There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 95: Fortune list no.1

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The system scans for a long time without any results. Ye Zhizhou finds that the spiritual power he has discovered gradually becomes stagnant, and a sense of floating comfort rises in his brain. The scent of food that was just appetizing suddenly became sticky. About ten seconds later, the scent of food became a familiar mint aroma. The mental power became unguarded in an instant, wandering cheerfully, trying to find the familiar mental power that had been entangled for decades.

[The scan is over. Buddha jumps the wall, Wanfu meat, anchovy shark fin, Dianlianfu sea cucumber, Shouwu chicken Ding contains worm toxins, can be addictive, has psychedelic effects, long-term use is easy to cause brain damage, suitable for elixir : Jiuqing Wanludan. ]

[A psychotic anomaly of the host has been detected, please pay attention to the host! ]

The light screen directly in front of his eyes made Ye Zhizhou instantly refreshed. He quickly awakened from the familiar atmosphere around him, took the elixir from the system, swallowed it, and then recovered his spirit and pinched his nose.

The chaotic brain is gradually awake. He glanced at the system prompts and glanced at the table full of flavors and dishes. The stomach was sickened, “worm toxins? Are there insects in these dishes?”

[Preliminarily determined to be a mixed treatment of several poisonous insects and venoms, and the specific species need to be carefully tested. ]

“More than one?”

[Five or more. ]

He took a deep breath and pushed away the nearest dish a little bit. “How did these dishes go through the food test? I just smelled awful when I smelled it, and no one else found it. Wrong? “

[The effect of poison is psychedelic, the amount is small, and it is not easy to detect. The degree of stimulation of the eater is related to the physical fitness of each person. The host has awakened mental strength and the mental strength level is too high, which is deeply affected. ]

… that’s it.

After the elixir completely worked, he smelt and smelled the smell in the bag room again, and found that the familiar scent of peppermint changed back to the scent of the first meal.

So the hallucinogenic effect of these foods is that you can smell and feel your favorite and most attached taste? It’s no wonder that the male protagonists have been captured by the female protagonist’s craftsmanship so quickly. They can feel their favorite things at meals. And he just smelled it now. If he eats these dishes, will he be able to directly feel the pleasure with his lover?

Guangping poked in front of him again, blocking his hand touching the chopsticks, [please ask the host carefully. ]

He was sober, he quickly filled another ball into his mouth. It seems that even under these scented surroundings, he has weakened his self-control … Even though the male lead has not awakened his spiritual power, his brain must be good, and they must be more deeply affected by these dishes. Self-consciousness weakened by the scent of food … Is there a special name for the royal dietary spectrum left by the protagonist’s mother, called Miao Jiang?

Don’t dare to stay in these poisonous smells, he quickly got up and left the box, ready to go back to the game to see. What bugs have been added to the main character’s dish can make Tongtian slowly detect it. Now he has to figure out why the dish made by the main character has various gain effects in the game.

In the VIP box on the other side, a handsome man with a demon-looking expression was so cold that the scum was so cold that he took the water glass on the table and poured all the cold water on his face. When the sense of chaos in his mind had completely disappeared, he wiped his face and got angry and sneered, “Well a gentleman’s pavilion, these dishes that bring false satisfaction will only be enjoyed by widowers, waiting for a complaint!” Just leave.

A middle-aged man who was sitting with him was stunned by his reaction, and quickly got up to stop him, anxiously, “Vice President Ge, are you … No, Vice President Ge? Vice President Ge, our business … “


The door was closed in front of him.

“What the hell! If it weren’t for his powerful old man …” The middle-aged man changed his face and knocked impatiently.

The young man sitting on the other side pushed his glasses and cooled down. “There is not only a powerful Lao Tzu, but also a brain that will make money. Now the holographic game that is so hot is his project. Boss Wang, please be careful. “

Wang Shu’s expression froze, he squeezed out a smile and turned to greet, “Master He, I made you laugh. The food in this gentleman’s court is very good, much better than that of Fuyuan, we …”

“No us.” Master He got up and picked up his things and went out. “I think Fu Yuan is very good, especially the two sets of royal banquets recently launched by his family. That is the real taste bud enjoyment. And these … Master Ge’s mouth is notorious. Since he said that there is something wrong with these dishes, there must be something wrong, Wang Dong, thank you for your hospitality, but He Mou was blessed and left. ”

The door was closed in front of him again, and Wang Shu’s expression couldn’t be stretched anymore, and he became distorted, “A bunch of **** rich second generation! And that Fu family, I was pitted like that before, I didn’t expect to be able to turn around, who gave them the funds! “

The double door was knocked twice. Jun Shujing smiled and came in with a bottle of wine. When she saw that there was only Wang Shu in her, she asked, “Vice President Ge and Master He haven’t arrived yet?”

“Go!” It was a partner who saw him coming in. Wang Shuhaoa held back a little bit of anger, and said in a deep voice, “Who on earth provided the Fu family? I have already said hello to it, Fu family It’s impossible to get a loan in the face of bankruptcy! “

“Gone?” The smile on Jun Shujing’s face disappeared, and frowning put the wine on the table. “How did they leave? Why did you mess things up again? The last time Fu Xia’s incident was fine, this time Mr. Ge ’s meal is related to all my business in the game. Can you be a little bit mindful! ”

Wang Shu looked at her in disbelief, and suddenly sneered, “Jun Shujing, don’t be too swelled, then Vice President Ge was not run away by me, he was disgusted by your dishes! Your kitchen Isn’t Yiyi always disadvantaged? How did you kick off the iron plate this time? I’m just your partner, not your subordinate. Please talk to me and pay attention to it!

Jun Shujing, who has been held for a while, was so annoyed by his attitude, he said angrily, “I can’t do my own business and throw the pot on my dish. How can there be something wrong with my dish!” said It seemed like he had found his self-confidence and backbone, and his mood calmed down quickly. She took out her cell phone, flipped it, hesitated for a while, and called the most indulgent Qi Xing. This time, when she found Vice President Ge, she always wanted to ask the other party to stop the holy mission, or just give Ye Zhizhou the title. Tang Ye and others always thought that she wanted to let go of the game, so she was supportive of that holy mission. Now she wants to destroy that mission and can only come secretly.

After returning home and playing the game, Ye Zhizhou ignored the World Fryer’s fryer again, hid the id and ran to the restaurant the protagonist opened in the game to buy a bunch of food with gain attributes and take them away, scanning them one by one with Tongtian.

[All contain zerg toxins, which are slightly different from the actual species, and the toxin activity is stronger. ]

More active toxins? He looked at the delicate bun in his hand, smelled the smell of wheat and meat, and hesitated, taking a bite.

The taste and olfactory enjoyment brought by 80% fidelity is real, and the swallowing feeling in the game is also very realistic. The meat buns are under the belly, and the body is immediately warm. He opens the character panel and finds the representative character. There is an extra 10 buff for the villain icon underneath, and the time is half an hour.

After the fresh aroma on the taste buds fades, a sudden sense of satisfaction is raised in the brain, which is slightly different from the airy feeling felt in reality. He took out another bowl of soup and tasted it, and found that the comfort changed again, and it became a slightly soft comfort, with a buff of attack 10 under the character icon. He frowned, and ate several more, and finally determined that the spiritual enjoyment brought by the protagonist’s dish was equally effective in the game, because the fidelity of this broken game was too high. He is now very doubtful that if he just drank a bottle of pesticide, is he now rolling on the ground with pain …

The comfort and addiction brought by food can be explained by adding worm poison to the royal diet, but what about these buffs?

Unexpectedly, when he reached the leveling area, he had a flash of light in his head and suddenly thought of a problem. This is a game. Insects are all kinds of monsters with various attributes. The protagonist is likely to add the toxin treatment of this insect. Is it because the protagonist adds these monsters to the food, so those foods also bring the various positive attributes of the monster itself? But … Many people have tried to make the meat of insects and beasts into food, but all the things made are poisonous and cannot be eaten at all. Why is there only a buff with a protagonist?

No explanation.

He poked through the system information and carefully turned it over. After all kinds of speculations, he finally found the real key point-the royal diet spectrum! Only when the protagonist prepares dishes according to the royal diet recipe, the finished product will bring various gain buffs, including the pile of food he just bought, all of which are royal diet!

The reminder of the holy mission is still glittering in the air. He glanced up and thought became clearer. He made a holy mission after a royal meal, but the protagonist made the royal meal before him, but did not trigger the mission. Why? There is only one difference between him and the protagonist’s royal meal, that is, the protagonist adds ingredients to the royal meal. For this reason, the system judges that the main character’s royal meal can’t trigger the task, but the main character does indeed be a royal meal … Can’t trigger the task, then take a step back and unlock the beneficial effect of the royal meal alone? So in fact, the beneficial effect of Yushan is not caused by the addition of the protagonist, but the system setting. Those added venoms only have more hallucinations on the sense of taste …

Remembering gm law’s phrase “don’t want that group of people to affect the balance of the game”, he twitched. It won’t really be like this … So the “golden finger” of the protagonist’s unique gain attribute food is actually created by the highly realistic and strange setting of this game …

But it’s not right. Isn’t the protagonist’s recipe leaked? Other players should not have things like insects and monsters by comparison. Why did n’t they trigger the Holy Mission? And there is no buff?

Fu Xia suddenly flashed in his mind, saying that he was wronged in the original plot. He was shocked. He poked at the game forum and searched for the recipe leaked by the protagonist. After looking carefully, he sank.

No, these leaked recipes are not royal meals. He lived two lives in ancient times, and he has also made royal meals. He can basically guess what the finished products will look like, which is definitely different from what the protagonist sells. In order to prevent speculation errors, he went to the game store to rent a kitchen, made a meal based on the leaked recipes, and then went to Junzi Pavilion to pack a copy of the same dish and put the two together to taste one by one After that, he completely confirmed his conjecture.

It ’s really different. The leaked recipes are either missing one ingredient or the heat is not right, or they are simply mixing two similar ingredients. He put down his chopsticks, and his expression was very unsightly. At the time, Fu Xia’s leak of the recipe was most likely the protagonist wronged her …

[You get weak effect x1, bleeding effect x1, deceleration effect x1, blinding effect x1 …]

A large series of negative prompts appeared, and the body immediately became heavy, then the sight became less clear, dizziness, and weakness in hands and feet. He was startled, and just wanted to shout through the sky, suddenly remembered that this is just a game, and soon calm down, open the game character panel to check the character status. I saw that the various buffs under the character icon had disappeared, and replaced with various negative effects, which lasted for different durations.

“What’s going on?”

Tongtian lay quietly in his backpack without answering him.

After he asked, he reacted again, and wiped his face silently. Since other players will add a pile of poisonous food to the corpse of the worm, the protagonist who does n’t make sense will not …

[Your friend gm is online. ]

Gm Law: You have been on the line for several hours but have not completed a task. Are you trying to die?

“…” This gm with a haunting spirit.

Gm Law: I also eat a lot of mess, are you very hungry?

Gm Law: Stand still and don’t move.

[Your friend gm is offline. ]

A minute later, the handsome dude trumpet 003 appeared in front of him, took him to an albatross, and flew towards the largest npc restaurant in the city.

“… Trump brother, I really don’t hesitate.”

“Discard the food in your backpack before you say this.”


The albatross landed in front of the restaurant. The handsome noodles put away the mount, took him into the second floor of the restaurant, ordered him all the signature dishes, and sat across from him with his chest in his arms. “The taste of these dishes is all The craftsmanship of the top chef outside the simulation is guaranteed to taste better than those messy things you buy, without negative buffs, eat quickly, and finish the task after eating. “

He glanced at the prices on the menu, and he was flustered. The npc restaurant sells really delicious food, but it’s super expensive. Will the trumpet brother have money to pay the bill? He doesn’t want to go to the kitchen to clean the dishes …

Facing his distrustful eyes, the cold handsome guy’s expression was even colder, and he took out a long knife, “kill level 0 or offline pk, you choose.”

He decisively picked up the chopsticks and ate it with anxiety and refreshment. The anxiety was that he had no money to pay his bills. The cool thing was that he did n’t have to worry about eating fat or die. , Paradise for people who lose weight!

After half an hour, the dishes on the table are all empty. The cold noodle guy paid the bill without blinking, put the knife on the table, and looked at him coldly. “Go to work when you are full And, do n’t eat anything messy in the future. “

He moved his mouth and wanted to go back, but his mouth was short and his hands soft, and he was inexpertly angry at this gm. He could only open the 26th task level with a bow.

The stagnant mission in mid-air starts to jump again, and the three words Ye Zhizhou swipe the screen again.

The cold-faced handsome man was sitting at the table where he was alone, meditating on the three words Ye Zhizhou, and suddenly frowned and pressed his forehead. He glanced at the npc’s empty plate before taking it, smirking, “It’s really edible, it hasn’t changed at all, and his mouth has been …” When he stopped halfway, the headache worsened, “… Who … just remembered Who … huck! Huck! Huck! “The air twisted and he disappeared into the game.

In an office building in the city center, the melody forced to pop up the game sits up from the game warehouse, his face is frosty.

The assistant heard the movement and pushed in the door. When he saw that he had a terrible expression, he narrowed his neck, and whispered, “Vice President, do you … need me to call Dr. Chen again?”

Ge Lu looked at him heavily, and said coldly, “I want the real information of the player who triggered the Holy Mission, immediately, immediately.”

The voice of the assistant is even quieter, “But vice president, you said you wouldn’t let you check the player information …”

Gelut squinted, and suddenly smirked his lips, “Then give him a prize to reward him for triggering hidden tasks and maintain the balance of the game. I sent the gifts personally, and now I can get him Is it realistic? “

The assistant was shocked by his smile, and the chicken nodded like a rice pecker. “Yes, I can just adjust his profile.”

The office quieted again, and Ge Ru raised his hand to cover his eyes, leaned leaning against the side of the game room, and murmured, “Ye Zhizhou … where have I heard the name … and dream The person in this … who is … “

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