There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 89: The male **** marries me

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Returning to the soul went smoothly, Shen Mengxi woke up for a while, then looked sideways to the pillow.

The little white cat is lying on the bed in a prone position, her eyes closed, as if she just fell asleep. She stretched her fingers to her nose, waited for about half a minute with her eyes widened, then dropped her hands in dim eyes and held the kitten in her arms.

Cen Yuebai put away the remaining material, and said lightly, “It died before you entered its body.”

“I know.” Shen Mengxi touched the kitten’s small body and sucked her nose. “I just thought …”

Su Yu handed a tissue, awkward and comforted, “Don’t cry, we will bury it well in a while. If you like cats, I will buy one for you …”

“I don’t want the cat you bought.” Shen Mengxi took the paper towel and wiped away her tears, staring at Su Yu and looking at Ye Zhizhou, “Second Brother, thank you.” After looking at Cen Yuebai, he paused, Xiaoxiao said, “Thank you too … Erji.”

Shen Zixia, who was preparing to drink saliva to ease the mood, sprayed directly. Cen Yuebai’s action of closing the rune paper was paused, and she turned to look at Ye Zhizhou. Ye Zhizhou also froze for a moment, and then the proud Han Cen Yuebai glanced forward and patted Shen Mengxi’s shoulder, “Good job, Meng Xi!”

Shen Mengxi’s lips are shy and smile.

Su Yu looked at Ye Zhizhou’s hand on Shen Mengxi’s shoulder, and the acid water in her heart was rising up and down, but suffering from the injustice at this time, she could only bite the handkerchief in her heart.

Shen Zixia took a deep breath and turned out of the ward door. That’s it, that’s fine.

The brothers and sisters went through the discharge procedure the next day. After returning home to settle down, Ye Zhizhou went to the police station.

Zhang Lin and Cao Yu were very weak, and saw him come in with a slight glance and then looked back.

“I can ask my sister to withdraw your complaint against you.” He sat opposite the two and opened the door and said the conditions, “But I have a request, you can’t harass my sister in the future. In addition, talk to me tonight. Go somewhere. “

Zhang Lin and Cao Yu looked at each other, and after some eye contact, Zhang Lin replied, “The first one we promise, as for the second one … we must know where you want to take us.”

“Yes.” Ye Zhizhou nodded very well, took out a leaflet from his pocket and put it in front of the two of them. “Shengnan opened a club some time ago with a hidden bar. I heard you have been I want to see you, I ’m in good mood, and I ’m going to take you to the world. Do n’t worry, I guarantee that you will come in as you go in. There ’s a lot of hair on you. ”

The two looked at the leaflet, looked at each other again, and agreed without hesitation. It’s just going to the bar. Since the other party has so promised, they will just go. Anyway, the two big men are not afraid of suffering.

That night, Ye Zhizhou threw the two into the bar, allowing them to watch a few exciting male-to-male passionate shows up close. That’s right, the hidden bar is a **** bar, which regularly holds large-scale performances and on-site appointments. Tonight is just the date of the appointment. Zhang Lin and Cao Yu, two straight men, went in and wanted to know what kind of mental shock they would receive.

Three hours later, the two came out of the bar with pale faces, their clothes were a bit messy, and they were probably teased by the enthusiastic bar guests inside.

Ye Zhizhou leaned on the car and greeted them with a smile, and asked gently, “How do you feel?”

“You actually took us to such a ghost place!” Zhang Lin took the lead in anger, and rushed forward and wanted to grab his collar to slap him, “Damn! I was almost forced by a man! He actually Want to pour me! “

Ye Zhizhou blocked his hand and dropped it, sneer, “Isn’t this what you wanted to do to my sister?”

Zhang Lin’s words were stunned, Cao Yu’s expression twisted, her eyes changed, and she said nothing at all. She calmed down and opened the door to take the lead.

“It’s different!” Zhang Lin finally retorted.

“What’s different?” Ye Zhizhou stared at him, asking coldly, “Is it drunk and then dragged to bed when someone is drunk? Isn’t this what you always do? Why, when it happens to you, you Feeling angry, when you do this to others, how do you feel that the other person should be willing to take advantage of you? If you are a person, others are not? “

“It’s different anyway! Is there anyone else, don’t you just care about your sister’s matter! Actually, I don’t have any idea about your sister at all! It’s all because of Fan Lang …” Zhang Lin said that he was half stuck and his expression changed. Changed, irritated to sit in the car and growled, “What the **** do you want to do, I know I wasn’t a human before! I won’t do it in the future!”

Ye Zhizhou pulled out the driver ’s door and got into the car. He took a photo of Fan Lang out of his pocket and turned to the two of them. He explored his mental strength and wrapped them in, slowing his voice and saying, “I know Fan Lang The soul was in my sister’s body before, and you said that you had an idea for my sister because of Fan Lang’s sake, so now you look at this picture and imagine the scene of a relationship with him … tell me, you really want to What happened with Fan Lang? “The quarrel is not the purpose. The thoughts of the two rich second-generations will not change for a while. The key is to pull the flag.

Unconsciously pop out of the pictures you see in the bar, and then the people who do those things in the picture become themselves and Fan Lang … Zhang Lin and Cao Yu twisted their expressions and turned to look out the window. , Frowning, pursing his lips, a disgusting look.

[Zhang Lin, Cao Yu and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has dropped to 0%. The fifth and sixth soul flags have been removed. Congratulations to the host, please keep working hard. ]

It was just a little stimulating. The two flags were all pulled out. It seems that the trip to the bar by the two is really exciting today. Ye Zhizhou turned off the system promptly with satisfaction, and Dafa mercifully recovered his spiritual power.

The picture in his head gradually disappeared, Zhang Linping shouted after he recovered the disgusting feeling in his heart, “We and Fan Lang are just brothers, brothers! I understand! We are wrong! Let us be good people in the future Shen Zihao, you are cruel! “

Cao Yu wiped her face, moved her lips, and whispered, “My mother is right, I have really been confused all these years …”

Ye Zhizhou turned his hair back and moved the car, and said, “It ’s good if you understand, good people have good rewards, and bad people go to the west. Do n’t always think about doing bad things to take advantage of girls. Is it hard to be a good man? Just be a straight guy, do n’t just bend around, others will be troubled. “

Zhang Lin lowered the back of the chair, vowed in his heart after a few low curses, and never provoked the Shen family again.

Cen Yuebai took Ye Zhizhou to the place where Fan Lang had the accident in the darkest part of the night.

“Here it is.” Cen Yuebai shot the flashlight around, rubbed the rune paper in his hand, observed the direction of the ashes, and then turned and turned the flashlight toward the deep woods near the road. “The body is there Direction. From the traces of fighting methods found before, the invading soul should be awakened by fighting methods, and then consciously entered Fan Lang who had just happened to be in a car accident near this area, and tried to melt the soul after arriving at the hospital. “

Ye Zhizhou opened the system scanning function and swept around, frowning slightly, “Why did Fan Lang’s soul enter the body of Meng Xi?”

“Because the invading soul had misunderstood the technique, he should not be a man in the mysterious gate.” Cen Yuebai turned off the flashlight, pulled out a red string and a few coins, struck a few times, and looked up at a sky “Soul-melting spells are similar to large-scale soul-shifting spells. It is easy for mistakes to be made by stealers who have just started or are not led by a master. The invading soul is too heavy to breathe / reincarnate. The man who killed Yin Yinyang wrong buried him in this place of raising yin, but it became stronger. “

A place for nourishing yin? Ye Zhizhou looked around the desolate landscape and couldn’t help rubbing his arms.

Cen Yuebai saw the copper coins and stepped forward, took his hand, and took him towards the direction of the burial. “The soul melts and moves, in order not to dissipate himself, before the second melt soul, he I will certainly try to hide. Because he has already performed the operation once, his target of soul fusion can only be Fan Lang. If I can find this at the time, it will be much easier to guard the rabbit and catch him, but unfortunately … “

Any way to hide? Where can the other soul hide? And cann’t Yin Feiyu see the color of the soul, why didn’t he find him before?

Seeing his doubts, Cen Yuebai squeezed his hand and said a few words, “Morgue.”

Ye Zhizhou took a moment to realize it. The morgue is the place where the hospital has the most anger and soul, and it is really easy to hide an alien soul. So in the original plot, during the five years when Fan Lang’s soul was not returned, did the invading soul stay in the morgue of the hospital?

“That’s it.” Cen Yuebai stopped in front of a hillside, pointing to a small cave covered by stones below the slope, “the body should be under these stones.”

Ye Zhizhou scanned the stones with the system. Sure enough, human bone traces were detected below.

“Alarm?” Cen Yuebai pulled him and turned around, not letting him continue to face the body.

“Report in a few days.” He shook his head. “I still haven’t figured things out.” Yin Feiyu said that Fan Lang’s soul was gradually getting dark, so we can see that the invading soul should be black, and black. It represents great evil, but from the information he found, it seems that this invading soul did not do any bad things during his lifetime. The only time he tried to kill the young lady was directly counterattacked.

Cen Yuebai nodded and understood that he was leading him along the way, “I laid the quarantine array outside Fan Lang’s ward, and the invading soul was locked there. As for the progress of soul fusion … Fan Lang’s soul color is not pure, you have to be psychologically prepared. “

Ye Zhizhou heard the words sink in his heart, his expression became more serious. In the original plot, it took more than 20 years for the protagonist to be melted into the soul. Why is it now …

There was something in his heart, so he didn’t notice the small movement of Cen Yuebai when he drove. He didn’t realize it until he parked in front of a villa. He asked, “Where is this?”

“The wedding room that my master prepared for me.” Cen Yuebai helped him to unfasten his seat belt, then turned around and got out of the car, opened the door of the car, and leaned over to see him, “This will also be our future home, think Come with me and see? “

Although I know there will be something discordant after entering, but in spite of him, his lover holding the door and looking down at him looks so handsome that it is suffocating, and it’s not human if you don’t stumble!

“Look.” He got out of the car without restraint, glanced over his lower body, “I heard that your Tong Yang body is unbreakable until you find a destined person, what about now?”

Cen Yuebai laughed softly and held his hand, “It’s about to belong to you.”

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