Wily Consort, Don't Run


This was the first time she had paid so much attention to this young boy. She felt that it was a little strange, and the feeling of him staring at her made her feel a little shy.

"Sister-in-law, this is all your doing. It's so delicious." Xuanyuan Yu foolishly smiled, like a big child opening up a greasy hand.

"Then let's eat more. The two of us won't be able to finish that much anyway." Slightly satisfied, she smiled. Since she had a guest, she should treat him well. At this moment, she gave Ling'er a look, indicating that the little girl should settle this matter as soon as possible.

Ling'er, on the other hand, was still standing at her original spot. However, thinking back about the fact that Fourth Master had already arrived, even if there was one more person, the Crown Prince wouldn't be angry. Thus, she turned around and walked out of the hall, and quickly ran towards her destination.

Ling'er walked all the way, thinking about what to say. However, her luck was good. Before she had even walked through a few corridors, she saw a worried Xuanyuan Ye walking towards her.

She paused for a moment. She felt that if she were to invite San Ye like this, she would lose her master's identity. Seeing that San Ye was almost in front of her, she suddenly thought of something and fell to the ground.

As he wished, Ling'er's shout had completely attracted Xuanyuan Ye's attention. He quickly took two steps forward and immediately recognized who it was.

Seeing the expression on Ling'er's face, Xuanyuan Ye was a little worried. Could it be that something big had happened and this girl was asking for help? " What is there to be so flustered about? " he asked, pretending to be calm.

"Yes …" It was because Ling'er acted in such a reckless manner that Lord Third was worried. Originally … Originally, the esteemed Empress had sent Ling'er to the kitchen to arrange some things for her. He didn't expect that halfway … Ling'er reacted quickly. Unable to find any excuse, he could only say that he was going to the imperial kitchens to get food. Anyway, Master was currently enjoying delicious food with Fourth Master.

After Xuanyuan Ye finished listening, questions began to fill his mind. Even if she was going to the imperial kitchens, she shouldn't have taken this route. It was obvious that this girl was lying. "But what does she want to hide from herself?" You just need to send the other servants to do these things. Where's your master? " Xuanyuan Ye directly asked.

"Master …" Master... "She …" With a submissive expression, Ling'er spoke in a tone as though she was concealing a big secret.

"Speak!" Anxious, Xuanyuan Ye gave a rare cry.

Ling'er was startled. What had happened to the always gentle and refined San Ye today? Could it be … "Could it be that he likes Master?" Master... Master and Lord Four were currently … They were currently roasting food in the Dragonbreath Palace. Ling'er stammered in a low voice, as if she was talking about something that could not be told.

"Barbecue?" Why couldn't Xuanyuan Ye find an explanation for this phrase in his mind? Just what kind of tricks was this girl playing? As usual, at this time, Yu'er should be in Imperial Concubine Mei's main hall. How could this be? He could be considered curious! He frowned slightly and quickened his pace, wanting to get to the bottom of this matter as soon as possible.

Ling'er looked at Xuanyuan Ye's figure and a trace of jealousy suddenly appeared in her eyes. It was the sort of jealousy that normally existed between women. When she regained her senses, Xuanyuan Ye's figure had long since disappeared. She could only pretend to be dragging her injured leg as she followed behind.

He saw a bonfire slowly rising up from the courtyard as Xuanyuan Yu and Xiaoxiao sat side by side on the ground. It was rare to see Xuanyuan Yu laugh so happily, but he was also using his hands to grab a big chicken leg and wolfing it down without a care in the world. On the other hand, Xiaoxiao was smiling as she carefully wiped the greasy oil from the corner of his mouth. The two of them were happily discussing something. Something Like... Like a newlyweds.

Was he mistaken? Xiao Yu had never spoken to her elder brother's harem women. Moreover, he had grown up with Imperial Concubine Mei, so he had long developed a proud personality. He also had to be strict in every aspect of etiquette. He reckoned that the situation of eating the chicken leg with his hands like this would never happen again after the age of five.

I don't think my brother is home today.] The appearance of Xiao Yu made him even more curious.

Not only that, but he also felt that the heat wave in his heart was strange. When he saw Xiaoyu's concern for him, a hint of jealousy emerged in his heart.

Ling'er had long since stood behind Xuanyuan Ye, but because Xuanyuan Ye was too engrossed in his thoughts, he had been unable to pay attention to his surroundings. She watched his face and eyes. After a while, he gently asked, "Master San, why aren't you going in?" "Ugh!" Xuanyuan Ye was stunned for a moment. He was so dazed that he did not even notice someone standing behind him. He stole a glance at the expression on Ling'er's face and wondered about her identity.

"Lord Third is here!" Seeing Xuanyuan Ye, a hint of excitement welled up from within his heart. Perhaps it was because there was a shadow in him that she could not forget, or perhaps it was because there was a special attraction to him. Compared to that superficial Xuanyuan Zhi, he looked much more pleasing to the eye, and also attracted her to the urge to get close to him.

"Third brother, come!" "Quickly, taste it. The barbecue that sister-in-law cooks is really delicious. I've never eaten anything as delicious as this in my life." Xuanyuan Yu was especially happy, holding the chicken leg that he had taken a big bite of, waving his other hand and shouting at Third Bro.

Xuanyuan Ye returned to his calm and refined state. He walked over to Xuanyuan Yu's side and asked with concern, "Why didn't you accompany Imperial Concubine Mei today? Why did you come here to have fun?" Xuanyuan Yu laughed and looked mysteriously at Third Brother, saying, "Today, Big Brother and that woman called Yu Yan accompanied mufei to the Tai Temple to burn some incense. They said that they might not return tonight. I was bored and didn't follow them. When I came out for a stroll at night, I smelled the fragrance coming from this place and I was hungry, so I walked in. I never thought that sister-in-law would be able to roast such a delicious dish. Hearing about that woman called Lan Yuyan again, Xuanyuan Zhi sneaked a glance at Xiaoxiao. It was unknown whether it was because Xiaoxiao hadn't heard it, or whether it was because she didn't care about these things at all.

Xuanyuan Yu also gave him a small glance before moving closer to Third Brother and quietly said, "It seems that sister-in-law isn't very interested in Big Brother and doesn't really care how many women Big Brother has by his side." Xuanyuan Ye did not say anything. If a woman did not love that man, she could just ignore her, but if a man who truly loved her did so, his heart would still be in pain.

What kind of person was she? Curious, very curious.

According to the servants, a few days ago, Big Bro had brought that woman, Blue Rain, into the same courtyard. How could she have been so happy on such an unsightly day?

You must be faking it, right? As he thought about this, he moved towards Xiaoxiao. Squatting down and looking at the roasted chicken wings, he could feel his appetite growing.

"Here, try this. You won't forget it after you finish eating." She picked up a piece of chicken breast that had just been roasted and raised her head to meet Xuanyuan Ye's concerned eyes.

That's great! There were still people who cared about him.

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