What Comes Around Goes Around

What Comes Around Goes Around

Author:ye fei ran
Chapters:0 | 4.2
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Text 1: When Cheng Yao first met Qian Heng, she was completely unable to correspond the man in front of her with the nickname "industry tumor". He was handsome and tall, with a great temperament and a pair of eyes that were especially charming. Cheng Yao didn't believe it, how could he be a tumor if he was so good-looking! Until she was beaten up by socialism when she tried to convince her handsome boss to take up a pro bono case. Her boss's face was expressionless: "What do you think a successful lawyer should do?" "Generate electricity for love?" "What's my last name?" "Money!" "So I will only generate electricity for money." When she asked for a raise. Her boss did not deny her request, but at the KTV party that night, Qian Heng attended for the first time and ordered a song for Cheng Yao, "Awake in a Dream".

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