment. Her beautiful legs were slender and white, and her face was suffused with a simple smile. Saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth, making her look like an alluring painting.

I didn't expect this woman's figure to be so good, her flapping skin really makes me love her dearly. Xuanyuan Qi did not expect his naughty wife to be so seductive. He looked at her sweetly sleeping appearance with some fascination and did not say anything for a long while.

"Master …" Of course, Blue Rain had seen through the crown prince at a glance. Not giving him much time to think, she repeatedly shook his arm.

"Damned woman, get up!" With one hand, Xuanyuan Qi shook his head and told himself that he was hallucinating and unceremoniously threw Xiaoxiao off the bed like he was holding a little chick.

Pain! F * ck, how could a damn pretty boy be so rude?

Forget it! For the sake of being a beautiful man, she, Mi Xiaoxiao, did not mind. Turning over, she thought she was in a dream, where she would lie comfortably on the ground and continue dreaming.

Was this a woman or a pig? He could actually sleep like this even after falling down? Xuanyuan Zhi was angry and furious, but he also found it funny. However, facing the crying Blue Rain Smoke, he could only swallow his laughter.

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