There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 74: Handsome little husband

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The old lady thought he was angry, and he quickly said, “Ting Wei, don’t worry, I have helped you take him off! In the future, if you want to marry a young lady, you will marry a young lady! That redeemer I’ll take care of your sister-in-law. You can rest assured that your body is important.

The smile on Shen Tingwei’s face is gone. She glanced at her lightly, “Which young lady do I want to marry?”

“That’s natural!” Mrs. Shen didn’t notice her grandson’s indifference as if she were blind. Gu Zi said excitedly and proudly, “My grandson of Shen’s family is enough to be a princess county grandfather! Rest assured, Ting Wei, Grandma must help you choose one that is worthy of you in every way! “

“Don’t worry about it.” Shen Tingwei retracted her gaze and beckoned an old woman. “Help the old lady to go in. She is tired. She needs to be recuperated recently. Don’t let her see outsiders.”

The old lady respectfully stepped forward to support the old lady, holding it very tightly. The old lady could only passively follow her into the main house, exclaiming as she walked, “What do you want to do? I! Ting Wei, you must catch Zou Qing, I will take good care of him!

Shen Tingwei, who had gone a few steps back, heard her words and meditated twice on Zou Qing’s name, and said, “Grandma, don’t you say that I want to marry a young lady who wants to marry a young lady? Zou Qing is just fine. I just want to marry him. “After turning his head, he left, leaving the courtyard servant and the old lady who was frightened by his words.

“Ting …” Mrs. Shen was dumb, and then furious, “The monster actually gave Ting Wei a magic trick! Come on! Go and grab him! Burn it to death!”

People, look at me, I look at you, and think about what Shen Tingwei said before. No one dares to move. Although the old master and young master are not in the house for most of the year, it is still clear who the real master is in the house. The young master already said that, Zou Qing, they dare not move anymore.

“Old lady.” The old lady who was holding her gently wiped her neck, her voice was slow and soft. “You are the most afraid to get emotional when you are old. You should take a lunch break.”

Mrs. Shen’s expression of stagnation stopped for a while. She was really quiet and followed her into the room, but her steps seemed stiff. Seeing the clues, the people are more and more embarrassed, and there is a hunch in their hearts. The heaven of Shenfu is about to change.

Going back to the attic along the way, Ye Zhizhou threw the distress book into the space, and then climbed up the ladder to start packing his luggage and a little silver from the original owner. When he opened the box for clothes in the corner, he suddenly remembered the dowry that the old owner Shen had taken away for “helping management” and rubbed his forehead with a headache. When I was going to take a break, I forgot about this stubborn … What should I do now, and then go to the old lady to get the dowry back? But now my lover must be with that old lady …

“You live in this place after you got married?”

The sound that rang suddenly behind him scared Ye Zhizhou’s heart to pop out. He slowed his breath and turned black, and smashed the clothes in his hand directly to the person. “You just ca n’t learn before you enter the door. Knocking on the door, right? Yeah, yeah, I live in this kind of place after getting married, and your Shen family treats me well! “

Shen Tingwei took off his clothes, touched them, and frowned, “Do you usually wear this?”

Ye Zhizhou’s gaze fell on the clothes in his hands, and he saw an ordinary blue robe, and inexplicably replied, “Do you want to go out without a sheet? Oh yes, I do n’t have to go out at all, but I am you Shen’s ‘precious’ canary. “Turned off, he continued to get his clothes out of the box.

Shen Tingwei looked around the dimly lit small attic, his eyes stopped on the thin quilt bed, and then fell on Ye Zhizhou’s thin spine. He couldn’t help but reached out and touched, “How to solve three meals a day? ? Send it here? “

Ye Zhizhou rolled his eyes and shook his hands away, pulled out a bag of cloth and started clumsily packing his luggage, not wanting to ignore him.

“No one is waiting for you?” Shen Tingwei didn’t care about his indifference. Ye Zhizhou put a piece of clothing on the baggage cloth, and he took one down and put his upright face to ask some private questions. “That What do you do when you usually take a bath? Who gives you bath water? Who will help you wash your clothes? “

So angry!

“What do you mean!” Packing a bag was not as fast as the other party lost it. He dropped his bag and looked up at him, then got even more angry! The height difference between my life and my lover is too abusive, and the quarrel feels very weak!

“Why are you one hundred thousand? Why would you like to know how I live? Do n’t you know all the people in Shenfu?” He froze his hair, and he sat on a stool and took a deep breath. With an inexplicable temper, he said earnestly, “General Shen, what are you going to do? Couldn’t your daughter-in-law who has been retired even take away her dowry?”

“You are calling my husband.” Shen Tingwei sat down opposite him, lifted the teapot on the table, paused, and then frowned, “Don’t even prepare tea for you?”

He sneered, “How about returning tea, why don’t I know that your Shen family still has tea? Isn’t it just water? It’s still cold.” The original owner was so honest and personal that he was transferred by Shen’s subordinates. The bullying in the circle, after reading the memory of the original owner, he just wanted to burn the Shenfu fire!

Shen Tingwei’s face turned black, and he got up again to look at his dowry box, and continued to ask, “Your dowry is only this? Your family is bad for you?”

It really is 100,000 why!

“I have a lot of dowry, but unfortunately it ’s all held by your grandma. As for my family … I was forced to marry on behalf of you, do you understand? Now I just want to pack my luggage and go home with my family Settle accounts! Can General Shen Xiao make trouble? “

“I help you.” Shen Tingwei turned to look at him, raised his hand and touched his hair, “I will take care of you in the future, don’t be afraid.”

Ye Zhizhou complained that the Shen family’s words were scattered, and suddenly there was an urge to throw away her face and forcefully coquettishly in the arms of her lover. But remembering that the sins suffered by the original owner were worthless for the original owner, he avoided his hands with a stern face, said after a silence, “My dowry, all returned to me.”

“Okay.” Shen Tingwei retracted his hand, dragged the stool to sit next to him, and looked at him deeply, “What else are you asking for?”

Ye Zhizhou avoided his sight, got up and walked to the side of the box, put out the dowry list that was pressed at the bottom, and put it on the table. “Each item on this list should not be leaked, and all should be returned to me.” He After the trouble of Zou’s family, they have to go to the rivers and lakes to get the four leading men.

Shen Tingwei put away the list and said without blinking, “Double for you.”

Ye Zhizhou is stunned. This **** is so generous. Zou’s dowry is prepared more than the sister-in-law, and it is horrible to double it.

“Now that I’ve negotiated, I’m leaving.” Abandoning the clothes that occupied the place, he collected valuable jewelry and silver, and went straight out. Although I want to spend more time with my lover, but the protagonist of this world is too mysterious, he always feels a little unsteady in heart, so let’s talk about love and something later … Anyway, I already know who my lover is, and I will find it later. .

Shen Tingwei suddenly got up and hugged him from behind, rubbing his hands around him irregularly.

The sadness that rises because of the decision to temporarily separate disappears instantly, Ye Zhizhou is furious, and lifts his foot to step on him, “Where do you touch! Bastard, you let me go! I didn’t expect you to be like this! I misread you Now! “I thought the lover of this world was upright, but I never expected that this guy is still a stinky hooligan!

Don’t try to beat a normal male in strength. His struggle was completely ineffective. He was gently and strongly pressed from top to bottom by front to back, and he felt his body soft and his cheeks flushed, and his breath became unstable.

Finally, the hand stopped at the position of the hip, and then slowly retracted. Shen Tingwei frowned and let him go, his eyes fell on his collar.

Ye Zhizhou hurriedly raised his hand to hold the collar back, shy and angry, “You, you, what do you mean!” Touching it and not doing it, igniting the fire and not extinguishing, it was almost inhuman!

Shen Tingwei’s gaze moved to his flushed cheek again, his eyes flashed, he stepped forward, hugged the person again, and lowered his head into the air of his ear, “Zou Qing, you don’t hate my touch , Right? “

Ye Zhizhou’s body shook sensitively, and then he was struggling with anger. The brothers of this world will have children, but they cannot be compromised! Never do it! Just, even if you feel good about it! The hands on the back began to move restlessly. When the cold and hard voice warmed down, it was still a little ambiguous and sexy. The warm breath blew between the ears and neck, making the waist and eyes tingling and legs soft.

My brother’s body seems to be more sensitive … He struggled harder, flushed his head against the other’s shoulder, and weakly grasped the lover’s collar. Such as, if necessary …

It seems to be very satisfied with his response. Shen Tingwei’s tone is getting lower and lower, and he gently strokes his back, and whispers in his ear, “Zou Qing, tell me where did you hide the divorce book? ? “

“Hugh?” Ye Zhizhou froze and stopped completely.

Shen Tingwei kissed his small earlobe, a faint light flashed in his eyes, and continued to coax, “Yeah, Hugh, where did you put it?”

“Of course …”


“In …”

“Little green?”

“A place you will never find!” Ye Zhizhou pushed him away with a resentment, glared at him and ran away. mean! Actually using a beautiful man plan! So the other person came over and spent a long time trying to get back the divorce book? And the mess just now … Damn it! He didn’t even have a divorce book with charm!

Shen Tingwei’s half-aged “Evil Charm Smile” froze, her expression returned to cold, and he was stopped to step forward.

“No, don’t come over! Otherwise I jump off the platform!” The anger in Ye Zhizhou’s heart, which had expressed his misfortune, broke through the sky, and stood on the edge of the attic table deliberately. I do n’t know, dare to ask me where is my divorce? You are Xiaoqing, and your whole family is Xiaoqing! ”After that, he climbed up the ladder, jumped down three or two times, and rushed out of the attic door.

Shen Tingwei was shocked by his series of movements, and wanted to rush forward to protect him, but he was stopped by the abrupt pain in his abdomen. There was a hint of blood in his throat, and he frowned deeply, hesitating to give up the idea of ​​continuing to chase people, recalled what the other party had said, made a whistle to call his guard, and ordered two sentences to lean back On the wall, wait for the pain to ease slightly before jumping out of the attic and walking towards the old lady’s yard.

Ye Zhizhou hummed out of Shen Fu from the side door and killed in the direction of Zou Fu. The two residences were a little far apart. He ran all the way and walked straight for about half an hour before reaching his destination. When he really stood in front of Zou’s gate, he suddenly calmed down. The protagonist should still be hiding in the countryside to live a happy life with Zou Qing’s identity. He wants to poke his identity as a counterfeit. The best breakthrough point is Yuan Hui. However, because of the marriage on behalf of Zou Qing, Yuan Hui was locked up and confined, and now she came to the door, as likely to be driven away by Zou Qing and Tao Dong directly like the original plot, even Yuan Hui could not see.

… still a little too impulsive.

Dropping his hand to knock on the door, he ignored the eyes of pedestrians secretly looking around, turned to an alley next to Zou Fu and leaned against the wall, frowning and thinking. What should I do now, after dark, sneaking into Zoufu to meet Yuan Hui? But now my elder brother’s body is too weak, the ancient courtyard wall is high … It seems that he has to use his mental strength to sleep again.

A shadow suddenly fell in front of him, and he looked up with a sense of heart, and sure enough, he saw Shen Tingwei’s cool, handsome face again.

“Why are you here?” He bowed his head lethargically, pulling out the small mirror tucked into his arms.

“I’ll accompany you back to your mother’s house.” Shen Tingwei saw that he was so soft-hearted, stepped forward and took him to a carriage at the alley, tucked in a set of clothes, and then took out a set of makeup boxes and opened Then he took out a bun made of blood coral, and compared it on his head, “This is my favorite set of jewelry for my uncle, it is very suitable for you.”

Ye Zhizhou actually felt a little touched, and muttered at the beginning, “I don’t want you to accompany me, you have taken me off.” Yeah, he just wanted to be emotional! The lover is right in front of you.

Shen Tingwei, who failed to steal the book, was silent, put down her bun and hugged him in his arms, and touched his messy hair. “Then I will marry you again. Last time it was not counted. I did n’t know your Exists. “

“If you do n’t count, you do n’t even have to. Marry and marry again. I have no face.” Ye Zhizhou arched out of his arms and touched the delicate lines on the clothes in his arms. But still stiff, “I don’t wear a bun, I’m a man.”

Shen Tingwei’s eyes flashed a helpless smile, put down the bun, gently opened his hair and smoothed it with a comb, then tied it up sharply with a hair crown, and touched his earlobe by the way when he retracted his hand. , Boasting with a stern attitude, “You look good in any way you look.”

This ordinary face looks good … the face is very disgusting, but the heart is beautiful. Ye Zhizhou snorted a little, then took off his blouse and started to change clothes very boldly, completely forgetting that this world brother and man are different.

Shen Tingwei silently lifted her right leg, which was ready to get out of the carriage, and then converged. She began to watch her daughter-in-law change her clothes, rubbing her fingers unconsciously, she seemed to want to get started. help.

Five minutes later, Wolverine’s abandoned husband has become a noble boy.

Shen Tingwei took out a jade pendant to hang him, and finally felt satisfied, and hugged him and jumped out of the carriage regardless of his resistance.

I do n’t know when the gate of Zou ’s house has been opened. Zou Qing brought Tao Dongwo to the door and saw Shen Tingwei who was getting off the carriage from Shen ’s carriage. Say hello, a posture of “you want to quarrel, we are always available”.

Shen Tingwei’s attitude was not enthusiastic. He raised his hand and offered him a junior salute, and then shouted his father-in-law.

Zou Qing’s expression froze, and Tao Dong, who installed a wall flower, was stupid. The next person came to report that when they saw Shenfu’s carriage parked at the door, they thought that the other party had stopped enough and was ready to come to trouble, but now …

Ye Zhizhou, who was completely ignored, stepped forward with a low cough. First, he gave a gift to Zou Qing, shouted Daddy, then glanced at Tao Dong, and nodded as a greeting, without speaking.

Zou Qing only noticed him, it took a while to recognize him, and was shocked, “Qinger, how did you …”

“Qinger? You, are you Zou Qing?” Tao Dong couldn’t help screaming. Seeing Zou Qing frowning, she quickly put on a distressed and concerned expression, and reached out two steps to touch her. His face was sad, “Qinger, why are you thin …” Then he looked at Shen Tingwei next to him, his eyes flashed, “And how do you and General Shen …”

“Aunt Tao.” Shen Tingwei stepped forward and separated her hand, her eyes were cold, “You have too long nails, be careful to hurt him.” After looking at Zou Qing, his eyes were dissatisfied. Why bring an auntie? This is too rude. “

Zou Qing was asked to stop, Tao Dong froze, and there was a hint of resentment in his eyes.

Ye Zhizhou glanced deeply at Shen Tingwei, gave him a thumbs up in his heart, and slammed his palm firmly. This ability to pull hatred is too strong!

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