There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 87: The male **** marries me

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Soul Banner is restored, but there is no hint of a change in the plot. Ye Zhizhou’s point-opening system data turned, and the more he frowned, the more he frowned. According to the timeline, the protagonist and Yuan Yao met when they were in their forties, when Yuan Yao was only 25 years old. Now Yuan Yao is probably … not long after he was born?


The babies don’t let go, this soul flag changes really badly.

Cen Yuebai walked over, picked up the fork and set it aside, raised his hand to hold his eyebrow, and gently clicked, “What’s going on?”

He turned back and shook his head. After thinking about the meeting, he asked, “You first approached my sister to help her return to the soul. Assuming her body died before returning to the soul, what would happen to her soul?”

“She is in a special situation, which is equivalent to being taken away. If her body dies, her soul will become weaker and weaker, until she dissipates and returns to reincarnation.” Cen Yuebai sat on the bedside and stretched her hand into the quilt. Gently opened his clothes and touched the wound, leaned into his eyes, “how come to think of asking this?”

The wound was a bit itchy, and he shrank back to catch a hand that was mobbing at the waist. His serious expression couldn’t hold his head. He broke his power and stared back at him with a glance. “I just feel a little confused … Is there any result from your investigation? Fan Lang doesn’t seem to know anything about soul transfer. Who do you think will do it? “

Cen Yuebai couldn’t help but leaned in and kissed his eyes, instead holding his hand and said, “I went to the place where Fan Lang was involved in a car accident, and there are traces of fighting methods nearby, but unfortunately I don’t know what kind of school. Everything is normal here in the hospital, but Shen Mengxi’s body was taken away here. The two clues are combined. I guess someone is trying to grab Fan Lang’s body and accidentally reaches Shen Mengxi. “

Someone wants to grab Fan Lang’s body … he suddenly remembered something, and was busy stabbing the system in his heart, “Is the small flag above the protagonist’s soul going with the protagonist’s soul?”

[Retrieving rules, please wait … After the retrieval is complete, the soul flag is bound to the soul and cannot be changed. ]

Bound soul? Then why did n’t he see the soul flag on the protagonist ’s head at the school gate that day? The soul in Shen Mengxi’s body was Fan Lang, wasn’t Fan Lang the protagonist? !!

At midnight, he touched Fan Lang’s ward again. The light in the room was very dim, and the small flags that shimmered in light became more prominent. He couldn’t help but clenched the small mirror in his pocket and frowned deeply. What’s going on … When Fan Lang’s soul was in Shen Mengxi’s body without a soul flag, why did he suddenly have it when he returned to his body?

He pulled out the small mirror, and sprinkled the powdered sleeping pills on Fan Langna, and stepped forward to take a closer look. No problem was found. He asked in confusion, “The soul flag must be the protagonist.” Does the soul appear when it matches the body? “

[No such requirement in the rules. ]

So what’s going on now? He became more confused. Fan Ling Dan can’t go wrong, at this moment Fan Lang’s body is definitely Fan Lang’s own soul! And Fan Lang was indeed the one who occupied Shen Mengxi’s body at the time, but why was the soul flag sometimes absent?

“You also find it strange, right?”

The sudden sound of a vocal shocked his heart to a beat.

Yin Feiyu pushed open the door and came in. He walked to the bedside and looked at Fan Lang on the bed with a closed logbook in his hand. “He awoke, your sister fainted. It was more interesting. The thing is, his character is a little different from what he was when he was in your sister’s body. “

What’s going on? He quickly stabilized his emotions and did not follow the other party’s thinking. He asked, “Do you know how to transfer souls? Or, do you know who did it?” This Yin Feiyu has been weird, unlike the bad guy Not much better. It seemed like he had noticed a lot of things, but didn’t mean to participate, and kept the attitude of a bystander. He secretly prepared for the other side, and monitored the other side for several days with mental energy, but found nothing. In short, he couldn’t understand this person.

“I forgot to tell you that my eyes are a little different from yours.” Yin Feiyu took off his glasses and looked at them side by side, his eyes slightly tilted, with a charming charm unexpectedly, “Your soul is golden, I Grandpa said that the golden soul is rare, the owner must have great merits, and his life is precious, and he must be treated with caution. Although I hate these strange things, I have to admit that they are useful, so I believe in you. ”

“And this one on the bed.” He put on his glasses again, disdain his lips, “His soul was chaotic gray on the first day when he entered the hospital, and he lost his soul and became blank the next day, but now, His soul is gradually turning black. Black represents the big evil, and he ca n’t enter the cycle after death. I really do n’t want to cure him. “

[Yin Feiyu’s chance of falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 0%. The fourth soul flag is pulled out. Congratulations to the host, please keep working hard. ]

The system prompt that popped up relieved Ye Zhizhou ’s surprise very well. His thoughts fluttered in his head, but his face was not leaking. He continued to ask, “Can you see the color of Cen Yuebai’s soul?”

“Cen Yuebai.” Yin Feiyu narrowed his eyes and looked sideways to the door of the ward. “Since it’s here, don’t hide, rest assured, I have no idea about your little lover.”

Ye Zhizhou is struggling to pretend to have a deep eyebrows and can’t help turning his head to look at the door of the ward.

“So I hate those of you who have opened your eyes.” A cold voice came from the door panel, and Cen Yuebai pushed open the door and stepped in the corridor lights, followed by looking unconsciously into the hospital bed. Fan Lang, “The big evil, this is the case. It is not soul transfer but soul fusion. No wonder the first soul return spell will fail.”

Melting soul? !! Then the soul flag … Ye Zhizhou turned to look at Fan Lang on the bed and turned on the scanning function of the system. The helpless system can only scan the physical condition and has no special effect on the soul. He responded halfway and shut down the system in frustration. Hi-tech and cheat fingers are sometimes not very useful in these increasingly unscientific worlds … the task is difficult.

Cen Yuebai crossed Yin Feiyu and walked to Ye Zhizhou, took his hand and squeezed, “Go back to bed, it’s late.”

The sneaked Ye Zhizhou gave him a guilty look, and obediently followed him. As he was about to cross Yin Feiyu, he suddenly remembered the previous question and asked again, “So what color is the moon’s soul?”

Cen Yuebai stopped and turned to look at Yin Feiyu, with sharp eyes and threats, which is completely different from his usual indifference.

“The soul of ordinary people is a warm pale yellow. The more evil they do, the more turbid the color. On the contrary, the more merits, the more pure the color.” Yin Feiyu did not answer his question directly, instead turned and walked outward. , Walking along the road, “A man who is ruthless, heartless, and powerless, but born with immortality is born with sin, what color would his soul be?”

I saw the other’s white and chic back again, but Ye Zhizhou’s mood was a bit heavy this time.

Tian Sheng Xian Yuan is wearing sin … kill sin … He looked at Cen Yuebai, who was standing in front of him, and wanted to say something, opened his mouth, and hesitated to close. Every life is devoted to the soul, occupying the body of others, but the love is a real reincarnation for so many lives and no previous memory. Even if the mysterious question about sin is destined, it is doomed to fail from love There is an answer there, and the lover who has never committed any bad karma in this world should be so upset when facing such a problem.

A sudden wave came from the mental power network surrounding Fan Lang. He returned to God, holding his lover’s hand tightly, and took him out. “The effect of my hypnotic powder is coming. Come on, talk back when something happens. “

Cen Yuebai looked down at the hands of the two hands, and his stiff body slowly relaxed. What about the killer, as long as this person does not let go, as long as this person is still around …

Returned to the ward silently, Cen Yuebai did not go to the side of the accompanying bed, but squeezed into the bed to hold Ye Zhizhou in his arms, dead, there was no gap, as if he was afraid he would run away Off.

Ye Zhizhou hugged him sideways, raised his head and kissed his chin, then released a soothing mental power to surround them, Wen said, “Yuebai, we will always be together.”

Cen Yuebai hugged him even harder, and whispered after a while of silence, “A few years ago, Master realized that her life was coming, and then she concealed my life as a sacrifice for me … Gua … It turned out to be a **** hell. “

Ye Zhizhou’s heart was so tight that he wanted to look up to see his expression, but was suppressed by the back of his head.

“With merit, you are destined to succeed and live well, and I …”

“I believe you have no bad intentions.” Ye Zhizhou interrupted his words and hurriedly arched in his arms. “If there is a sin, we will slowly redeem it. Besides, we are married for many generations, you But don’t want to leave me alone! Don’t you want to be with me? You don’t need to care too much about this … “

“To be together.” Cen Yuebai suddenly hugged him and rolled over and pressed him underneath. Rare emotions were intense, “You can only be mine! Even if you want to go to hell, I will also take You are together! “

Ye Zhizhou looked at him, and then laughed very destructively, “You are … this line every time …” It is not too tired to say it for a few lifetimes.

Cen Yuebai’s panic and anxiety were all laughed away by him, and his mood was a little bit stuck, “You …”

“I like you, no, I love you.” Ye Zhizhou raised his arms around his neck and pulled him down, and put it against his forehead, saying slowly, “I have a secret on you, you must have noticed it Arrived, but you respected me and did n’t ask. Now, I also have to respect your secrets, killing sins, etc. I will forget to wake up tomorrow, you do n’t have to worry about it, and do n’t care too much. You are you, I I believe you have never done bad things in your life, you are a good person, and there is a last life, a last life … You have always been a good person, and I just like you as a good person, understand? “

Cen Yuebai’s expression gradually softened, and the nerve in his brain that had been suppressed by the **** hexagram for many years finally loosened, slowly filling in a warm and soft emotion, “Understand.” He relaxed and pressed his body to him, kissing His eyes, “I love you too … always.”

The spiritual power scattered in the air felt a close approach to the spiritual power. He closed his eyes and smiled, hugging the person. What color is the soul of a lover, he believes in this person and loves him deeply, that’s enough.

The two fell asleep fortunately and fortunately, forgotten Fan Lang upstairs, whose soul was darkening upstairs.

The next morning, Ye Zhizhou woke up stupidly, glanced over the small mirror near the pillow, and his consciousness was instantly sober. He brushed and sat up from the bed.

Oops! task!

Cen Yuebai just came in with breakfast and saw that he was sitting on the bed with a horrified look in his hair, frowning slightly, hurriedly touched his forehead, and asked with concern, “Has a nightmare? Or haven’t you slept well?”

“Yuebai! Ronghun, Ronghun!” He grabbed the other’s hand, and was so anxious that he couldn’t speak smoothly. “What’s up with Fan Lang now? What’s going on with Ronghun? Yesterday, No, Yin Feiyu said yesterday that his soul is turning black. Is it because of soul fusion?

Cen Yuebai frowned and sat down to pat him calmly at the bedside, and said after he calmed down a little bit, “The soul fusion is not the same as taking away the house, he is not grabbing someone else ’s body, but someone else. Life and chance of reincarnation. Soul fusion takes time, don’t worry, Fan Lang’s soul has not been fully integrated yet, there are ways. “

He quickly asked, “What method? How long does it take to melt the soul? How can I stop it?”

“At least a month or two, but at least three or five years, depending on the intensity of the invading soul itself, as for the method of prevention … Separate the invading soul and kill it.”

Separation invades the soul … Ye Zhizhou meditates on this sentence, and then collapses his hair. So that **** invading soul is the real protagonist of this world! How difficult is none of the protagonists in normal mode to be normal! This time is actually a soul, even the body is grabbed by others!

[Soul flag wave detected … The fourth removed soul flag has been restored and transferred to Yuanwei soul, please pay attention to the host! ]

Ye Zhizhou took a deep breath after seeing the system prompt that popped up. Yuanwei? Gangster’s son? !!

Is that invading soul with the Yuan family?

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