There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 68: The Sleeping Devil

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Because of the identity of his lover in his heart, he slept a little uneasily at night, and always had nightmares vaguely. Little Beast and Little Black noticed his emotions, one whining outside the door of the room and one whining on the bed, looking pathetic and cute.

“I’m okay, you guys.” He simply stopped sleeping, got up and opened the door to put Xiao Hei in, then turned back to sit on the bed, stretched out his hands, rubbed two, and held the beast in front of him, pinching There was some worry in his ears and eyes, “Did you do this because the injury was too serious? Unfortunately, Tongtian can’t scan your problem, and I don’t dare to feed you pills … Ji Huaijin, if you understand me, Come out and meet me, I’m worried. “

Small black echoed a purr.

The beast shook his ears, his eyes still ignorant, his tail rolled up his wrists happily, and his stuffy head arched into his arms.

“Heartless and heartless guy.” He hugged the little beast, bowed his head, kissed him, and laid his back on the bed. “Do you want to raise your lover as a son or pet in this life …”

Suddenly, he drew a strand of silvery hair on the side of his face, he quickly looked up, and saw the white-haired beautiful man sitting on his waist with expressionless face, very bare bare, and poisoned, “Xiao Yuan, you are too young to mate / mate. “

What the hell!

He got up and rushed into his arms, rubbing his ears on his head, “You still know it!”

“I agree to be your lover.” Ji Huaijin hugged him, lowered his head to let him rub his ears, and rolled his tail to block the important parts in front of him. “My back, my soul belongs to you.”

He wondered, “Back?”

“When I recover, you do n’t need to ride the soul eater anymore. The evil spirit on him is too heavy to be a mount.”

Xiao Hei’s grieved whimper went and arched him.

Ji Huaijin touched it comfortably, and flickered a trace of the power of origin. Xiao Hei was absorbed by the treasure, and then ran out of the room with interest to digest it in the living room.

Ye Zhizhou turned his head in doubt and looked, “What did you give it? I’m glad to see it.”

“A little reward.” Ji Huaijin twisted his head back, looked at him slightly with a frown, and asked, “Are you dealing with the family?”

“You know?” He was surprised, and his expression became a little strange. “You weren’t quite mentally retarded when you turned into a beast … uh, were you really cute?” A stupid look that knew nothing … …

“I know, but I can’t control the body, I can only give it to the body instinct.” Ji Huaijin turned around and hugged him to sit on his body, touching his hair. , Until I recover, I will help you solve him. “

“Is there something weird? Which one?” Ye Zhizhou remembered what Ji Mengxue said in the afternoon, and then he asked quickly, “Are you from the Ji Family of the Imperial City? His family is always out of heaven.”

“Not all of them.” Ji Huaijin frowned. “I belong to the main vein, and the branch of the imperial city belongs to the branch vein. At first, Ji Quan secretly calculated that I was fighting for family status and resources. As for the strangeness of Lianyungzhen … I am here He smelled Ji Quan’s breath, but at this time it was more than a hundred years since Ji Quan’s death, and he should have reincarnation. The specific situation had to be explored after I recovered completely, before Obuchi, do n’t act rashly. My current strength is only three levels in the heyday, and I may not be able to protect you. “

Ye Zhizhou passed the data in his mind over and over again, and suddenly remembered where the protagonist obtained the Holy Order, and hurriedly asked, “Do you know the place of Hei Lianfeng? Lien Zheng’s practice is from That’s it. “

“Hei Lianfeng?” It seemed to be thinking, Ji Huaijin’s face sank suddenly, and there was a strong sense of oppression in his body. “There is a broken forbidden array passed down from ancient times, which is said to help people die. And the rebirth, the specific operation is no longer testable. Ji Quan escaped from that direction after he was seriously injured. If he forced the use of the forbidden array … that array requires the sacrifices of the lives of eighteen blood relatives to start. , What a Jiquan! It is really mad and inhuman! “

Ye Zhizhou hugged him calmly and calmly. Lianyungzheng’s exercises are really weird. He hasn’t figured it out for a long time. If the cultivation of this exercise is to help Ji Quan to rise again …

“Obuchi, how are you.” Ji Huaijin suddenly bowed his head and kissed his forehead. After a while of golden light, Ye Zhizhou fell down and fell to the bed, his head, the beast with ignorant eyes lying on the bed watching him silly. , And then hummed, and happily arched back into his arms, “Dad!”

Identity change is always so unprepared … Hugging the little beast and lying on the bed, he pokes open the system information, no longer skips the Xiaohuang / text part, and reads it carefully, word by word. At the end of the plot, the demon emperor killed the protagonist’s child. It has always made him feel inexplicable. Now that I know that the demon emperor is actually Ji Huaijin, and Ji Huaijin has wish for Ji Quan. /

If everything that the protagonist did after his rebirth was taken as his efforts to resurrect Ji Quan, what did the protagonist do after his rebirth? First revenge, pit his fiancee who retired his engagement; then raise his eyebrows and exhale and get a lot of attention at home; then make a name for himself and go to the best place to go to school, and then sleep all the time … after six sisters He began to concentrate on cultivation. After a few years, he stepped into the Holy Order from the ground level, and the heroines quickly entered the Holy Order. Then, in the same year, the female leaders gave birth to all children …

A flash of thought flashed through his mind. He quickly eliminated the qualifications of several heroines and the levels when they met the hero. After analyzing it, he frowned fiercely. When the heroines encounter the protagonist, their strengths are very different from each other. The strongest such as Hong Yin is already the eighth level, and no matter how hard they work, they will rise to the sky level, but the weakest sisters, Jiang Yun and Jiang Yue, are only They are only Xuan Jiu Xia, but they are all without exception. They are all orthodox martial arts practitioners. Their strengths are cultivated little by little. This is completely different from the cultivation method in which the protagonist needs double cultivation to greatly enhance his strength. The main thing is that they are all talents of Heavenly Order!

After turning back the plot information, he carefully excluded the promotion of several female lead characters after encountering the protagonist, and their faces were completely dark. After the protagonist had a relationship with Hong Yin, she became obsessed with her for a while, entangled her every day, and ignored the two sisters, Jiang Yun and Jiang Yue. That is, during this time, the protagonist ’s strength began to advance by leaps and bounds, but Hong Yin, who had shown signs of breakthrough, suddenly stagnated his strength. No matter how hard he tried to cultivate, he did not increase again. It was not until the protagonist transferred his enthusiasm to Ji Mengxue. restore.

And this phenomenon of stagnation has occurred more than once after having a relationship with the protagonist. Later in the article, Ao Feng and Lianhua also stagnated after having a relationship with the protagonist. At that time, the heroines thought they were accidentally pregnant. That’s it … So the protagonist’s work method is not a double practice method at all, but the most disgusting supplementary work method! The reason why Hong Yin’s strength stagnates is because the martial arts souls they have cultivated have been snatched by the protagonist frequently and repeatedly.

Ye Zhizhou turned off the light screen indignantly, and his head was so fuming! No wonder the protagonist wants to ask so many wives, because he is afraid of catching a tonic and hurting the other person, so it ’s right? The **** actor! There is also the matter of letting the female protagonists have children after they all step into the Holy Order. Eighty-nineth / nineth is related to the forbidden array, which is disgusting!

The beast sleeping in his arms suddenly opened his eyes, stood up, lowered his body, and made a threatening growl outside the window. Xiao Hei, who was lying in the living room, quickly got up, his body faintly surrounded by mist, blocking him in front of him and looking out the window.

He frowned, and followed him looking out the window.

It’s the darkest hour of the morning, and the window is dark and you can’t see anything clearly. The spiritual force probed around and found nothing wrong. Thinking of Lian Lian’s somber expression when he left in the afternoon, he was vigilant, and quietly, he took a long knife out of the space and held it tightly in his hand.

His strength has improved rapidly during this time, but he is still a bit strange to the control of Wuhun. If the protagonist really comes … I hope to have a battle.

“It really is you! What are you doing here?”

“Nosy, get away!”

“I’ll take care of this gossip today!”

[The chance of Hong Yin and the protagonist falling in love has been reduced to 0%. The fourth soul flag is pulled out. Congratulations to the host, please keep working hard. ]

Hong Yin?

He was busy stuffing the beast into his arms, and then patted Xiaohe in peace, opened the window of the room and jumped straight down. The two talking voices were clearly Hong Yin and Lian Yanzheng. How could Hong Yin appear here in the middle of the night?

In the dark alley behind the shop, Hong Yin and Lian Ling are fighting. Both are on the ground. Although Hong Yin is slightly better, the protagonist’s skills are strange, and she is not playing easily. After Ye Zhizhou turned over and fell to the ground, he said that the mental force popped up and attacked the protagonist. At the same time, he mobilized a small fireball in Dantian. Some of the power was poured into the palm, and then he directed a long knife and slashed toward the protagonist.

“It’s another level?” Lian Ye was being attacked, hiding a little bit embarrassed, and seeing that he was a little boss of a jewelry store sneaking into his side, his expression twisted for a moment, “I didn’t expect you to be a warrior!”

Hong Yin was also a little surprised, then he hummed and said happily, “The little boss is so disguised that I don’t even recognize your military identity. This dreg sneaks in here to harm you, and I squatted right. Then, how about it, how about stinging him? “

Why do everyone want to get rid of the protagonist? Ye Zhizhou showed a smile in his eyes, raised the knife in his hand, and hooked his lips, “I’m happy.” Although he had choked off before.

Lian Ye was listening to them walking around, sensitive nerves were poked, furious, no longer converging strength, regardless of attacking the past. Hong Yin rushed forward to resist, Ye Zhizhou feared that although he had strength, he didn’t have any moves, he was just a flower rack, so he just swept the side and made up two swords from time to time.

Lian Xun couldn’t help but yelled after the lottery, “Two fights one, despicable!”

Ye Zhizhou rolled his eyes and made up for it.

Hong Yin read that the opponent is still a student of Xianwu College. He did not hurt him when attacked. He only tied the person after abandoning his action force, knocked him out, and then shuffled some of the mess. Hair, looking at Ye Zhizhou, said, “I’ll send this person to the confinement room of the school for a while, and then think of a way to see if I can send him an officer or drop out.”

“It’s hard for you.” Ye Zhizhou put away his long sword and saluted her with a warrior, “Thank you today.”

“You’re welcome, I just can’t sleep and get bored and come back and try my luck, I didn’t expect to be able to stop this dregs.” Hong Yin waved his hand, and then sighed, “Meng Xue said she has contacted the family, but she The meaning of the family was to let her be a little nosy, and also said what kind of teenage genius this dregs is, it is best to make more friends … Oh, young genius, Meng Xue was so annoyed all night … It was all this dregs! “

I ca n’t help but crooked the sentence of “tossing all night”, Ye Zhizhou was coughed by his wretched thinking, and advised, “This matter of integrity is really uncontrollable, he The grandfather of Wu Sheng is especially unreasonable. Don’t toss yourself in. Don’t worry, someone will clean him up. “As for the attitude of the Ji family … he is now very suspicious of the Ji family’s knowledge of the connection between Lian Ye and Ji Quan of.

The beast shook his tail in his arms and closed his eyes.

Hong Yin is still in a bad mood. He doesn’t want to say more. He simply said goodbye to him and dragged Lian Ling away.

Ye Zhizhou watched her go far, glanced at Lian Lingzheng who was dragging her face down, and began to think deeply. Zombie virus can cool the protagonist’s tool into a piece of dead meat. Hong Yin dragged on like this … will not drop it directly.


He bowed his head and touched the innocent eyes of the little beast. Some guilty concealed the associations of various horse races and pushed the little beast into his arms.

The next day, the newly enrolled character Lianyung explored the jewelry shop at night, but the news that the teacher was arrested and closed the confinement room spread throughout Xianwu. Everyone is curious, envious, and envious of this legendary character who has changed from Huang to Tian. Now that this big gossip news comes out, the students are all chatting happily. The rumors in the college filled the sky and took Ye Zhizhou for a while. The jewellery shops are on fire.

Three days later, even Lian and Ji’s came. The rumors were quickly contained and clarified. Lian Ye was being released. Ji Mengxue had not gone to school for a few days. Hong Yin was suspended from teaching by the school. Ye Zhizhou was very worried about this, but could not do anything about it. The beast still shook his tail happily in his arms, but the totem on his forehead flashed a faint light from time to time.

It is another story party. The four heroines who have not been together for a long time appear again, but their expressions are not so good.

Ye Zhizhou glanced at them, patted the gavel, continued to tell the story that was not finished last time, and then ended the story meeting in advance. Unsurprisingly, the four heroines all stayed and did not intend to leave.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ye Zhizhou changed tea for them and asked at will. Through the two bridges of jewellery trading and storytelling, he has established a deep revolutionary friendship with several heroines, and the heroines soon became friends, and everyone was very casual in speaking.

“The old man in my family actually promised me to Lian Zhengzheng’s bastard!” Ao Feng couldn’t help but patted the table, “What kind of virtue is that person who can go to the college and ask it? I do n’t know what my family thinks. It ’s unavoidable to say that he is a young genius. Is that called uninhibited? It ’s a shameless act! I ’m definitely not married! ”

Hong Yin sneered, “The group of antiques with problems in the Xianwu Academy actually made me apologize to Lien Zhengzheng, or else let me get out of business. It’s out of business, and I can’t live without it. ? “

Ji Mengxue looked at her in anxiety. For the first time, there was no smile on her face, and her mood was very low. “It’s all my troubles …”

“It has nothing to do with you, don’t think about it.” Hong Yin grabbed her hand calmly, his expression eased.

“Don’t you hear that?” Lianhua took off the veil on her face, and her cold and beautiful face was covered with frost. “Cangzhou City has already seen two girls who died after being sucked up by the Wuhun soul. It ’s wicked. I did n’t expect the people above to press the news so deadly, even Ji Family and Ao Family did n’t know it.

Several female protagonists and Ye Zhizhou were shocked, and their faces changed, “What are you saying?”

“Really, although the maiden has no real power, it is convenient to inquire about the news.” Lianhua laughed at herself and took out a letter. “This is the letter I copied from Lianjia and the Cangzhou City Lord, yourself. Look. That flail is … just a beast! “

[Lianhua and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has been reduced to 0%, the fifth soul flag is pulled out, congratulations to the host, please host to continue. ]

Ao Feng first took the letter and looked it over, his face gloomed, “My family actually let me marry a murderer! Do they want me to die sooner? And this Cangzhou city master, I thought he was a OK, I didn’t expect him to even cover the murderer! “

[Ao Feng and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has been reduced to 0%, the sixth soul flag is removed, congratulations to the host. Detecting task completion … Detection failure … Detection again … Warning, the sixth soul flag has been restored and transferred to Huayan soul, please pay attention to the host. ]

Ye Zhizhou’s heart sank. He took the letter and looked at it. He took a deep breath and was filled with anger. He asked, “Do you know who Huayan is? She may be in danger.” No hint of plot changes! The protagonist is probably not simply trying to take advantage of this gorgeous girl!

“Huayan?” Lianhua changed her face and became nervous. “What happened to her, she? She is the youngest daughter of Cangzhou City Master. She has been in poor health since she was a child. This letter is what she got for me.”

“Is she talented?”

“Not only.” Lianhua shook her head. “She is still a pure spirit. The maiden’s position should have been hers, but she was in bad health, so I took the initiative to replace her …” In the contents of the letter, she stood up in shock, “Did Lien think, think …”

Ye Zhizhou nodded, clenching his fist. He also had a terrible speculation, whether the protagonist’s mad supplementary behavior today is to restore a function that has been deprecated … As he looked over the letters on the table, there was a hint of killing in his heart.

Two lives, two innocent girls, the protagonist of this world is really damn! If he didn’t cast off the protagonist, wouldn’t the two girls need not …

The beast sleeping in the corner suddenly awakened, turned and rushed into his arms, his tail rolled around his wrist, and his tongue kept licking his face, as if to calm him. The darkened thoughts in his heart diminished slightly, he hugged the beast, looked at the four ugly female heroes, and lowered his eyes.

Every thought is superfluous now, the protagonist of this world must die!

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