Wily Consort, Don't Run


However, he still observed the situation unfold. His gaze landed on that tiny face, and many questions that had to be considered emerged into his mind.

"Thank you royal father, then can I move over to your side tomorrow?" Xiaoxiao beamed with joy. This time, she could reasonably enter the rouge hall. She did not need to be as secretive as before, nor would she be scared by that damned man's appearance in the middle of the night until she was covered in sweat.

She felt the secret beckoning to her and kept waving. She knew that she was getting closer and closer to it, and she hoped that one day, when she really understood it, she would be able to smile brightly.

"Your majesty, I'm afraid this isn't appropriate." The empress couldn't help but speak up, but she noticed that the atmosphere wasn't right as soon as she said it. In her nervousness, her somewhat panicked expression seemed extremely unnatural. She even did not dare to look Xuanyuan Zhenhua in the eye.

"What's wrong with that?" This time, Xuanyuan Zhenhua was also anxious and his tone also contained a hint of anger.

"That's right!" Elder sister felt that it wasn't right. She was just a young wife of our Xuanyuan family. Even if she had to show respect to her senior and take care of the crazed Madam Ping, it was still a rare act of filial piety. Moreover, this has always been the Emperor's wish. Could it be that Big Sis wants to lower myself to take care of it? " Imperial Concubine Mei had always been a eloquent person. Seeing her daughter-in-law strive so hard, she naturally did not stand aside and watch. And let the damn woman see how much she likes her precious son's woman.

"You!" The empress was so angry that her whole body trembled. She had already forgotten her imperial mother's dignity. She pointed at Imperial Concubine Mei for a long time without finishing her sentence.

"Alright!" It's decided then, pass down my dictum: From today onwards, you can enter and exit the rouge hall freely. Whoever dares to stop you will be severely punished! " Xuanyuan Zhenhua lost his patience and angrily threw down those words before turning around and walking towards the east side of the great hall.

Imperial Concubine Mei triumphantly gave the empress a mocking smile. She intentionally held her hands with a happy expression on her face, bringing Xuanyuan Zhi and Xuanyuan Yu along as she proudly followed behind.

Xuanyuan Ye, who stood to the side, looked at Xiaoxiao's disappearing back with a worried frown, because he was very clear that this meant that the palace battle had once again begun. Moreover, that seemingly innocent little girl had already been drawn into it. She could only pray to God that she wouldn't suffer too much harm under the protection of the heavens.

Standing at the entrance of the rouge hall, Xiaoxiao tightly pulled at the silk handkerchief in her hands. Her expression was both excited and surging, with curiosity, fear, and indescribable emotions, as she mustered the courage to extend her hand and push open the door.

With a creak, the door was opened.

Strangely, the corridor in the yard was no longer pitch-black, as if they had already predicted her arrival. The originally empty corridor was now filled with lanterns. The ground was now clean. There were no more fallen leaves, no more broken rocks that had accumulated over the years. The once eerie palace was now devoid of that horrible cold air. It had a sense of familiarity, as if it had been here before.

As for the woman with the fluttering hair, she had already changed into a simple and elegant long skirt and respectfully appeared in the courtyard. The smile on her face was filled with kindness. From afar, she looked at the small figure standing in the doorway. Her reddened eyes were filled with tears.

Needless to say, this crazy woman was precisely the one that royal father spoke of, Madam Ping. This woman who had endured countless hardships to reach her current state. And what was the spiritual source that supported her on this journey? With a trace of sympathy and all sorts of questions, Little Treasure took a small step forward and entered the room.

Her steps were a bit heavy, making her feel that it wasn't easy to walk. As she got closer, her heart began to beat faster and that strange feeling once again surged through her mind. It was as if the truth of the matter was about to be revealed, and her life was destined to be filled with the hatred of the Imperial Palace.

"You're still here!" The woman had a calm expression and her gentle voice was completely different from the laughter she had heard a few days ago.

"Yes!" Xiaoxiao nodded as she sized up the present Concubine Ping from top to bottom.

In front of her, she was wearing a light green long dress with a expensive purple jade pendant hanging from her waist. Under her light makeup, she had an elegant demeanor. She was like a willow in spring. When the cool breeze blew past, she gave people a refreshing feeling, making them unable to forget it even after a long time.

"Follow me!" The woman raised her hands gracefully, her long sleeves partially covering her slender hands as she slowly turned around.

Although his movements were light, Little Qiao could still see the back of the woman's hand, which she had purposely concealed. It was a scar from a long time ago.

Seeing this, a trace of heartache flashed past her face. She became absent-minded and her heart felt heavy. She felt an indescribable burden pressing down on her.

Xiao Yumiao still saw the back of the woman's hand that was deliberately covered up. The numerous scars that verified the past made her face flash with a trace of heartache. Her mind went blank and her heart felt heavy. She felt an inexplicable burden weighing down on her.

The woman's steps were slowed by small steps, and the expression on her face seemed to be waiting for something. Staring intently ahead, her expression returned to its former state.

At this moment, not far from them, behind a rockery, a half-covered face peeked out. The corner of the man's mouth curled up into a faint, indiscernible smile. His gaze followed the two of them as they walked slowly, not leaving them for even a moment.

Xiaoxiao didn't pay attention to this, but the woman saw it. Just as she had expected, she easily took a step forward. Her original joy had been splashed by a bucket of cold water, causing her heart to feel cold.

"Madam Pingfei, where are you taking me?" Even though she slowed down, Xiaoxiao still felt that it was a little strenuous, so she ran after them. He didn't expect that a woman who looked so light would have such light steps. She was quickly left behind.

Was someone chasing them? Doubtful, she turned around and looked around, a corner of clothes made her gaze stay on the fake mountain. Suddenly, she realized something.

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