Wily Consort, Don't Run


"Even if she's a paper tiger now, she can eat us at any time." Lan Yuyan's tone didn't contain any anger. Her calm gaze stared at the figure that had already disappeared into the distance.

"Damn Xiao Yun, I don't dare to do it again, please don't get angry!" The little girl, Xiao Yun, kept bowing and apologizing.

"And the next time, I won't be able to save you!" Blue Rain took a deep breath and the smile on her face when she left flashed across her mind. She felt a wave of cold air assaulting her heart. Lowering her head and stroking the bruises on the back of her hand, Xuanyuan Qi's handsome face was replaced with a new one in her mind. Remembering the happy days she had had, a woman's unique smile emerged on her face.

"Yes sir!" Xiao Yun replied softly as she obediently retreated to the side, not daring to say another word.

"Does the crown prince know where she went when he goes out early in the morning?" Blue Rain Smoke put on a gentle smile.

Xiao Yun thought for a while before stepping forward and replying, "According to Eunuch Lin, the Crown Prince has gone out today. He will probably not be able to return until midnight." "Didn't you say where you were going?" Blue Rain's little face creased.

If one were to ask where he had gone to when he was in the palace, it would be hard to say when he had left. It had to be known that they weren't in a clean place when they first met. If there was another girl that was more beautiful than them, then their plan would be a bit difficult.

"Master, you don't have to worry too much. Xiao Yun has already arranged for someone outside the mansion to take care of him. As long as there is any trouble, he will definitely come to report." "You're smart!" At least there was one thing that could make her feel a little better today.

If this girl wasn't clever, she wouldn't have dared to bring her into the palace. However, this was precisely the case as well. She had always been on guard against Xiao Yun in her heart. In her opinion, Xiao Yun's shrewdness would be terrifying even if she was an enemy.

"Mistress, the wind is strong outside, let's go in!" Receiving the praise of her master, Xiao Yun felt a lot more at ease, and her tone of voice also raised.

"Yes!" Lan Yuyan indifferently answered, thinking about the man who felt like she was falling into the depths of her heart. She raised her delicate hand for Little Yun to help her into the inner court.

On the second day after the women of the rouge hall had met Xuanyuan Jie, Xuanyuan Jie had issued a decree on the conquest to the west, and Xuanyuan Ye had been ordered to observe the affairs of the people. In order to calm the conflict between Imperial Consort Mei and the empress, Xuanyuan Zhenhua had brought his two concubines and his little princess, Xuanyuan Yu, to a mountain resort not far from Dragon City.

In the great imperial palace, Xuanyuan Qi carried a heavy burden and took care of all the internal and external troubles in the Azure Dragon Country by himself. He was so busy every day that his head was spinning. As for Xiaoxiao, Xuanyuan Qi was still avoiding him. He still lived in Lan Yuyan's room and had never stepped into the main entrance of the hall before.

The days that were like a cold palace made him fall apart in a small way that he liked to mess around with. This Golden Silk Bird Cage was simply too boring. Every day, she would wander around her own three acres of land, familiarizing herself with every nook and cranny of the cage several times.

Today, before dawn, she could no longer close her eyes as she lay in bed, feeling even more depressed and impatient.

"Ling'er!" The door was open, and the diligent Ling'er had been waiting for a long time. Upon hearing her master's call, she quickly ran in.

"What orders does the Empress have?" As she bowed, Ling'er looked even more well-behaved than before. If she wasn't careful, she might have thought that she was a genuine little girl.

She rubbed her eyes and walked lazily to the mirror. "Comb your hair, I'm going out." Go out? " Ling'er glanced at the gate and softly repeated the last two words. The sky wasn't completely lit up yet, so where did Master plan to go? " "Faster!" Xiaoxiao impatiently urged him. She angrily tugged at her hair and looked at herself in the mirror. She felt that she was less and less like a person. Perhaps, this was how the grudges were suppressed. No wonder the novel said that the imperial palace had the most grudges against women. So this was the truth.

Ling'er did not ask any further questions. She simply combed her master's long hair and found a long purple skirt for him to wear. Then, the two of them walked out of the house refreshingly.

After leaving the palace, Xiaoxiao didn't know where to go, but she felt a suffocating feeling in her heart. She really didn't want to stay in that ghastly courtyard any longer, so she brought Ling'er to wander aimlessly around the palace.

He didn't know how many corridors he had walked through and how many courtyards he had circled. Unconsciously, they stopped at the entrance of the rouge hall. He raised his head and looked at the three large words that were already painted on the door lintel. He could not hide the surprise on his face.

Could it be that this was predestined in the underworld? Was it that woman's guidance, allowing her to remove the layer of mysterious veil that covered the cold and pressing rouge hall?

"Master …" Ling'er looked around, and did not notice anyone passing by the corridor. Just as she was about to urge her master to leave, she saw that the half-opened door had creaked open.

On the door, there was a scrawny hand. Wrapped in wrinkled skin, the back of his hand was covered with countless clear scars. His trembling hand made a soft 'bang' sound as it hit the door.

Suddenly, a gust of cold wind blew, and a strand of long black hair floated in the air, emitting a ghastly aura from the door.

Ah!" The master and servant were so frightened by the scene in front of them that they covered their mouths with their hands and stared at the terrifyingly thin hand on the door. They didn't dare to take a breath for a long time.

His long hair appeared more and more frequently in the door. In his hand, one became two, and then a head popped out. In her wild hair, a pair of deep, frightened eyes stared fixedly at them from her small, thin face.

"Are you a human or a ghost?" A small effort to take a breath was enough to bolster his courage.

"Haha!" "Ghost?" The man leaned closer to Xiaoxiao, a hint of a desolate smile on his face. His slender fingers brushed his long hair, revealing a somewhat familiar face.

It's her! The woman she had first seen at the entrance of the rouge hall.

Xiaoxiao's frightened heart calmed down. Her wrinkled face unconsciously revealed a trace of heartache. Out of curiosity, she became even more daring. She unconsciously stepped forward and took the woman's hand.

The woman looked surprised and happy. Looking down at the other white hand on the scarred one, she smiled again. However, this time, his smile was a bit more benevolent. It was the kind smile of an elder towards a junior.

This kind of gaze could only be seen by people who knew each other, or people who harbored special feelings for each other. As for them, they had only met each other once.

With a few questions, he focused on the change in the woman's expression.

The woman's trembling hands covered her small white face. Her eyes were filled with tears as she mumbled softly, "It's similar, it's really similar. Hahaha! It's very similar! " Like who? What did this woman know? Xiaoxiao looked at the crazed woman and really wanted to ask her a question. However, she shifted her gaze onto Ling'er's face, stopping her kind smile. Turning her face to look at her, her expression became somewhat dull.

"Mistress, let's go. If someone sees us, we'll be in trouble." Ling'er always felt that this woman's eyes were sharp, as if she could see through her thoughts with a single glance, causing her to feel flustered.

Xiaoxiao also noticed that this should be a hint from the woman. However, whether it was good or bad, it was better for her to be prepared in the future.

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