There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 55: It’s a baby, not a stand-in

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Flipping through the archives room is fruitless. Qin Mo leans on the back of the chair with her eyes closed after getting in the car, her face tired.

The assistant looked at him in anxiety and advised, “I have already found all the orphanages in the city, will the child already be …”

Qin Mo opened his eyes and looked at him coldly.

The assistant snorted and no longer spoke.

“He must be alive.” The car was moving slowly, Qin Mo looked back and looked out the window, “I will find him.”

The scenery outside the window slowly changed from a remote and desolate suburb to a lively and crowded city center. The assistant saw Qin Mo always staring out the window and remained silent. He hesitated, reminding his head, “Boss, we have It ’s been a week since I was there, the old chairman has been urging you to go back, you see … ”

Qin Mo retracted her eyes looking out the window, and remained silent for a while, and replied, “Book a ticket tonight, and send someone here to check.”

The assistant should be in a hurry, take out his mobile phone and start booking tickets.

There is a red light in front of the car. The car slowly stops. People crossing the road pass by the car in twos and threes. Qin Mo picks up the bell that was thrown on the back seat and shakes. He looks up and looks out the window again, looking away. A person glanced into the subway station not far away, and suddenly stared, then quickly dropped the rattle, opened the door and ran out.

“Boss, do we order it at 8 pm or … eh? Boss? Boss, what are you doing! Can’t get off here!” The assistant and driver were all surprised, but the red light had turned green, and the car behind was urging The driver could n’t but start. The assistant posted on the window and watched his boss run away. He was so anxious to explode. “The boss wo n’t want to go back, so run away, do n’t! I will be killed by the old chairman. Yes! “

Ye Zhizhou entered the subway entrance and checked the map. After buying the ticket, he checked the ticket and got on the escalator. There was a faint commotion at the ticket gate, and he turned back curiously, but he could only see the bear-bear pattern on the chest of the t-shirt behind him.

“Sir, please buy a ticket first.” The security inspector stopped Qin Mo and saw that he wanted to dash in again, repeating it again in English.

Suddenly the blood of the punch gradually dropped, he raised his hand to cover the slightly stinging forehead, apologized to the security inspector, then went to the side of the railing and took out the mobile phone that had been ringing. Said, “The ticket was canceled, I will return to the hotel myself, you will not be used to pick me up.”

The assistant just got out of Panasonic’s breath and said, “Boss, why, why cancel the ticket? When will we go back, the old chairman’s side …”

“I’ll call my father and hang up first.” Hanging up the phone, he rubbed his forehead, waited for a slight relief of his headache, and frowned at the escalator going down the security check. It’s just an ordinary teenager’s back, why is he like this?

The next day after returning from S City, Wei Zhuangna finally found out something.

In a messier office than before, a man with a wicked appearance is lying on the sofa half dead, holding a USB flash drive in his hand, “Here, what you want to know, don’t be sad, you are not your father and mother. Son, but I found you your parents, unfortunately your parents are dead, alas, you are so miserable, I ca n’t bear to accept your money. “

Ye Zhizhou took the USB flash drive and said after a while of silence, “Then return the deposit to me.”

“Impossible! You will die! I’m already doing your business at a loss, how can you do this to me? Do you know how many contacts I have spent with your parents and parents, and how many benefits have been given! Ah! Ah, I have a headache, you go, go, go. “Wei Zhuang was angry with his back to his hands, his hands cramped like cramps.

This temperament … Ye Zhizhou brushed his wrinkled shirt without a word, with a little sympathy, “Actually, I still have a business …”

Wei Zhuang immediately revived in situ, and looked at him with bright eyes. “What business, I tell you, this one is a big business, but the small one is not, oh yes, this time I can’t I’ll give you another 30% off, alas, 50% off! What about 50% off, no less! “

Sympathy added a little more … He took out the silver / bank card and handed it down, lowering his eyes, “Although I’m not the biological son of my parents, I’m grateful that they raised me … You can Help me find out where their biological son went? I took over his parents and identity and want to return it to him. “

Weizhuang’s unscrupulous expression cracked. He took a deep look at him and raised his hand to cover his forehead and mourned. “So let’s go if you want to go. What do you bother to check for them? It ’s not a good bird. Besides, your parents and status are not what you deliberately occupy, it ’s your dad … you, oh, you let me say what’s good about you … “

Is this already the case where Si Yougan came to use a fake civet cat as a real prince? Ye Zhizhou looked at him silently and did not speak. This man does seem to be a bit capable, he must be asked to check Sihan! Check it out! Try your best to check! The entry point of this survey is completely different from the original plot, and the time is much earlier. Can Wei Zhuang always fall in love with the protagonist? This time the protagonist has not been bullied and pitiful.

Wei Zhuang’s peach-eyed eyes are just ignoring him. In the end, he couldn’t help it. He arrogantly gave up. “Okay, let me check. I’ll make it clear. Don’t be too sad. You That dad … don’t treat him as a dad in the future! You can still be a mom, in fact, you and your mother have relatives … Forget it, the information is in the USB disk, you can see for yourself ! “

Finally pick it up! He put down the bank / bank card and put it on the USB flash drive, quickly reported the bank / bank card password, and then did not wait for Wei Zhuang to stop, and ran away.

This child is really … Wei Zhuang got up from the sofa, glanced at the silver / line cards on the table, all the expressions on his face disappeared, his eyes dropped, and he sighed for a long time. The things I found this time are too shocking, I always feel that I can still dig a lot of scary things, but … I took out my mobile phone and turned out Si Yue’s phone number. He hesitated for a long time and finally dialed out . Although professional ethics is telling him that he must keep it secret, he still can’t bear to let his friend’s family * dig it out without the other party’s knowledge.

Two days later, Si Yue returned home, and was still cold to Ye Zhizhou in words and deeds, but finally stopped traveling all day. Zhong Min was very happy, and there was a lot of smile on Si Yougan’s face, and then Ye Zhizhou was more and more rejected by the Si family father and son.

After a few more days, when the university started, Ye Zhizhou finally got rid of the suffocating family atmosphere, and he was ready to go to university to play a leading role. On the day of the report, he didn’t ask anyone to send it. He sorted out the necessary information himself and hitchhiked to school. Registered to pay the tuition and get the military training uniforms, everything went well. After getting the bedroom key, he confirmed that the building 402 was really the same as in the original plot. Turning the hat on his head, he came to the door 402 of Building B and found that the door was half open, then he pushed the door and walked in with a smile.

There are two people in the room, one tall and strong, cleaning the chair. One did not see the looks of the mosquito nets on the upper bunk, but his body was similar to him.

Tall, black and strong people saw someone coming in, looked over enthusiastically, and greeted, “Are they new roommates? Hello, my name is Wang Hu, a native of b city, a computer major. Please ask for more in the next four years. Take care. “

Ye Zhizhou will give him a bottle of water bought on the road and smile back, “My name is Si Han, and I am also a computer major. I am a native of city B like you. Let ’s go out and play together!”

“Sihan?” Wang Hu took the water, thanked him, glanced at another roommate who jumped from the upper bunk after hearing the movement, and touched his head. “Hey, why are you all called Sihan?” , The word is different, how to divide it in the future, let alone, the two of you stand really like each other, like twins. “

“Really?” A gentle and clear voice came from behind. Ye Zhizhou turned around and saw a teenager with the same black hair and a hat and wearing light sportswear jumped off the bed, full of With a bright smile on his face, he reached out his hand and said, “Hello, my name is Wei Sihan, and it’s cold cold. It seems that we have a good fate, and I’m happy to meet you.”

Ye Zhizhou glanced up and down his dress, his eyes became meaningful, he held his hand back and smiled, “My name is Si Han, Yang Han is indeed destined, fortunate.” Same name, similar dress , When I laugh, I like to pinch my lips. Even the sports watches I wear are the same.


In the original plot, although Si Han also has a more sunny personality, his clothes tend to be small and fresh, completely different from the original owner of the sports style. Why is it a coincidence today? Or is it another hole that was not explained in the original plot?

After moving into the bedroom for a few days, Ye Zhizhou finally determined that Si Han was imitating the words and deeds of the original owner, and always consciously or unconsciously mentioned the past things in his words, as if he was deliberately inducing him to discover the wrong life.

For example, deliberately showing a preference completely similar to Si Yougan during meals; at the night talk before bedtime, it seems that he has inadvertently mentioned that he has no memory before the age of five; “wake up” from nightmares in the morning when everyone seems to be awake , Shouted the words “kidnapping”, “parents” and “small crown run”; fainted during military training, fell on Ye Zhizhou who was standing in front of him, as a man who grew up in w city, his mouth was confused. It is muttering the standard dialect of city b … the circumstances are endless. Ye Zhizhou constantly turned on the systematic scanning function, monitored his physical condition, watched his various acts with interest, and boasted in his heart that his “wake up” and “fainting” acted really well! No wonder the original owner can discover the wrong life so quickly. With such a reminder around, it is impossible to find it!

I was probably anxious about Ye Zhizhou’s “dullness”. The day before the end of military training, Si Han “fainted” again. Of course, he fell on Ye Zhizhou. The instructor was also speechless to this “weak” student, and he did not need to shout a report from Ye Zhizhou and waved his hand directly, “Take him to the infirmary, today’s training has spared him, let him take a good rest.”

Ye Zhizhou endured to laugh, and then, with the help of his classmates, picked up Si Han and ran towards the infirmary.

“Brother … Save me …”

The standard dialect of city b reappears, Ye Zhizhou drew his lips, and continued to sullen.

“Mom, Dad … Xiao Han is afraid …”

Well, there was no new content, I thought there was a big move today.

“Small crown, I will take you out, don’t be afraid … Xing Guan …”

Okay, this time with the last name, it is easier for people to confirm and associate.

“Small crown … what about my classical music disc … you said you would give it to me …”

Oh, this time the content is so new. Xing Guan ’s disc seems to have been mailed within two days, and only a few people in the family knew it. He had to be so embarrassed that he could not hear such a clear slang, but unfortunately … he opened the door of the infirmary, and he saw that the doctor on duty had been replaced by the male leader, Lu Chen, as the campus Internet said, and he could not help As soon as his eyes lighted up, he said loudly, “Doctor! My classmates have fainted in military training, and they are beginning to talk nonsense. You should show it to him! By the way, it may be that the weather is too hot, and I have tinnitus.

The “slang” on the back came to an abrupt end.

Ye Zhizhou lowered his head to conceal his smile, then took the person sideways to the hospital bed, took off his hat and fanned it, “Why don’t you move, doctor, my classmate has fainted once in the past two days, but the previous doctor on duty did not Seeing what the problem is, is my classmate particularly ill? “

“Be quiet, noisy.” Lu Chen frowned, walked to the bed, reached out and touched Si Han’s forehead, and touched his neck again, his face darkened, “What’s wrong! As a man, he is actually pretending to be Fainting to escape military training, shame! Go back, I will not give you sick leave. “

[Lu Chen’s chance of falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 90%. ]

Is this down? The school doctor is big Hello, the iron face is selfless and cute!

Probably I feel a little shameful. Si Han on the bed didn’t move, but he still “fainted” persistently. Ye Zhizhou tucked his hat into his waistband, drew a handful of sweaty hair, and pulled Lu Chen’s white lab coat with force. He said loudly, “How can you do this, doctor, this is the second time my classmate fainted. Yeah, you can take a closer look, or you can turn over his medical records. His name is Wei Sihan, and I only came to see it two days ago. Please take a look. He must have fainted because of a physical problem! “

Jie Lu Chen’s forehead has blue tendons, he shakes his hand and walks to the table to turn over the medical records. He asks with anger, “Is it called Wei Sihan?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Sweeping the conclusion of the visit left by the doctor on duty, he slammed the logbook and said coldly, “It’s okay to pretend to be dizzy. The last doctor didn’t pierce him. Now he is still the first. Twice, walk around! “

[Lu Chen’s chance of falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 80%. Please keep up the effort. ]

Ye Zhizhou appeared distressed and muttered quietly, “But my classmates are usually very good, or are they excellent freshman representatives. He won’t do pretending to be degrading … not to mention military training is not tiring. , This time the school understands that we have reduced the burden … “

“Is this the freshman representative this year?”

[Lu Chen’s chance of falling in love with the protagonist has dropped to 70%. Please keep up the effort. ]

“Sorry to pretend to be dizzy when you are all relieved by military training? Also, don’t believe the doctor, don’t come to see the doctor, don’t doubt the doctor’s diagnosis when you see it!” Lu Chen’s face was completely dark, and he looked at the secretary on the bed in disdain. Han then said to Ye Zhizhou, “You are right to care about your classmates, but don’t be too blind. Be careful when you are sold and help others count money.” After thinking for a while, I added, “Long-term tinnitus needs to pay attention not to be too tight. Spirit, military training, do n’t put too much stress on yourself, drink less coffee, and add more vitamins. If the situation does not improve after one month, you come here again to find me. As for your classmate, how did you bring it to me? Go back, I have limited skills and ca n’t see his illness! ”

Si Han was embarrassed by the words of the doctor. In the end, his experience was shallow and thin, and he couldn’t help but “turned awake” and sat up and said, “Where is this?” After scratching his hair, he actually scratched. Just got up and went out, without looking at Ye Zhizhou and Lu Chen who were on the side.

“Oh.” Lu Chen sneered, full of sarcasm, “Wei Sihan, I remember.”

[Lu Chen and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has been reduced to 50%, please host to continue. ]

Ye Zhizhou almost didn’t hold back the laugh. He bowed his head and thanked him, then ran out of the infirmary and laughed against the wall. This protagonist, Tete assisted!

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