There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 76: Handsome little husband

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Yuan Hui calmed down after crying for a while, she gently touched Ye Zhizhou’s face, wiped away her tears, got up, walked quickly to Tao Dong and threw her a slap, “slut!”

The blow was so severe that Tao Dong’s cheeks quickly became red and swollen, and the well-maintained skin was torn by nails and rings, exuding a few bloodstains. Tao Dong wanted to excuse her, but her mouth was blocked and she could only make a vague whine. She never thought that Zou Qing’s poisoned face could still be recovered after more than ten years!

“Does it hurt?” Shen Tingwei and Yuan Hui leaned back slightly after leaving, reached out and gently touched Xia Zhizhou’s face, and quickly retracted. He took out a delicate small bottle from his arms and poured some ointment. Help him rub his face carefully, “So your name is Zou Qing? Was it the person who made an appointment with me?”

The ointment was very comfortable when rubbed on his face. Ye Zhizhou retracted his hand that touched the space, nodded perfunctoryly, and then retracted the eyes of the theater and turned to Zou Qing. His spirit was wrapped in the sound, simple and clear Recounted the events of that year.

Zou Qing grew more and more shocked. When all the facts were cleared up, he was shocked / turned into anger. He strode to Tao Dong and angered, “Confused the blood, Tao Dong, you are so mad!” Madam is right, I did have a nice room! “

Tao Dong looked at him with tears in his eyes, shook his head desperately, trying to arouse his pity, Yuan Hui could not help but threw a slap in the past.

“Come here! Drag Aunt Tao down to the ancestral hall!” Zou Qing hated turning her head and not looking at her, and walked back to Ye Zhizhou, hesitated, reached out and patted his shoulder, and said, “Qing … … Qingqing, you have been wronged over the years, rest assured, my father will take care of you, and there will be no more aunt peach in the family.

Aunt Tao, who was being dragged out by her servant, heard two words in panic, and was struggling wildly. Yuan Hui sneered, came to help the servant, threw her out of the main hall, and closed the main hall door. .

Ye Zhizhou paused after seeing this intentionally and said, “Thank my father … Aunt Tao … Since the real Zou Qing in the country … What is his father going to do with him?”

Zou Qing frowned, and there was a hint of embarrassment on her face. What Auntie Tao did was really sinful, but Zou Qing was his son after all, and the other party was still young when the child changed, and there was no subjective maliciousness …

“Nothing. He wrote a while ago to say that life in the country is more comfortable. In that case, let him stay in the country.” Yuan Hui came across with a cold face, sitting on the other side of Ye Zhizhou and holding him. A cold light flashed in his hand, “And when he was about to marry, restore his sister-in-law’s identity and marry him to a similar family. The family has been raising him as a sister-in-law over the years. I have never treated him badly. “

Zou Qing thought about it and nodded in agreement with her suggestion. “Then leave it to you to do it. Today it is too big. You still need to know your mother. This … Ting Wei, you see … … “

“Father-in-law doesn’t have to worry about me.” Shen Tingwei was not able to stay alone with Ye Zhizhou, and quickly said he didn’t mind.

“I’ll go with my husband.” Yuan Hui remembered Mrs. Zou’s eccentricity towards Tao Dong, and she suspected that the old lady’s exchange of children was actually informed. After hearing what Zou Qing said, she quickly got up and walked to him. , “As a mother, it’s my fault that this kind of thing happened in my backyard. I should ask my mother for sin.”

Zou Qing didn’t expect her to be so sensible and could not help but move a little. She took her hand tenderly and patted her, and after leaving with Shen Tingwei briefly, she took Yuan Hui to the old lady’s yard.

In the main hall, only Ye Zhizhou and Shen Tingwei were left. When they left, Shen Tingwei immediately stepped forward and held Ye Zhizhou in his arms. He put his head down and kissed his face again. It looks good. “

Ye Zhizhou’s heart-pleasing feeling of relief after breaking through the conspiracy is all broken, he raised his hand and pushed his face back, gritted his teeth, “So you think my face before was ugly?”

Knowing that he was thundered, Shen Ting has paused, and said with an upright look, “Qing Qing looks beautiful no matter how she looks.”

“It sounds familiar to me.” The title became fast enough. Ye Zhizhou broke away from his embrace, and Pi smiled and smiled, “General Shen, your use value is gone. When we get out of Zou Fu, we will return to the bridge and return to the road. The younger relatives will take advantage of me. He will still marry someone in the future. “He still remembered the troubled enemies before, and wanted to eat meat, no way!

Shen Tingwei’s face was darkened, “Who else do you want to marry?”

“Do you manage it?” Ye Zhizhou looked at him with his eyes closed. “There are a lot of young talents outside, whoever I want to marry.”

Shen Tingwei looked at him deeply, his expression returned to the coldness at the beginning, and there was no tenderness in his eyes. He slowly touched his face with his hand, and gently clicked, “Qingqing … You can only marry Give me. “

Ye Zhizhou was not afraid of his sickness. He rolled his eyes and wanted to continue stimulating a few words, but he did not prevent a sudden pain in his neck and then passed out.

The neck was a little sour, and his body was very hot. He woke up staggeringly, and then he was scared by the naked man in front of him and his eyes widened.

“Wake up?” Shen Tingwei bowed his head and kissed his eyes, then continued to undress him.

The bed underneath is very soft. He moved his leg, and found that the skin had been in direct contact with the bed sheet, and suddenly he was furious, “General Shen Xiao, are you going to grab a civilian man?”

“You are my wife.” Shen Tingwei unbuttoned his shirt, leaned over him, and looked at him deeply, “Qing Qing, you can only be mine, and you can only marry Me. “

The body is soft and weak, apparently being drugged. The more angry he was, he said angrily, “Are you ready to come hard? Do you want to **** / **** me?”

“No, I’ll wait for you to be willing.” Shen Tingwei still pressed on him, but only on him, “Now you can only marry me.”

What is this? Who can marry only feudal logic who sees his body? Ye Zhizhou was unable to vomit, and angrily whispered in his heart, “Wait for me? That’s not what your body says!”

Shen Tingwei paused suspiciously, lowered his head and kissed him, “I do want you.”

The skin is very comfortable and tortured, not to mention the hot stuff on the legs! Ye Zhizhou swallowed his head and kissed the gap between his eyes and swallowed the elixir from the small mirror. He tried to move his fingers and found that he had strength. He immediately popped up the man who was wrapped in his body, and then took advantage of the other body’s stiffness. The moment he lived, he rolled up and violently, pressed the person back under him, stuffed a ball into his mouth, and sneered, “Want me? Let your brain be cured first!” Is it human?

The pill is melted at the entrance, and your body cannot move instantly. Shen Tingwei’s body relaxed after a tense tension, her eyes fell three inches below Ye Zhizhou’s navel, her expression was upright and her eyes were evil, “Qing Qing, you have a reaction.”

Ye Zhizhou is angry! He is a man, his lover is stripped and pressed on his body, it is horrible without a response! I smashed a lover’s forehead, then pulled the pillow to cover his thief’s slippery eyes, and hated, “I’m going to react to other men now! You lie here alone!”

You can have a little fun over the past, but definitely not out of the wall! Shen Tingwei’s face became dark, and her body became tight again. She tried to move her weak body, but her fruit became dangerous. “Qingqing, you’re better.”

Fuck you uncle!

Ye Zhizhou was trying to ridicule a few words, but his eyes inadvertently touched a wound on the waist of the other side. He frowned and swallowed sarcastically, patted his chest angrily, “Relax, the wound is about to burst! What’s going on with you, it’s been almost a year, why is your wound so new? “

Shen Tingwei didn’t speak, using actions to show that he didn’t care about the wound.

This mentally handicapped!

Put out the top-quality gold sore medicine from the space and pour it out. Wipe it on your hand and paste it on his wound. By the way, he patted his thigh again, “Tell me to relax and apply medicine!”

Shen Tingwei snorted and patted her body when she was touched by her lover. She felt a thin layer of sweat on her forehead, and her throat knot slipped up and down. Already.

Ye Zhizhou, who had finished the medicine, was irritated by the male hormone-filled picture. He blushed and pulled him over the quilt, dressed him in a mess, restrained his heart’s urge to move upwards, and set his sight away. He said, “You should be able to recover the wound after you sleep. I’ll withdraw it first. Goodbye!”

Shen Tingwei’s eyes were covered, and his body could not move. He could only listen to his footsteps gradually walking away, and a dark light flashed in the eyes covered by the pillow towel. This little lover I like seems to be a little too lively.

With his mental strength as a scanner, Ye Zhizhou slipped out of Shenfu smoothly. The soft muscles given to Shen Tingwei had only one hour of medicinal effect. After leaving the house, he immediately ran to buy a pen and paper, and then squatted to the side of the road to write a letter. He touched Yang Dexuan’s house, sneaked in from the side door, and lost the letter. Entered Yang Dexuan’s study. After doing all this, he hurried out of the city and found Yang Qi, who is still a beggar, in a ruined temple outside the city.

At this time, the old beggar who picked up Yang Qi and took care of him had not yet died. Ye Zhizhou smeared Yi Rongdan and prepared meals for them. Then he stuffed the elixir to feed the old beggar. Turn around and leave. Dirty Yang Qi tried to chase out and thank him, but was confused by a random name.

That night, Yang Dexuan rushed to the ruined temple with a team of guards and took the old beggar and Yang Qi.

[Yang Qi’s chance of falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 30%. ]

Ye Zhizhou climbed up from the hidden dirt **** and wiped his face. “It’s dropped a lot, don’t bother me to toss like this …”

“What are you doing?”

The waist is tight, the body is vacated, the back is attached to a warm body, and then the body is clicked a few times, and it cannot move.

“Shen Tingwei!”

“Be nice.” Shen Tingwei took him into the carriage and reached out to undress his clothes.

Ye Zhizhou never despaired of his ghost, “What do you want to do! Also, how did you find me!” He also planned to meet Yang Run when Yang Qi was settled!

Shen Tingwei didn’t answer, he took off his clothes neatly, then held him in his arms, and said sternly, “This way you can’t run … now it’s hot, just don’t wear clothes.”

“You **** … hmm!”

Respiratory entanglement, lips and tongue contact, bare / exposed skin was caressed by the other side, his body shook sensitively, and quickly reacted.

Shen Tingwei’s breathing became heavy, and he hugged him into his arms, stroking and kissing him harder.

This **** … the temperature gradually increased, and he closed his eyes compromisingly and softened in the other’s arms. Noisy, noisy, running, since the other person wants to … so be it.

Ye Zhizhou got up late the next day as a matter of course. He turned over and found that his body didn’t feel any discomfort, but he was a bit lazy and didn’t want to move. My brother’s body … seems pretty cool.

The smell of green porridge was wafting in the air, and there was a faint voice from Shen Tingwei’s voice faintly heard outside the door. He rolled over again, his face relaxed easily, thoughtless for a moment, raised his hand and poked at the small mirror under the pillow, “Tongtian, must be Dan, give it to me.” This is only a short time after all. If he stays in the mission world, he is afraid that he will collapse when he leaves.

The small mirror trembled and sent a pill with a beam of light. He reached for it, closed his eyes and swallowed the medicine.

The door was pushed slightly open, footsteps sounded, then the bed sank, and his forehead was gently touched. He turned around and hugged his lover’s waist, buried his face in his waist, and gently stunned, “I’m sorry …” willfully deprived you of your right to be a father in this world.

The smile on Shen Tingwei’s face disappeared, and he looked at him with a serious look after he hugged him seriously, frowning and asked, “Why did you suddenly say sorry to me? Do you want to run again? Or do you still Want to marry someone else? “At the end, his tone was dark.

… I can’t lyrically look at this bastard! He punched him hard, raised his sleeves and stretched his arms to show him, “Look here! I’m completely infertile now!”

The original fertility mark has turned black, printed on the fair skin like an ugly scar.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Tingwei grabbed his arm, stretched his fingers and rubbed the mark, his brows frowned even more, and there was a hint of tension and worry on his face, while pulling his wrist to give He took the pulse and asked, “Did I hurt you yesterday? Or do you have other poisons in your body?”

“No.” He retracted his wrists, and his tone became a little stuffy. “I just can’t have children … do you really want a child? I …” As he said, his guilt grew stronger and stronger. Low voice. Damn, why can a man have children in this world, what if a lover really wants a child …

The results of the pulse were normal, and Shen Tingwei finally let out a sigh of relief. Then he realized that his mood was a little bit wrong. He glanced over his arm, and quickly held him in his arms and patted him. After thinking about it, I said seriously, “No child is better.”

Ye Zhizhou looked up at him suspiciously, “Are you bluffing me?” Men who grew up in feudal society would think it better to have no children?

“If you have a child, your eyes will be more on him, sleep with him, feed him, accompany him to read …” If it was comforting, Shen Tingwei said more and more In this case, his expression became more and more serious, his eyes became colder and colder, and his hands were not consciously tightened. His mental strength, which has not been moving, has a tendency to take the lead, and his tone is also murderous. You will leave me alone and ignore me … Qingqing, I will not allow you to have children! “

The lover’s mind is really normal! He raised his hand to slap him and glared at him, “You calm me down!”

Shen Tingwei’s answer was to lift his hands and undress his clothes.

“What do you want to do this day!”

Peeling off his lining to reveal the skin with ambiguous traces inside, Shen Tingwei raised his hand and tore off his clothes and pressed it up, in a murky tone, “Your fertility has not changed since you did it with me. Yes, just in case we have to do it a few more times! “

Ye Zhizhou was unable to vomit, and his body began to heat up with his provocation, and he could not help stretching his legs and kicking him, “You a beast!”

Shen Tingwei grabbed his leg and touched it, leaning down and kissing, vaguely, “Only to you and the beast.”

Here, love is happy, but Zou Qing in the countryside is very upset.

The servant was withdrawn, and the three meals a day delivered became rough, and several strange uncles came to the gate to keep him out. In just three days, his life changed completely.

“Your wicked servants dare to do this to me! I want to tell my mother to heal your sins!”

One of the crickets guarding the courtyard shrank his lips, and there was a slight disdain in his eyes. “I thought I was a favored cripple, alas, a sister-in-law’s **** dared to pose as our wife’s child, shameless ! “

The supervisor on Zhuangzi just happened to come and heard her say, glared at her, and shouted, “Less broken mouth, concentrate on doing things!”

The snoring of the doorkeeper, dare not talk anymore.

Senior manager nodded in satisfaction, pushed a door and walked in.

Zou Qing heard the sound of opening the door and fell directly into a tea cup, angrily, “Get out! Dare to insult me, and when I return to Beijing, I must …”

“Second Master.” Mr. Guan frowned, avoiding the tea cup he dropped, put the post on the table, and said faintly, “This is your husband’s wife for you. Look, the marriage is set for half a month. After that, please be quiet during this time. “

Zou Qing’s face changed greatly, “What are you calling me?”

“Master Er.” Steward patted the tea stained on the sleeves of his sleeves, and pulled a corner of his mouth to reveal a fake smile. “Yes, there is one more thing, your biological mother-in-law Peach got an emergency yesterday. Passed away, the wife kindly saved you from the trouble of returning to Beijing to worship, you just have to be safe to marry. “

“Impossible!” Zou Qing screamed. “My mother has always been healthy. How could she be infected with an emergency … No! No! I’m the third master! I’m Zou Qing! You are not allowed to call me the second master, I don’t allow it! “These days of harsh treatment were finally explained, and he couldn’t help screaming and lifting everything on the table to the ground.

Guan Shiji sideways avoided the pieces of porcelain on the ground, and frowned. “The third master is now doing well in Shenfu. General Shen is preparing to kill the third master. Now the younger brother who is going to marry in Beijing I do n’t envy their love, one who resolutely married when the other was seriously injured and dying, and one who vowed to marry only the other after the injury … As for you, the sister-in-law is a sister-in-law, even if you temporarily take away the identity of others, there is no such blessing Life! Going around, others’ things can’t be their own after all. “

Zou Qingru was struck by lightning, and her eyes were unbelievable. “What are you talking about? That **** is doing well in Shenfu? The Shen family still has to kill him? No! The Shen family doesn’t really hate him! Shen Tingwei is not Are you dying! “

嬷嬷 Wenyan threw him a slap and shouted, “Tell me to pay attention! How can you be insulted by the three masters! General Shen Xiao has already been raised, and has already been on vacation. Talk less! “

“How can this be …” Zou Qing was fanned, covered her face and sat on the chair, suddenly screaming again, “No! I am Zou Qing. It should be me who marries Shenfu. It should be me who is killed! It is me, these are obviously mine! “

“Crazy!” I glanced at him in disgust, shook his head, and threw away his sleeves.

The door was closed and locked again, and Zou Qing screamed a few more times before lying on the table. The madness on her face gradually disappeared, and the posts on the table were clenched tightly. Her expression was somber and her eyes were very scary. “Zou Qing, Yuan Hui, you guys wait for me! I’m not so quick to give up! “

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