There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 93: Fortune list no.1

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The background setting of “Continent of Dreams” is infinitely close to the real world, but it has one more human rival-the beast. Players can choose from three races when creating characters: god, demon, and human. The Protoss can choose the occupations related to the nurse and the mt. The demons attack from a long range, and the humans are more balanced. They can choose everything, but none of them are prominent. Generally, the players of the life choose more human races.

Ye Zhizhou, wearing a robe and holding an ancient sword, is standing in a modern small village, and the wind is messy. Who made this kind of bizarre hodgepodge game setting, this game is actually so many people playing, it is incredible.

An aunt walking the dog passed the village entrance, then stopped next to him, and kindly greeted, “Oh, here’s a new adventurer, just right, my daughter is going to bring her boyfriend back, I have to rush back Cooking, can you help me save a fortune? “

[Trigger quest—Wang Dazhen’s commission: Go outside the village to save money and feed it. Whether to accept? ]

This style of painting is really unbearable …

He chose yes, then he took the traction rope from Wang Dazhen, and walked across the village with a stretched face.

It’s very easy to walk the dog. He walked the dog around the river outside the village for a few laps, but it was difficult to feed it. The novice was really new and had no hair on his hands. After searching for a while outside the village, he stretched the sinister black hand to the fish in the river outside and the pheasant in the woods. Half an hour later, he fed Wangcai with freshly grilled fish and barley chicken, and obtained a skill book: Elementary Cooking.

It turns out that cooking can be awakened in this way, and it is not difficult … He read the skill book, asked Wang Dazhen to return Wangcai, and then received a new task-preparing a satisfactory dinner for Wang Dazhen’s family. Thinking of the golden finger of the royal diet in the protagonist’s hand, he waved his hand and made a real royal meal based on the materials provided by Wang Dazhen.

[Player Ye Zhizhou triggers a sacred mission-the awakening of the **** of cooking. The game will be compulsorily updated. Please log off within half an hour. The estimated update time is 12 hours. The new version will be launched soon, so stay tuned. ]

Ye Zhizhou, who was about to find Wang Dayi’s task, was blinded by the golden font that suddenly appeared in the air, and then a translucent panel suddenly popped out from the lower right corner, and the text on it scrolled wildly.

Love Crayfish: Sink! Holy mission! Isn’t that a hidden task? So hidden tasks can trigger new versions of the game directly?

Wings of Angels: Who is Ye Zhizhou? Which food **** is it? Is it the trumpet of our Jingshu baby?

Pants leak: Junzi Pavilion opened a branch in m city today, Jingshu God has no time to play games.

Literary old hooligan: Inside information, all food in the game will bring additional attributes after the awakening task of the kitchen god. Jingshu ’s adulterer is no longer the only one, so this leaf brother please ask Come on, complete the task!

Chrysanthemum Eye: What? !! All food with additional attributes? !! Oh my god!

Ye Zhizhou glanced up at the golden text still in the air, carefully recalled the plot, and twitched his lips. In the original plot, the food with attributes of the protagonist has always been a single copy. It seems that such a task has not appeared … Is the power of Yushan so great?

Suddenly, a dense game cue sounded in my ear, and then a lot of friends asked for a pop-up, which surrounded him layer by layer, blocking the light densely.

World Channel.

Love Crayfish: Sink! The triggering task was actually a newcomer. I searched it. This Ye Zhizhou is only level 1! Saint-level missions seem to hit the Zerg Queen, he is a level 1 …

Literary old hooligan: What? !! Level 1?

Chrysanthemum Eye: No! Can I find a helper for this task? Is there a time limit? Guiqiu masters on the leaderboard to help!

A panel pops up again, with a lot of private chats from players. Ye Zhizhou wiped out his cold sweat, quickly found out that the game chat panel was closed, and found Wang Dazhen to hand over the task and chose to go offline. This development is completely different from what he expected, and he needs to calm down.

After a slight feeling of weightlessness, the game screen in front of me turned into a dim game warehouse roof. He tore off the connection cable from his body, opened the game room, sat up, took the phone to check the time, and saw only four o’clock in the afternoon, frowned. It was strange that the original owner who was diligently and steadily set up to play games at home at four o’clock in the afternoon.

Out of the game room, he sat on the bed and clicked on the system information to check the plot timeline. A minute later, he fell back on the bed and covered his face with a pillow.

No wonder the original owner is playing the game … Fu Family has now been confused by the female lead and several male leads, and the original owner wants to go to the curve in the game to save the country … In other words, the main character has now Several male protagonists are together ambiguously …

The harem has been built. How can this flag be pulled!

Without the pillow and sitting up, he clicks on the system again and looks at the story of the world’s destruction.

After the protagonist and the male characters are together sweetly, in order to commemorate this love that started from the game, she took out a large amount of money to set up a game company, preparing to make her own holographic game. Ten years later, the game was officially launched and the response was overwhelming. Three months later, the first batch of game bins put on the market suddenly had problems, so all users who used this batch of game bins fell into a coma. Another month passed, and all of the unconscious players were brain dead, and the protagonist was pushed to the tip of the wind.

The game was shut down, all game bins and helmets were recalled, the protagonist and the company of the seven male protagonists fell into a crisis of trust, and the relevant departments kept looking for tea, tossing them into a mess.

The protagonist is very panicked. The seven male protagonists are anxious. Under the situation that the domestic wind is getting tighter and tighter, the male protagonists secretly send the protagonist to a foreign shelter. The protagonist who went abroad played her protagonist’s halo again, and gained the attention of politician a and munitions crocodile b with cooking skills. Seeing that the harem will add another new actor, but he does not want to have unexpected circumstances, the munitions crocodile b actually Inexplicably fell to the ground while contending for the protagonist with politician a!

The stalwarts of Armed Forces Predator B were very sad when they learned of the incident, and began a frantic revenge on the protagonist and politician a.

Assassinations that may occur at any time, come from the jealous condemnation of domestic male protagonists, a game that should be a symbol of love but has become a burden of life … Life is all messed up, the protagonist completely collapses, abandons all renames and changes his name to a small Seclusion of the country.

After the assassination of politician a, the loyal dogs who could not find the exact trace of the protagonist fell into madness, and desperately cooperated with a cult war lunatic to launch a war against the small country where the protagonist was hiding.

The war lunatic, who has sufficient armament supply, tastes the sweetness, and then controls the loyal dog when his mind is weak. Since then the gun has bullets and the war never stops. In just a dozen years, small-scale wars have spread to half the earth. In another few decades, the loyal dogs died, and the war lunatics were completely mad, with the believers using suicide attacks to tear up the stalemate at that time and stir all countries into the war. Five years later, the World War broke out in full swing, and the war lunatic took a breath in front of the grave under the loyal dogs. For decades, the world is over.

Stop turning the hand of the material, Ye Zhizhou raised his hand and covered his forehead. Anyway, it is right to fight, until the world is destroyed.

The door was suddenly opened, and a beautiful-looking woman stood at the door with her head down and choked and said, “Brother, it’s useless … Even if you go to the game, it’s useless … blame me, if I didn’t offend After Jun Shujing, it’s all me … “

Retrieved the person’s information from the database, and turned over the original owner’s memories. He eased his expression, got up and walked to touch her hair. Wen Xiao said, “Xiaoxia, don’t blame yourself, It will be okay, believe my brother. “

“Brother, let me marry Wang Shu.” Fu Xia looked up at him. Although her eyes were red, her eyes were very firm. “As long as you marry him, the broken capital chain at home will be saved, and my brother will not need to. Difficulties, moms and dads do n’t have to ask for help everywhere, and grandpa ’s old shop does n’t have to be sold, as long as I … ”

“Shut up!” Ye Zhizhou interrupted her with a calm face, and felt the weakness and anger of the original owner, “My Fu family is not going to turn around by selling a daughter! I don’t want to hear similar words in the future! Just scum like Wang Shu, don’t even think about marrying him! “

“How can we do at home!” Fu Xia stared hard and did not let tears fall, her shoulders trembled, “I heard, my parents wanted to sell ancestral secret recipes! That’s what the family keeps covering Not willing to come up with commercial stuff! Just because of me … just because of me … Brother! I don’t want this! I don’t want to do this! “

“Then you should be upset and don’t let your parents worry about you again!” Ye Zhizhouhu stared at her with her face in his pocket, took out a list from her pocket, put it in her hand, and waved her, “Go, give this to Mom and Dad, are n’t there a few old stores left at home? Let them follow the new menu on this menu. “

Fu Xia froze, looked down and opened the list in her hand, and then stared in shock. “Brother, Yu, Yu diet, or something new that hasn’t appeared, where did you get these?”

When you flirted with your lover, it was made up according to the real diet spectrum … Of course, you can’t answer that way.

“Did I just go out of the province a while ago? I just went to look for these.” He saw Fu Xia’s eyes fixed on the menu and couldn’t move, and then he eased his expression and continued. The chef from the restaurant called all over. Let ’s study this recipe carefully. I will find a way to solve the problem of funds. Give me a few days and I promise to make it up for you, huh?

“Brother …” Fu Xia looked up at him, and wanted to laugh but embarrassed and cried out. She stepped forward and hugged her crying, “Why are you my brother, I want to marry you, brother …” … wow, you are so nice. “

The crying method of this little child … He raised his hand and patted her shoulder, soothing, “Okay, such a big person is crying like this, shameful and not shameful. All will pass, don’t cry. “

Fu Xia heard the words and just choked directly.

This is really … he put his hand down against the door frame, opened the system information in his heart, and squinted at the light screen that popped up into the air. Seven men, seven flags. If his suspicion is correct, these flags may be pulled out all at once.

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