There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 69: The Sleeping Devil

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After a brief exchange, several people dispersed, and Hong Yin and Ji Mengxue returned to the college to search for Lian Lingzheng’s trace. Ao Feng took the letter home to talk to his parents. Ye Zhizhou closed the shop door and accompany Lianhua back to the temple’s branch in Cangzhou.

He stopped abruptly as he passed the main hall for sacrifice, and the attendants passed over looked at the mural on the main hall wall, unconsciously clasping the beast in his arms.

“What’s wrong?” Lianhua turned to look at him.

“It’s nothing.” He looked away and touched the camouflage hanging around the beast’s neck. He calmed down a bit and shifted the topic. “You tell me Huayan’s physical condition carefully.”

Listening to Hua Yan, Lianhua’s attention turned away quickly, and he quickly said while taking him forward, “Xiao Yan’s frailty is inherent, he can’t tolerate the cold and can’t make up for it. She was carefully cultivated. At the age of two, she was tested for her talents and pure spirit. The pure spirit is different from the pure martial arts. She is overcast. The more she cultivates, the worse she is. Wu is an ordinary person. Now more than ten years later, although she has n’t practiced anymore, her constitution is still getting colder and colder every day. We have tried all kinds of recuperation methods, and it is useless … She has been so painful, That flail was daring to make her idea, **** it! “

Are you cold? Ye Zhizhou had some guesses in her mind, soothed her a few words in a hurry, and poked the system to ask him a little bit, and then she had an idea in her mind.

Putting on the temple attendant costume brought by Lianhua, he picked up the particularly lethargic beast today and followed Lianhua to the mansion in the south of Cangzhou City.

The city owner is absent. They are directly greeted by the housekeeper to the small courtyard where Huayan is located.

“Lianhua, you are coming!” The pale-looking girl with a clear temperament greeted her from the door, fluttered joyfully into Lianhua’s arms, her voice was soft and soft, her voice was intimate and naive, “I heard how many times the temple There is a sacrifice in heaven, I thought you would not come to see me these days. “

“I still have some time for you.” Lianhua touched her hand, determined that it wasn’t too cold, her expression slowly, took her to the room, and asked gently, “Why get out of bed today?” Are you taking medicine for two days? “

“It’s so boring to lie down all the time. Today my father gave me new medicine. The effect is better than before. I think it’s okay to get up.” Hua Yan stuck to her and whispered what happened in the past few days. His eyes were full of joy.

Ye Zhizhou poked at the small mirror in his pocket and turned on the scanning function.

After sitting in the small hall, Lianhua let Huayan screen back down, her face smiled slightly, and asked seriously, “Xiaoyan, do you remember the letter I asked you to take for me last time?”

“Remember.” Hua Yan saw her face look serious, the joy in her eyes turned into worry, leaned and held her hand and asked, “What’s wrong? Did my father know what I wrote to you, and he was in trouble?” Are you there? “

Lianhua shook her hand, patted him calmly, shook her head, “No, I came here to talk to you about the person mentioned in that letter.”

“That murderer?” Huayan frowned. “Isn’t that man arrested?”

“Who told you that person was arrested?”

“Father, he said it when he delivered the medicine today.” Huayan hugged her arm, soothed in turn, “Lianhua, don’t worry about it, the bad guys have been arrested, there will be no more women The child was killed. “

Lianhua’s expression became ugly, and she couldn’t help looking back at Ye Zhizhou.

Ye Zhizhou just received the scan results of the system, and his face was not good-looking. He stepped forward and picked up a small blue and white bowl next to the tea plate on the table, and asked, “Girl, Hua Yan, did you use this bowl? What was in it before?”

Huayan didn’t know him, but when he saw that he was with Lianhua, he honestly replied, “It’s my bowl of medicine, and it used to be the new medicine from my father.”

“Is there a problem with the medicine?” Lianhua immediately got nervous and asked anxiously, “What do you see, little boss? Xiaoyan will be fine, right?”

“Fortunately, I didn’t drink much.” Ye Zhizhou lowered the bowl and explained, “The monster I keep is sensitive to the smell of poison / medicine. It just became agitated just after it entered the room. I paid a little attention … Girl Huayan, did you start to feel sleepy after drinking this medicine, but you couldn’t sleep? About one hour later, the sleepiness disappeared, and people became more energetic? “

Hana Yan nodded, “It’s true …”

Sure enough … He took out the elixir from Tongtian and passed it on, Wen Yan said, “This is Qingdu Dan. If you take it with warm water, you will feel vomiting within 15 minutes after eating. Do n’t panic, just spit it out. It’s over. “

Huayan was a little hesitant, but Lianhua directly took the elixir, poured it in warm water and brought it to her, and coaxed, “Xiaoyanguai, this person is my friend and won’t harm you. Take the medicine Come on. “

Huayan looked at her and Ye Zhizhou. She moved her lips but said nothing. After pressing down the doubt, she took the medicine obediently. Ten minutes later, she covered her mouth and rushed to the screen.

Lianhua looked at the medicine bowl on the table in unclear complexion, her fingers held each other, her knuckles turned white.

“The medicine contains the essence of Lian Lingzheng’s martial arts spirit.” Ye Zhizhou poured a cup of tea and brought it to her, and took out another elixir. “The girl will be weaker than usual after she vomits. , Feeding her this will make her feel better. “

“Lianxunzheng!” Lianhua gritted her teeth, “I’m going to crush him!”

Ye Zhizhou puts the medicine in front of her, turns her head to the gate of the city’s government gate, and sighs, “We must talk to the city’s host, he may have been deceived by Lilian.” People will not feed their daughters “poison”.

Two days later, there was news from Hong Yin, saying that he saw Lianyi coming towards the city’s main government. After receiving the news, Ye Zhizhou and Lianhua immediately left for the city’s mansion and had a brief discussion with the city’s owner Hua Lian.

Lian Li, who had finally got rid of the old antiques at home, came to the city mansion with joy, and constantly imagined the situation of reshaping the body after the body of the pure spirit was replenished, and a little salivation flashed from time to time in his eyes.

The city owner Hua Lian greeted with a smile, and thanked him after a few words of politeness, “The drug that Lian son sent a few days ago is really effective. The little girl has been a lot healthier recently, I really do n’t know how to thank. “

“The Lord of the City doesn’t have to be so polite.” Lien was rightly showing a modest smile and replied, “It is my honor to help the Lord of the City, but the medicine must always be changed in accordance with the physical condition of the person taking it … … Come here this time, I do n’t know if it is inconvenient for Miss Huayan to let me take care of her? ”

Hua Lian gave him a deep look, the smile on his face became more and more sincere, and he gladly agreed, turned and took him to Huayan’s courtyard.

The closer you get to the courtyard, the more emotional you become and the breathing becomes slightly chaotic. Hua Lian, who was facing away from him, noticed that his eyes were getting heavier and he almost turned around and chopped up this dare to dare to slap his daughter.

The two finally came to the door of the house, and Hua Lian pushed the door open and advanced. Lian Ye was stepping forward without doubt that he was there, and he couldn’t help showing a can’t wait smile. After seeing this, Hua Lian Yuguang shook his fist vigorously, and introduced him into the inner room with a cold face, and said, “The little girl is in there, I will not go in if I have any business, even my son please.” Give each other room to speak.

Lian Li, who is about to regain his body, is full of heart. He did n’t notice his strangeness. After hurriedly holding a fist, he stepped into the inner room. Go out and consume all the energy you touch.

Huan Lian, who was only one step away from the holy steps, was aware of this disgusting power, and became more convinced of what Ye Zhizhou said before. He turned and walked quickly to the side of the house, standing on the side of Ye Zhizhou. Sincerely, “Thanks to the little boss for reminding me that Huamou was actually deceived by such a monster before, it is really foolish!”

“The city owner just loves his daughter.” Ye Zhizhou calmed down a few words, gestured to Hong Yin and others on the roof, and then took out the bricks that had been loosened in front of him, looked at the situation in the room, and waved. Calling Xiaohei, he said, “Inject the evil spirit into the room, can’t be scattered outside, understand?”

Xiao Hei whispered, shivered, and deflated into the hole obediently.

Hua Lian glanced suspiciously at this low-order spirit rhinoceros, frowning slightly. This little boss is mysterious everywhere, and even the raised rhinoceros is very different … It really is an expert.

Lian Ye stepped into the inner room and saw a petite girl sitting by the window with his back to him, busy calming the restless martial spirits to make them gentle, and called as they approached, “Girl Huayan?”

The petite girl didn’t speak, and didn’t seem to hear him.

Lian Yezheng was a little confused. He quickly increased the transmission of Wuhun, and his voice became more and more low. “Girl Huayan, under Lian Yezheng, is the doctor who invited the master of the city to adjust your body, please … “

“Doctor?” The petite girl interrupted him, paused, then turned slowly, and asked with a smile, “Lian son, do you remember me?”

The modest courtesy on Lienzheng’s face quickly turned into terror after seeing the girl’s face, and Wu Hun attacked uncontrollably, “Zhiyuan ?! Haven’t you already jumped off the cliff and died?”

“Yeah, I’m dead.” The girl stood up, easily avoided his attack, raised her hand and wiped her face, and continued to ask quietly, “Do you remember that face?”

“Branches, branches ?!” Lian Ye was unable to help but step back. His eyes were quickly filled with rage, and he drew them away with a knife. He drank, “Slut! You dare to appear in front of me, I kill It’s you! “

[The chance of falling in love with the protagonist has been reduced to 50%. Please keep up the effort. ]

Ye Zhizhou glanced at the system prompts, and continued playing with the puppet in his hand, increasing the mental strength attached to the puppet.

In the room, the petite girl easily escaped Lian Lingzheng’s attack again, lifted her sleeves and swept away, suddenly teleported behind Lian Lingzheng and sighed, and said, “Lian Yingzheng, that face, you I won’t forget it. “

Lian Ye turned back quickly, his eyes shook when he touched the girl’s dry and grey features, and he shouted, “You have to stick to it! I didn’t want to **** you up, it was your own.” The problem! You killed yourself! Not me! Not me! “

[The chance of falling in love with the protagonist has been reduced to 30%. Please keep up the effort. ]

Ye Zhizhou is very satisfied with the speed of pulling the flag. He squints and laughs, boasting Tong Tian, ​​who provides intimate thoughts, in his heart.

In the room, the petite girl has already walked to the front of Lian Ye, and her face has changed again, her tone has become more shady, “What about me? You and I have never known each other and have no enmity, why do you have complete No body left for me? “

Lian Ye is screaming and covering his eyes instead of looking at the horrible face of the girl, and his expression is gradually insane, “Who makes you a step strength! You are pushing me! You are pushing me!”

[The chance of falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 0%. The sixth soul flag is pulled again, congratulations to the host. Detecting task completion … Detection failed, detect again …]

When Ye Zhizhou saw this, it suggested that his intuition was not good, and he quickly drew all his mental energy to him. The expression of the petite young girl in the room was blank for a moment, then she turned her face into Ji Huaijin’s face, leaned in front of the flail, and lowered her voice and asked, “Ji Quan, do you remember this face?”

Lian Yezheng’s pupils suddenly shrank, and after a moment of disintegration, he reunited, his eyes became sharp and evil, his body suddenly changed, and he attacked the petite girl fiercely, his voice was hoarse, “Ji Huaijin! Why haven’t you Dead! I am the first genius of the Ji family! I am! “

The little girl was cut, and the petite girl with Ji Huaijin’s face did not flicker, smiled at him, and then quickly dissipated like a mist.

Lian Yingzheng’s attack stopped abruptly, the pupils collapsed again and then gathered, the momentum suddenly abruptly, suddenly raised his hand to cover his eyes and screamed in pain, the Wuhun on his body also began to become frantic, uncontrolled chaos indoors hit.

[Detection completed, this world mission is over. Congratulations to the host, will you enter the next world? ]

Ye Zhizhou breathed a sigh of relief, wiped the cold sweat exuding from his forehead, and made a negative in his heart.

The little beast nestled at his feet suddenly opened his eyes, the totem on his forehead flashed brightly, and his head shouted into the flowers and disappeared.

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