Wily Consort, Don't Run


"Why did you get up so early today?" Xuanyuan Qi was not overjoyed to see Lan Yuyan. On the contrary, he felt that her appearance had ruined his mood.

Your Highness, how could you sleep without a night's rain?" "Well, seeing the dawn, you came to take a look, Your Highness …" Lan Yuyan replied gently in a soft voice. Her pair of fox-like eyes had been wandering around Xuanyuan Qi's face the entire time, and there was even a pained look on his face as she wiped it away with her sleeve.

"After a busy night, I finally finished my work." Xuanyuan Qi moved Lan Yuyan away from him, not wanting to obstruct his line of sight.

When Lan Yuyan noticed this, she stepped forward and said: "Yuyan has been busy these past few days waiting for the Crown Prince. I hope the Crown Prince can forgive her!" Of course, Xuanyuan Qi knew that Yu Yan's words were meant for a small ears. In the palace, as a dangerous animal as a woman, what could he possibly not do in order to compete for the favor? He sneaked a peek at his, but not only did he not see the anger that a woman should have, he instead saw her face full of indifference.

"As long as you serve me well." Xiaoxiao let out a helpless sigh. She had originally wanted to come out early in the morning to have some peace and quiet, but she hadn't thought that she would encounter such a court drama.

Fake and hypocritical, even acting is more professional. She didn't know why the man in front of her had such a pair of eyes, but they were blind. Go on! Life was less fun anyway, and she would be better off for a while.

She stroked her long hair, revealing a rare charming smile. With an abnormally calm voice, she said, "I've been busy these past few days dealing with the matters of the country. It's been quite hard on you, little sister." Where? This is what the rain and smoke should do. " Not a single trace of sarcasm could be heard in these small words, causing Blue Rain to feel extremely disappointed. The competitive spirit she had in the past had been suppressed.

Xuanyuan Qi listened attentively to every single one of her sentences, his eyes fixated on the expression on her face. Suddenly, he realized that this woman was very beautiful, causing him to shift his gaze away somewhat reluctantly.

Seeing that Xuanyuan Zhi's gaze was fixed on her tiny face, Lan Yuyan intentionally stuck her entire body up to it, revealing a sweet and petty look. She almost hung her entire body on it.

Obstructing his eyesight! A single word emerged in her heart. She didn't want to continue being this transparent person. He turned around and walked down the corridor without a word. Ling'er also started to get used to Master's temper as she chased after him. However, just as she was about to turn around the corner, she turned around and glanced at Xuanyuan Zhi with a strange expression in her eyes.

From the beginning till the end, Xuanyuan Zhi's gaze had never left them. Although the distance was a little far, he could clearly see Ling'er's hesitation.

"Master, you're tired too. Go back and rest early!" Lan Yuyan had thought that these past few days, she had been able to completely grasp this man's heart. The princess who had always ignored him had long since become a decoration, so she hadn't thought that she would be so surprised by what she saw today.

As a woman, her keen intuition told her that Xuanyuan Qi still retained his interest in that woman in his heart.

"No, Your Highness still has other things to take care of. You can go back by yourself." Before the heart that had been resting on Xiaoxiao's body had been pulled back, Xuanyuan Zhi let go of her hands coldly, as if he had lost a long time of desire for the woman in front of him.

"Yes sir!" Even though she felt extremely helpless in her heart, she could only respectfully bow and leave.

This caused Lan Yuyan to feel that danger had arrived, and her surging heart could no longer be hidden. She glared at his back angrily, her nails digging into her flesh while clenching her fists tightly. Crimson traces of blood seeped out from her fair skin.

Creak! The main door of the rouge hall was suddenly closed, causing the overly entranced Lan Yuyan to break out in cold sweat. She had wanted to leave quickly, but before she had taken a few steps, he saw her turn around and look like a mysterious rouge hall.

Laughter wantonly spread throughout her body. Her peerlessly beautiful face was like a blooming Devil's Snare, and from her beauty, a lethal poison could be seen.

And this poison would spread to certain parts of the Royal Palace, causing some people to wish that they were dead.

The woman's thin face, her bleak sneer, the scarred back of her hand, her eyes full of tears, looked at her expectantly. Dreams were always chaotic scenes. In dreams, there was always blood accompanying them, but every time, they would never be able to clearly see the face of the bleeding person. But the figure was very familiar, and every time it caused her to feel a heart-wrenching pain, she would wake up from her dream.

Day after day, she could no longer endure this kind of mental torment. Finally, despite the man's warning, she decided to explore again on a dark night.

Naturally, no one dared to approach the forbidden area. The midnight courtyard was quiet and desolate. Dressed in pure white, with her long hair flowing down her shoulders, she lightly stepped onto the long corridor that had no one in it. Like a ghost that had come from the underworld, she slowly drifted to the door of the rouge hall.

Tonight, she had come alone, considering the warning from that mad woman of that day.

The door was ajar. A cold breeze blew out from the inside, and the door that had not been repaired for a long time made a 'bang' sound. The wind blew up a few scattered flower petals on the ground. They danced and swirled, adding a hint of chilliness to the once eerie courtyard house.

It was almost summer, why was this place still so cold? She had long since heard that only places with heavy Yin Qi, where the ghosts refused to leave, would have cold winds blowing all year round. In the Imperial Palace, such an eerie place should be a cold palace like the rouge hall.

She stopped, trembling with fear. Looking at her pure white dress again, it was more like she was standing at the intersection of Yin and Yang. A sudden gust of wind caused the door to make a heavy noise, causing her to stagger back a few steps.

Ah!" Feeling the softness beneath her feet, she jerked her head back and shouted in surprise.

"Ah!" Feeling the softness beneath her feet, she jerked her head back and shouted in surprise.

Immediately, she was covered with her hand and felt a thick hand wrap around her petite body. He raised his head and stared at the incoming person with terrified eyes. Then, she struggled, struggling with her mission.

Of course, how could a weak girl match up to a strong man? Such a pointless struggle was met with a man's complacent smile.

Lowering his head, the man insolently planted a kiss on his small forehead.

"So the rumors were all true. That guy, Xuanyuan Zhi, really ignored you like that!" He leaned close to her ear and whispered intimately. He intimately bit her ear.

"Woo woo!" She shook her head and continued to struggle.

"What Xuanyuan Zhi can give you, I, Xuanyuan Jie can also give it to you. It's just a title of Crown Prince Consort. As long as you follow me, you will be the Blue Dragon Nation's mother in the future. " Xuanyuan Jie whispered in her ear solemnly as he exerted some force with his hand on her small waist.

After struggling for a while, she felt a little helpless. She could only close her eyes and gradually calm down.

Xuanyuan Jie, on the other hand, thought that she had already been subdued. He covered his mouth with his hands and gently slid down to her waist before resting his head on her shoulder. Relaxing his vigilance, he deeply breathed in the fragrance coming from her body.

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