There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 79: Handsome little husband

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He pushed open the door and looked next door, but there was only time to see the two closed doors.

The guard at the gate saw him come out to salute quickly, and asked with some restraint, “Ma’am, but I’m making a noise for you?”

“No.” He waved his hands, frowned and retracted his gaze. After thinking about it, he said, “Knock on the door next door. The general has a relationship with Weiyuan. Since meeting the young master of Houfu here, it should be Say hello. “

The guard was a little hesitant, “but it’s too late now, and the general is not there, this is only the wife …”

“Isn’t there any of your guards?” he asked, tidying his hair and toughly, and said, “Go knock. When the general comes back, I’ll tell him, and besides, I just hit the door with Master Hou Fu. Say hello, don’t enter the room. “In ancient times, it was trouble, and the identity of brother was even more troublesome. Both men and women had to pay attention to keeping a distance at all times, or they might cause you some problems in minutes.

The guard saw him insist, so he put up and hesitated to knock on the door, then stepped back.

“Who?” It was still the voice of the younger brother who claimed to be Zhanxue.

The guard glanced at Ye Zhizhou and reported himself to the door.

The room was quiet for a while, then the sound of Sasso’s dressing sounded, the lights were turned on, and a slender man with a veil on his face stuck out his head. “It was originally from Shenfu, but my brother is still Is there anything I can tell? “

The lighting in the hallway is very dim, and it is difficult to see the man’s appearance, but the four flags on his head are even more obvious!

It’s really Zou Qing! The plot is also ahead!

“You said Zhan Xuemei is your elder brother?” Ye Zhizhou stepped forward to take a look at the light inside the gate, staring at him with deep eyes, and he wanted to attack mentally, “What’s your name? What’s my name? I do n’t know Hou Fu has a third master! “

Zou Qing noticed him now, his body tightened and asked, “Who are you?”

The guard noticed that the atmosphere was not right, and took a step forward to protect him in front of Ye Zhizhou, and said with a deep voice, “No rudeness! This is my general’s wife.”

Shenfu’s escort, General’s wife … Zou Qing realized the identity of Ye Zhizhou, turned his head to look at him carefully, and was shocked, “You are Zou Qing ?! What’s your face …” Half of them said something was wrong and stopped quickly Then, looking down, I turned my head sharply, “It turned out to be Mrs. Shen, I heard your elder brother mentioned you, you …”


There was a sound of heavy objects falling to the floor, then a slight groan / groan sounded.

The guard’s face changed, and he punched out directly towards Zou Qing’s face, while Ye Zhizhou reached out and took off the veil on his face while Zou Qing was avoiding, and yelled, “Come! Zou Qingyu holds the Hou government Master! Hold me for him! “

Several security guards inside and outside the inn hurried to this place.

Zou Qing avoided the attack of the guard, glanced at Ye Zhizhou angrily, and suddenly took out a bag of powder from the cuff and spilled it into the air. Then she took out a small crossbow / arrow and fired several shots at Ye Zhizhou.

“Mrs. Be careful!” The guard, who was about to grab Zou Qing’s shoulders, turned around and blocked in front of Ye Zhizhou. Zou Qing turned around and ran downstairs.

Ye Zhizhou, who pulled out the sword from the space, was about to pick up the hidden weapon. He watched as the guard blocked the hidden weapon with his body, then fell to the ground with a moan. He tightened his palms angrily, and his spirits swept towards Zou Qing uncontrollably.

[Warning, warning, the damage of the protagonist caused by external forces will cause the small world to collapse, please calm down the host! Please host calm task! ]


He suppressed his mental strength, squatted down to feed the guard with a ball, and shouted loudly to the tenants who were awakened and looked out, “Hold your breath! Go back to the room and wash your face with cold water! There is in the corridor!” Do n’t come out with sweat medicine! “

Seeing the lively tenants scared back into the room.

He took out Qingxindan powder and sprayed it into the air. Seeing that the guards who went upstairs just stopped Zou Qing on the stairs, he reminded, “He has a hidden weapon in his hand! Cover his mouth and nose, be careful of his sweat medicine. ! “

The guards did so quickly, and some of them with bows and arrows took a few steps back and drew arrows to draw at Zou Qing.

Zou Qing stopped quickly, holding the crossbow / arrow tightly, and suddenly shouted at Ye Zhizhou sideways, “Zou Qing! You really have a haunting spirit! I will be with you today!” said Conghuai He took out something like an explosive packet, and he was going to light it with a flame.

The guards were frightened. They quickly hurled the bow and arrow and fired the arrow at his hand. The rest of them rushed towards Ye Zhizhou, trying to use their bodies to block explosives for him.

Ye Zhizhou, who was seeing the wounds of the guard while driving the system scanning function, heard his words and looked up, then he was shocked when he saw the system prompt, “Don’t shoot his hand! Hold your breath and grab him! It’s not explosives, It’s sweat medicine! “

The arrow has been fired, and the so-called explosives have been lifted into the air. Zou Qinggang was about to run away, but didn’t want the guards to jump back quickly on the reminder of Ye Zhizhou, blocking his way again. He had run out of everything he could use, and he had no other choice but to resign.

“Zou Qing, I’m your brother! You did this to me, I will go back to Beijing to tell my father what you did!”

The hidden weapons in the guard are all tiny needles, which are very difficult to pick. Ye Zhizhou was so angry that when he heard the words, he exploded. “Shut up! Wait for the guillotine to kill you! Give me a block on his mouth, tie it up, and send it to the official tomorrow!”

The guard obeyed, Zou Qing struggled harder and harder, “Zou Qing, how dare you! I’m not a murderer, I … let go … Hmm!”

Sweat remnants remain in the air, and several guards sucked more or less. At this time, Zou Qing was **** and gagged with strong spirits, which was unavoidably awkward. Ye Zhizhou’s head quickly calmed down when he saw his anger, and one stepped forward to give him Qingxin Dan.

After that, after a busy aftermath to clean up and relocate the wounded, Zou Qing was thrown into the room of Zhan Xuemei by the guards under the account of Ye Zhizhou.

After confirming that the injured guard was okay, Ye Zhizhou went upstairs, disregarding Zou Qing who looked at him fiercely, stepped forward and swept the exhibition show that was lying on the ground constantly, and fed him a detoxification dan.

A few minutes later, Zhan Xue, who was on the ground in a mess of clothes, woke up. He glanced at Ye Zhizhou squatting in front of him confusedly, then glanced at his clothes with his neckline wide open, exclaiming, “You, who are you? What do you want to do to me! Although you are beautiful, but, but I’m a principled person, even if you treat me, I won’t … forget it, let me marry you. What’s your name? Where is it? “

This person …

Ye Zhizhou rolled his eyes indifferently and stepped back, pointing to Zou Qing, who was tied to a corner by a corner, and said in a cool way, “What I want to do to you is him, how is it beautiful? Are you beautiful? Will you marry him? “

Zhan Xuemei Wen Yan sat up, she was really serious and looked at Zou Qing very seriously. After thinking about it, she said, “Although he doesn’t look good on you, but if I really bully him, then … Marry and marry, as long as he can continue to let me play around after getting married. “

Zou Qing sniffed a few times and shook his head to swing out some messy hair on his face to reveal his face, as if to remind him of something.

“Ah!” Zhan Xuemi’s eyes widened, and she got up and was surprised. “Are you a misunderstanding, beauties? This is the poor man I saved when I was drinking. He was being bullied by a bully. He’s a good guy, why did you tie him up? “

Zou Qing nodded strongly and moved towards him, his eyes looked pitiful.

Is the man’s IQ fed a dog! Ye Zhizhou’s mental power began to flow uncontrollably. Taking a deep breath to force himself to calm down, he looked at Zhan Xuemei with a stupid look, pointing to Zou Qing, “You say he is a good person?”

Zhan Xuemei nodded and nodded.

“He is my brother.”

Zhan Xuemi looked at him in disbelief, “You actually tied your brother up! You guys are so bad!”

“He is still a murderer.”

Zhan Xuemi opened her mouth wide.

Throw the baggage delivered by the guard into his arms. Ye Zhizhou sat at the table and poured a cup of tea and swept it with the system. He sneered at the corner of his mouth.

Two minutes later, Zhan Xuemei finished reading the book and moved her unbelievable eyes to Zou Qing, “You, you actually killed so many people! That is your husband, why do you kill him and his Family! “

[Zhan Xuemei ’s chance of falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 30%. ]

Zou Qing shook her head frantically, trying to justify, her eyes burst into tears. Zhan Xue found him so pitiful and tangled again, “beauty, would this be a misunderstanding, he is so weak and so pitiful, not like a murderer …”

[Zhan Xuemei ’s chance of falling in love with the protagonist has risen to 40%, please pay attention to the host! Attention host please! ]

Ye Zhizhou hesitated in his heart, handed the tea cup, smiled and asked, “Is it thirsty?”

Zhan Xuemei had fallen in love with poison before rolling on the ground for a long time and sweating. He was really thirsty when he said that he took a teacup with a smirk and thanked him, then drank on his neck and sighed loudly, “Cool!”

Ye Zhizhou glanced at Zou Qing who was suddenly quiet, the old **** was raising Erlang’s legs, “wait for two minutes, you will be more refreshed.”

One minute later, Zhan Xuemei started to get hot, and two minutes later, he rolled to the ground again. Ye Zhizhou squatted down and fed him half of Qingxin Dan, keeping him awake, but he could n’t relieve his power. “This tea is prepared for you by the poor man in your mouth, and the poison is in it. What ’s the taste? ? “

Zhan Xuemi shook her head madly and pulled her collar hard, “I’m wrong with the beauty, the poor must have hate! It’s because I don’t know people well, and the beauty solves medicine, I’m so uncomfortable.”

[Zhan Xuemei ’s chance of falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 20%. Please keep up the effort. ]

It didn’t drop clean? He sneered, scanned Zou Qing with the system, and then pulled Zhan Xuemei to throw it in front of Zou Qing. He opened Zou Qing’s sleeves, “Did you see the bag in his sleeve? It was full of sweat medicine. There was a belt Here, you’re hiding the love poison you now have. “As he said, letting go of Zou Qing’s belt, he dismantled his hair in spite of his struggle, twisted his hair bun, exposed the silver needles inside, and stretched it out. In front of Xuemi, “There is still this, very toxic. As long as you touch it a little, it will definitely die. Do you want to try it?”

Zhan Xuemei was dumb as long as he opened Zou Qing’s sleeves. He heard that he quickly shook his head and quickly stepped back. “I don’t want to! This person is so terrible, he has so much poison hidden in his body, and he knows what he knows.” ! I, I dare not trust people anymore. “

[Zhan Xuemei ’s chance of falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 0%. The first soul flag is pulled out. Congratulations to the host, please keep working hard. ]

Ye Zhizhou sneered in his heart. Sure enough, this kind of man with soft ears and soft hearts wants to scare more. Now the quality of the male lead in these mission worlds is really getting worse! Put away the bun and get up, he lost a clear heart, “The brain is a good thing, I hope you don’t discard it easily, put on your clothes and open another room.”

Zhan Xuemi was busy swallowing the medicine, but did not leave obediently. Instead, Ai Ai looked at him and said, “The book said that the grace of dripping water should be reported to Yongquan. I think you are not bad. Money, or … I promise? “

Zou Qing, who was angry and glaring at Yezhizhou, suddenly stopped struggling, and then gave a vague sneer with her blocked mouth, full of irony.

Zhan Xue finds anger, “What do you mean by this murderer!”

Zou Qing skipped not looking at him at the beginning.

Ye Zhizhou was ridiculed. If the task is not allowed, it would be appropriate for the two to come together. The guard waiting out of the door beckoned to get Zhan Xuemei out. He moved a stool and sat three steps away from Zou Qing. He looked down at him, “Hate?”

Zou Qing looked up at him, eyes gloomy.

He bent over and took away the stuff stuck in Zou Qing’s mouth, suppressing his impetuous mental strength, and whispered, “You hate is useless, it shouldn’t be yours. It’s not yours at all. Show learning is Did you approach it deliberately? His IQ is really deceiving … who’s helping you to inquire about these? And, who gave you those medicines, eh? “

“Oh!” Zou Qing spit at him, resentfully said, “Don’t be proud, I’ll step you into the mud one day late! The feud of killing my mother is not shared! I’m waiting to see your retribution. ! “

Hiding sideways to avoid the saliva he spit out, Ye Zhizhou tidy up his clothes and sneered, “Before I came, you didn’t expect to destroy the wealthy businessmen; half an hour ago, I didn’t expect you to be so close to the exhibition Find; a quarter of an hour ago, I didn’t expect that there would be a helper behind you. Now, Zou Qing, the person behind you is Mrs. Zou. “

Zou Qing’s face changed, and she put aside her head, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about!”

“Tao Dong is not her niece, but is the daughter of Mrs. Zou. As for the father … he is not the son of Mrs. Zou at all, is he? Right, I think about it. You have done it before, right? “

Zou Qing bit his lip tightly, and dropped her head without looking at him.

Ye Zhizhou saw such a reaction from him, and instantly understood everything. After it was determined that Zou Qing was the person who helped Fuzhan Xuemei enter the room, he suddenly thought of the most wrong place in the new plot-the encounter between Zhan Xuemei and the protagonist was too coincident. And coincidences are no longer coincidences.

Zhan Xuemei, the second son of Hou House, people are silly and have a lot of money for fun, and don’t have to bear all kinds of responsibilities like Shizi, as if born to enjoy happiness. Such a husband-in-law candidate is indeed the best choice for those who want to take shortcuts. And to be able to inquire about the whereabouts of Master Hou Fu, and to help Zou Qing so hard, he thought about it, it seemed that only Mrs. Zou was left. When he saw Zou Qing constantly using various means to resist the arrest, he suddenly flashed a thought in his mind. The current Mrs. Zou is not the true Mrs. Zou at all.

When he was wounded for the guard, he roughly turned the plot and found that Mrs. Zou’s maiden name was Tao, and a twin sister named Taohua. Taohua was sensible when she was young, and eloped with a doctor who came over. A few years later, she returned home with a baby girl, saying that her husband was ill, and she could not survive, so she returned with a cheek. At that time, Mrs. Zou had already married to Jingcheng and learned that she sent money back to help her.

A few years later, there was a plague in Mrs. Zou’s family, and many people died. Taohua took her daughter to run to Mrs. Zou, but was unfortunately killed by the bandits when she arrived in Beijing. When the news reached the Zou family, Mrs. Zou was fragrant in a temple outside the city. After hearing the news, she became seriously ill and raised her in the temple for more than ten days before she was well.

Twin, isn’t that the best sample of a civet cat for a prince?

“Mrs. Zou, oh no, maybe we should call her Mrs. Peach?” Ye Zhizhou changed her seated position, made a thought, and stopped and continued, “That killer named Kang Run … … Are you asking for it? You are engaged in exhibition learning to find a good husband and a protector / umbrella. And when you find Kang Run, you want him to be the substitute for the dead in the Huzhou Extermination Case, right?

Zou Qing raised her head sharply, and the anger in her eyes disappeared into fear.

“Curious how did I know Kang Run?” He raised an eyebrow and smiled at him. “Of course I … guessed it.” Kang Run’s appearance was too abrupt, so deep in the old forest, he was inexplicably poisoned by love. , “Coincidentally” was met by the protagonist, it is a terrible coincidence!

After knowing that the Huzhou Destruction Case was the protagonist’s handwriting, he recalled the plot of the protagonist’s encounter with Kang Run, and then thought about the fact that when he scanned all the poisons carried by the protagonist, only the poison was the most difficult to make people Perceived this, suddenly found another possibility for the story of Kang Runshen in the new plot.

He can almost make up the picture. Zou Qing wanted to find a potbacker for the Huzhou Destroyer Case, and he fancy Kang Run. He asked him to meet in the old forest in the deep mountains, and then he had a chance to give him love poison. Looking for such a soft-hearted person to act, but suppressed him and run it off … Later, he found that the pit man could not be defeated, but Zou Qing ran away in panic after Kangrun finished it …

Perfect, maybe this is what the plot really looks like, and Zou Qing’s response just made him more certain about this possibility.

“I’m curious.” He asked Zou Qing’s frightened gaze and asked, “If you really got Kangrun, how are you going to let him carry the pot of the Huzhou Destruction Case? Luzhou and Huzhou departed It ’s quite far away, how do you associate Kang Run with the case? ”

Zou Qing avoided his sight, clenched his palms, and did not speak.

“It’s okay not to speak.” He got up, shoved the towel back into his mouth, but was almost bitten by him. Dangerously withdrew his hand, he grinned, and deliberately stimulated, “You don’t say, when Kang Run comes, I naturally have a way to know.”

Zou Qing was struggling twice, and her eyes became hate again.

“Continue to hate it.” He looked at Shen Tingwei, who appeared at the door. The smile on his face was much more real, and he whispered, “That’s all for your life. Before you go to the guillotine, I wish you every night Will dream of the seventy-three people you killed. “

Zou Qing struggled more and more.

The system warning pops up again, and Ye Zhizhou regrets suppressing his mental strength and walks towards the door.

Shen Tingwei took him into his arms, took a look at the tied Zou Qing, and asked, “What are you going to do with him?”

“Of course it is handled according to law.” Ye Zhizhou held his hand and thought for a while and added, “But I hope the government will issue an announcement to sue his crimes to the world, so that more people will know what he has done badly. “Especially the two men in Beijing who haven’t seen Zou Qing.

“This should be it.”

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