When A Mage Revolts

When A Mage Revolts

Author:yin si
Chapters:946 | 3.3
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Why is it that the protagonist always inherits the memories of his predecessors and then starts a new life without any obstacles? Why is it that everyone wakes up in bed after crossing over, with a sister (sister, maid) next to them, saying with a sniffle and a tear, "Great! You finally woke up!" What if the protagonist just crossed over and found himself kidnapped, a few perverted witches wielding whips, to play a little game of capture love with him? "Will you confess or not!" The protagonist is confused: "Big sister, who are you?" "Still tough-mouthed! I want to see, is your mouth hard, or my whip hard!" And so begins a beautiful life of crossing over. ---------- --- The story is about becoming a mage, leading the toiling masses, overthrowing the rule of the gods and building a democratic, wealthy and harmonious society (scratch that). The plot flow, spoof is the spice.

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