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Chapter 75: Dog’s Blood over Face

Chapter 75: Dog’s Blood over Face

“What…What do you want to do?” Seeing Yi Yun walk over, Lian Cuihua screamed. “You little bastard, you contracted the plague, do you plan to spread it to the people?” Lian Cuihua was not someone to be trifled with. Seeing Yi Yun suddenly becoming so terrifying, she quickly thought of Yi Yun contracting the plague, and began shouting, hoping to be reinforced by the crowd.

“My fellow folks, this little bastard must have been possessed after he died, or he would not be so powerful. Have you forgotten he was possessed? Right!” Lian Cuihua suddenly thought of something and quickly squeezed through the crowd.

“Move away, move the f**k away!”

Running out, and when she returned, she had a wooden bucket in her hand.

Looking at Yi Yun, an insidious smile flashed across her face.

“Little bastard, you can be so smug because I let you be. Just because you were possessed by those filthy things, it makes you invincible? See how I kill you!” Saying that, Lian Cuihua splashed the contents in the wooden bucket at Yi Yun!

Inside the wooden bucket was blood-red liquid, and a stench emanated from it.

It was dog’s blood!

Before the match, the members of the warrior preparation camp had slaughtered two hunting dogs, and had prepared to have a feast after the match.

After slaughtering the hunting dogs, the blood was stored in the wooden bucket. In it floated the dog’s’ intestines, fur, heart and lungs. And all these were thrown towards Yi Yun!

The people of the Cloud Wilderness believed that dog blood was capable of exorcism.

The filthy spirits could not be stand the sight of the dog’s blood, and if splattered with dog’s blood, would melt away.

A Chinese phrase “dog’s blood over face” had that meaning. Cursing a person to the point of “dog’s blood over face” was the same as a possessed person with dog blood over them. It meant they would stay immobile and remain speechless.

Lian Cuihua genuinely believed that Yi Yun had been possessed to be able to maim Zhao Tiezhu, so as long as the dog’s’ blood covered him, the evil spirits would burn away, leaving a small chicken-like Yi Yun, who would be helpless against her.

Lian Cuihua was dying to chop off Yi Yun’s limbs and hook him up to burn. As long as she accused him as being possessed, it was easy to encourage the people to burn him at the stake.

The people exclaimed seeing the bucket of blood spilled.

At this moment, Yi Yun’s eyes flashed a murderous intent.

For a woman like Lian Cuihua who did not know any martial arts, Yi Yun would not have bothered with her, but she had previously attacked Jiang Xiaorou.

Furthermore, he now knew how vicious this women was.

Some people were venomous to the bone. These kinds of people did harm to the world, whether they knew martial arts or not, whether they were a woman or not.


A loud explosive crack sounded. Without seeing Yi Yun move, the bucket of dogs’ blood had already exploded right in front of Yi Yun’s eyes!

Although the blood splattered everywhere, not one drop landed on Yi Yun’ body.

On the other hand, Lian Cuihua was covered with the dogs’ blood!


Lian Cuihua shrieked. Her hair was gone and she kept screaming, “You monster, you little beast, you bastard! Ke Ke Ke…”

Lian Cuihua was unable to say anymore because Yi Yun had her by the neck!

Lian Cuihua’s tongue hung out, and her eyes went white as her limbs twitched.

“Save…save me…” The urge to survival empowered Lian Cuihua to barely say those words.

At this time, the surrounding people had frightenedly backed away.

They did not dare to attack Yi Yun. The commoners of the vast wilderness were the type that bullied the weak and feared the strong, and had a strong inclination of servility. In front of an expert, they would unconsciously obey, while in front of a weakling, they will display their foul abusive side, turning into monsters. This was depicted by their attack on Jiang Xiaorou.

Lian Cuihua was finally afraid. As she looked at Yi Yun, her eyes were filled with fear.

She still did not understand how Yi Yun had suddenly become this strong. It seemed like he had not been possessed…because a possessed person would not be able to avoid the dog’s’ blood. A possessed person seeing dog blood was akin to a mouse, frozen stiff from seeing a cat.

“You…You want to…beat a woman? Ke Ke…Ke Ke…” Lian Cuihua found it hard to open her mouth, as her voice trembled.

Yi Yun laughed, “I have never hit a woman.”

Saying that, Yi Yun loosened his grip slightly.

Lian Cuihua was able to breath a sigh of relief and managed to muster some courage, “Quickly let me go, and ask for forgiveness from Young master Lian, he might still let you go. You may have turned strong, but can you beat Young master Lian?”

Lian Chengyu was a god to the Lian tribal clan.

He had absolute authority!

These days, under the propaganda from Lian Chengyu, the people knew that about the various stages before the Purple Blood realm; in the past Lian Chengyu was at the peak of the fifth level of Mortal Blood, and Zhao Tiezhu was at the first level of Mortal Blood, and the gap between the two was like heaven and earth.

Although Lian Cuihua was afraid of Yi Yun, she recalled that she had been of service to Lian Chengyu, so with him backing her, would she need to be afraid of the little punk?

If Lian Chengyu made a move, he would easily crush Yi Yun.

Thinking of this, Lian Cuihua became braver. She felt that Yi Yun letting her go was a display of him wising up.

“Go kneel before Young master Lian to admit your mistakes or he will tear off your skin. Do you think are so powerful just because you had defeated that loser, Zhao Tiezhu? Zhao Tiezhu compared to Young master Lian is like a worm. And you are just a slightly bigger worm!”

Lian Cuihua shouted, thinking she could frighten Yi Yun. However, she genuinely believed all that she said, for Lian Chengyu as a Purple Blood realm warrior has unfathomable strength!

As for the loser, Zhao Tiezhu who couldn’t beat a child, he might as well die. Lian Cuihua would not reminiscence old times with a cripple.

Hearing Lian Cuihua’s threats, Yi Yun simply laughed and gave her a slap without warning.


With that, Lian Cuihua’s body flew from Yi Yun’s slap.

She tumbled three and half times mid-air before landing on the ground heavily, with the heaven and earth revolving around her!

Lian Cuihua was stunned from her beating. Blood spit out from her mouth, like a trampled fish.

Lian Cuihua struggled a bit and with her shaking hand touched her left cheek. She found her left cheek completely deformed, a bloody mess!

She felt something in her mouth, and with a spit, out came more than ten blood-stained teeth.

The left side of her teeth had been knocked out by Yi Yun!

“Uh…Uh…” Lian Cuihua looked at Yi Yun wanting to say something. But her tongue was destroyed and her face deformed; she could not say a single word. Even when looking at Yi Yun, her eyes would lose focus if her pupils were to dilate.

She moved her lips with great difficulty, making out a distorted sound. This sound had longed changed. But Yi Yun could still understand. If he guessed correctly, Lian Cuihua had questioned him having never beaten a woman before.

“Did I say so?” Yi Yun countered. Lian Cuihua barely blinked her eyes.

Yi Yun rubbed his hands and said, “Oh…What I said was in the past, in the future, I won’t do so anymore. People who deserve a beating will receive one.”

It was alright if Lian Cuihua had scolded Yi Yun, but she should have never bullied Jiang Xiaorou.

Yi Yun found it hard to imagine how Jiang Xiaorou managed to survive the day when she received the news of his disappearance and the cow dung besiegement by the group.

In this strange world, Jiang Xiaorou was his closest relative. He did now allow anyone to hurt her.

Just as Yi Yun finished his words, Lian Cuihua spewed a mouthful of blood and passed out.

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