There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 71: Handsome little husband

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Hundreds of years later, Ye Zhizhou relied on his lover’s still soft fur and closed his eyes contentedly.

Ji Huaijin raised a sad roar in his hair, then carefully wrapped his body in his arms and covered his tail with his eyes closed, and lay down with his forehead totem glowing golden. After half an hour, Jin Guang disappeared, and he closed his eyes forever. Xiao Hei howled a few times outside the hall, and chose to sacrifice himself to follow his master.

The thick black mist gradually rises and spreads around the entire hall, holding the two in the center as if they were just snuggling to sleep.

It was just a comfortable nap, and the place I was in changed from the local gold hall to the loft of Xiaojiabiyu. Ye Zhizhou looked at the delicate embroidered handkerchief in his hands, and sighed. I didn’t even have time to say goodbye to my lover … and Xiao Hei, and I don’t know if he was without him, would that guy start picky eaters again …

A small mirror with a gorgeous handle in front of the dressing mirror suddenly shocked, and then the light screen popped up. [Quest reward has been delivered. Do you want to receive plot information? ]

He cleared his mood, got up, walked over, picked up the mirror, and was stunned by the exquisite girl who was shown on the mirror. Look down at his clothes and robes, but they are goose yellow! Raise your hand with a jade bracelet on your wrist! Touching her hair again, she pulled out a Zhu Xi …

“Am I physically a woman this time?!”

[Getting physical information … Acquisition is complete. Zou Qing, male (brother), sixteen years old, third son of the Ministry of Households Zou Qing, the first beauty in Beijing, is the younger brother of the protagonist in the world. He is proud and naive, and loves vanity. ]

“… where is he dead?”

The light screen is enlarged a little so that he can see the text more clearly.

Ye Zhizhou once again felt the feeling of being ridiculous. He numbly reached out and touched his lower / body, and the crows flew in his heart. “Tiantian, why is a good boy dressed like this? And, What is he? “

The light screen flickered, and then a large block of text popped up.

This world is strange. Humans are divided into three genders-male, female, and brother. Although the brother’s appearance is the same as that of an ordinary male, he has a petite physique and is mostly delicate and beautiful. He is a woman more than a woman. Most importantly, he can have children.

Being able to have children … Ye Zhizhou curled up his sleeves and found in despair that there was indeed a red birthmark on the forearm that represented fertility. He looked around and saw that the attic seemed very closed and secure, then he opened the robe and looked under his navel … what a straight and clear red line.

He made his clothes silently and greeted the Creator of this world in his heart.

[Do you want to receive plot information? ]

He looked towards the light screen with a heavy tone. “Tongtian, I don’t want to have children.” After living for a few lives, he swears that he doesn’t want such a function.

The light screen flickered, then a line of colorful text popped up, [Want to get rid of the trouble of unexpected pregnancy? Want to experience the joy of meat and fish? Jue Dan, the best choice for broken offspring and grandchildren, only one, life since then rowing without oars. ]

“…” eyes are going to be blind.

Refusing to look at the colorful text again, he lowered his head and plucked out the pattern on the mirror, “Normal point, give me plot information.” Although he really wanted to swallow the horrible dandelion directly, but the plot was unknown at this time, he still didn’t want to It is better to act lightly.

The small mirror shook, the colorful light screen disappeared and the normal light screen popped up.

He lowered the small mirror, pressed down the muddy horse in his heart, and looked at the information carefully.

The protagonist in this world is Zou Qing. He is the second son of Zou Qing, the servant of the Ministry of Governance. He is a male of **** and a brace. He is only half a year older than the original protagonist of the body used by Ye Zhizhou. , And often bullied by his brother Zou Qing. His biological mother, named Tao Dong, was a distant niece of Mrs. Zou, and was very much loved by the old lady. Unfortunately, her character was too hot and she could not love Zou Qing.

Zou Qing’s fiance, Shen Tingwei, was seriously injured and disabled in a battle in Bianguan when Zou Qing was about to turn 17. Zou Qing learned that after the incident, she was anxious to destroy the contract. However, the Shen family was in power now, and Zou Qing did not dare to do so. Yuan Ziji, the beloved child, was anxious for the younger son. When he patted his thigh, he came up with the idea of ​​letting Zou Qing be married! So, Zou Qing, who came to decorate Zou Qing on the wedding day, was fainted by Yuan Hui, put on a wedding dress and stuffed into a sedan chair. The Shen family who was anxious to complete the wedding for Shen Tingwei didn’t find anything wrong, Huanhuai happily carried the sedan back.

On the second day, Zou Qing’s scream was pierced by Shen Qing. The Shen family was furious and came to the Zou family to find an explanation. Zou Qing was inexplicable, and then became dumbfounded after seeing Zou Qing looking pale from the carriage.

The two started a long hoops. Zou Qing is old-fashioned, thinking that since Zou Qing has been married on behalf of his brother, he is the Shen family, so he strongly disagrees with Shen family’s request to let him go home. The Shen family was very hesitant and asked the Zou family to exchange the real Zou Qing back and then take Zou Qing away. The grand-minister-in-law’s sister-in-law married a servant-in-law’s sister-in-law. They can’t afford to lose this person in Shen’s family!

The two broke the sky for whether Zou Qing should be returned to the Zou family, but gave Yuan Hui enough time to secretly send Zou Qing to a village in her mother’s countryside and hid it. After losing Zou Qing’s trace, Zou Qing became more and more reluctant to relax, and it was the true Zou Qing who decided to marry the Shen family! The Shen family was so annoyed by his shameful behavior, but he had no way to get rid of him, and he became more and more disgusted with Zou Qing.

After a week, Shen Tingwei’s miraculous improvement. The old lady Shen was superstitious and thought that it was Zou Qing who combined Shen Tingwei’s character, which really made it a joy. Then she ordered the family to return to the Zou family to make trouble. thing.

This marriage is one year. During this period, the Zou family never cared about how Zou Qing was doing in the Shen family. The Shen family also ignored the daughter-in-law and only threw him to a remote small yard and left it alone.

One year later, Shen Tingwei was in good health. Because he didn’t want to affect his feelings of healing, the other members of the Shen family didn’t tell him about the existence of Zou Qing. , The marriage was annulled. Shen Tingwei doubted him, and he just returned to the border.

The old lady of the Shen family thought that Zou Qing’s mission to redeem had been completed, and she waved her hand after Shen Tingwei returned to the border to take him back to her maiden house. Zou Qing didn’t expect to wait a year for a divorce, and the rumored husband who had already recovered and returned to Bianguan to kill the Quartet didn’t even see him! He went back to Zou’s home in despair, but Zou Qing felt ashamed and stopped at the door. Even his biological mother, Tao Dong, only came out and stuffed him a silver ticket. Then he turned and left Now, leave him alone standing at the side door of Zoufu, looking around blankly.

Zou Qing, who couldn’t stand the blow, waited for a night to wait for her family to change her mind and then was rescued by a passing beggar. Opening your eyes again, the ancient version of Zou Qing becomes the modern version of Zou Qing. The modern version of Zou Qing quickly accepted the memory of the original owner. After scolding the Zou family and the Shen family for a meal, he adopted beggars and went to the countryside of Beijing to buy a village.

He named Qiu Zou Qi, taught him to read and write, and sent him to school. One year later, Zou Qi became a young talent, and he became a well-known rich landowner.

In order to facilitate Zou Qi’s schooling, he sold Zhuangzi after saving enough money for his retirement, went to Beijing to open a small restaurant, and then met Fei Jinchu, the son of Emperor Shang, and gained the favor of Fei Jinchu. . The modern version of Zou Qing, which couldn’t be more straight, completely ignored the olive branch handed down by Fei Jinchu, and continued to be his happy older single brother.

It was another half a year, Zou Qi’s family suddenly came to the door. It turned out that Zou Qi was not a beggar, but a young son lost by Yang Xide, a university scholar. Although very reluctant, Zou Qing still persuaded Zou Qi to recognize his father and rename him Yang Qi.

The first thing Yang Qi who just turned 14 did when he returned home was to ask someone to come to Zou Qing to propose to him. Zou Qing was so scared that he was scared by his actions. Each swim was shocked. As a result, on the road of travel, he ran into Zou Qing, who returned to Beijing, and then Zou Qing, who had been very unsuccessful over the years, dropped the spring / medicine into a ruined temple, and sent a disgusting heartily Mingled in.

Zou Qing was disgusted and angry. He just fainted with a will that didn’t admit defeat, rushed to the river outside the temple and took a cool cold bath, but was unfortunately also washed cold water. Houfu Shizi Zhanxue Xue who took a bath took a look. The two had big eyes and small eyes, chest to chest, screaming at each other.

After you put on your clothes and packed up yourself, the stupid Baixue Zhan Xue actually turned to Zou Qing, saying that he was not a scum man, and he would definitely take responsibility to marry Zou Qing home! Zou Qing refused and refused, but found that Zhan Xuemei could not listen to the rejection at all, and had to haunt him. In desperation, he wits out urinarily * and runs away.

This time he ran farther and farther, and ran directly into a deep mountain valley, and decided to remain anonymous as a happy little hunter. Then, he rescued the killer Kang Run while hunting up the hill … Kang Run said he wanted to show promise.

Zou Qing was very collapsed, and was ready to run again, but found that Kang Run’s vigilance was too high, he couldn’t run away at all! In order to avoid the forced ending, he told Kang Run that he was actually abandoning his husband. After listening, Kang Run was silent for a while and left. Zou Qing was relieved and continued to be his happy little hunter.

A month later, Kang Run returned and carried him to a green building in Beijing. He showed him a passionate performance of a male and male starring Zou Qing and told him affectionately that he had avenged him. , The Zou family is about to die.

Zou Qing Sanguan collapsed silently and was trying to run again, but found Yang Qi in the corner of the Qinglou lobby. After all, it was a child he had raised for a few years. He was instantly bloody, and rushed out to hold Yang Qi. It was a brutal beating. He said that he was young and did n’t learn well, so he came to visit the blue house!

Yang Qi was surprised for a while, then she was overjoyed and hugged Zou Qing before giving up. When Kang Run saw the vinegar rise, he stepped forward and lost Yang Qi. Zou Qing was frightened and quickly stopped. Kang Run became even more angry when he saw his symptoms, and his intention to kill was getting stronger. Yang Qi also reluctantly drank three bowls of vinegar immediately after seeing Kang Run. I didn’t know where to call a group of guards, shouting to grab Kang Run and kill him!

Zou Qing is not a person in the middle. He is in a dilemma. Shen Tingwei didn’t know where he came from. He seized him and tied him back to Shenfu. He said he wanted to reconcile with him and let him continue his only application. lady.

Zou Qingsheng has no love.

Seeing that Zou Qing was taken away by his ex-husband, Yang Qi and Kang Run immediately stopped fighting and began to cooperate with Shen Tingwei. After receiving the news, Fei Jinchu and Zhan Xuemei also quickly joined their team and wanted to grab people back from Shen Tingwei!

Helpless, the enemy is too powerful, the four of them can’t even **** each other! In the end, Kang Run showed his strengths. On a dark night, Zou Qing was stolen.

Zou Qing, who has regained his freedom, has already seen Hongchen. He feels that since he cannot escape the fate of being deflected, he is better off being picked. He still chooses to run them. Kang Run and the other four also felt that if this was the case, then everyone would have a good time together, so the five of them had a letter from their family members, and no family members had packed their luggage, and they went to the hidden world of leisure.

Ye Zhizhou turned off the light screen and felt that he needed to be quiet.

The protagonist of this world … seems a bit mysterious.

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