Wily Consort, Don't Run


Seeing the sorrowful expression on her mother's face, Xuanyuan Jie couldn't help but be the first to speak, "Father, if you want to rebuild the rouge hall, how should you arrange for those cold concubines and servants inside?" Because my pain has tortured too many people, the rouge palace is as cold as winter. For many years, it has been said that those who live are better off dead than alive. If those servants and eunuchs want to leave, just give them some silver and give them away. As for Pingfei, if she was willing to stay, she would bestow a manor with a hundred acres of fertile land and thirty acres of servants to serve her for the rest of her life. "I owe her all of this." The apology in Xuanyuan Zhenhua's eyes was real, the tears were real, and the remorse in his heart was real.

In reality, he had thought of doing this for a long time. Perhaps without the rouge hall, the past at least would not be laid out before his eyes day after day. That pain might gradually fade with the passage of time.

However, he was also worried. If the rouge palace was gone, who would the innocent Susu who had died call injustice? Where could he go from here? Who was to be compensated for his remorse? Too many contradictions had been weighing on his heart for so many years, just how much courage had he mustered to make such an important decision. Now, seeing the confusion in their eyes, his heart was pricked again. Ben told everyone that after the rouge hall was rebuilt, he would move into it for the rest of his life. From the looks of it, these words were better left unsaid for the time being.

"Your majesty, don't be sad. Your concubine supports your decision." Imperial Concubine Mei's observation skills were different. She also knew clearly that the rouge hall was a forbidden area, but secretly, it was the place where the empress executed the traitors. If she could use the emperor to clean it up, it would be beneficial for her.

Xuanyuan Qi and Imperial Concubine Mei's hearts were intertwined. He cupped his hands in greeting and made a greater surprise to everyone, "This son is willing to accept the order to rebuild the rouge hall. I hope Imperial Father can help this son with his filial piety." When Xuanyuan Zhenhua heard this, he was extremely excited. He stepped forward and grabbed his hand, nodding his head vigorously. His eyes were filled with gratitude. Finally, he was comforted.

Xuanyuan Jie's face turned green after hearing what he said. He looked at his mother, who was trembling with guilt, and an ominous premonition welled up in his heart.

Xuanyuan Ye, on the other hand, was very calm. He knew that Imperial Concubine Mei must have sensed what had happened to her mother. This time, she had simply gone along with the flow to curry favor with his father.

What about the small one? Surprised, but more importantly, they had the heart of a fisherman, waiting for the show to start.

Of course, she also really wanted to quickly remove the mystery of the rouge hall. Perhaps her so-called reincarnation was truly hidden there. Being an orphan for many years and suddenly having multiple mothers would also be a happy thing.

"However, I wonder if this unknown happiness will be a blessing or a curse." Xiaoxiao, are you afraid of the rouge hall? " At some point, Xuanyuan Zhenhua's gaze had landed on that tiny, absent-minded face and was carefully examining her appearance. He had the nagging feeling that her face was so familiar, but he was momentarily unable to recall who he was. Xiaoxiao was still in a daze, and seeing this, Xuanyuan Zhi gave a gentle push, causing her to answer in astonishment, "Eh …" "Seems like this girl is afraid." Xuanyuan Zhenhua frowned before he smiled benevolently and said, "Don't be afraid. That place is a place where very few people live, so many rumours have been spread. After royal father has rebuilt it, it will definitely be very beautiful." So she was Pingfei.

"En!" Little Machinery nodded his head as he thought to himself, "If I can participate in the task of rebuilding with Xuanyuan Qi, wouldn't that be closer to the truth?" Right! As she thought about it, she opened her mouth to request for permission, "royal father, although this little one has only entered the palace for a short while, I have heard quite a bit about the rouge hall. Every time she passed that place, she was very curious, but for some reason, that place gave her a sense of familiarity. Since royal father has already agreed to let the crown prince rebuild the rouge palace, then this little one will also request to participate, I wonder what royal father thinks? " This small request once again exceeded everyone's expectations, especially the court ladies and eunuchs. Which one of them was not close to the rouge palace? They were all sweating as they thought about how daring this princess was, even if she wasn't afraid of death.

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Jie and Xuanyuan Zhi's reactions weren't that big. Soon, they would be able to sort out all the clues in their heads. They all looked at each other and wondered what was on his mind. Good! Good! "I agree." To be able to fulfill his wish, and to see his daughter-in-law doing her best, Xuanyuan Zhenhua was too happy to do it. Of course, he would not think about other things.

"Thank you, Imperial Father, for your consent!" He did not expect that these two brats would not come out to stop him. Just a small wish was achieved, and they purposely gave Xuanyuan Jie and Xuanyuan Zhi a proud smile.

Yes!" Nodding happily, a thought suddenly flashed through Xuanyuan Zhenhua's mind. His smiling face had changed to a conflicted expression. Looking at his two beloved concubines beside him, he did not know whether he should open his mouth or not. Xiaoxiao could see the misgivings in Xuanyuan Zhenhua's heart with a glance. Before he could say anything, she boldly said, "Imperial Father is worried about Madam Pingfei, right?" As expected, a fatal blow struck Xuanyuan Zhenhua and the empress and Imperial Concubine Mei. Embarrassment filled the hearts of the three of them.

After a moment of silence, Imperial Concubine Mei was the first to speak up. "Your Majesty, if you wish, chenqie can take Pingping into her own palace and treat her well." Forget it! "Ping`er has always been soft, but who knows if she'll be able to get out when she goes in?" The empress's sarcastic words came out as she arrogantly rolled her eyes at Imperial Concubine Mei.

"You!" Imperial Concubine Mei was so angry that her face turned green. She pointed at the empress with the intention of scolding her, but when she saw Xuanyuan Zhenhua's gaze, she quickly withdrew herself, pouting her cheeks and retreating to the side, not daring to speak.

Seeing that Imperial Concubine Mei was infuriated, Xuanyuan Zhi naturally did not give up the opportunity. He cupped his hands together and said, "Imperial Father, please think twice before you go." Xuanyuan Zhenhua knew that Imperial Concubine Mei would definitely be in such a situation, so he was not too angry. It was just that Pingfei's arrangements were a headache for him.

He didn't want her to suffer any longer. He wanted to see her live peacefully. As long as she lived, the guilt in his heart would gradually fade away. After hesitating for a moment, he opened his mouth and said, "I have decided to place her in the rouge hall. I will have the imperial doctors go dispute with her again, and then send a few considerate girls to serve her." Xiaoxiao secretly glanced at everyone present and saw the expressions on the empress and mufei's faces. Suddenly, a thought flashed through her mind and she bowed, before she spoke gently, "Imperial Father is so concerned about Madam Pingfei, I'm afraid we won't be able to rest at ease even if we sent some young maidservants to serve you." How about you have Xiaoxiao serve esteemed wangfei? " Everyone present was dumbfounded. Staring at Xiaoxiao, they were all thinking in their hearts about what the purpose of this woman was. "Alright!" Unexpectedly, Xuanyuan Zhenhua replied without hesitation and a reassured expression appeared on his face.

The empress was even more flustered as she gritted her teeth and waited for Xiao Xiao. She turned her head and shot a look at Xuanyuan Jie, hoping that he would step in as well.

However, Xuanyuan Jie only lightly shook his head and did not speak. He silently waited for his next little move. At this moment, he began to have a real doubt about her goal of entering the palace. He was also attracted by this woman's mysteriousness.

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