There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 96: Fortune list no.1

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The mission reaches level 50, and Ye Zhizhou is stuck.

[Destroy the Zerg deputy leader in the Stone Forest Jedi, recapture the stolen villagers ‘supplies, return the supplies to the villagers, get the meat of the villagers’ Xie Li Benlei rabbits, and make a plate of spicy rabbit buns. ]

Shilin Jedi?

He opened the world map, found the Jedi, and found that there was actually a copy of level 60 that had to be played by a team of five. At this time, he was exactly level 60, and after rising from level 50, he did the task. Experience can not be a task level. In other words, the copy of him now is absolutely impossible to pass.

He thought for a while, opened the trading bank and searched the flesh of Benlei rabbit, but it was fruitless.

[Friendly reminder, mission rewards cannot be bought or sold. ]

Is it necessary to hit that **** copy? But he needs five people, and he can only get two with full play … I do n’t know if the gm brother can only brush this 60-level copy …

Open the friends list, gm lil’s name is gray, not online. He tentatively poked at other gm, and only got a bunch of standard answers.

Ye Zhizhou is angry. If you have any questions, please find gm! con man!

People who are always watching the progress of the mission have noticed his embarrassment and started frantically swiping the screen.

I love crayfish: God! Open the buddy function, the copy of level 60 is very simple, I will take you to brush ah ah ah ah ah ah!

Chrysanthemum Eye: Add me, I will take you pretending to force you to fly! Don’t stop the task!

I don’t want to get up on Monday: Ye Zhizhou, add me, I will take you alone.

Angel wings: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Xingbaby, why did you go online, didn’t you go to a perfumery competition? Xing baby I love you!

Wang Cai My Marriage: Seeing Brain Impairment, Bad Nature! Brother Ye leaves me, and I will bring you a copy with the union brother.

Ye Zhizhou took a look at the time. It was too early to see. After thinking about it, he sent a friend application to that prosperous person and included a private chat.

Ten minutes later, a rough man with a big knife appeared in front of him, followed by two men and one woman and three friends.

“Brother Ye Zi, rest assured, our union is strong enough to push out most of the copies in this game, and guarantee you to complete the task painlessly!”

“That’s a big thank you.” Ye Zhizhou’s initial impression on him was pretty good, he greeted him and his friends with a smile, and then said with a little embarrassment, “I have nothing of value to me. Thank you, if you do n’t dislike the rabbit meat made after completing the mission, you can eat it, all with buffs.

Wangcai’s big brother wiped the knife and waved his face with a tiger’s face. “Don’t be so polite, we help you for your own sake. Jingshu, the adulterer, makes steamed buns with exclusive food with a boost effect every day. As a result, I still have negative effects after eating. I don’t know how many of our friends have pitted us. It’s very nasty! The top players around her are also mentally ill and help her bully other players. Just say The Xia sister who was killed to level 0 at first, she must have been wronged, but no one believed her, it was really **** angry! “

Ye Zhizhou heard the words move and asked, “How can you be so sure that that Xia girl was wronged?”

“This is also a coincidence. My wife-in-law is a cook, and her mouth is particularly tricky. He was curious to make a few dishes according to the leaked recipe, and then tasted it in comparison with that sold by Junzi Pavilion. It turned out that all the recipes had problems! “Wang Cai said that his wife’s expression had eased a lot, and then she seemed to think something, and her face turned black again.” But the guys on the forum didn’t believe me. My daughter-in-law has poor cooking skills, my aunt! It ’s all pig brains! The traitor said that it was because she was the first to awaken the cooking skills that the food made had a boosting effect. This ghost reason was actually believed! I asked gm, There is no such setting in the game at all! Players would rather believe in treacherous dealers than believe in gm, they are all playing silly games.

It has been questioned that Ye Zhizhou is thoughtful.

The process of pushing the copy to do the task is very smooth. After finishing, he will give the pot of rabbit meat to Wangcai my marriage. The next level of mission still has to push the copy, Wang Cai, who has tasted his craft, and others are very enthusiastic to take him to the next destination.

Four hours later, the mission reaches level 55. It is not too late. Ye Zhizhou thanked Wangcai and his friends and went offline with satisfaction.

After coming out of the game room, he went to the desk and turned on the computer. He read the leaked posts of the gossip and vegetable party in the game forum and looked at them one by one. Shen’s post for a long time topped the homepage again.

Wake up, the game forum fry. The question about leaking the recipe was just that Jun Shujing ’s self-directed post became popular again-last night, there was a great **** who restored the real recipe by tasting the dishes of Junzi Pavilion! Also posted all!

When the post was first posted on the homepage, there were still a bunch of people going in and spraying. However, a few players who have awakened to cooking can hold a try mentality in the game to make a royal meal with a boost effect. The wind of the post has reversed!

A big freshman show: I just made the Xianglong Double / Flying according to the real recipe listed by the Great God, there really is a buff! Those spouts who say that the big gods are deceiving people and can’t make it according to the recipe will go back to practice cooking! If you really make the dishes exactly according to the recipe of the gods, the finished product is definitely with buff! Nothing is a problem with their own technology!

Hehe: So was Xia’s sister really wronged? The leaked recipes are all fake, so wouldn’t all the crying of Jingshu the Great be deceiving?

Angel’s wings: Impossible! My baby Jingshu wo n’t lie! At that time, Xiaguang had stolen my Jingshu baby ’s recipe and leaked it out. She stupidly leaked a recipe and made a mistake. Blame my baby?

Daughter, I love you: even a dozen recipes are all wrong, and only those minor problems that are not easy to find are wrong. Is this really stupid for people who leak recipes? It’s time for you to recharge your IQ.

Tearing force every day: I remember when Xia Guang ran to the forum and called for grievances all over the sky, but how did those sprays spray people at that time? You’re just jealous that Jingshun the Great God can make money. Personally guarding a woman, I am also drunk. What kind of love does this so-called great **** without mind and shame have?

Hehe: I said it upstairs when I said it upstairs. When the spray nozzles were really dirty, it is said that the **** Jingshu also posted a post saying that she doesn’t blame Xia’s sister Barabara, and deleted it after sending it. Haha, those brain fans still boast of Jing Shushu’s goodness.

Little reporter: Weak hands raised, I have a screenshot of the original post.

Curious about killing cats: Did nobody tell me the story of 818 Jingshu God and her seven “good brothers”! Ask the old driver to take care of the new one! Gossip!

Residual brain medicine: Jingshu God doesn’t like to bubble up various people on the forum to give back to fans, why doesn’t it appear now? Jingshu, come out big, let’s face off to tear up ~


Jun Shujing smashed the mouse.

Comments are still rolling, and the wind has completely turned to the full sky. She stared at the restored recipes, her eyes darkening for a while. Who is it? who is it! Isn’t the buffing effect caused by the secret ingredients she added? Why do these people only make dishes with attributes according to the real recipes! why!

Did … are those gain attributes appearing not because of secret materials, but because of royal meal? She was startled at the thought of this, and her forehead was gradually sweating, her heart panicked and angry. She always thought that the gain attribute was made by the secret materials, so when she first hanged Fu Xia, she only changed the recipe and sent it out … I knew that the gain attribute had nothing to do with the secret material. Such an important dish is announced!

The phone ringed suddenly. She took the phone and looked at it. When she saw the call from Qi Xing, there was a panic in her eyes, and she took a deep breath several times before connecting. “Hey, Qi Xing, why do you give me this point?” Calling, are you busy? “

“Shu Jing, what happened to that post on the Internet? Did you really injustice Xiaoxia?” Qi Xing’s tone was rare and serious, and the words were extremely fierce. “At first Xiaoxia justified that she didn’t leak the recipe, You insisted that she made it, and you swear that the leaked is the real dish, and you have only shown Xiaoxia the person. At that time, I chose to believe in you, and now you give me this result? You actually Lie to me? “

“I didn’t …” Jun Shu quietly bit her lip, lowered her voice softly, and said lowly, “I don’t know why this is the case, my recipe has only shown her … Qi Xing, Cai Fang It is a relic left by my mother, how could I use it to lie and lie … “

The phone was silent for a while and then hung up.

She threw away her phone angrily, looked grimly at the computer screen, and clenched her fists, “Don’t let me know who is pitting me behind, otherwise …”

Close the game forum. Ye Zhizhou went downstairs to find Fu Xia, who was making snacks in the kitchen. She used her mobile phone to search for posts and showed her, and asked, “What was going on?”

Fu Xia took the mobile phone and flipped through the post in doubt, with a blank expression for a moment, suddenly smiled helplessly, and whispered, “What else can happen, I blame me for being stupid. At the time I was in the city. When I met Jun Shujing when I was leveling outside, I saw her playing a strange game but she helped her, and then she got involved with me, saying how pitiful she was as a life player and how hard it was to upgrade. I was soft and just Taking her to play with, and treating her as a good friend … It turned out to be deceptive. She met Qi Xing through me, and after mixing with Qi Xing, she provoked my relationship with Qi Xing with a few recipes. , And self-directed looking for someone to kill myself back to level 0 wronged to me, forcing me to quit the game. “

Ye Zhizhou guessed that there was a problem with the original plot, but did not expect the facts to be almost exactly the opposite of what was said in the plot materials, confirming and asking, “Jun Shujing got to know Qi Xing through you? She got you involved?”

“Um.” When mentioning Qi Xing, Fu Xia’s eyes became darkened. “After being wronged, I immediately asked Qi Xing to tell the truth, but he chose to believe Jun Shujing who had only known him for a few months … … oh, it’s so ironic. “

Ye Zhizhou patted her shoulders comfortably and comforted, “Don’t be too sad, he just has a bad brain.” She was damaged by the hostess’s vegetables and needed to be cured.

After returning to the room, he followed the progress of the post for a while, then took out his mobile phone and called Qi Xing, asked him to come out for dinner, the reason was to want to talk to him about Fu Xia’s previous experience in the game. Bullying. Qi Xing over the phone was silent for a while and agreed to his invitation.

Although I really want to try the thrill of pulling up the seven flags together, it seems to be a good choice to find a breakthrough first.

At seven-thirty in the evening, Qi Xing, who looks like Swen Junxiu, opened the box door of Fuyuan on time. Ye Zhizhou looked at him up and down, pointed to a dozen dishes that were clearly separated on the table, and said, “On the left is Junzige’s signature royal meal, and on the right is my new vegetable garden, come and try it.”

Qi Xing, who thought he would be questioned and scolded, walked across from him and said directly after a pause, “Brother Fu, Xiaoxia, if it was really wronged, I apologize. You do n’t have to In this way, Shu Jing is Shu Jing, Junzi Pavilion is Junzi Pavilion, you don’t need to … “

“No need? Didn’t you help Jun Shujing suppress the Fu Family some time ago? And what is it if Xiaoxia was wronged at the beginning?” Ye Zhizhou quickly realized that he wanted to favor Jun Shujing’s attitude. His expression cooled down, and he immediately lost what he found in the afternoon. Liangliang said, “I didn’t play games when Xiaoxia was bullied, so I didn’t know these. If I knew, I would have interrupted your Legs. And that Jun Shujing, my mind is so bad, I only see it in my life.

Qi Xing frowned. He regretted going to the banquet. He pushed away the documents that he had thrown away with a dark face and said, “It seems that Mr. Fu is not sincerely invited. In this case, he will leave.” /

“Ye Zhizhou in the game is me.”

Qi Xing’s motion was stiff and he turned to look at him.

“Guess what did I find after triggering the Holy Quest?” Ye Zhizhou ordered the dishes on the table and smiled, “Taste, even if it’s just for your baby, Jun Shujing.”

Qi Xing froze with him for a few seconds, then compromised and sat down. He picked up the chopsticks and reached out to the dishes of Junzi Pavilion.

He raised his eyebrows slowly, and said slowly, “The lotus bean curd has three kinds of insect poison added to it. Does it make you feel very comfortable after eating?”

Qi Xing chewed, frowned, “worm poison, what do you mean?”

He didn’t answer, and pushed a plate of his own dishes back and said, “Take another bite of this, and I will explain to you what you mean after eating.”

Qi Xing looked at him defensively, hesitated, stretched out his chopsticks and ate it. After a few seconds, his expression became a little ugly.

He laughed slightly, got up and took out a set of flouring gadgets and some Jiuqing Wanludan, grind slowly under the eyelids of Qi Xing, and then sprinkle them into the dishes of Junzi Pavilion little by little Here, he said, “The pill in my hand is called Jiuqing Wanlu Pill. I made it specially for someone to resist the worm poison in the dishes of Junzi Pavilion. I also added this to the vegetable garden you just ate. Now Do you think your brain is awake? “

Qi Xing stared at his powder-sprayed hand, and didn’t speak calmly.

Pushing the lotus root tofu sprinkled with Jiuqing Wanludan again, and pushing a plate of Junzige dish without herbs, he continued, “It may just be a mistake, you can reconfirm it.”

“No need.” Qi Xing himself is particularly sensitive to the aroma. After eating Fuyuan’s dishes, he has discovered that the fragrance of Junzige’s dishes is not correct, and he has always had something in his head recently. Hazy feeling. The sense of haze just faded away, and he has recently returned to a dull sense of smell …

He looked up and took a deep look at Ye Zhizhou, sincerely apologized, and then took the document that had been pushed away by him.

[The chance of Qi Xing and the protagonist falling in love has dropped to 50%, please host to continue. ]

Ten minutes later, after reading the file, he was silent for a long time, then took a breath, leaned back against the chair and laughed, “I was actually deceived by this trick …”

[The chance of Qi Xing and the protagonist falling in love has dropped to 20%, please the host to continue. ]

Ye Zhizhou sat back in his chair and calmed down, “Now, can we talk about it?”

Qi Xing looked at him and nodded in regret.

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