Watch Me Eat Fish, It’s Exciting!

Watch Me Eat Fish, It’s Exciting!

Author:hei mao ni ni
Chapters:124 | 4.1
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A platform farming channel has an extremely special anchor, he worked in the fish pond, the smallest fish inside is also more than a meter long, close to the tail will also draw people, super fierce! Visitors think, eat fish or something in this life is impossible to see. Until one day, the fish pond suddenly came to a new boss Yan Ran, not only beautiful and exquisite, but also do a good job. After that the picture of the live broadcast became this. "This fish is too fat will affect health, forget it, make it sweet and sour fish!" "Recently the weather is very cold, grass carp survival is not easy, I fished it out into boiled fish it!" "Catfish beard how can be rolled like bubble noodles, no I am almost blinded by ugly, or made into braised fish it!" Then one day, when Yan Ran was eating fish live, a big fish with a golden glow suddenly appeared in his fish tank. The crowd of visitors in the live broadcast room: ▼_▼ Koi King: ▼_▼ Yan Ran: The fish is so big that it needs two grills, one secret and one slightly spicy! [Trying to hide the excited cat ears] Collect this article, koi king and beckoning cat can hold home Oh ~ open article after the day more ~ sell cute for collection author, digging pits required Sina microblogging: Jinjiang - black cat look askance Hang a pre-recovery pit of their own, intended for the near future double open.

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