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Chapter 44: Female Desolate Heaven Master

Chapter 44: Female Desolate Heaven Master

“Master, didn’t you say we were going to the northwestern divine wilderness to kill the desolate beasts there? Why did we end up coming to the Cloud Wilderness? The Cloud Wilderness is a barren heathland, probably void of strong desolate beasts!” The young girl said with a sweet and gentle voice.

“Northwestern divine wilderness…Sigh. You were born with Yin Meridians and lack physical strength. Among the desolate beasts that roam the Northwestern divine wilderness, there are some high level desolate beasts. It will be tough for you to handle them,” the fat elder shook his head.

“Alright, Xingtong, I’ll give you fifteen minutes to refine this level six fierce beast into a desolate bone relic. As mentioned before, this is to give you experience. Unless your life is in danger, I will not interfere.” After the fat elder finished his words, he chose a big rock to rest his buttocks, and began to look at the scenery.

The girl nodded her head. She rolled up her sleeves with a finger, then she took out a bronze disk. The bronze disk was inscribed with dense runes. The moment the disk appeared, it flew up into the sky and grew larger. Very soon, the disk was about the size of a house. Following that, the level six fierce beast was absorbed by the disk, turning into a blinding white light.

In the white light, the fierce beast’s carcass seemed to burn up. Its flesh melted and together with the essence from the blood, it seeped into the bones. In a few seconds, the fierce beast had turned into a skeleton. After a few more seconds, the skeleton also began to melt and started to fuse…

As this was going on, the girl’s fingers began to link up to form a seal. Her fingers were long, and due to the fast movements of the sealing process, finger shadows were formed. Series of sealing charms were sent out by her, flying into the disk, combining with the beast’s bones.

In less than fifteen minutes, the entire beast’s bones had completely melted, eventually reducing to a bone relic the size of a green bean. If Lian Chengyu saw this scene, he would have yelped out in shock.

Desolate Heaven Master! This young girl was a Desolate Heaven Master! It was hard to believe the girl had this fearsome ability of easily refining a level six fierce beast in less than fifteen minutes. If this girl wanted, refining the Lian tribal clan’s Frost Python desolate bones would have been a breeze!

The bone relic fell into the palm of the girl who began frowning upon seeing the bone relic. She was clearly not satisfied. “It’s still not small enough.” The girl shook her head. Her goal was to reduce a six grade fierce beast to the size of a rice grain in fifteen minutes. Judging from the outcome, it seemed like she was still a distance away from the goal.

“Xintong, don’t be too eager. You are the most talented Desolate Heaven Master I’ve seen in all my years of walking the world, too bad…” The fat elder said with a sigh. To be able to reduce a six grade fierce beast to a relic the size of a rice grain within fifteen minutes was not something he could have done at seventeen.

It was a pity that the girl named Xintong had Yin Meridians. Her skin was so pale because of the Yin Meridians. Having Yin Meridians was an extremely rare condition. It was a terminal illness that would only appear in females.

A girl with Yin Meridians was weak to the cold. Even during the summer, she would have to wear a coat. A normal person with Yin Meridians would at most live to eighteen before falling into a slumber for two to three days. As time went on, she would sleep longer and more frequently, to the point of each slumber lasting nearly a year. Over time, her body’s vitality would slowly wilt away, eventually leading to death.

But Xintong was born in the ancient Lin family clan, which had an old heritage. With the support of the Lin family, she could consume fire elemental desolate beast relics. With the fire elemental relics’ pure Yang, she was able to combat the chilling cold within her body.

Although living a long life wasn’t a problem, for cultivation it was a different story. A person born with Yin Meridians could never completely open up her meridians during the Meridian realm. A latent danger would result from this realm. It would also be harder to cultivate to a higher realm, and the higher it was, the more difficult it was. Eventually, a bottleneck was reached!

Although having Yin Meridians was a curse, there were always exceptions. Legends told of a human Great Empress who had Yin Meridians during ancient times. She had used her own strength to connect her meridians. When the Yin Meridians were connected again, an unknown transformation would happen. However, this was poorly documented in the history books.

Lin Xintong’s master was this fat elder. He had tried to connect up Lin Xintong’s broken meridians, but from the ancient methods left by Desolate Heaven Masters, none of them were successful. Those ancient methods were arcane and obscure. Be it the ingredients or the refinement techniques, they were too confusing for the old fat man, resulting in abysmal results. The fat elder cared for his disciple and had tried all sorts of methods while wandering the vast wilderness, but to no avail.

“Master, don’t sigh. Although I have Yin Meridians, with fire elemental bone relics, I can live for at least three hundred years. I’m much more blessed than other commoners.” The young girl having born from a clan with ancient heritage never worried about her meals and had seen all sorts of treasures. But over the years of wandering the wilderness, her experience taught her the hardships of the world. She knew how commoners struggled in this world. This made her sympathetic. Indeed, although she had Yin Meridians, she was much more blessed than the commoners by thousands of times.

The girl swallowed the bone relic that she had just completed refining. A bone relic refined from fierce beasts was poorer in quality to a desolate bone relic. However, few warriors actually ate desolate bone relics. It was enough to eat fierce beast relics, as it took a long time to refine a desolate bone relic.

“Up ahead, we will enter the territory of the Lian tribal clan. Hmm, this Lian tribal clan is a small tribe of less than a thousand households. We don’t really have to enter.” said the fat elder as he took out a map made of rubber. He unfurled it and while looking at it said happily, “This map is all thanks to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Jin Long Wei. They created a new map. Originally the map of the Cloud Wilderness had not been updated in eight hundred years. Many small tribes had changed positions. An old map would not have all this indications.”

Lin Xintong looked at her master’s map, provoking a sense of doubt within her. To make a map of the Cloud Wilderness was a thankless and pointless job. Those small tribes were as many as the sand grains of the five Ganges Rivers. It was unknown which tribe would collapse, giving birth to a new one. Such a detailed map required a great deal of effort to draw, but it would be useless in about a hundred years.

Connecting it to the recent ongoings of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom in the Cloud Wilderness, Lin Xintong asked, “Master, why did we travel from afar to come to the Cloud Wilderness on purpose? Also, I heard that the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom has sent the Jin Long Wei here, in preparation for the warrior selection in the Cloud Wilderness soon. It requires a lot of effort to hold a warrior selection in the vast wilderness, so why did the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom do it?”

“Is the reason why we are here in the Cloud Wilderness related to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s selection?”

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