There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 84: The male **** marries me

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I feel pain in the first second of consciousness, it is very painful. Opening his eyes with a wrinkled face, the position of the bedside can be seen in the gradually clear sight, and he closed his eyes again, indicating that he did not want to see Shen Zixia’s pig teammate.

“Wake up?” Shen Zixia stepped forward, first rang the call bell at the bedside, then leaned over to help him pull the quilt, and whispered, “Zihao, I’m sorry.”

He opened his eyes again, and endured the dry pain in his throat. “Brother … I figured it out, I still call you brother … but Meng Xi also called you brother, although she is not with us A mother … This is not to blame her, but brother … she is your sister … “People with a little conscience will not have an idea about their own sister, so you wake up soon!

Shen Zixia stood up and poured water for a while, her face muscles moved and she did not speak.

“I was wrong to bully Meng Xi before, I thought she seduced you …” In addition to stealing the secret crush, this is indeed one of the reasons why the original owner bullied Shen Mengxi later. Before Fan Lang occupied Shen Mengxi’s body, the original owner was still able to treat Shen Mengxi’s sister. Although he is somewhat paranoid, he is not a pervert who likes to bully people. Although usually not enthusiastic with Shen Mengxi, it is much better than Shen Zixia, who has always ignored her half-sister.

“She didn’t.” Shen Zixia finally spoke, habitually looking at her brother with reproving eyes, but stiffened for a moment after seeing each other’s pale complexion, sighing after wiping her face, “I … So obvious? When did you see it? “

“Early.” Ye Zhizhou turned over the original owner’s memory, looked up at him seriously, and continued, “Brother, don’t make your parents sad, and don’t make Mengxi difficult, you know, it’s wrong … Brother That’s Meng Xi, not even Lian Xue. “Lian Xue was Shen Zixia’s first love. She died in a car accident a few years ago. Compared with her character … The rough man is a little bit like Fan Lang’s version of Shen Mengxi. Shen Zixia first noticed that Fan Lang’s version of Shen Mengxi was because of the similarities, and later that Shen Mengxi was hung up in front of him … The similar experience of this mystery finally made Shen Zixia completely sink in.

Shen Zixia’s hand holding the water cup tightened, and suddenly took a deep breath and turned away from his eyes.

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It seems to be on time. He swallowed his throat with pain, and continued, “Brother, do you think of Meng Xi as a stand-in, isn’t it a deception to Meng Xi? There is also Lian Xue, if She knows you … doesn’t she really hate you? “

“Don’t say it!” Shen Zixia turned to interrupt his words, his eyes were dark and painful, and his whole body was also rare. “Don’t say … I know what you mean.”

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“I’m confused.” He quickly converged, put the warm water into a straw and sent it to him, and said with a peeping eye, “I’m sorry, you’re a good brother, and I … not a good brother. No, no more … no more.

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Let Shen Zixia figure it out. His throat was smoking, and he rushed to take a sip of water, moistened his throat, and then made a strong replenishment. “Brother, I just want to have a stable home, I hope my family is fine … You won’t destroy this Home, right? “

“… Yes.” Shen Zixia was so embarrassed that he closed his eyes with his expectant eyes, and when he opened them again, his eyes remained firm. He raised his hand and touched his hair awkwardly, seriously, “Zihao, sorry, and thank you.”

[Shen Zixia ’s chance of falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 20%. Please keep up the effort. ]

The doctor and nurse finally came, and the two ended the conversation tacitly. After some inspection, Ye Zhizhou fell asleep again tiredly, not knowing that someone came in silently, and then sat by his bed for a long time.

Su Yu ran to see Ye Zhizhou after finishing her studies, and she was directly at the door of the hospital by Shen Zixia, who was waiting by the door.

“What’s the matter with you?” He replaced the fruit basket with another hand and asked worriedly, “How is Zihao? Are you awake?”

“Wake up.” Shen Zixia drank a cigarette and narrowed his eyes to the distant building, “Xiao Yu, forget it.”

He wondered, “What’s the matter?”

“I gave up.” Shen Zixia looked at him sideways, raised his hand and patted his shoulder, “I won’t go the wrong way, you don’t have to go close to Meng Xi in order to pull me out, I know you Don’t like her. “

“What are you talking about, I don’t understand.” Su Yu turned away from his eyes, his eyes flickered.

“The mother was so fierce that she entered Shen’s house for Meng Xi, and her aunt accompanied her. I remember that when you were affected, you also became very annoying with Meng Xi. You pushed her and almost let her He fell on the stone and broke his head … “Thinking of the past, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, but it faded away quickly,” You used to hate her so much, but now you suddenly become concerned about her, and you still fight with me everywhere … Before I Guimixinqiao found no problem, now … you and Zihao are good brothers, I thank you. “

“I didn’t hate her too …” Su Yu was guilty of being guilty, “In fact, I also knew that I had done too much when I was little, not all for you … I want to apologize to her. , But I’m sorry, I just wanted to be kind to her … although she became a little different from her childhood … “

“It’s really different.” Shen Zixia sighed, holding the cigarette in her hand and letting it burn away little by little, and then pressing it until the fingers were almost burned, “Everyone wakes up Wake up, the family is more important. “After that, he patted Su Yu’s shoulder again and turned away.

Su Yu turned to look at him, his eyes were a bit complicated, and then scratched his head in distress. “It really is not the same as when I was a kid. When I was a kid, I cried when I was bullied. I was so cute and soft, now I have such a bad temper …” Why do people say that change will change, can’t they keep the same as when they were kids …

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Ye Zhizhou was awakened by the light screen, and he turned it off with a glance and groaned. What really hurts Nyima is that it’s so painful that you can’t take the elixir so that the doctor can’t see the problem, it’s really an old life … that’s why the male protagonists’ falling love rate can give him a little comfort.

“It hurts?”

He found someone beside the bed, and looked sideways. Seeing that Yin Feiyu was standing there with a notebook, he pulled a corner of his mouth and smiled, “It’s Dr. Yin, when can I be discharged? “

“I don’t know.” Yin Feiyu didn’t look at him, lowered his head and took out a pen to draw a sketch in the record book, coldly, “You are not my patient.”

So what are you doing about writing and drawing … Ye Zhizhou is rarely caught, I don’t know what to say. After reading the plot information, the last thing he knows is this Yin Feiyu. This person’s feelings for the protagonist appeared inexplicable. The first second was a passerby doctor, and the second second began to approach the protagonist, showing people’s emotions. After the protagonist hung up in Shen Mengxi’s body, he was also the first to run to guard the protagonist’s body, and waited carefully every day until the protagonist awoke. It is reasonable to say that he should be very affectionate for the protagonist, but this person is also the most jealous person among the male protagonists except Cen Yuebai! Even if the protagonist is arrested ten thousand times in front of him, he can calmly continue to go back for surgery!

“You found it.”


“Your sister, Shen Mengxi.” Yin Feiyu’s spectacles flashed a cold light, and finally he stopped drawing his hand. “Are all unscientific things explained in science? You, still It ’s interesting to have your sister. “

Ye Zhizhou felt a little stunned in her heart, and suddenly felt that her neck was a bit cool and vague, “Dr. Yin, I don’t quite understand what you mean, my sister is really cute … haha ​​…”

“I like to deal with smart people.” Yin Feiyu put away the recorder board, inserted the pen into the pocket of a white coat, and looked down at him. “I think you are a smart person, but you are pretending to be stupid with me now. It doesn’t matter, I’ll figure it out. Your sister’s upgraded version is a bit stupid. I think you’re more appropriate. “

What is suitable? What does upgraded version mean? This person wouldn’t really find out that the core in the shell of him and Shen Mengxi had all changed? But how did you find it? Shen Mengxi’s that is easy to understand, but the original owner has never seen Yin Feiyu before, and there should not be any problems.

“I like your current look, that proves that you are thinking.” Yin Feiyu suddenly stooped closer, looked at him for a while, and straightened up again. “You have memories, but she doesn’t, and you are more suitable. “

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Why is this half! This situation at this moment, the chance of falling in love is not so exciting! Can you rise back! His back is starting to get cold!

“Rest assured, I like to observe with my eyes, and I don’t like to move the knife.” Yin Feiyu quickly saw through his thoughts as if having a mind-reading technique, raised his hand and gently clicked on his temple and said, “Don’t stop thinking, definitely To live well, you are my best sample. “After turning, he walked away slowly.

Ye Zhizhou’s breath was finally relaxed and he spit out, feeling that the wound was more painful.

[Yin Feiyu and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has dropped to 30%, please the host to continue. ]

Qi really loosen too fast!

Shen’s father and mother came to the hospital after a while, and then hurried away after sitting for a while. Ye Zhizhou suddenly felt that the original owner was a bit pitiful. His parents were busy and didn’t care about him at all. His brother initially ignored him and later became hostile to him. He hated his half-sister who had been soft-hearted and then accepted and was taken over by others. And his persistently suppressed sexuality … No wonder The original owner later twisted his temper like that.

The police came over and asked about the tramp. He considered it and chose to confess that the tramp was hired by the original owner. This kind of thing should be said early, or it will be discovered later by Shen Zixia, and then the sentiment may drop back again.

Shen Zixia, who knew the truth, was really shocked. He looked straight at Ye Zhizhou for a while, then suddenly got up in the ward and turned around anxiously. Then he sat down beside the bed and said with a calm face. I have this kind of extreme thought. I didn’t expect that you would be stimulated by my mistaken thoughts. It would be great to be able to recover the mistake in time, and I … I’m sorry. “Except for the sorry, he didn’t know what else to say . His brother almost killed his sister, and it was all because of himself.

Remembering what my brother said before that he wanted a stable home and his parents who hurriedly appeared and left quickly, there was a hint of helplessness and dimness in his eyes, “Zihao, I will sort out my mood.”

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Ye Zhizhou, who was seriously preparing for a confession, was shocked, and the soul flag was pulled up? Wait, the second one? !! The ambiguous memory before the coma suddenly became clear. He suddenly lifted his upper body and wanted to sit up, but accidentally pulled the wound and fell back embarrassedly. He drew a few breaths of pain.

“Don’t move!” Shen Zixia held his shoulders frowning, pressed the call bell with a frown, looked at him seriously and said, “Zihao, what I said is true, I promise! You will be fine , I will deal with the homeless thing, don’t worry. “

This is not the point!

He put up with the idea that Tongtian wanted to eat meatballs, and eagerly asked, “Did anyone approach me and talk to me after I was hurt yesterday?” That mental strength, the familiar tone of speech, and Unplug the flag directly! Lover is actually one of several male lead this time! Yin Feiyu’s banner is still being ruled out directly, neither Shen Zixia nor Su Yu, Zhang Lin, Cao Yu, Cen Yuebai … wait, Cen Yuebai!

Shen Zixia was asked by him, frowned, then shook his head after thinking about it, “I only noticed that Dr. Yin rushed to your side, and the ambulance came later.” And he was a little hesitant at the time, not even noticed the surrounding Case.

“Where is Cen Yuebai? Has he ever seen me?” He grabbed Shen Zixia’s hand, and the more he thought, the more he heard the sound before the coma was Cen Yuebai, “Where is he? He, he …” The mental power is hard to say, the birthmark on the buttocks can’t be spoken, coupled with anxiety in the heart, and the wound hurts, he was a little blind.

“Why do you care if he comes to see you so much?” Shen Zixia suddenly remembered the rumors he had heard before, and asked with a serious expression, “Zihao, do you … like a man?”

He doesn’t like men, he likes lovers! Even if his lover is a dog, he likes it!

The more urgent the wound the more painful, the nurse has rushed over, seeing that his face was white, he went directly to open his clothes and looked at the wound, scolded with a stern face, “It is not honest to be injured, this I ’m going to suffer a few more days, and your patient is really confused! ”He said, looking at Shen Zixia who was holding Ye Zhizhou, his voice was a few degrees higher.“ How did you accompany me? I still press the patient so I suspect him Life is long, let go quickly, I’ll call the doctor to re-stitch him. “

Shen Zixia Wenyan quickly released his hand.

Ye Zhizhou was calmed down by the nurse, and suddenly felt that she was just so excited that she was stupid. She smiled at Shen Zixia awkwardly.

“You are really …” Shen Zixia’s face was replaced with helplessness, and he patted his head and sighed, “Why are you so tiger-like as a child …” After he said that, he froze, like I remembered something, and patted him again, with a bit of nostalgia and relief in my eyes, “That’s it, it’s fine. You can like whoever you like, then Cen Yuebai seems to be on Meng Xi … forget it, you Okay. “

Ye Zhizhou stared at him stupidly, repeating the words “Chen Yuebai seems to be on Meng Xi” in his head. The part of the plot material about Cen Yuebai suddenly jumped out of the memory clearly, angrily brushing the existence.

Yes, the lover’s identity in this world is one of the male lead, the harem of the protagonist, the person who has been like this and the protagonist! According to the plot timeline, the lover now has a good opinion of the protagonist! The two still hug in front of the original owner!

Hug, actually hug, if you don’t have a lover, are you still ready to xxoo with the protagonist!

Damn it! Unforgivable! He must be beaten!

“Well, it really hurts so much? Relax, how do you sew your wounds so tight?” The doctor who had hurriedly patted him on the pillow, shook his head and sighed in disapproval, “Now the young people, and now the doctor-patient relationship, it’s really … I just wound you a wound, you look at me with such hatred, and then be careful with my hands shaking.”

He returned from the plot, took a deep breath to relax his body, and then moved away with an angry look.

The door of the ward was suddenly opened. After a soft and soft meow, a slender figure appeared at the door, followed by a little nurse.

“The hospital cannot bring pets in! This gentleman, stop, stop!”

When he heard the meow, Ye Zhizhou turned his head to look at the door, and then straightly met Cen Yuebai’s light and unemotional eyes. Just a moment he confirmed the identity of the other party, and the vinegar energy that had just been pressed down turned up again, and the bed was angry and jetting, “You pitiful! You dare to split your legs and fall in love with others! Break up! Divorce! I won’t pass you!”

The kitten looked at him shyly, and his little throat shivered.

Shen Zixia also choked.

The doctors and nurses are all stupid.

Cen Yuebai quickly stepped forward to hold the doctor’s hand, looked straight at the doctor’s eyes, said coldly, “Don’t shake your hand, he will hurt.”

It’s murderous!

The doctor swallowed, nodded stiffly, and worked hard to focus his mind on the wound. He couldn’t help feeling countless times. Now the doctor-patient relationship is so difficult for doctors.

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