Wily Consort, Don't Run


Ling'er foolishly watched as her mistress' figure disappeared before her eyes. She stood on the spot, holding the wooden bucket without moving for a long time.

Uninvited guest: Wakaka! Barbecue. It will be soon! With a little bit of joy, he piled up the carbon that Ling'er had brought with his, and then skillfully set up the grill. After he finished preparing all of the meat, it was already dark by the time everything was ready.

Stealthily running to the front yard and taking a peek, he found that the dog-couple had yet to return. She scooped up her sleeves in excitement and ran back to the back yard to light a bonfire. She tied the skewers together and placed them on a shelf to roast.

"Empress, can it be so familiar?" Don't eat too much. " Ling'er looked at her master in disbelief as she busied herself with scrubbing the meat sauce with a brush.

This was the first time in her life that she had seen a human being roast meat like this. Even when she used to hunt in the woods, she could only use a thick stick to put on the grill and roast it. Today, she even asked her to make some iron nets and put the meat on them.

When she went to get the meat today, the servants in the kitchen were all asking all sorts of questions, causing her to not know how to reply. The servants were probably thinking that since their mistress was the Holy Maiden of the Heavenly Maiden Mountain, she shouldn't have any special hobbies. Eat the blood, for example.

After hearing these words, she didn't dare to tell her master, afraid that her master wouldn't be happy about it.

Xiaoxiao was in a very good mood. She grabbed a pair of extremely long chopsticks and started flipping the meat on the net. Glancing at Ling'er, he said with certainty, "Don't worry, we won't die from eating. Our side will eat like this. A group of friends will surround us." "Drinking, punching, the days go by …" He missed it! She missed her friends who had walked the streets looking for barbecues with her. She missed the mad women who were drinking good wine. She missed the taste that made her drool even more.

Wow, wow, wow! Saliva dropped.

Touching the corner of her mouth, she lowered her head in shame and wiped her mouth with her sleeve, smiling foolishly.

"Slashing fists are all men's games, but the Empress actually knows it!" Ling'er looked at her mistress with a face full of worship, thinking that if her mistress had not entered the palace, she would have probably become a chivalrous girl filled with a strong sense of loyalty.

Unfortunately, this was a golden silk cage. No matter how amazing he was, if he didn't understand the affairs of Zhou Quan, his end wouldn't be any better. In this way, the worship made her feel a little more sympathy for her master.

"We don't have the same gender in our place. We don't have the same masters and servants as here. Anyone with ability can live a good life." I miss the days of full computerization, when I'm bored, I can go online and play online games. Other than counting the stars and counting the ants, there was nothing else she found interesting to do at night.

However, this place had its special attractions. In the past, he had watched H movies and even snuck in secretly. Now that he was here, not only could he see the dog-couple on the other side of the street every day, but he could also see those girls and guards secretly cheating in the dark places he occasionally passed by.

Sigh … There were gains and losses! He didn't know if he would ever have the chance to return to that place in his life. Even if she faced the man that betrayed her once again, facing the cruel reality, she was willing to accept it.

"Gender equality?" Ling'er muttered to herself, thinking about how ridiculous it was to be able to achieve such a thing in such a country. Master was truly daydreaming.

"Here!" "How's the taste?" Xiaoxiao very confidently used her chopsticks to pick up a piece of golden roasted wing and gave it to Ling'er. This was a method once used by a certain male professor to roast wings that were extremely beautiful and delicious. As long as he had a taste, there was no one who didn't want to try again.

Ling'er was skeptical. She used her chopsticks to pick up the chicken wings, stuffing them into her mouth as if she was eating poison. A small bite, just a small bite. The meat was soft and tender, and it was plump but not greasy. The corner of her mouth couldn't help but curl up into a satisfied smile.

"I didn't lie to you right!?" Not everyone is that honored, I would not casually roast these things. " As she spoke, she passed a large drumstick to Ling'er.

A friend? She didn't know.

However, in this lonely place, Ling'er was the only person who could speak. She could only treat this little girl a lot.

Helpless, life without friends was really hard.

Friend? Zhang Junxiang's face suddenly appeared in her mind, the corners of her lips curling up into a sinister smile. Ling'er then waved her hands towards him, and moved her ears over to his side.

"This... How can this be? " Ling'er was greatly alarmed, and as soon as she stuffed the chicken leg into her mouth, she immediately vomited. He looked at his master in horror, not knowing what to say.

"What's wrong with that? The dog-man isn't here anyway." Besides, and with so much food, can the two of us finish it? If you don't say it, I won't say who else will know. " Xiaoxiao had already forgotten where she was. She just hated the loneliness, the absence of her friends, and the cold, bustling courtyard. One day, she would go crazy.

Ling'er looked at her master with hesitation. If she really did that, then the trouble she would cause wouldn't be something that her master could collect.

"If you don't want to go, then I'll go by myself!" Xiaoxiao could see that Ling'er was afraid, afraid of that damned dog-man, afraid of the so-called rules and regulations of the palace.

However, she wasn't afraid. She had the title of Holy Maiden, and there was also the Emperor who doted on her. Even if she caused any trouble, no one would do anything to her.

"That's even worse. If this gets out, where will the Crown Prince put his face?" Ling'er almost cried out when she heard this. Did this clumsy master not know anything about women? When he mentioned Xuanyuan Zhi, his little good mood sank to the bottom. Snorting lazily, she replied in a very displeased manner, "Oh my god! It's none of his business. Besides, it's not like I'm doing anything shameful. " She glanced at Ling'er. Actually, she wanted to say: "So what if there is?" These days, people believed that only state officials could set fire to the city, and couldn't they light lanterns for the commoners? The master and the servant suddenly fell silent. Listening to the sizzling of the charcoal and smelling the roasted meat, they thought of their own thoughts.

At this moment, the aroma of roasted meat had already drifted out of her area, attracting uninvited guests.

The man stopped and turned the corner without a second thought and entered the courtyard. When he entered the sect, he completely ignored the two master and servant. He walked straight to the side of the roast meat, squatted down, and picked up a fragrant chicken wing with his chopsticks, sending it into his mouth.

"It's so fragrant. It tastes so much better than what those idiots make." As he ate, his mouth did not forget to praise the food as he picked up another piece of fragrant meat and put it in his mouth.

Who is it? The same question appeared in the minds of the two women. Turning around at the same time, they looked at the man who was eating with relish, and their faces revealed expressions of surprise.

"Master Four, you …" "Why are you here?" Coming back to her senses, Ling'er respectfully gave Xuanyuan Yu a great bow.

Xuanyuan Yu? How could this kid have wandered all the way here if he wasn't staying by mufei's side? With a puzzled expression, Xiaoxiao squatted down and stared closely at Xuanyuan Yu. No matter how he looked at it, he didn't look like that damned dog-man. He had delicate facial features and a fair complexion. His noble temperament could be seen beneath his grave robe. His bright eyes stared unblinkingly at himself, and the faint smile on his lips was very amiable.

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