There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 59: It’s a baby, not a stand-in

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Si Yue is coming quickly, with a dark circle around Wei Zhuang like a panda.

At night, the temperature on the mountain is low, and the wind is blowing. Mosquitoes fly around around a few people, which is annoying, but now nobody cares about them. Qin Mo’s assistant sent several flashlights up and took a clear picture of the bottom of the pit.

“Oh my **** …” Wei Zhuang raised his hands and drew his hair, turned his head to look at his friends, “Si Yue you …”

Si Yue slowly knelt down and knelt down on the ground. He touched the small figure next to the root of the tree, forced his fist, and turned his head to the side.

Xing Guan hasn’t cried anymore. He sits expressionlessly at the pit, his eyes staring at the bottom of the pit, his eyes are red, his expression is tight, his lips are tight, his face is under the light of a flashlight. Looks pale.

“There must have been a problem in the kidnapping case that year.” Ye Zhizhou broke his silence and looked at Si Yue, who was kneeling by the pit. “Do you want to call the police?” This situation will surely alarm Si Yougan and Fang Shuhe, but if No alarm …

“Alarm.” Si Yue’s voice was very tight, and he was a little dumb, “but not now, my mother’s health is not good.”

Ye Zhizhou has also considered this, and there is a deeper level. If you can’t get the exact evidence after the alarm, you will find Si Yougan and Fang Shuhe who is deeper hidden. Then, you will miss this time with Si Yougan’s cunning. Chances are that there is likely to be a tough battle in the future.

Cathering these thoughts, he took a step forward and continued, “One more thing … I know Wei … I know who the illegitimate mother is. Si Yougan’s secretary Fang Shuhe, you have an impression on her Right? “

Weizhuang’s eyes widened, “Is she really?!”

Si Yue stood up and turned to look at them, “What do you mean?”

Xing Guan suddenly looked up and asked hoarsely, “illegitimate child? What illegitimate child?”

Ye Zhizhou first answered Xing Guan’s question, “The one who said something inexplicable today is Si Yougan’s illegitimate son. He wants to squeeze me out as a real Si Han. Today he appears in front of you. I just want to make you doubt my identity first, and then believe that he is the real Sihan. It is best to incite you to help him deal with me. “

“Dream!” Xing Guan slammed the ground, his teeth clenched, “Don’t try to steal Xiaohan’s stuff! No one! I will kill him!”

“Calm down!” Si Yue stretched his leg and kicked him. “If you want to protect Xiaohan’s things, if you want revenge for Xiaohan, please mature me! It’s no use shouting!”

Xing Guan’s body shook, and then he raised his hand and scratched his head, “Abominable, abominable, abominable! I shouldn’t let Xiaohan leave me next year! Abomination!”

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Wei Zhuang took the tablet from his backpack and quickly clicked it. Then he handed it to Si Yue, “I just found a little wrong between Si Yougan and Fang Shuhe before coming here. This is their room opening record when they travel. Although most of the time they opened two, there were occasionally only one. There was also Fang Shuhe’s family situation, both parents died, but there was a younger brother, more than 20 years younger, called Fang Si , Died of illness at the age of five. I found this picture of Fang Si from a report of a rally in that village, and compared the registration photo left by the illegitimate child adopted by Wei Jianguo … see for yourself Right. “

The photos in the rally report are clearly snapped, the pixels are very poor and blurry, or black and white. At the corners marked with red circles, there is a little boy’s figure. His face is blurred, but his facial features are a bit fuzzy, but the outlines are in the registration Wei Sihan, who looks like seven or eight years old, is eight / nine points similar. As long as you are not blind, after viewing these two photos, no one will doubt that the two children are not the same.

Si Yue’s eyes looking at the photos are getting colder.

Ye Zhizhou sighed in his heart, took out the photos of Fang Shuhe restored by the system, and put them on the tablet. “This is a photo restored after removing Fang Shuhe’s bangs glasses and wax yellow on his face … you need to make them Paternity test? I can find a way to get the hair of an illegitimate child. “

“No need.” Si Yue handed the tablet and photos to Wei Zhuang, took a deep breath, and tried to keep calm. “It’s her. I’ve been checking Xiaosan’s identity over the years. I have also doubted her, only However, she pretends to be too good … Wei Zhuang, there is a way to temporarily suppress the news that Xiaohan has been found after reporting the alarm, so that my dad will not let them know? “

Weizhuang Wenyan scratched his hair distressed, “This is a bit difficult … most of my contacts are abroad and I haven’t transferred back yet …”

Qin Mo, who had been silent in the background, suddenly stepped forward and said, “I have a way.” Then he took out his mobile phone and made a call. After a few sentences of English communication, he hung up and looked at the crowd. It was temporarily stored in a funeral parlour because the age is too long to confirm his identity. It will also be marked anonymous in the police record and the age will be larger. After you have dealt with everything and decided to open the case officially, let The forensic doctor can re-confirm the time of death and change the previous mistake back. “

Weizhuang was stunned, “… so wit.”

Ye Zhizhou was also stunned, “a bit powerful.”

Si Yue took a deep look at Qin Mo, and did not object to this decision. Xing Guan was still a little confused, with something murmured in his mouth, and his eyes were bloodshot.

The crowd waited until the police came to take away the corpses and surveyed the scene before leaving. Xing Guan was in a very bad mental state and was carried away by Si Yue’s brutal stun. Wei Zhuang was deeply trapped in the investigation and was unable to extricate himself. On the returning car, he kept burying his head and pressing on the tablet computer. After arriving at the office, he did not even get a bag and ran back.

Ye Zhizhou leaned his eyes closed on the back of the chair with some tiredness, took out a soothing pill and swallowed it. It took him a few hours to search the mountain today, and his mental strength was slightly overdrawn.

“Little treasure, you know more than that, right?”

He touched his forehead with warm fingers. He opened his eyes and turned to look at Qin Mo. The brain after mental exhaustion was a bit dull, and asked, “What?”

Qin Mo’s eyes narrowed, his expression was somewhat unknown, but his tone was mild. “The death of parents is related to Si Yougan, isn’t it? Xiaobao, tell me, don’t carry it alone.”

He froze, flashing in his mind, Qin Mo’s crazy revenge on Si Yougan and the men after learning the truth, sighed in his heart, hesitated, and nodded, “Just a moment ago … I had a dream. In the dream, my parents were taking me out of a supermarket, and then a big truck suddenly rushed out of the corner of the street … Dad pushed my baby stroller away. Later, I Seems to see Si Yougan’s face flashing behind the glass window of the supermarket … “

“Little treasure.” Qin Mo interrupted him, hugged him into his arms, and touched his hair. “Don’t be afraid, I will protect you, don’t be afraid.”

Ye Zhizhou uneasily broke away from his embrace and wiped his face. “I’m not afraid … there must be revenge. In fact, I still have something to ask Si Yue carefully today, but the situation doesn’t allow it. …… After a few days their emotions have stabilized and I want to talk to them again. “

Qin Mo glanced at his freed arm, slowly retracted it, and tightened his hand slightly, “Okay, I’ll stay with you.”

The next day, Ye Zhizhou received a call from Si Yougan, saying that he would return home next weekend to make up his birthday. He also specifically mentioned that Zhong Min wanted to be a bit more lively and asked him to invite a few more classmates back to get together. It would be better to invite all the roommates to get in touch with each other. The next four years will be a little more harmonious.

Ye Zhizhou turned the calendar and raised an eyebrow after hanging up. This weekend, because of the need to rest for the eleventh, we have to take classes on Saturday and Sunday, and then start the holiday next Monday afternoon until Sunday. Si Yougan: Did you shorten your time at the holiday villa and paid attention to Zhong Min? Also “it’s better to invite all my roommates”, what did you do in the past to stimulate Zhong Min into the hospital?

Sneerly deleting the call log, he glanced at Wei Sihan who passed by behind him for the third time, and deliberately turned his head and asked, “Wei Sihan, are you urinating frequently? I have gone to the toilet three times. Or should I take you to the school doctor’s office to see? “

Wei Sihan stiffened, and then pretended to have something on his hand, and said, “What, Xiaoji, you’re really joking. I just got ink on my hand when I was writing. I ca n’t wash it off … By the way, I just mentioned your birthday when you called. Is your birthday coming soon? Would you like to go out for dinner in the whole bedroom?

Ye Zhizhou turned the chair to face him, smiled and shook his head. “You probably heard it wrong, and it’s not good to overhear the roommate’s phone call. I have something to go out. Wash your hands slowly, I’m gone.”

The door to the bedroom was closed, the smile on Wei Sihan’s face disappeared, and a bit of angrily glanced at Ye Zhizhou’s table, his heart was agitated. Did this counterfeit find something, and how has it been pretending to be stupid?

Si Yue’s phone just came out of the school, and he was talking about making up for his birthday. The two cousins ​​were silent on the phone and then sneered at the same time. Now about Si Yougan, Si Yue is probably completely cold-hearted, and there is no previous respect when talking.

“I’ll pick up my mother and have a meal with the three,” Si Yue said suddenly after a moment of silence.

Ye Zhizhou responded, raised his hand for a taxi, and continued, “In fact, I have something to ask … forget it, wait to meet, and I can’t say clearly on the phone.”

The taxi stopped in front of Wanxiong Law Firm. Ye Zhizhou paid the money and got off. Looking up at the signboard that was very shiny, he stepped in and asked with a smile at the front desk. “My side I want to consult about compensation for a car accident. I heard that you have a lawyer named Wei Songning? I am his schoolboy and I want to hear his opinions. “Now a good show is about to begin, this big future The lawyer’s banner should be set.

Ending the exchange with Wei Songning and agreeing on the place where Eleven will meet again, he walks out of Wanxiong, glances at the silver / line card, and sighs. In order to sway Wei Songning, who is homecoming, to stay in City B, he promised a lot of benefits … The student party was so poor that his heart was bleeding.

On the eleventh day, Si Yougan went out early, Ye Zhizhou and Si Yue looked at each other at the same time, and went downstairs towards Zhong Min.

“Why are your brothers up? You should be lazy during the holidays.” Zhong Min greeted with a smile, first helped Si Yue to straighten his neckline, and then touched Ye Zhizhou’s head, and said, “Although Your dad is going to accompany the customer and ca n’t celebrate with us, but it ’s okay. Mom made delicious food for you and prepared gifts for you. Are you happy? ”

Si Yue’s cold and firm facial lines softened, holding Zhong Min’s hand, “Mom, let’s eat out today.

“Why do you want to go out to eat?” Zhong Min held his hand back in doubt, and squeezed it with a smile. “I still cook soup for you. Look at your hand, you’re not too thin The meat has to be replenished.

Ye Zhizhou looked at her eyes full of happiness and concern. She was a little bit sad. She rushed forward to hold her arm and took her out. “It ’s the same when the soup comes back. Let ’s go. Let ’s go today. Dating! Come back for dinner after dinner! “

Si Yue sees it and embraces Zhong Min’s back, helping Ye Zhizhou take her out of the door. “Xiao Han is right, we are going on a date today.”

Zhong Min was amused by the two, tossed this and then patted him, with a tone of blame, but with joy on his face, “Whatever you do n’t date, you will make a joke! This good soup is over I ’m tired of the heat and it ’s not good to drink. ”

The two looked at each other, ignored tacitly, and continued to take her out.

Although I decided to tell Zhong Min the truth today, before that, if you can make Zhong Min happy for as much as possible, please be as happy as possible.

Visit the art exhibition in the morning, eat Japanese food at noon, go to the newly opened botanical garden in the afternoon, and finally it is time for dinner. The two took Zhong Min to a five-star hotel, booked a box, and accompanied her well Had a big meal.

After the meal, Zhong Min still felt a little distressed about the money spent on this meal, and her brows frowned slightly. “Xiaoyue, it’s not easy for you to make money, and you don’t have to eat such good food for your mother … neither is your dad. He assigned the company’s shares to your name first, but he kept pushing and pushing, and he didn’t know what he was thinking about, hey.

“Mom.” Si Yue moved the tea cup in front of her a little and gently held her hand, her voice was as gentle and slow as possible, “I have something to tell you.”

“What’s the matter.” Zhong Min naturally held him back, his frown still frowning, “Are there any difficulties for the newly established company? Don’t be afraid, you still have a mother.”

Si Yue couldn’t help but tighten his palms, face to side, as if he didn’t know how to speak.

Ye Zhizhou sighed, took out a document from his backpack, and pushed it to Zhong Min, “Mum … no, aunt, the family you’ve been looking for … in fact, the news has long been there.”

The smile on Zhong Min’s face was stiff, and she glanced down at the data that was pushed in front of her. She quickly released Si Yue’s hand to pick up the data, quickly flipped it, her face gradually became pale, her eyes were full of peace and Unbelievable, “Xiao Ke is … dead?”

“Mom.” Si Yue moved to embrace her, patted her back calmly.

“So, that she …” Zhong Min lowered his head and confirmed the information again, looking anxiously at Ye Zhizhou, reaching out to pull him, and tears unconsciously in his eyes. “Where is she buried? Where is her child, where is her child? “

Ye Zhizhou leaned and held her hand, and she couldn’t bear it. “Aunt …”

Zhong Min shook, as if he heard something terrible, slowly retracted his hand and covered his ears, “You, what are you calling me?”

Si Yue hugged her side by side, her voice suppressed, and her voice was almost inaudible, “Mom, Xiaohan has found it … under a tree on the edge of the barren mountain.”

“No …” Zhong Min closed her eyes, pushed him hard, and the tears kept flowing down, “What are you talking about, Xiao Han is right next to me. He talks like you, and you talk like that … your brother They both want to scare me, please don’t scare me … Xiaohan has already found it, obviously he has found it … “

Ye Zhizhou raised his hand to cover his eyes, and his heart was full of depression.

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