Wily Consort, Don't Run


"I heard that the Crown Prince is going to get married tonight. The future Crown Prince's consort is also the Holy Maiden of Tianshan."

"That's right!" That's right! That is the fortune of our Azure Dragon Country! "

"That's right!" That's true. I hope that the Holy Maiden can take over the heart of the Crown Prince, so that the innocent girl won't suffer another grievance in the palace. " Azure Dragon City had been falling for a day and a night. However, the bustling scene in the city continued unabated even in such weather. Lanterns were hung all over the streets, and no matter how one looked at it, it didn't seem like a day when one was sweeping graves.

Why? All eyes were on Xuanyuan Zhi, the crown prince of the Azure Dragon Country, as she congratulated all the officials of the civil and military forces, yet she had yet to see the main character of the show. The imperial edict was repeated several times, and it was still enough to make the emperor look out of the sky. She almost got up and rushed out of the hall to find that unfilial son of her.

However, he could not, because the prestige of the Azure Dragon Country still needed to be kept, after all, there would be a day when that unfilial son would be the next king.

However, this crown prince had always been a rumor.

He'd heard that it had been a long time since he'd shown his face when he'd married eighteen girls at the same time.

He also heard that he was not planning to get back together with the Holy Maiden tonight, or even … In short, there were many rumors about him, and Xuanyuan Zhenhua, who had always been helpless against his beloved prince, could only swallow his grievances in his heart. Three days ago, he had ordered his crown prince, Xuanyuan Qi, to not step out of the palace until after the marriage.

Without the main character, the emperor had no choice but to take care of his own affairs. He performed the most basic etiquette, and the powerless Mi Xiaoxiao was sent to the crown prince's palace in a grandiose manner.

Tonight, the great hall of Dragon Cry was deserted. Other than the red lanterns in the corridor, there was not a single servant or servant girl inside or outside. In the main hall, the maidservants left as if they had been urged to complete their mission. A few minutes later, the quiet hall returned to its original tranquility.

Dimly hearing the footsteps leaving, the bride, Mi Xiaoxiao, carelessly lifted her head and dragged her tired body along. She was about to sit down on a luxurious mahogany chair when she heard a piercing scream.

She immediately regained consciousness and quickly pulled away from the voice.

Mi Xiaoxiao backed off and kicked over the wedding pot.

She had expected the two of them to stop, or at least give her a knowing look, but reality had disappointed her.

Of course, Mi Xiaoxiao could understand. This was the might of a man. Just like how countless novels about transcending worlds were written, this was a trick used by the nobles of the palace to torture the commoners.

It was a pity that she, Mi Xiaoxiao, had never studied etiquette. She had been transported to this forsaken place in a car accident, and had been engaged in a business where she could only count money if she was sold. However, this did not mean that she was retarded. Therefore, when she used this on him, she could only say, "I'm sorry, this road doesn't work!" The performance in front of her eyes was extremely marvelous. If it was before, she would definitely continue to admire it. But now, she wasn't in the mood. She shook her head and let out a deep sigh. She regretted going to study the zither, but she could still play a song to cheer them on at this time.

Forget it! She turned around and walked out of the curtain. She was deeply attracted by the table of delicious food in front of her. Her stomach, which had been growling since a long time ago, quickly entered the table. At this moment, she could no longer hear the enthusiasm in the house, nor did she care about the rain tomorrow. She just kept stuffing her mouth with food, filling her stomach.

Inside the house, the man didn't hear too much. Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced outside and suddenly stopped what he was doing. Pushing the woman on his body away, he put on his clothes and walked out of the curtain.

Mi Xiaoxiao was too lazy to lift her head when she heard the sound of footsteps, just like how he was too lazy to look at her just now. Without a doubt, this kind of action had once again aroused Xuanyuan Zhi's dissatisfaction.

To be ignored as a crown prince was a great humiliation. Xuan Yuan furiously glared at Mi Xiaoxiao, his tone filled with contempt. "I heard that even the Holy Maiden of Tianshan Mountain is as cold as ice. I'm afraid you've never heard of this matter before?"

"If the Crown Prince is too difficult to talk about, I am willing to accept a disciple to guide you. However, I am not in the mood today, so if you want to continue, you can continue. I will not pay for the performance." Mi Xiaoxiao lowered her head as she ate the delicacy in the bowl. She could not be bothered with the man at all.

Surprise! Anger! He was more curious about this woman.

Could it be that the Holy Maiden was truly different from other women in the world? No! He didn't believe it! As the crown prince, even though there were too many restrictions on etiquette, it still couldn't hinder his interest. As a result, although the harem had no main concubine, it already had one hundred and eight concubines. Since the beginning, only the woman had delivered herself to his doorstep. Presumably, this woman in front of him was no exception. Her indifference was a conspiracy to attract his attention.

There was never a precedent for a woman to deliver herself to the door. Presumably, this woman in front of him was no exception. She didn't care about him at all. She just wanted to attract his attention to this conspiracy.

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