Wily Consort, Don't Run


When the two girls entered through the curtain, they saw the Crown Prince lying on the floor in a sorry state, and then saw the bright red spots on the bed sheets. They lowered their heads and covered their mouths with their hands, laughing shyly.

"Scram!" A wolf howl shook the air. Unknowingly, Xuanyuan Qi had already opened his eyes from the ground and a pair of eyes that were filled with anger was filled with killing intent.

In an instant, as if they had seen a ghost, the two girls took the red slip on the bed, turned around, and charged towards the main entrance. A panicked little girl accidentally knocked on the door, which made her laugh out loud.

"If you're done laughing, then scram together!" Rising to his feet, Xuanyuan Qi lifted him up like a chick and, without a word, tossed him out of the room.

Pound! The door was tightly shut, and Little Treasure sat on the ground, unable to stop himself from being overjoyed.

After a long while, she touched her sore butt and watched as the door moved towards the corridor. She didn't have to take more than a few steps before she heard the door open behind her.

"Come back! With a loud roar, Xuanyuan Zhi had already changed into a clean set of clothes and stood in front of Xiaoxiao with big steps.

"I say, Crown Prince, I, Mi Xiaoxiao, am not a ball. If you want me to stay, then stay! If you want me to leave, then scram!" He paused for a moment, then continued, "From today onwards, you will live in your East Branch, I will live in my West Branch. If you want to provoke me, I will definitely teach you a lesson!" Throwing these words down, the little fellow took the lead and casually strode into the unfamiliar corridor.

"It's the opposite!" It was all reversed! Someone! Someone come! " Crazy! Watching the beautiful and domineering figure of the Royal Concubine slowly disappear, Xuanyuan Zhi roared out loudly.

But he forgot, in order to cooperate with this show last night, he had already removed all of the girls' guards from the two courtyards. Now, even if he shouted his lungs out, he could only see a few birds fleeing in panic.

Prince Xiao Yao, however, had forgotten about it. Yesterday, in order to cooperate with this show, he had removed all of the little girls' guards from the two courtyards. Now, even if he shouted until his throat was sore, he could only see a few birds fleeing in panic.

At this moment, behind the fake mountain not far away, a pair of eyes could clearly see everything that happened just now. The corners of his mouth curled up into a trace of a strange smile, and he looked in the direction of Xiaoxiao's gaze.

It was just that, suddenly smelling the fragrance, her empty stomach forced her to stop. Turning around, she entered a relatively simple courtyard. Raising his head, he heard a cold shout: "How dare you! 'This is the empress' body training hall! Who dares to barge in! ' He took three steps back, his face showing that he had been shocked.

Looking carefully, the two men dressed as guards in front of him had a solemn expression on their faces, and a long sword that symbolized the palace was worn on their waists. The two of them were like a human wall blocking her path. If she took another step forward, her neck would be slashed by the sword that did not have eyes.

Strange? The empress actually lived in such an inconspicuous place. From the looks of it, this was most likely a place for the quiet cultivation of the imperial palace. "Perhaps that so called empress had already been beaten into the cold palace?" If you don't leave now, don't blame me for being rude. " Noticing that Xiaoxiao was still standing in her original spot, the two guards stepped forward again. With a neat motion, they placed the sharp sword against her neck.

"Ugh …" The cold feeling was not easy to bear. It made the people who were never afraid of fighting shudder. They forcibly caused the tip of one of the swords to leave a tinge of blood on the tender skin. Closing her eyes, she ruthlessly bit her lips with her little face. She couldn't possibly have died on the very first day of their marriage, right? "If that's the case, why let her make a grand debut here?" Stop! Don't be rude to the Crown Princess! " In the moment of pain, a deep, powerful voice resounded in the courtyard.

However, this magnetic voice seemed to circle around her for several centuries, as familiarity and sadness filled her heart. She opened her tear-filled eyes and shouted, "Brother!" "Big brother?" The person paused and repeated the unfamiliar name. His eyes focused on that small delicate face.

This servant greets Prince Xiao Yao! "The servants are blind, please atone for your sins, Crown Princess!" The two servants knew they were in trouble, they immediately sheathed their swords and knelt down to kowtow a few times.

Silence. It was very quiet. The courtyard seemed to be devoid of any other sounds other than breathing. Even the chirping of the birds seemed to have stopped at this very moment.

Under the gentle breeze, they looked at each other, and the tears in their small eyes flowed down their pale faces. Her eyes were filled with memories from the past, memories she would never be able to forget.

He had been the most exciting moment in her memories, and the source of all her regrets up to now.

At this moment, he was standing before her eyes once more. In her previous life, he was her shoulder, and every time he could rely on her crying shoulder, he could.

What about in this life? "If he was still the same person, then what role would he play in her life?" Third brother greets his sister-in-law! " The person blinked his eyes as he came back to his senses and respectfully saluted.

There was a look of panic in his eyes, and he didn't know why, but he felt a pang in his chest when he saw her tears. This pain was due to the unfamiliar woman in front of him. This woman was the princess' consort, and also the daughter of his half-brother.

Listening to the man's self-introduction clearly, Little Ping had to pull himself back to reality. Rubbing her still bleeding neck and wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes, she imitated the movements on the television and raised her head, elegantly saying, "All of you, rise!" Hearing his voice, the two guards on the ground stood to the side. Prince Xiao Yao stepped forward with a handsome smile on his face. His gentle eyes carried the look of a man. When he saw Prince Xiao Yao speak, he saw a kind looking woman coming from the corridor by the side door.

She was as light as the wind, as beautiful as a painting, and her brows were filled with smiles. Although the woman did not have elegant makeup, she had an elegant aura.

"Greetings to mother Ye'er!" This servant greets the empress! " The guard who had just gotten up knelt down once more. Xuanyuan Ye also sincerely paid his respects. Only Xiaoxiao stood on the spot, sizing up the woman who had suddenly appeared from head to toe.

"Esteemed imperial sister-in-law, why haven't you paid respects to the Queen Mother yet!" It was only after hearing the reminder that Xiaoxiao realized where she was. She hurriedly bowed and stole a glance at the empress, afraid that she would invite disaster upon herself again.

"Stand up!" The woman lifted the fingertip with the long armor and the smile on her face did not diminish. She sized up the little girl and said, "Qi'er is indeed blessed to be able to marry such a symbol of a woman." "He wanted to pretend to say something, but then he heard the voice continue to ring in his ears," Only, why did you come here instead of paying your respects to the emperor on the second day of marriage? " "This …" After hesitating for a moment, she could not tell the empress that she had slept on the ground after a fight with the Crown Prince, and that she had left the girl red in her room.

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