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Chapter 43: No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me

Chapter 43: No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me

The water flow slowly turned into a mighty flow of stormy waters. Yi Yun knew that he was approaching the waterfall.

He kept adjusting his breathing rhythm, keeping his body in its optimum state.

On Earth, people had dived from sixty meters without dying, as for the East River’s waterfall, it was at a height of a hundred meters.

Although Yi Yun’s fitness level was superior, he had never undergone professional diving lessons. Besides, he was not in his best condition, so it was a huge challenge.


Yi Yun could hear the sound of the waterfall crashing into the plunge basin. The rapids had already sucked Yi Yun forward.

After churning in the water, Yi Yun suddenly felt an emptiness under his feet. The instant feeling of weightlessness overwhelmed Yi Yun. All he saw from above was the whiteness of the torrential waters.

With that, he fell a hundred meters down the waterfall.

From afar, the majestic cliffs looked like a giant standing at attention. The waterfall that flowed from the cliffs looked like the sword of the giant. With the giant leaning on the sword, the scene was extremely breathtaking.

As for Yi Yun, he was just a tiny black dot rolling down the giant sword at an impressive speed!


The large splash resembled a lotus in full bloom.

The water assault Yi Yun experienced after resurfacing was tremendous. The powerful force attacked his organs and body. It made Yi Yun feel like his body was on an anvil, being forged by a hammer.

This heavy blow loosened Yi Yun’s muscles. Although it caused immense pain throughout his body, he still felt an incredible sense of comfort.

Yi Yun held his breath and dived straight down!

His body was on fire. The deeper he went into the icy cold water, the more comfortable he felt.

By doing so, he had quietly dived to a depth he had never previously reached.

Till he…

Reached the bottom!

This was the first time Yi Yun had managed to reach the bottom of the plunge basin!

At the bottom of the plunge basin was clean and pure sand. The sand was like polished jade. Yi Yun curled up his body into a fetal position, and seemed to fall into deep sleep at the bottom of the plunge basin.

He had seemed to lost the concept of time. After an unknown period of time, Yi Yun felt a cool feeling in his heart. It prevented him from suffocating even though he wasn’t able to breathe.

The heat in his meridians began to cool down from the cold water. The water carried on exerting its pressure on Yi Yun’s organs…

Yi Yun felt as if he had returned to his mother’s body. He felt like a baby in his mother’s womb, cut off from the outside world…

It was as if a fire was burning in his body. Yi Yun’s only thought was to digest that energy as fast as possible. If not, it could burst his channels, and result in a devastating outcome.

In the nearly zero degree celsius plunge basin, Yi Yun’s body temperature rapidly decreased. A person in zero degrees air would not die as long as they stayed awake. But when surrounded by zero-degrees water, it would not take ten minutes for the person to be frozen completely.

The low temperature, high pressure and lack of oxygen was a harsh environment. It allowed Yi Yun to quickly consume the desolate bones energy within his body. As his body consumed the energy, his body’s constitution was improved, and went through a Marrow Cleansing.

As the passage of time flowed, it was silent underwater. There was not the slightest movement in the plunge basin. It was as if Yi Yun had entered a completely independent space-time dimension. In this dimension, he could hear his slow but lingering heart beat.

“Dum! Dum! Dum!”

Again and again, the rhythm spaced out in intervals like a pendulum.

Slowly, it seemed like Yi Yun’s soul had left his body. His last thought in his mind had disappeared. Yi Yun seemed to had frozen up.

A person who loses his consciousness during a deep dive was doomed to die.

Although Yi Yun had lost consciousness, the Purple Crystal in his chest was slowly pulsating, sending energy to every part of Yi Yun’s body.

Yi Yun had entered an ethereal state. Every cell of his body was absorbing the desolate bone energy to fight the cold and fighting the alarming pressure!

In fact, even a top skill like “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist” was unable to train every inch of flesh and blood. No matter if it was “Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain” or “Dragon Rising to Nine Skies”, there would be parts of the body it would miss.

Wherever it missed, it would become a weakness of the warrior.

The only stance “Dragon Dancing in Vast Water” could use the enormous water pressure to, in theory, uniformly train every inch of a warrior’s body.

Nonetheless, there was a physical limit. Not many could practice “Dragon Dancing in Vast Water” to the extreme.

To be able to temper every inch of flesh and blood, one had to enter an ethereal state of mind, or a person’s body will be subjected to the regulations of the mind. It will consciously use the most often used strong organs. For instance, when a person pushes a boulder, they will inadvertently use their familiar hands, and exert pressure.

Only by emptying one’s consciousness could every cell resist the pressure and cold naturally. Only then can the body be tempered completely. Under such a state, a person’s body will follow its instincts. This was also the concept of “No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me”!

To be able to enter this state was extremely difficult. It was even harder to achieve that in the deep waters as losing consciousness was equivalent to suicide!

Although Yi Yun had lost his consciousness, the Purple Crystal Origins was distributing energy through Yi Yun’s blood. Yi Yun’s brain, meridians and organs were nourished by the energy. A person’s body needed to breathe because the body needed to release energy through respiration. But with the Purple Crystal Origins providing energy, oxygen was no longer needed.

In this state, Yi Yun unwittingly spent a whole day and night underwater!

All his bones, organs, and cells were suddenly alive. It seemed like they had developed their independent consciousness.

It was until late in the morning of the second day that Yi Yun slowly floated up. It was just like a drowned body floating…

The Cloud Wilderness was one of the twenty-four wild lands of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Besides the wonderlands protected by the large tribes, few people trod through the wilderness.

In the Cloud Wilderness, besides the wonderlands people gathered around, there was another place known as “Desolate Lands”!

The Desolate Lands had rich Power of Desolates. And the really strong desolate beasts were all found in the middle of the “Desolate Lands”!

A lacking warrior would definitely die if he entered the Desolate Lands!!

But…at this time, along the boundaries of the “Desolate Lands” of the Cloud Wilderness appeared an elder and a young girl.

The elder was dressed in a yellow robe. His body was overweight and he had a ruddy complexion. Only his eyes were small, making him look ugly.

As for the young girl beside him, she had a slim figure. She looked seventeen. Her eyebrows were curved above a pair of slender eyes. A pair of pupils as clear as spring water resided within those eyes. They were extremely clear.

The young lady wore a set of linen clothes. Under the rough sleeves, an arm as white as a lotus root could be seen.

This girl had delicate white skin, with thin blood vessels running through.

Generally speaking, such white skin with redness was very beautiful. This was also a symbol of health. However, this girl’s skin though white gave off a feeling of weakness.

But one wouldn’t think so just by looking at the situation.

The young girl’s jade like hands were dyed red from blood. And in front of the young girl laid a dead fierce beast the size of a cow. This girl had slain it single-handedly!

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