Wily Consort, Don't Run


Xiaoxiao did not ask any further, as it seemed that Ling'er was afraid of Imperial Concubine Mei.

Forget it! This was the era where masters and servants were divided. There were some things that one could not refuse to accept. He could not be bothered to continue talking to the little girl. Today, Xuanyuan Zhi was not present either. She took off her outer coat and walked out.

In fact, the Dragon Ape Hall was actually very large. The courtyard where Xiaoxiao and Xuanyuan Qi were living in was more than a hundred rooms, with more than a dozen large and small bathing pools within. There were six bathing pools closest to the small house. The largest one, Blue Rain, occupied it after living here. With the smell of that slut, she stopped using it. The other, more beautiful Xuanyuan Qi was still in use, so she could only randomly pick one of the remaining ones.

The bath she had chosen was located at the back of the bedroom. On the bath was a house made of logs. The house was simple and simple, with a sense of nostalgia. Long, light purple muslin fluttered on the beams of the houses in the surroundings. This was what she had asked Ling'er to change into on the first day she moved in. She liked purple and had an elegant yet fox-like charm. This was one of the realms that she required of herself as a woman.

There were many flowers growing around the house. It was a place where one could not only enjoy the body, but also enjoy the sight of bathing.

Unfortunately, what was missing from this place? That's right! It was that melodious sound of a zither, as if it was playing out from deep within the mountains in countless movies.

Sigh … When would she learn to be an ancient lady? After being here for so long, she still wasn't used to having Ling'er help her take off her clothes. As he approached the steaming pool, he noticed that it was already filled with the petals of a beautiful rose. He reached his foot in and felt the temperature of the water was appropriate, then he told Ling'er to withdraw.

She took off her clothes, revealing an alluring figure. Her pink and tender skin was extremely alluring. Looking through the purple gauze, that faint seductive feeling was definitely something that no man could endure.

She squatted down and splashed her chest with water, then stretched out her white and tender feet into the water. The faint fragrance of roses drifted out from the petals, causing her to involuntarily close her eyes and lean against the pool, revealing an expression of enjoyment.

A cool breeze blew past, blowing away the muslin curtain. Unknowingly, a beautiful flower scroll was reflected in the eyes of a certain man. He silently gazed at that absolutely beautiful face in the pool, and had the urge to jump into the pool and bathe together with her.

Little Qiao closed her eyes and used a silk towel to gently wipe her body. As the water flowed, a few petals stuck to her chest. Perhaps it was because of the water's temperature, but at first she didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. However, after a while, she felt the heat in her chest increase, and she immediately opened her eyes.

Lowering her head, her birthmark was covered with petals, and that was where the heat came from. She hastily pulled away the petal and the scene in front of her stunned her.

The disgusting birthmark was no longer there. There was a beautiful rouge flower blossoming on his chest, just like … Just like in the mirror.

Heavens! This... What was going on? He thought that he would be able to calm down after a short nap, but to think that the other party would actually … To think that it would turn out this way.

She touched her skin with some fear. The heat was still there, and to her touch, it felt like this piece of skin was not hers.



Shaking her head in astonishment, she cried out, her face pale.

Ling'er, who was guarding not far from the bath, heard the cry and quickly ran to the curtain's door. She asked very worriedly, "What happened to the Empress?" Is the water too hot? " Realizing that she had lost control of herself, Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and leaned against the edge of the pool like a defeated rooster. Lifting her hand weakly, she softly said, "It's alright, I fell asleep just now and made a … I had a nightmare. "

"The Empress must have suffered some sort of shock at the rouge hall, which was why her mind was somewhat unsettled. Resting for two days, she will be fine." Ling'er pulled back the light purple muslin and looked at her mistress, only to discover that her master's expression was extremely unsightly.

Feeling a little too worried, she walked over to the edge of the pool and extended her hand to feel the temperature of the water. She realized that the water was already somewhat cold. Turning around, she picked up a bucket of hot water and poured it in.

Feeling the suitable temperature of the water, he regained his senses. She covered the birthmark with her hand, afraid that Ling'er would discover something.

Unfortunately, the more he hid, the easier it was for him to attract attention.

"Hey!" The Empress actually has a rouge flower birthmark on her chest. " Ling'er raised her head and coincidentally saw it. Furthermore, she felt that this birthmark was really too beautiful, as if it was embroidered onto her.

"Ugh!" Forget it! In any case, Ling'er had never seen that birthmark before, so it didn't matter even if she knew about it. He smiled at her and explained in a small voice, "This thing has been around since birth. When people grow up, it also grows up with them."

"The Empress's life is truly good. Even a mole can be so beautiful." A look of envy appeared on Ling'er's face as she thought back to her past. A sense of inferiority hit her, making her lower her head in sadness.

Xiaoxiao watched Ling'er's expression change, thinking that even though they had been together for a while, Ling'er had never mentioned her past or her family. This girl was like an emotionless, cold-blooded animal. She rarely frowned even when she saw the servants being beaten and scolded.

When she opened her mouth, she wanted to say something, but seeing Ling'er raise her head and regain her smile, she swallowed the words that were in her mouth.

"Empress, let me pour some hot water for you. If you wash well, you won't have nightmares." Ling'er carried the wooden bucket and was about to leave when she was called back.

"No need, go and see if that adulterous couple has returned. If not, I will roast them." Xiaoxiao was no longer in the mood to continue soaking in the water. As she spoke, she stood up and walked towards Ling'er.

"Barbecue?" Ling'er asked in confusion.

After putting on the undergarment with the flower embroidered on it, Xiao Bu Dian stopped what he was doing and explained with a conflicted expression, "Then … That's the barbecue. "

"If the Empress wants to eat barbecue, there is no need to spend so much effort. Just let the imperial kitchens do it." How could Ling'er know that roasting meat was fun? She only felt that going to the kitchen was a very tiring and tiring thing, causing her to feel dirty and greasy all over her body to feel uncomfortable.

She turned around and tied her belt, then tilted her head happily as she laughed and said, "That kind of fun is much better than making a living in the kitchen. Go on!" "Go prepare a bowl of charcoal, some chopped pig feet, chicken legs, and beans …"

Ah!" In a single breath, Ling'er spoke of many different foods, causing Ling'er's eyes to widen like a copper bell. She was even more confused about what her master was trying to do.

"Go! "Remember to bring all the sauces and stuff to the back of my house, so that the adulterous couple won't come back and ruin my mood." After saying that, Xiaoxiao walked out of the curtain, thinking that this place was too boring. If she did not find some more fun, her days would be difficult to bear.

Right! She could not live like this in the future. She had to make the cold cold palace into a paradise for everyone.

Just you wait! Xuanyuan Qi, since you won't let me live a peaceful life, then I will also let you live a peaceful life.

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