There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 90: The male **** marries me

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Ye Zhizhou, who had no sleep at school and no work, was awakened by the ringtone of his cell phone. He staggered his hand and touched it, but felt a slender and powerful hand.

“Woke up?”

His face was kissed, then the ringtone disappeared. He struggled to be awake, helplessly drowsy, the quilt was too soft, the lover’s breath was too good, he moved, and fell asleep deeply.

Cen Yuebai looked up at him with a smile in his eyes. The muted phone turned on again, and he glanced at the incoming call to remind Shen Zixia of three words, squinted his eyes, and sent a text message after hanging up.

Shen Zhai, Shen Zixia’s face froze after reading the text message, and then she slammed down on the sofa pillow.

“What’s the matter with you, Brother?” Shen Mengxi came out with breakfast and asked, “Is it the second brother’s phone? When will he be back?”

“I’m not coming back.” Shen Zixia stood up with a black face, walked over to help her put the plate, “Zihao has something to do, and temporarily lives in Cen Yuebai.”

“Living there?” Shen Mengxi immediately smiled. “Then I have to prepare something for the second brother … I’ll buy it now!” After I stopped eating, I turned and ran upstairs .

Shen Zixia took her up and took a deep breath. The cell phone ringing suddenly, he took it out and saw, Su Yu, hung up with a black face directly! Just took a sip of coffee, the phone rang again, and he was furious. He picked up the phone and shouted, “You don’t want to be persuaded! If you want to chase, follow any roundabout tactics, I’m not as busy as you!”

The phone was quiet for a while, and then Yin Feiyu’s peculiar vocal voice came, “Drink more chrysanthemum tea when you get angry.”

Shen Zixia was stiff, looked at the screen of the mobile phone, and determined that the caller above was not Su Yu but Yin Feiyu. He wiped his face sadly, put the mobile phone back to his ear again, and asked, “Are you calling over? What’s up? “

“I can’t get through to the call between Cen Yuebai and Shen Zihao.” Yin Feiyu glanced at Fan Lang, whose soul was rapidly turning black, sympathetic and disgusted. “Let them come to the hospital, Fan Lang is getting darker.”

After speaking, I hung up the phone and was so depressed that Shen Zixia sighed the bitter coffee in her hand.

Ye Zhizhou and Cen Yuebai were already at lunch when they arrived at the hospital. Yin Feiyu was guarding the door of Fan Lang’s ward, holding a sandwich, and seeing them coming over, he said directly, “Fan Lang was still on his normal day of rest. The invasion of the soul seems to have not noticed that there is a formation outside the ward, but the situation changed when I came to check the room in the middle of the night. His soul was being blackened faster and faster, and now it is mostly black, you go in. Take a look. “After eating the last bite of the sandwich, he took out a wet tissue from his pocket, wiped his hands, and opened the door of the ward.” My grandpa told me to help you after hearing this, cheap, cheap You guys. “

“Thanks.” There are many things that Tianyan will do much better, Cen Yuebai is very grateful for his thanks.

Ye Zhizhou also thanked him, then rushed into the room to check on Fan Lang’s situation, and frowned, “He hasn’t woke up today?”

“No.” Yin Feiyu opened the notebook and looked at it. After calculating the time, “I have been sleeping for more than ten hours.”

“When the soul melts to half, Fan Lang’s body can be controlled by the invading soul. Yesterday’s normal routine is probably not Fan Lang’s consciousness. The matrix method outside the ward has been found, and the invading soul has bet on it.” Cen Yuebai checked the situation After the expression became dignified, he took out a few pieces of rune paper, folded it, and hung it around the bed according to the five elements. He looked at Ye Zhizhou, “Do you have a phone call for Zhang Lin and Cao Yu? Call them over.”

Ye Zhizhou quickly pulled out his cell phone and asked, “What are you looking for?”

“Soul-calling, they are the last people who stayed beside Fan Lang’s soul when he was entangled by this invading soul, and the three of them grew up together, meeting the conditions of soul-calling.” Cen Yuebai explained briefly and took out A stack of rune papers fiddled with it, “Hurry up, Fan Lang and the invading soul can’t be separated anymore after thoroughly melting the soul.”

Zhang Lin and Cao Yu came very quickly, both of them confused. Ye Zhizhou briefly explained the situation and pushed them to the bed.

“What soul fusion? What are you tossing about?” Zhang Lin became impatient and stretched out his hand to pull the rune paper hanging by the hospital bed. “What else are you doing here? What are you doing! “

“Don’t move.” Ye Zhizhou stepped forward and took his hand, Shen said, “Thinking that your brother will never come back, you will continue to die.”

Zhang Lin still bemused him a bit, and he retracted his hands when he heard the words, only dare to curse in his stomach.

The two are not sincere and do not cooperate, and forcing soul-calling has no effect. Ye Zhizhou thought about it and asked in his heart, “Tongtian, is there a way to temporarily open the eyes of these two people? Let them see the situation of soul fusion.”

[Do you advance the task to reward the identity? ]

Identical talisman? Empathy? He quickly made sure in his heart, and after spitting out one black, three gold, and four rune papers in the small mirror, he took them out of his pocket and pondered how to use them. He went forward and posted the black one to Yin Feiyu, and the remaining three The golden one posted a picture for Zhang Lin and Cao Yu, hesitated for a while, and posted the last one to himself, quickly explaining, “This is the same amulet, don’t tear it, Zhang Lin and Cao Yu. Take a closer look at Fan Lang on the bed and tell me if you guys want to save him! “

Yin Feiyu heard that he retracted his hand toward the rune paper without moving. Cen Yuebai stiffened, stopped the movement of hanging amulets by the bed, and looked at the golden amulet paper on Ye Zhizhou.

Zhang Lin and Cao Yu were stuck in fog, turning their heads to ask, but startled by the dark shadow that suddenly appeared in front of them, “What is this misty shadow?!”

“It’s your soul. I temporarily copied Dr. Yin’s heavenly eyes onto you.” Ye Zhizhou explained to them, adapted to the effects of heavenly eyes, and looked at Cen Yuebai by the bed. A layer of translucent shadows appeared on everyone’s body, Zhang Lin was a chaotic gray, Cao Yu was a dark brown, Yin Feiyu was a warm bright yellow, and Cen Yuebai …

“Little continent.” Cen Yuebai called him in a low voice, stepped forward to cover his eyes, “Don’t look.”

“Why …” Ye Zhizhou’s face turned pale, and he lifted and lowered his hand to hold it, shaking, “Why did you … didn’t?” A blank, nothing, how could this be … how Maybe no soul?

Yin Feiyu glanced at them side by side and stepped forward in silence, explaining the truth to Zhang Lin, who was still screaming, and Cao Yu, who was shocked, and Zhang Lin calmed down with a few words.

Cen Yuebai hugged him and kissed his brows calmly, “It’s okay … in fact, it’s just that you can’t see it.”

“But …”

“It’s transparent.” Cen Yuebai touched his face and said with a smile, “How can a person have no soul, but I’m more special, born with transparency. A friend of my master also has Tianyan, and he checked me out. , No problem. “

“Really?” Ye Zhizhou’s eyes were stained with hope, “Will it be normal in the future? Is this harmful to you?”

“No, probably when the killings on my body are cleared, the color of the soul will be normal.” Cen Yuebai hugged him again, and then quietly peeled off the rune paper on his body, “Don’t worry, you don’t see me always being good Yes. “

All the shadows disappeared, Ye Zhizhou clenched his hands tightly, forcing himself to relax. Really … just can’t see it?

Yin Feiyu looked at them side by side, his eyes just coincided with Cen Yuebai’s gaze. After looking at them for a few seconds, they retracted slightly. Transparent? Thanks to him, he can find out why.

Raising his hand to tear off the rune paper from his body, he held up his glasses boringly. People who are in love not only have IQs, they don’t even look well.

After seeing the mysterious scenes and listening to the detailed explanation, Zhang Lin and Cao Yu’s attitude became cautious and serious. Although I had a big fight with Fan Lang and almost broke my face, but I grew up together from a young age, and my emotions are there. I know that my brother is in danger. Of course, I must help! They obeyed Cen Yuebai’s instructions to cut their fingers and press them on a large red rune paper. They closed their eyes and began to recall the days when they went out with Fan Lang to be cheerful and happy.

Yin Feiyu and Ye Zhizhou retreated to the corner of the ward, trying not to disturb them.

There are no earth-shattering special effects. After shaking the rune paper hanging by the bed a few times, Yin Feiyu, who was concerned about the situation there, opened the record book and started to write and draw. He is temporarily safe. “

Cen Yuebai burned the rune paper in his hand, then nodded towards Zhang Lin and Cao Yu.

Zhang Lin fell to the ground directly, his face was full of fear, “I have been flustered just now, and there are some memories in my head that are not my own. What’s going on?”

“It’s the memory of invading the soul.” Cen Yuebai explained lightly and began to pack the rune paper around the hospital bed. “Soul calling needs to be repeated many times. You must be mentally prepared. Don’t run around recently, be careful to get dirty Stuff. “

Ye Zhizhou’s focus is on Zhang Lin’s previous sentence, and he asked, “What do you see in your memory that doesn’t belong to you?”

“I saw two little boys playing together.” Zhang Lin got up, his face was a bit disgusting, “I also saw them grow up … uh …” His straight man’s heart has been affected a lot recently. .

“Fire.” Cao Yu suddenly opened her pale face and looked at Ye Zhizhou with horror. She shivered unconsciously. “The fire, the house … there are people in the house … someone is standing outside and laughing.”

Ye Zhizhou was shocked, remembering the information he found earlier, and asked seriously, “You said someone was standing outside the house and laughing?”

“Yes, I heard someone calling him Xiaotao …”

Xiao Tao? The name of the invading soul was Luo Tao, and the fire … he couldn’t help but clenched his fists, his back exuding cold sweat. The big brother was named Yuan Chang. He had a bad life as a kid, his mother died early, his father was gambling and had a tendency to domestic violence, and his grandmother had a bad temper because of illness … In his sophomore year, his father and grandma were together In the dispute, he accidentally overturned the oil pot and set it on fire. He was burnt to death at home … Yuan Chang’s grandmother had bought insurance for himself and his son. After their death, Yuan Chang received a large amount of insurance compensation. He and Luo Tao, whose parents died early, used this money to complete college education.

“What’s wrong?” Cen Yue hugged him in vain.

“Yuebai.” He looked back, looked at him sideways, “I think we have to go to Yuanchang.” I was going to separate the invading soul and stabilize Fanlang before we got the big brother. But now … Unlocking the bell still has to be a bell person, Yuan Chang is likely to be innocent. This old grievance still lets some of their parties go to it.

Yuan Chang and his wife moved to another city a few years ago. Cen Yuebai had to watch Fan Lang in the hospital to watch the progress of soul fusion, and Ye Zhizhou had to go alone to find someone.

“Let Shen Zixia accompany you.” Cen Yuebai was a little uneasy.

“No.” He shook his head and stuffed the things he wanted to bring into the space. “I don’t want my brother to mess with these things again.” In the original plot, Shen Zixia and Su Yu waste a lifetime beside the protagonist, and they do n’t live well. it is good. Now that the two have returned to ordinary life, things on Fan Lang’s side should not be involved anymore.

Cen Yuebai took the buddha from his wrist, pulled his hand to put it on him, hugged him and stunned, “come back soon.”

He touched the bud with the temperature still on his wrist, hugged him, and nodded gently, “OK.”

A day later, Ye Zhizhou set foot on the land of a strange city by himself.

At eight in the evening, he went to Yuanchang’s house and rang the doorbell. The woman who opened the door was a woman with a bright face and a smile. She was about thirty years old. After seeing Ye Zhizhou outside the door, she stunned and asked, “This gentleman, may I ask you …”

“Xia Xiang.” Ye Zhizhou interrupted her, took out a photo from her pocket and shook it. “If you don’t want your son and daughter to die with you, call Yuan Chang to come out and go with me.”

Luo Tao’s burial site is shown in the photo. Xia Xiang’s face changed greatly after seeing him, and she wanted to close the door.

“It seems you are going to watch your son and daughter die together.” Ye Zhizhou was not surprised by her response, she took the photo in her pocket and said lightly, “Maybe you want to come over and ask you to be the police?”

Xia Xiang stopped his hand and looked at him with a defensive and fearful voice. He lowered his voice and said sharply, “How much money do you want, I’ll give it to you! As long as you don’t disturb my life.”

It really is the style of a rich lady. He smirked, took out his mobile phone and dialed Yuanchang’s phone, then slowly said in her gradually widening eyes, “Luo Tao is dead. In the woods, would you like to know who killed him? Come to the door. “

“You …” Xia Xiang’s face turned pale, and her body trembled slightly with anger. “Why do you have my husband’s phone?” He said as if he thought something, and threw the door hard.

Ye Zhizhou raised his hand to look at his watch. Thirty-six seconds later, the door opened. Tall and handsome Yuan Chang rushed out with a distorted expression. His eyes quickly locked on him, and he stepped forward and asked, “Is it your call? Are you here? Lie me, right! Xiao Tao went abroad … Why didn’t you speak! You said, how could Xiao Tao be dead! “

“Yuan Chang!” Xia Xiang rushed out and pulled him, dragging him into the house, “This man is a lunatic! If you talk nonsense, you also believe that you have been married for so many years and you can’t forget Luo Tao and live a good life What do you think of me as Xia Xiang! “

“The fire and Luo Tao’s death.” Ye Zhizhou watched them tug coldly, Yu Guang noticed the small figure behind the door, and he calmed down his expression and said, “None of you is clean, but the children are Innocent. So did you follow me obediently, or did I speak your crimes directly in front of your children? “

Xia Xiang’s sharp voice stopped abruptly, and Yuan Chang turned his head sharply to look at him.

“Dad, mom … don’t fight, sister cry …” A little boy ran from behind the door and held their trouser legs, and tore gently, “Sister cried, she was hungry …”

Xia Xiang’s lips trembled a few times, suddenly covering her face, squatting, and hugging the child, she cried lowly, “Don’t say … please don’t say, the child is innocent … please … I’ll follow You go, please don’t say … “

Yuan Chang’s throat moved and he tightened his fist. “Wait for a good baby … I’ll follow you.”

[Yuanwei, Yuanyao and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has been reduced to 50%, please continue to host. ]

Ye Zhizhou’s glance at the system prompts that his eyes fell on the child in Xia Xianghuai’s arms. With such a pair of parents, what should these two children do in the future?

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